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Justhost Coupon

In the crowded web hosting market, every company tries to stand out from the rest of the providers.

Justhost achieves this by offering a one-stop-shop to customers where you can build and manage your web presence effectively.

This web host offers a lot of options that can help you drive traffic to your site. For each plan that you pick, Justhost provides free domain transfer or registration.

You can also benefit from the available Justhost coupon for beginners.

The company aims at giving you everything you require so that you can run a successful online business. Also check Bluehost Promo Code, Hostgator Promo Code, Greengeeks Promo CodeCloudways Promo Code Discount Offers.

Whether you are still planning to start an online store or already have an existing website, this website can take your business to the next level.

Today, we will give you an overview of this company and talk about how it works.

This information should help anyone trying to compare Justhost to the rest of the web hosts determine if it is the right fit.

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    What is Justhost?

    Chris Phillips came up with this company back in 2002. Over the years, the company has continued to show consistent growth in the hosting space.


    In 2010, it was considered as one of the fastest hosting companies and the only one that offers free credits.

    It has its headquarters in Australia, US, and UK and data centers in the US. Many people consider the company’s datacenters reliable and secure.

    The data center also utilizes UPS generator that delivers power backup.

    Customers also like the Justhost coupon, which makes this web host more cost-effective.

    The founder later sold the company to the Endurance International Group.

    The EIG is a top player in the web hosting industry. This group has managed to take over some of the most popular web hosts including Hostgator, Blue host and iPage.

    Most people who are trying to start a new business online choose Justhost due to its affordability.

    Justhost Offers the Following Features

    1. Premium Security

    One of the crucial factors that you should have in mind when choosing a web hosting provider is the level of security it provides.


    Justhost prioritizes safety above everything else. It makes use of different site security techniques such as using secure sockets layer (SSL) and solid-state drive (SSD).

    The company also offers Sitelock, which includes things like dashboard reports, daily vulnerability scanning, email notification, and security maintenance. Sitelock gives you a new layer of protection.

    If the company detects any security threat, they send you reports and alerts on your dashboard and email. This can help you take the necessary action to prevent your site from being blacklisted.

    If you don’t know how to handle security threats, Justhost can help you get rid of any malicious files on your behalf.

    2. Uptime

    They also offer high uptime rates to prevent your site from going offline. Downtime can prevent an interested customer from purchasing your product and looking for alternatives from competitors. Justhost can prevent this since they have attractive uptime results.

    The company does monitoring 24/7, making it easy to detect and resolve any issues before they affect your website. The web host also lets you install open source app, plugins, and themes in one click.

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    3. Free Migration

    Feel free to transfer your desired domain name to another web host. The company allows free transfers or domain registration for the first year.

    After that, you have to pay the annual renewal fee for this service. Justhost also integrates with other famous platforms such as Google apps and numerous open source applications.

    If you are prepared to begin generating online sales, you will benefit from Justhost since it throws in Bing advertising credits and free Google from time to time. Make use of the Justhost coupon to get better prices on the plans.

    4. One Click Install

    It also provides free script library. SimpleScript can install any scripts you pick for your site. You can select from scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, phpBB or osCommerce.


    The ability to use these scripts without the need to code anything is incredible.

    5. Superb Speed

    Speed is another crucial aspect when using a web host. You need to ensure that your site can load fast so that you can reduce bounce rate and increase the rate of conversion.

    If you want a fast loading site, you need to choose a hosting plan that offers content delivery networks. A slow loading site can lose potential customers quickly and lower the traffic rate.

    Choosing JustHost lets, you enjoy fast page loading times. Justhost includes CDN to advanced hosting plans to prevent such slow loading pages. The company also enables you to set up a Cloudflare account for your site.

    6. Backup

    The pro shared hosting plan also comes with automatic site backups. This feature comes with an additional fee per month. The backup tool can create monthly or weekly backups for databases and website files.

    If you choose any other plan, you can also back up your data manually from the control panel.

    7. SEO

    You can also get search engine jumpstart service from Justhost at an extra fee. This can make your site get listed faster on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. It can also help you achieve a high SEO ranking.

    During the process of registering a new domain, your details are likely to appear in the public database. Without any form of protection, a spammer can gain access to your details and steal your identity.

    Justhost prevents this from happening by offering WHOIS privacy protection. The company provides website owners WHOIS privacy safeguards.

    8. Support System

    If you have any concerns regarding the company, you should raise them with the customer care department. Justhost offers standard support options such as email ticketing, phone, and a live chat facility.



    According to customer’s reviews, you can get instant feedback from reaching the company’s representatives through the live chat facility.

    You can also get assistance by using some of the resources that Justhost offers, such as video help tutorials.

    It also contains a fundamental knowledge base, which is a great help to new customers. The company is quick when it comes to resolving issues and offers excellent technical support.

    For further guidance, try browsing through the FAQs. The support portal also contains a blog section which has posts on various topics.

    The company seeks to educate its customers on the secrets to running a successful website. Unfortunately, they do not update the blog often frequently.

    The problem with some of the web hosting providers is that they use bots to assist customers in need. Bots cannot solve some of the specific issues that customers raise.

    With Justhost, you cannot face such challenges since this company offers real people support.

    9. All Premium Features

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    The hosting plans that Justhost offers

    Shared hosting

    If you have a new online store that is yet to receive high traffic, you can choose shared hosting from Justhost. This is an inexpensive form of hosting where different websites share resources of a single physical server.

    For new entrepreneurs, getting access to shared resources is enough for their business needs. The shared hosting plans from this company come with unmetered bandwidth.

    You can choose from three different shared hosting plans, as discussed below. You can get at least 50% off the basic hosting plan.

    Once your site starts expanding, you can upgrade to a higher hosting solution that comes with additional features. Justhost also makes upgrading quite affordable and straightforward.

    When you are ready to move from a shared environment to dedicated or virtual servers, go to the control panel and follow the provided upgrade protocols.

    This enables your domain and data to move to upgraded services effectively.

    VPS hosting

    This form of hosting is ideal for a website owner who requires more resources that cannot be handled by a shared server.

    Here, everyone has access to their allocation of resources. When you choose VPS hosting from Justhost, you cannot get access to the resources from another allocation.

    The company offers at least four packages on this hosting plan. They include standard, premium, enhanced, and ultimate.

    Some of the features available in VPS hosting are like free domain name, enhanced cPanel access, root access, and guaranteed server resources.

    You also enjoy fast speeds due to the inclusion of advanced cloud technology. The websites that are hosted on private servers have limits when it comes to monthly data transfer.

    The limits set are between 1-4 TB. Make use of the Justhost coupon for you to benefit from the 33% off discount for this hosting solution.

    VPS hosting delivers managed services so that you can focus more on growing your business without worrying about software upgrades and patches.

    Justhost works with a dedicated team of engineers who maintain and monitor servers frequently to ensure that your visitors can access the site round the clock.

    Dedicated hosting

    Traffic spike can affect the performance of a site. If you own a website that is generating a lot of traffic, you need to choose a hosting plan that can guarantee excellent site performance.

    Dedicated server hosting from Justhost may be expensive but worth it. It ensures that your site maintains fast loading speeds regardless of the traffic.

    Here, all of the server’s resources are dedicated to hosting your website. Your account can also be activated within seconds so that you don’t have to wait for hours.

    You, therefore, get a high level of control since no other website owner makes demands on things such as available disk space, bandwidth, or RAM.

    This hosting plan does not come with software-related restrictions. You get the liberty to configure the server as you please and install what you want.

    The premium dedicated server comes with features such as 1TB disk space, five dedicated IPs, and 16 GB RAM.

    If you want better performing servers, you should choose VPS or dedicated hosting. These two contain dual, quad-core and triple processors.

    You can also get a discount of 27% off from choosing dedicated hosting from Justhost. When using a dedicated server, you can easily customize your infrastructure based on your specific needs.

    Feel free to reach out to the company’s dedicated specialist who can help you achieve this. This hosting solution also provides you with access to cached memory at a fast rate.

    It also gives you the chance to enhance the speed of your server by investing in high-performance SAN servers.

    How to Use Justhost

    Picking a web host can be challenging for new website owners, Justhost tries to eliminate any form of confusion by outlining every single detail.

    The company strives to ensure that you enjoy hosting your website with them.

    After choosing the right hosting plan, you will not struggle to set up the website with this company. Justhost provides website building tools such as WordPress and Weebly.

    Weebly website builder contains drag and drop capabilities, making it ideal for beginners. If you are in e-commerce, you can also find different apps like Drupal and OpenCart.

    If you already have a website, the company allows you to transfer your current files to its servers.

    Justhost also has a simplified cPanel control, which makes it ideal for new business owners. The cPanel available has some easy to use features which save you time and prevent you from headaches.

    You can use this section to conduct different activities such as transferring files to the web server, changing billing information, and also managing your contact details.

    The cPanel also lets you manage your domains and email. You can also view your website statistics from this section and look at how much bandwidth you are using.

    If you want to boost site security, adjust the security settings from the control panel. You can also install various software such as WordPress from the Cpanel.


    Perform database maintenance from time to time from this section. The control panel is like a one-stop-shop for every activity you should conduct in regards to web hosting.

    Since you can host numerous domains, the Cpanel lets you manage different websites from one location.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Pricing Options

    When working with this web host, you have the option to pick between different plans, namely the basic plan, plus plan and prime plan. The basic plan is the most affordable one going for $ 3.95 each month.

    This supports a single website and comes with at least 50 GB disk space. The basic plan supports up to 5 email accounts and 25 subdomains.

    A plus plan costs $ 6.95 each month and can support ten websites. You also get 150 GB disk space and a CDN. The plus plan can support 100 email account and 50 subdomains.

    Though the cost of the plus plan is no different from that of the prime plan, choosing the prime plan gives you more freedom.  This can support unlimited websites.

    It also allows unlimited email accounts, storage, and subdomains. Selecting this plan also assures you of high-security level since it contains 1 SSL certificate and premium backup protection. You also get a dedicated IP.

    You can pay for either of these plans using methods such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and Discover. The reason why such means of payment are popular is that they offer quick payment of services.

    This company also accepts some of the payments in the form of money orders and checks. You can only make use of this option if you sign up for the company’s services for at least 12 months.

    What makes this web host stand out from the rest is the availability of bonuses. Apart from the free domain name available for the hosting plans, you also get free advertising credits.

    The plus plan comes with credits worth $ 150 while the Pro plan has $ 300 as credits. Make use of the Justhost coupon for you to reduce the cost of plans even further.


    • Money Back Guarantee

    All the hosting plans that the company offers have a money-back guarantee. Unlike other web hosts, you can make use of the guarantee any time. The cancellation policy is straightforward.


    If you are not happy with the hosting account, the company should give you a refund for the remaining term. This refund excludes domain registration fees and the setup fees you may have been charged during signing up.

    The refund policy applies only to the company’s hosting service. It does not apply to the rest of the product, such as domains.

    Though this company does not provide a free trial period, it gives you sufficient time to test its services without monetary risk.

    If the services offered cannot fulfill the needs of your business, you can always get back your funds thanks to the money-back guarantee.

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    Everything You Should Know Regarding Justhost Coupon

    Manage your website at an affordable price. Justhost offers exclusive discounts to its new customers. You can get up to 50% off the standard costs of shared hosting plans by making use of the coupon codes.


    For you to redeem the coupon code, follow the set of instructions available. This can help you receive a maximum discount from the company.

    The instructions are not complicated to follow. Start by looking for the official website and click on the “sign up” button.

    Pick the hosting plan you would like to use as you consider the needs of your business and the score of the brand. Have in mind the number of websites you would like to host and the space you require. After choosing the right plan, you need to pick your domain name.

    The free domain name comes with a Justhost coupon code that is already applied on your behalf.

    Once you have selected your domain, proceed with entering your account information. Some of the details include your name, address, phone number, and email address.

    Before you click on the submit button, go through the terms of service outlined. If everything seems in order, submit your request.

    You can also benefit from other discounts such as 46% off for professional web hosting. The company has at least 50 offers ad provides 47 coupon codes to help you claim discounts.

    You should make use of these discount opportunities before they expire.

    Start by choosing a monthly subscription if you have short term hosting needs. If you want to save more and intend to work with the company for long, then an annual subscription would make more sense.

    You can save a considerable amount by choosing an extended period. Apart from the monthly billing cycle, Justhost also allows you to pay for up to 36 months upfront.

    Pros & Cons


    • Availability of money-back guarantee
    • Offers a wide selection of web hosting services
    • You can install e-commerce apps with ease
    • The hosting plans contain a free domain name
    • It is ideal for beginners
    • Has a robust infrastructure


    • The company does not offer site backups frequently
    • It lacks reseller hosting
    • The site migration service is not entirely free
    • It does not provide the best customer service

    Justhost Review

    If you want to know more about Justhost then check our Justhost review. We have written detailed review on Justhost.


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    While most of the web hosting providers have expensive plans, Justhost provides room for website owners and bloggers with a budget.

    This may not be a performance-oriented web host, but it has numerous features that you may not get from other companies.

    Most people like it because it is not only affordable but also easy to use.

    The intuitive cPanel lets you perform different activities from one place. It offers domain name registration and allows you to host an unlimited number of domains.

    Due to the inclusion of money-back guarantee, you are not at risk of losing your hard earn cash since you can always claim it.

    It also promotes safety from cybercriminals and hackers by protecting hosting accounts using the free Sitelock lite scanner.

    This is among the most affordable and convenient web hosting providers in the market. You can even get lower prices by utilizing Justhost coupon codes.

    It allows unlimited data transfer and has different customer support options. The company offers competitive hosting plans that can help you boost conversion rates and drive traffic to your site.

    Since finding a reliable and cheap host is hard, you should not overlook Justhost because it can improve your web hosting experience.

    Justhost Coupon

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