Things To Know Before Publishing Blog Posts Frequency

Things To Know Before Publishing Blog Posts Frequency

If you know anything about blogging and how it’s done, you would know how important it is to have a good amount of traffic lingering on your posts.

But maintaining visitors on your blog is not a cake walk if you must know.

There are some tips, tricks and hard work that gets you a reputation in the market because of which the audience would come to your post and go through it.

Apart from selecting the best themes and niches and putting some great content online, there are chances of very few people coming to them. Some people take to comment on other blogs and posts, thinking that they could actually increase traffic on their posts.

But sadly this does work like that and even if you win some traffic with it, there won’t be much to count on. Guest posting is another way amateur bloggers try to catch audience for themselves, but for this to work, you will have to write a whole bunch of content for them so that you get into some recognition.

This would take a lot of time and you will actually run out of topics, content and time which you could have spent on your own blogs.

When you write unique and creative articles, you do get an audience but it’s not such a reliable source of traffic for you.

Giving great headings and uploading content calendars would do you no good except for wasting your valuable time.

They work very basic and may not come up with significant results, which won’t work for you.

There are many people who go for hiring content writers for their blogs. This could work fine in some cases, but you cannot guarantee yourself that they would work as hard for your content as you would have. They may come up with good content once in a while but you can’t expect them to give in their one hundred percent to the blog.

In this scenario, there is one thing you must remember, the audience visits your blog because it’s ‘you’, ‘your’ content and ‘your’ ideas. When such a major factor would go missing from the blog, there are huge chances of your subscribers abandoning you and the popularity would go down drastically.

Keeping everything in mind, we have some tips for you that could come handy to you in maintaining a good publishing rate on your blog:

Regular blogging is a must without fail:

If you have taken the decision of writing and blogging, you should understand that you cannot abandon your blog for one day and then come back tomorrow and leave the next day.

You have to come with a pattern if uploading posts on certain intervals and make sure to stick to it. If you can’t manage that, your audience will lose interest and there would be no point for you to blog after that.

We understand you can’t blog every single day or every week on a regular basis or a very long time. No one has that strong will. You will have to write blogs regularly for an entire year or so, and only then can you expect something to happen because of this.

In an ideal situation, you should blog at least once a week and if you can’t even do that, blogging is not for you. In the world of blogging, it doesn’t really matter if the blogs you write have exceptional content or not, if you are showing up regularly, your audience would do that too. The more you blog, the better results you get.

Take blogging as your professional job:

Taking blog writing seriously is very important as this would take you a long way. You need to give in your thoughts, your energy, and your time dedicatedly.

It is like giving blog writing your commitment to take care of it, check on it and complete it regularly. You cannot just skip a post just because you don’t feel like doing so.

One no-show can cost you a good number of followers and your target audience may not take it nicely. You can use weekends, public holidays, and midnights to complete your work.

People who say that they have no time to blog should never have started it in the first place and now that they have, they should try their best to take out some time from the day and invest in the blog.

You can use some free time at work or during dinner when you can think about the topics that you are going to write on.

Give a good amount of time to research:

When you blog, you share your thoughts and words with people all around the world. The audience that comes to you comes to solely hear your thoughts and views about a topic and you ought to have an in-depth knowledge for that.

And to acquire that, you need to do your homework properly and learn about the topic you are going to share on the blog. When you research well, you have excitement to show it off to the world and that be a triggering agent for your publishing.

You need a plan to manage things well:

If you have a full-time job and other things to take care of like family, etc. and still want to pursue blogging, the best thing you could do would be to come up with a practical plan that would help you manage all the chaos happening.

You require a plan to not only manage your daily activities but you also have to have a plan to form your article. What kind of a structure your article would have and what would come first and what would come after that.

This would be time taking at first, but when getting into a habit, this would seem like a cake walk to you.

Bottom line:

Apart from being regular and taking your work seriously, always remember what great content won’t do; standard promotions would, that too in the least possible time.

Make sure to spend more time on promoting your content than on building it up.

Things To Know Before Publishing Blog Posts Frequency

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