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Hostwinds Review

Hostwinds is a Webhosting company that accommodates both the new and advanced users via the Shared and Business hosting plans. It also offers the unique White label Reseller hosting plan.

Currently, there are many Webhosting companies and as a user, it is okay to want a website that is affordable but offers good uptime and useful advanced features.

Finding the above in one package is not an everyday occurrence, however, hostwinds has got you covered.

The hosting company will accommodate your website from as little as $3.29/m and give you unlimited bandwidth, emails and storage space. Well, for those who are running business sites can relate what this would do for your site.

Let me elaborate a little, with limited bandwidth users will not be able to download or upload large amounts of data to your site.

And they will also be faced with slow transfer speed, but with the hostwinds unlimited bandwidth, the speed is excellent and you can be sure that your web account will not experience a high bounce rate.

What is Hostwinds?

Hostwinds is a Webhosting company that has been serving users for nine years now, almost a decade and since inception, the company has offered its users the best-paid plans at a pocket-friendly price. Not to mention their effective customer support service.

Customer satisfaction is the motto in the saturated Webhosting industry, and hostwinds strives to suffice its users by offering customizable services, to allow them to tweak their sites to suit their brands.

They ensure that your site is set up fast and easily, and provide security features that will boost your customer’s confidence.

Who are the users of Hostwinds?

  • Personal Blog

Under the shared web hosting plan beginners in blogging can access an unlimited number of domains and emails among other features at only %5.17/m. Bloggers hosted with hostwinds have the advantage of using the WordPress application.

The latter enables a user to add content to their site, and your visitors can also sign up for an account. As you create helpful information to add to your site, you will need to build website pages.

WordPress a plugin feature that can be installed in a hostwinds site will help you achieve that objective.

Bloggers also get the advantage of using the Content Management system, which will assist them in publishing content in their sites by adding either pages or posts.

Social platforms are an important feature for your blog and are the only way to ensure that your blog goes viral. The WordPress feature, therefore, grants you access to various social tools such as the RSS Feeds and Twitter.

However, to access the WordPress application, users will have to use the Softaculous Application installer form their cPannel account and install WordPress in their hosting accounts.

The software is free and can be used immediately; hostwinds also allows users to build their personal blog via their knowledgebase feature.

  • Ecommerce site

When visitors visit your site and they can barely navigate through your sales funnel or conduct a seamless shopping exercise then you risk losing income. You might, therefore, want to consider your page load speed as it will help turn visitors into permanent customers.

Hostwinds will provide you with a site that performs well speed-wise, but there is a better catch, however, it will cost you money, but cannot be compared with the benefits therein. At $ 40 you can purchase the Windspeed, the feature maximizes your servers speed and power.

By purchasing windspeed you will get an addition of three features; one is that your site will be subject to performance analysis; the latter will test Javascript, which is used to create a webpage interactive element, which helps improve user experience.

Your site’s images will also be tested for optimization and CSS will be tested as it is responsible for font size, weight, and position among other visual settings.

As your business grows traffic to your e-commerce site will shoot up and this activity tends to impact a site’s load speed negatively. Not to worry though because under the hostwinds windspeed you will get Apache Optimization, the feature optimizes your site server for increased traffic and high loads.

Another advantage is the availability of MySQL Optimization that will lower CPU usage and your disks input and output.

The above will be achieved by lowering unwanted task and the MYSQL database will be optimized to facilitate faster retrieval of data.

  • Business

If you are planning to run a business website, you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for a hosting company because Hostwinds has a business hosting plan with customized features to cater for your business needs. First of all, you will get the Nightly backup feature, website monitoring, and full management.

In their business plan pack, you will be able to access three pocket-friendly plans and each one of them comes with different features and prices.

They are the Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate, you also don’t have to worry about missing features if you cannot get the ultimate package that contains all unlimited features.

Because, Hostwinds offers other important features that have been incorporated in all the business plans, for example, you get to have a free SSL certificate for your site’s security, a free Weebly website builder for you to customize your site to suit your business needs and you can also freely transfer your websites.

Other important features include the Softaculous Auto Install for the cPanel; the feature will help you install all your scripts in just one step because it contains a number of different applications such as forums, CMS, e-commerce solutions and blogs making the running of your business website seamless.


Third-party interference and hacking issues are major concerns for e-commerce site owners, you, therefore, want to make sure your hosting provider caters for your site security or opt to purchase the service if not provided.

Hostwinds does provide protection for people running e-commerce and business sites; they even have tailor-made security features such as the Nightly backups.

The feature contains a cloud back up add-on that automatically backs up your service at night to the cloud storage drive. And you don’t have to worry about accessing your data when in the storage drive because hostwinds allows you access any time.

Another feature is Website Monitoring, however, it is your responsibility to include the monitoring service on their website, and they will monitor your site for you. If they detect a problem your site will automatically generate a support ticket on your behalf.

Running e-commerce or business hosting account attracts some technicalities in management you will, therefore, need prompt assistance from time to time be it day or night.

To this end, hostwinds has a skilled support team standby to cater to you.

Is Hostwinds easy to use?

  • Account creation

Creating an account with hostwind is as simple as filling up a signup form but users who have an account with the hosting company might not be able to access the form.

To open an account you will provide information relating to your chosen mode of payment, and then you will then select a domain name that will be used with your shared Webhosting account.

When paying for hosting your will select a billing cycle, your location and the add-ons that you want to be included, you will also get discounts that are only offered upon purchase of the plan and not on renewals.

The last step will be to choose your payment option and then you can complete your order.

After which you will be provided with an invoice indicating the services that you will be paying for and what you will be required to pay upon renewal of the plan. You will then receive your confirmation email.

  • Weebly site builder

Hostwinds Weebly site builder is only available to users under the Shared and Business Hosting plan.  The site builder is pretty easy to use, first, it will give you an option to log into the Client Area, find the manage button located next to your Shared Hosting Web Hosting service.

And on the left side under the Actions Section you will log in to the cPanel and in the files section, you will click on the Weebly icon.

A drop-down menu will be presented and from there you can choose your domain, then you will click to add site. You will then choose a theme that aligns with your brand. Building your site with hostwinds gives you the opportunity to add text, and images among other elements it’s a simple intuitive process.

The drag and drop builder lets you arrange elements the best way you see fit, it also enables you to customize your site for compatibility with both the desktop and the smartphone such that when you publish, your users will get a perfect view in both gadgets.

Adding images to your e-commerce or business site is easy, and you can easily optimize for search engines.

  • Hostwinds easy to use cPanel features

The hosting company provides its users with a cPanel, which helps in managing Webhosting service accounts. Users are thus able to access the necessary tools to use in creating, administering and managing their websites using their preferred browser.

Under the cPanel you will meet a number of important do it yourself functions like the statistics column, which shows a user the number of email accounts that they have, their mailing lists, FTP accounts, Bandwidth information, and their home directory among others.

Users can also find out information about their server; on their cPanel. There is a link above the statistics column and upon clicking it a user will be provided with information about their servers running services, loads and the amount of RAM that is being used in the system.

Other information available in the “Server Information” includes the cPanel version, the Hosting package, and the Apache version.

While running your website you will need to be kept abreast of the hosting provider’s backup service and a number of other errors that might be detected by the cPanel. The Preference/Update Contact Info is your go-to feature because the server will use it to inform you of any errors or completed backup activities.

The preference area allows a user to easily change their accounts password; they can even change the style of their cPanel or the language used.

Other easy to use features include the File Manager, which lets you create, view, edit and delete the email accounts for the hosted domains. A user is also able to see what the hosting provider recommends when it comes to the mail settings for third party clients.

Another feature is the FTP accounts, which will manage a user’s site backup processes.

Under this option, they can easily download a full website backup that will enable them back up their entire cPanel hosting account, which hostwinds can restore at a later date. A user can also use the feature to migrate their cPanel account to a new server.

Hostwinds Features

Hostwinds web hosting company has many useful features that have been categorized into Management, Infrastructure, Hosting plans, Hosting management and Customization. Well, let’s begin with the latter.

Under customization a user is allowed to create custom machines to meet their unique needs and optimize the performance of their sites, there is also the console configuration that provides an interface for building analytics and custom machines.

The last feature here is the operating systems that the hosting company can support such as the Linux Webhosting and the CentOs 7 operating system.

Hostwinds also uses the latest versions of MySQL and PHP for its hosting services. Under the Management feature, Hostwinds allows the transfer of data and virtual machines in adoption and maintenance under cloud migration.

Also, under storage management, the Hosting Company provides management tools for database configuration, scaling and data storage.

They also let the users analyze their sites connectivity, storage, and performance. Database Management is a critical feature in hostwinds and they, therefore, offer support for the management of different types of databases and integration methods.


Users are allowed to provision networks when networking, manage their traffic, balance loads and deliver content.

The availability of Virtual Machines offered by Hostwinds is that it enables multiple operating systems to run on a single computer, they also offer disaster recovery options not to mention application provisioning.

Under the maintenance of infrastructure, the existing Virtual machines are well maintained to improve their functionality and security. In addition, the Security applications available under this feature are used to encrypt data and manage identities.

The hosting management features include Content Management Support (CMS), which allows users to use different CMS when managing their websites.

Hosting account holders are also allowed to install shopping carts among other tools but they need to wary as they may have to pay extra for some of the e-commerce integrations.

Some of the Email hosting solutions provided include the support of POP3 and IMAP email systems, users can, therefore, manage the email accounts that are associated with web domains via a third party interface or one that is built-in within the system.

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Hostwinds Hosting plans

One of Hostwinds fairly priced hosting plans is the Shared hosting plan and here a Server’s memory, CPU time and disk space are shared by different accounts hosted by the server.

The Reseller hosting plan, on the other hand, allows users to rent server space from Hostwinds and then sublet the server space and other hosting services to other website users.

The VPS hosting solution offered by Hostwinds allows your site visitors to enjoy faster load speeds and you also get to have more CPU, RAM, and Disk space. A user can also choose the software or operating system that they want to install on the server.

There is also the dedicated hosting service and here a user is provided with two options, to use either the managed or the unmanaged private server. The benefits of this type of hosting is an enhanced site performance because user’s don’t share any of the resources provided

The security of your site is also assured, and a user gets their unique IP address. Another advantage is that they have all the administrative powers and don’t have to worry about overheads for the server equipment.

Lastly under the White Label Reseller hosting a user is free to start their own hosting company and sell hostwinds products under their brands.

Users under this plan get a Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) that puts them in total control of the business. They are therefore free to manage their clients from sign up to termination and even set product prices.

Under this plan, there are no restrictions as to how a user sells their products, which gives them the opportunity to maximize their profit potential.

A user will also receive maximum technical support and White Label Reseller discounts. The plan comes at a price of $10/m with full access to their support service.

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Pricing and plan options

Hostwinds turns out to be one of the most affordable Webhosting companies, because it offers different prices for different niches, for example, if you want an e-commerce site, there are three options for you the Basic plan where you will get unlimited bandwidth and disk space and one domain at a price of $3.29/m.

The Advanced package for e-commerce goes for $4.23 and unlike the basic plan you will get four domains and unlimited bandwidth and disk space, the Ultimate package goes for $5.17 and here you will access unlimited domains, bandwidth, and disk space.

The Online merchants also have their pricing plans, the Basic plan goes for $5.64, and Advanced is $ 6.58, while the Ultimate package comes at $7.99. The latter is provided for with unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth as compared to the other packages that get only 1(Basic) and 4(Advanced) hosted domains but unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Users under the Shared hosting will part with $3.29/m to get one domain and unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and under the Advanced plan, they will pay $4.23/m for 4 domains and unlimited space and bandwidth. The ultimate plan offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domains for $5.17/m.

The reseller package contains the same features and paid plans as the shared hosting while the White Label Hosting goes for only $10/m. The advantage with this package is that a user gets to make money, controls how they handle clients and they are free to set their pricing despite selling Hostwind products.


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Hostwinds offers a solid support system especially for users under Reseller; their team handles the support needs of a user’s clients as the user builds their Webhosting company.

To contact their support a user is provided with four options, the first one is chatting support where users who don’t wish to make phone calls can comfortably chat with one of their support members.

The second option is the ticket system, where users who need in-depth help or need assistance with issues concerning their accounts can open the ticket. They also have a responsive Phone support service, where users get help with any of their technical issues.

Lastly, we have the Knowledgebase and here Hostwinds has provided users with articles that contain useful information about site management.


  • Fairly Priced
  • Intuitive site builder
  • Effective support service
  • Users benefit from the White Label Hosting


  • Features in hosting plans only differ in the number of domains
  • Dedicated server plans are limited

Final thought

It is a no brainer that Hostwinds has outdone other Webhosting companies with their White Label Reseller Hosting that allows users to earn while serving their own customers under the platform.

The hosting company has customized hosting plans for the e-commerce site owners and the Business people, providing them with the most significant features for running their businesses.

Their support service is top-notch and runs 24/7, therefore people in different time zones are catered for, and those who work at night can still access the service.

What’s more, is that user’s get four contact options to choose one that suits them.

Hostwinds Coupon

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