Single Vs. Multi Author Blogs: Which One Better? Pros and Cons

Single Vs Multi Author Blogs Which One Better Pros and Cons

Blogs with many published articles are ranked higher on SERPs.

If your blog has less than 10 or even less than 100 published articles, the chances of your web page appearing on search engine result pages are very slim.

Unfortunately, growing your blog and your blogging career when you have to manage social media, write articles, and keep your readers engaged is a tough job.

With all these tasks, growing a blog with hundreds of published works on your own is difficult.

It doesn’t, therefore, come as a surprise to see many bloggers making their blog multi-blogs.

With a multi-author blog platform, you can hire writers for pay or get revenue sharing writers who can create great content for the blog.

But, is running a multi-author blog the best thing for you?

Pros of Multi-Author Blogs

  • They receive regular updates

When you run a blog with numerous authors, you receive updates regularly and consistently. You wouldn’t have to worry about off-week cutting into the content volume.

Also, you’ll have other authors covering the slack. As a single author, you will find a backlog of unpublished work or unwritten content, even for months.

But, with a multi-authored blog, you will get through everything on your schedule.

As a result, you are more flexible, and even when your schedule is full, you can still make time for the time-sensitive posts whenever necessary.

Besides the regular updates, you might start posting more than one article a week. If you have a great team of writers, your blog could easily compete with top blogs like Forbes.

  • Guest Blogs Blend In

When you already have multiple authors on your blog, adding a new guest post will not be awkward for you or your readers.

This means that multi-author blogs eliminate the issue of guest posts standing out from the single-author blog posts, especially because of differences in writing styles.

It also means that your readers don’t have to worry about the validity of the information shared by the guest blogger.

Since guest posts don’t stand out so much in multi-author blogs, you get away with a lot.

  • Expert Contributions

With many authors on your blog, each of the authors can focus on a specific subject, becoming an expert in that subject.

Running a blog on your own often means writing about everything. You may be an expert in some areas but not others. This might be a problem for your blog.

With many authors, you have someone writing about a subject they are well-versed with or even a subject they research on more, and this results in a blog will high-quality content.

  • It saves time

With other authors creating content for the blog, you get to devote your time to other important tasks.

So, you could think if a multi-author blog as a way for you to outsource your work.

Note that a multi-author platform gives you more time to edit posts and plug them into the editorial calendar, and you also get to run other managerial tasks effortlessly.

  • More Blog Posts Than Competitors

If you have multi-author for your blog then you can write & post more blog posts than your competitors.

The more blog posts you publish in your blog the more traffic you will get from search engines.

But always focus on the quality of the content.

Because content is king and the other thing is that quality is always better than quantity.

So, while writing an article try to make it high-quality content that Google and Other Search engines can rank it easily.

  • Creation of a News Stream

With many authors, you can have others covering the news and developments in the industry/ niche. This could turn you into a news’ resource in the industry.

Also, you can expand your niches.

Cons of Multi-Author Blogs

  • Time lost auditing and editing content

Even though you save time creating content for your blog, you will lose a lot of time trying to manage the writers and to make sure that their content meets your standards.

There’s also checking for quality and plagiarism.

  • Money Problems

The authors on the blog expect payment.

If you are not earning as much from your blog, maintaining the authors and paying those freelancers will run you down.

You’ll have to set up a transparent payment system, as well as come up with a way of handling complaints or payment issues.

  • Might Be Expensive

No matter you were earning enough money from your blog or not. If you planning to run a multi-author blog then you need to pay money to your writers on time every time.

Peoples will not work for you or your blog for free. Because of nothing free in the world. And the world depends on money.

So, I suggest if you making enough money from your blog then go for a multi-author blog.

  • Management and tracking writers

This is where your management skills and patients pass through the test.

Managing many authors for your blog could sometimes mean not creating content because you have to track down everything your writers are writing.

You also have to check optimization of the content; you have to proofread and check for duplicated content.

On top of it all, you have deadlines to track not to mention how tiring and time-consuming editing poor-quality content is.

The other downside is that you cannot maintain a consistent voice and the quality of your posts will vary.

So, which way to go? While the single-author blog gives you more control, consistency, and give you a chance to connect with your readers, the multi-author blogs perform better and build your brand faster.

Pros of Single-Author Blogs

  • Very Low Cost

In a single author blog as an owner, you don’t need to pay any money to others.

As a single author blog, you just need to pay for domain name and web hosting. And nothing anything else.

So, if you don’t have much money than you can continue as a single author blog.

You just need to do some hard work as a blog beginner at the beginning.

  • Can Upgrade to Multi-Author Blog Later

As a single author, you can upgrade your blog with the multi-author blog later.

If your blog starts making enough money to pay for authors then you can start hiring new authors for your blog. After hiring content writers, the success rate of your blog will be increased day by day.

The reason for fast growth in the multi-author blog because they have different peoples to care for each & everything.

Multi-author blogs have different peoples to write an article, create images, blog promotion, managing social media activity and other things.

This is only the reason that a multi-author blog grows faster than a single author blog.

Cons of Single-Author Blogs

  • Slow to Grow

Blogging as a single author blog you are only one author for your blog.

You need to write every article yourself & every other thing in your blog. So, it takes some time to grow your blog.

But if you work harder for your blog then your blog can grow faster than another single author blog.

  • Take a lot of Time to Update Article & Other Things

As a single author blog, you do not have too much time to update your old articles, images and all other things.

The main reason for this because you will be busy writing new content for your blog.

So, you don’t have any time to do other things on your blog.

This is the main problem of single author blog owners.

Single Vs Multi Author Blogs Which One Better Pros and Cons

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