Why You Need To Update or Edit Your old Blog Posts Time to Time

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Why You Need To Update Your old Blog Posts Time to Time

You have been constantly writing blogs and posting them every now and then. But, you are still stuck at the readers. You do not know where you are wrong in spite of all the amazing ideas, great writings, and optimum search engine algorithm.

Well, actually, you are not wrong. It is just the way your process looks like.

If your process has to be drawn on a flowchart, it would mostly look like having an idea, followed by some qualitative research, bundling the various hypotheses around the reference links and books, do some in-depth research and write it down in a seamless way.

Now, you must be thinking that the process is flawless and indeed it is. However, there are certain things that you might have missed out.

Did you know that continuing a blog and creating inbound links are a better way to increase your views on the blog platform?

Comparatively, writing on a clean slate every time might create an impression for the viewer as non-descriptive. Simultaneously, you also need to revisit your old posts and enhance them with new information.

It is quite evident that most of the popular bloggers spend a significant amount of time editing their existing posts. This article will guide you through why you need to edit them and how you are going to do that.

Why reediting?

It is very critical for a blogger to glue their viewers to the platform. Every one out of three people in the world simultaneously searches something on their installed browser at the same time.

The fact is amazing itself and through the referrals or your search engine ranking, they might land on your page. They might find themselves in a post which you have written years ago but is relevant to the keyword.

Now, how would you feel to buy an expired product?

It is understandable that nobody prefers an expired product. The corollary is similar to that of your blog post.

You might intervene that any written content never gets old. True, but the information might get outdated. It is profound in tech blogs where each and every day a breakthrough is happening.

The technology which rocked the world at one time might become obsolete in a few years and track back in the market with an instant hit.

So, you need to constantly update your blog so that each post is new to retain your existing readers and acquire some new.

Now, if you do not reedit your previous blogs, the visitor might not feel the urge to read it and thus, you lost a viewer or subscriber and an opportunity to earn revenue.

Another aspect on why you should be revisiting your old posts is to search for typos. Proof-reading is pretty important as a small grammatical mistake can turn off your bibliophiles.

In fact, when you write an article, you mostly succumb to the logic and information which circles around the matter. However, as time passes and you revisit those articles, you will look at the aesthetic appeal of the content.

You are more likely to find silly mistakes and grammatical errors with fresh eyes. You might also discover a better way of portraying the same content.

Images speak a thousand words. Old images are excessively large and consume more space. But, it is easy to optimize the space with new images which are compressed version.

The major objective is to reduce the space and make the content compact. New pieces of information on the same topic are flying around.

You need to grab them and update your blog to entice the audience with new details.

Lastly, there are hundreds and thousands of blogs hopping around on the internet and you need to find a place among them.

Any search engine algorithm is designed to rank your blog post on the basis of your included keywords. So, you need to maintain that and that can be done by targeting your posts for certain keywords which are ranked high in the order.

So, these are the reasons why should consider editing your previous blog. Now, we will look into some techniques for implementing the same in the next section.

How to update previous posts

There are several ways you can update your old blogs so as to reduce the bounce rate. Well, the bounce rate is the rate at which a user is engaged with your blog.

As it is evident that every blog has a call-to-action strategy, it analyses the action. Decreasing the bounce rate improves your blog visibility and retains more viewers.

Following are the few techniques which you can follow to decrease the bounce rate and get your viewers on board for some more of what you serve.

These are the practical tips that you can follow.

  • Use Grammarly extension. Proof-reading is an essential but boring aspect of any content writing. You might feel a yawn while reading and still could not find a simple mistake. This is where technology comes handy. Use the Grammarly extension to do the proof-reading for you.
  • Use Professional editor. Another technology can help you make your blog quite easy to read so that your readers can glide through it with an ease. There are several online editors which can help you mark long sentences and how to shorten them.
  • Avoid overuse of words. Over-usage of any word or phrase cuts your viewer off the table. Instead, you can use variants or synonyms. Word Frequency counter is an application which determines how frequently you use a phrase or word in the post.
  • Update and edit often. Revisit your old posts periodically to check if you can modify the structure or edit the post. You can also check for any discrepancies and missing links.

Now, we have discussed the reasons as to why you should edit your existing posts and how you can do it simply with the available technology.

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump in to republish your existing posts after editing properly.

Why You Need To Update Your old Blog Posts Time to Time
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