SiteGround Coupon Code 2020: (70% Off 60$) Deal & Huge Discount Offers

siteground coupon code

SiteGround is a prominent and top-rated web-hosting company. It has millions of subscribers, and it services over 1.8 million domains worldwide.

What’s the best thing about this web-hosting service provider?

SiteGround offers extraordinary promos, discounts, and deals.

Introducing SiteGround

You’re not here to have a lesson about this company’s history. However, you have to understand that you need to know some things so that you can use their promos to the fullest.

Basically, SiteGround provides web hosting services. Also, if you don’t have a domain, they can provide you with one too.

They primarily offer the following services:

-Cloud hosting
-Dedicated servers
-Shared hosting
-Email hosting

The SiteGround platform runs on WHM, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and CentOS. They developed software solutions for website management, speed-optimization, reaction, and account isolation. Their IT solutions are sold in a single package.

In addition, they also utilize Solid State Drives (SSD) to store data. This enables fast loading times on the websites they host.

SiteGround works with popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like Magento, Joomla, and WordPress. When you use SiteGround, along with any of the aforementioned CMS, you can enjoy the following features.

-Custom server
-Application solutions for open-source applications
-Design templates
-Free tutorials
-Web-based seminar (Webinar) hosting and organization

Do keep in mind the features above when you are availing SiteGround deals, discounts, and promo codes.

Definition of Terms


Hosting Plans

SiteGround provides many hosting packages to its users. When availing coupon codes, you need to choose a package.

If you still don’t know which package is best for you, then you may check out this section. It will define some terms related to SiteGround and its services.

• Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a web hosting service wherein pages are served on multiple websites. Each site has its own domain name that comes from a single web server.

Shared hosting is cheaper than other web hosting services. However, you shouldn’t avail yourself of this service if your website receives high traffic on a daily basis.

You only get limited resources with shared hosting. Nevertheless, it’s great for beginners since it’s low-cost and comes with a starter package.

You can get a huge discount if you try the SiteGround promo code in the next section.

• Cloud Hosting

SiteGround’s cloud hosting service features 4GB memory and 2 CPU cores.

Multiple CPUs comprise the server that hosts your website. It functions like a personal computer.

So, if your server has multiple cores, it will be speedy and won’t give you problems.

In addition, dual core CPUs store more data than single core CPUs. They can also process multiple requests simultaneously. 2 CPU cores are enough for low maintenance sites.

The basic plan for this service cost 60 Euro per month, but with a SiteGround discount code, you can enjoy it for almost for free.

With cloud hosting, you can install Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and WordPress with just one click.

• Dedicated Servers

What is a dedicated server? A dedicated server is a network or computer reserved solely for the needs of one particular website. With SiteGround, you can opt to share a server with someone or use one that is solely for your website.

SiteGround’s dedicated hosting service features 3 hosting plans that offer various pricing tags and resources.

• Reseller Web Hosting

SiteGround allows reseller hosting. This means you can rent your space on SiteGround to others. You may also resell shared hosting services.

If you want to launch a web hosting company, you can use a SiteGround coupon code to save money.

• WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress managed web hosting is a concierge service. This implies that the host manages the technical aspects of running their clients’ website.

In other words, by availing this service, SiteGround will be responsible for your website’s updates, daily backups, security, speed, scalability, and maintenance.

Premium support is one of the best features of this service.

If you have a coupon code and WordPress is your preferred CMS, then you can avail one of SiteGround’s WordPress managed hosting plans.

SiteGround Discount

This company’s discounted prices are very competitive. You can get some of the lowest tier packages for just $3.95 per month.

If you avail their “bestseller discounts,” you can save up to 70% on their plans. This promo is valid until the end of this year.

Do you remember the “Managed WordPress Hosting” service mentioned in the previous section? It is, by far, the best deal being offered by the company to WordPress users.

You can get to enjoy its packages for as low as $3.95 per month. Just redirect to the discount page and choose a web hosting service.

How to Use SiteGround Promo Code

When you plan to avail any of SiteGround’s services, it’s best to take advantage of promos and use vouchers and coupon codes.

Getting a SiteGround discount code and taking advantage of the best SiteGround deals are fairly straightforward.

You just need to follow the instruction below.

1) Just click on the below.


2) You will be redirected to a page on SiteGround. The discount is already applied to the available promos that you will see.

3) Next, choose your promo, and click its “order now” button.

4) Enter your personal details into the order form.

5) Click “check out.”

Here is a quick walkthrough for each of the step.

1) Redirecting to SiteGround’s discount pages

Once your browser loads the pages, you can see the available promos. If you don’t know which service is best for your website, you can check out the section for SiteGround deals.

2) Choose your preferred package

After loading the discount page, you must pick the right hosting package for your needs. Do not worry about the price. All of them are approximately 70% off.

Once you’ve made up your mind, click the order now button.

3) Register a domain name

After fulfilling step 2, a pop-up page will appear.

On this page, you need to enter your website’s domain name. If you haven’t registered a domain name elsewhere yet, you can register one through SiteGround.

If you do so, you will be charged with a very affordable fee.

Registering a Domain Name

If you don’t know how to register a domain, you may follow the guide below.

Like web hosting, you also need to pay for your domain name. To do this, you need a PayPal account or a credit card.

If can pay via any of the aforementioned payment methods, you can easily register a domain name.

Since you already have a web host, you must come up with a domain name for your website and register it. If the preferred name of your website is available, you may register it on any top-level domain like .net, .biz, .org, and .com.

If the name is already in use, you can’t register it. You have to come up with another one. A myriad of domain names are already registered, so this step can be hard.

Try checking out the tips for choosing the right domain name for your site in the next section.

Once you have a name, you have to decide how long you want to own that name. You can opt to reserve it for one year or more than ten years.

Here are some recommended domain registrars.

-Google domains

When you’re done registering, your preferred website name is secured. This means no one can use them other than you.

And, you can link your domain name to SiteGround by entering the domain name into the order form.

Then, SiteGround will check if the domain name is available. After that, you can enter your personal details like address, telephone number, name, and credit card information.

Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your website is similar to coming up with a company name for your business. You need to consider many things.

Why do you have to? What is the importance of domain names? The domain name is the address that your users, visitors, and clients can use to visit your website. and are domain names.

Basically, your preferred domain name represents your site. Domain names were used and developed to identify entities on the web. It was developed to serve as an alternative to IP addresses.

Your domain name should be suitable for your business or for the purpose of your website. It must also be easy to promote, find, and memorize.

If you want to change your web-hosting service provider, you don’t have to register a new domain name. Your regular customers or visitors who know your website need not be informed about the change.

So long as the website and its media files are on the cloud, users can still visit it and load its pages.

Also, having a domain name improves your business’ credibility. Only some people are willing to transact with a company that doesn’t have a website.

If your domain name is related to your company’s name, visitors can remember your business easily. It may also attract good advertisers for your business.

In fact, if your site has a well-thought-out name that represents your service or product, your web traffic and number of visitors will increase.

To get to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, you need to consider the tips below whenever you are choosing a domain name.

-Easy to remember
-Concise and short
-Target your location
-Use keywords
-Avoid hyphens and numbers
-Use memorable words or phrases
-The domain name extension should be appropriate to your site’s contents
-Act fast
-Consider your brand, personality, audience, and business

4) Fill Out the Order Details

This is the last step. After this, SiteGround can host your website on the web.

You just need to enter your personal, account, and billing information. Next, scroll down and look for the payment section.

In this section, double check if your plan is correct. Next, set how long you want to avail the service. Do remember that the SiteGround discount applies to the 1st payment term only.

After that, you will be charged with the regular price. So if your 1st term is 1 year, you will pay the full price of the plan after 12 months.

To really benefit from the promo, pick the longest term, which is 3 years. In doing so, you’ll only pay less than $12 every billing cycle for 36 months.

Check out what the plans have to offer in the next section.

A Guide to SiteGround’s Plans

This web-hosting provider offers fast servers and comprehensive packages. Other than those, they also offer low-cost plans.


-Get a 67% discount
-1 Website
-10,000 visits per month
-10 GB web space
-Free CMS install
-Auto updates
-Free HTTPS and SSL
-Cloudflare CDN
-Daily backup
-SSH and CLI
-24/7 support
-Unmetered web traffic
-Unlimited MySQL DB
-30-days money back guarantee


-Everything included in the Startup plan
-Get 70% discount
Unlimited websites
-25,000 visits monthly
-20GB web space
-Free WP transfer
-Backup restores
-Priority technical support


-Everything included in the other two plans
-Get 66% discount
-100,000 visits monthly
-Unlimited websites
-30gb web space
-1-click staging
-Server resources for your websites
-Git for WordPress users
-Free backups on demand
-PCI compliant servers

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SiteGround Facts

What if your website outgrows shared web hosting?

SiteGround offers various plans. They have dedicated hosting and shared hosting services. Their support team can help you with upgrading your site.

• Is SiteGround a great platform for reselling hosting?

The answer to this question is “yes.” If you’re a reseller host, you will benefit from the strength of its infrastructure and the stability of its servers.

SiteGround has competitive discounts for reseller hosting plans. They also offer discounted pricing for domain name registration.

With its flexibility, you can offer hosting services for hobbyists, social media icons, business people, etc.

• What payment methods are available on SiteGround? Can you use PayPal?

SiteGround accepts Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. And yes, you can pay via PayPal.

• Which plan should you choose?

The hosting service you should choose depends on the type of site that you want to create. You should also consider your website’s scale and contents.

Whether you want to launch a personal website, photo gallery, online portfolio, or business blog, it’s recommended to avail a shared hosting plan. The GoGeek, GrowBig, or Startup can suffice.

If you want to change your hosting provider and you have a mature site, go for SiteGround’s VPS plan. It can handle thousands of monthly visitors and sites with high web traffic.

In addition, SiteGround’s Super Power, Power, or Entry server plans are fit for websites that need dedicated servers and heavy-duty hardware.

Also Read:

• Does SiteGround have monthly billing cycles?

For dedicated and cloud server accounts, monthly billing is available. Their basic hosting plans, which are GoGeek, Startup, and Growbig, require you to keep subscribing for one year.

However, you may also opt to try their one-month trial plan for S14.95.

• Do they offer other billing cycles?

For their top-tier plans and VPS plan, you can choose 3 months, yearly, 2 years, or 3 years billing period.

• Is domain name registration free?

This web-hosting provider only offers discounted domain registration.

• How does the money-back guarantee works?

SiteGround doesn’t provide free trial periods. But, you can try their trial web hosting service for a month.

Shared hosting accounts come with a money-back guarantee. The 30-day money back guarantee only covers hosting fees. It doesn’t cover domain name registration fees, and you can’t use it when you’re renewing your subscription.

To get a refund, cancel your account before the service’s renewal date.

According to their policies and terms of service, you won’t get back the full amount you have paid because cancellation fees will be applied.

Is uptime guarantee being offered?

Yes, SiteGround offers uptime guarantee. With SiteGround, your website will only be down for more or less 43 minutes every month.

• Will they help me upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server plan?

You can upgrade your website with ease whenever you are ready. Remember that they provide “priority technical support” to their GoGeek subscribers.

• Do you need a SiteGround promo code to avail discounts?

No, you don’t need any coupon code to avail their discounted plans. Just click the links in the previous section to be redirected to their promo pages.

• What does domain privacy mean?

When you purchase a domain, your personal information, which includes your email address, phone number, address, and name, is listed publicly in the ICANN Whois directory.

ICANN stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This non-profit organization coordinates the procedures and maintenance of several databases that are related to the numerical spaces and namespaces of the internet.

SiteGround can protect you from phishing, fraud, spam, and identity theft if you avail their domain privacy service.

If you want to avail this service, you must pay for a monthly recurring fee in addition to domain name registration fees and other recurring billings.

• What can you expect from their premium support?

SiteGround offers 24/7 customer support. By submitting a support ticket, your inquiry will be answered immediately.

• Should I avail their basic backup service?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. Also, their shared hosting plans include free daily backup.

But if you avail this additional service, you can see the records and files for the last 30 backups. You can also execute instant backups and restore files.

Depending on your CMS, there could be free backup applications that you can use instead of a paid service.

What is HackAlert Monitoring? Do you need it?

This service is being provided by a third-party cloud-based program. So, SiteGround is not exactly the one controlling its functions. But they are responsible for regulating it.

The software scans 10 pages of your site daily. If it finds malware, it emails you immediately about the problem.

• Will your hosting fee increase after the 1st year?

It may increase. It may not. This depends on the term you have chosen for your plan.

As stated earlier, if your first term lasts for 36 months, you get to enjoy the promo for 3 years. After that, you have to pay the plan’s regular monthly or quarterly fees.

• What is SiteGround’s VPS hosting plan?

This plan provides greater scalability and flexibility than SiteGround’s basic services.

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is not actually a cloud server. With this plan, you get a partition on a SiteGround server. This particular server has its own software and operating system.

With these, SiteGround can provide you with responsive storage provisioning and hardware control.

In addition, you don’t need to adjust or install anything on the server if you wish your site to be intuitive. Their VPS plans are managed fully by experienced operators.

When you want to upgrade your plan, just let them know. You may request to have more RAM, storage, or CPU cores for your server.

This secures your data storage. If one hard drive suddenly fails, your website’s data is still secured. You can then access it from your other hard drives in the network.

However, sadly, they do not offer any SiteGround hosting coupon for requests and additional services.

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SiteGround Review

If you want to know more about SiteGround then check our Siteground review. We have written detailed review on SiteGround.


SiteGround is a reliable web-hosting provider. They offer comprehensive packages and discounted plans.

When you avail any SiteGround offer, you can pick your servers from their 3 data centers. These data centers are located across the world.

Furthermore, they offer 70% discount on their basic plans. Years ago, they have given away SiteGround coupon codes.

Today, you don’t need any code to get their discounted plans. Just click the links above, and you will be redirected to their web-hosting plan page.

Once you’re sure about the plan you want to avail, just click the order button and input your personal and billing information.

If you want additional services, just ask for support from their tech team. By doing so, you can improve your website’s security, response time, storage, provisioning, and scalability.


SiteGround Summary:
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Ease Of Use
  • Uptime
  • Price/Value
  • Reliability & Support
User Reviews 4.75 (63 reviews)


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