Wix Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 7 Pros & 2 Cons

Wix Review

Wix is a company that enables users to create and run websites in various niches; it has integrated various functions that resonate with many of its users.

The company has of late introduced the Wix Turbo.

Tech-savvy or not building a website has never been easy, just a few clicks on your Pc and you are good to go.

There are many Webhosting companies that provide various entities with a web account where you can run your business or just a personal blog.

The catch, however, is whether they are pocket-friendly and easy to use, some companies do offer tutorial videos to help you when stuck and some can easily set up a website for you but at a small fee.

Wix is one of the Webhosting companies; it is user-friendly with customizable options for any type of website that you want to run.

However, the big load that goes into maintaining a website can be intimidating at first.

Acquiring a web account might be easy but does the company that hosts your account provide you with the necessary support and tools to effectively run your websites?

Well let’s find out below if Wix covers a new beginners needs.

What is Wix?

Wix is a web building and hosting company that was conceived in Israel, for new beginners that are eager to venture into the online services by owning a website then Wix is your company.

The Webhost Company has some of the most modern customizable templates for new beginners.

What’s more is that it allows users to create mobile sites enabling one to reach a wider market, with its drag and drop online tools.

It is very versatile and scalable and comfortably caters for the different niches such as running a personal account to small businesses, photography and graphic designing among many others.

Wix also offers free services, which is convenient for new users as they learn the ropes, but if you want professional features that will help you convert, you will have to adopt a premium plan.

They do offer different paid plans like the Business VIP, the Unlimited, the Business basic and the Combo.

Wix Review By Experts & Users


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7 Wix Pros or Advantages

I must say that Wix is probably the most user-friendly website because one, it is easy to customize media, has a do it yourself drag and drop feature and it also offers a variety of good applications.

So what features make it easy to use?

The intuitive website builder that the WebHost company offers to its users, has zero loading problems, users will also rarely encounter broken links.

Operations run smoothly and once you get into their site it is easy to discern what they are all about as it keeps you engaged.

1. Custom and customizable website

The large variety of designer templates accommodates every person and saves on time and money. By using the already available templates, saves you the time that you would have used to create documents from scratch.

So, once you start building your website, be sure to use the templates as they enhance the overall layout and outlook of your site.

The Wix website offers its users a customizable web design, what does this mean?

It means that you are provided with a website that has unique functionality and features. Even more important is that you could be provided with a customized website that is also a content management system.

This type of website enables one to add and edit their content without stressing on how to come up with a code.

Wix therefore, can build you a website with the design and features that suit and resonate with your purpose or you can easily use one of their templates and tweak it to customize as you see fit.

2. Free Hosting

Wix is a free hosting website but the paid package will do wonder to your website as they truly offer value for money that is accompanied with help features. If you are skeptical about Wix, you can first try it out for free because it allows.

However, when things start getting rosy you will have to come up with a professional domain and this will cost you money.

But still, you could still use your personal account name. Wix.com followed by the name of your website. However, this option is best suit for carrying out personal projects.

Therefore, if you manage to get the “Connect Domain” plan, you will be able to use a proper domain name of your choice, but don’t forget that you will have to pay for it separately.

This you can do via Wix or through other domain registers such as the Namecheap.

The paid plan has one major disadvantage, which is that it features the various Wix advertisements, which could be quite a bother.

Not to worry though as you have the option of adopting the Combo tier. This package does not have advertisements and you will get a free domain name for the first year.

You will also get some good amount of bandwidth and storage space.

Wix operates a notification system for the users if you are afraid that you might finish your bandwidth or run out of storage space.

Don’t worry you will be notified in advance that you are about to hit your limit.

3. Wix Bookings

If you have been running a Wix website then most probably you have sold some of your services online with the secured payment plans and the perfect scheduling option.

In business it is perfectly normal to want to be the best in service, so with Wix you will be able to create membership access through the paid plans application.

The service provides your customers with the option of signing up for a number of sessions that you offer at once with one payment.

Your clients will also be able to access unlimited sessions, and monthly sign up.

For those people who are offering teaching courses, they have the option of giving their clients a set of sessions, for example, if you are offering exercising tutorials.

What’s more, is that you will only be required to set your begin and end date, and prepare the course package plan and you are good to go.

4. Tracking and Analysis of site performance

Wix enables you to embed a third-party tracking code to your site that will help you monitor traffic and see how your campaign progresses.

Also, on your website the dashboard contains the ‘Tracking & Analytics option that enables you to add some new exciting tools such as the Google ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and Yandex Metrica.

You can add more as it is not limited but in case you don’t want to use any of the above options you are allowed to incorporate your own custom code.

For example, you could add a heat map, which enables you to see where there is a lot of activity or where your visitors are mostly clicking on your page.

The above tools will thus enable you to understand your customers and their online behavior, for example, the Taboola campaign allows third party publisher to share some of the related information in a specified area of your site, a thing that impacts your revenue positively.

You will also be able to strategize your marketing campaigns.

5. The Wix Logo Maker

Wix a website and hosting company enables a user to create their own customizable logo in minutes.

You can come up with a professional logo by just answering a few questions that assist the artificial intelligence technology understand your business style.

Once it understands your preferences and how you want your logo to look like, the logo maker will come up with a number of options that you will choose from, all of which will suit your personality and brand.

All this will come with a ready-made color palette. However, you don’t really have to accept the logo designs if you don’t like them.

You can simply adjust them to your preference. After designing and purchasing your logo, you are free to download and use it without limitations.

The dimensions of the logo are also customizable, so their size shouldn’t be a bother. This, therefore, gives one the option of using them anywhere like in the social media platforms or as your website’s header.

6. Availability of SEO tools

The whole point of running a website is to convert but you cannot convert if crawlers cannot locate your site and help drive traffic.

The Search Engine Optimization option ensures that your site ranks higher in search results and thus attracts traffic.

So what goes into SEO?

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that your website is indexed (saved in search engine’s database). Then you can use the appropriate keywords to make it unique.

To this end the Wix website offers advanced SEO options.

Wix also offers its clients an efficient analyzation process of their website, which is an SEO plan suitable for each user that makes one’s site visible on Google.

Important to note is that the Wix SEO is always updated, the latest version is the Mobile-first indexing.

This means that Google is ranking websites with regard to their mobile versions first, which is good news for the Wix site owners as they have a mobile-friendly version in their websites complete with an optimized structure for the new indexing method.

7. Wix Customer support

If your customers are not happy and satisfied, your business will suffer, it is, therefore, important to keep your clients happy.

You could achieve this by providing a good support service like the Wix answers. The platform has a number of features that serves millions of users across the globe.

The Wix support service offers a knowledge base platform that answers clients queries by the use of tutorials, FAQ’s and user guides.

There is also the ticketing system that enables a website owner to transform a customer’s request into a ticket that one can prioritize, manage and track, no matter where it is sent from.

What better way can one solve a client’s query than by answering calls, Wix provides and allows you to make and take calls, your customers could also request for a callback.

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    Who uses Wix?


    In recent times blogging has turned out to be quite a profitable niche and most of the times you might find yourself in someone’s blog without even realizing.

    For example, a travel blog, when you want to visit a country you will probably want to find out a few things like the most amazing sites to visit, the type of food available and their culture.

    All the above answers will be found in a blog, so what makes Wix the best blogging web host?

    Wix offers its users the best features that you can use to create your blog right from scratch.

    For example, you can create blog posts and separate them into different categories.

    Wix also enables you to create a comment section where you can interact with your visitors.

    The web host enables you to integrate a search bar that is used for navigation from one page to the next or when your visitor is looking for specific information. Some of the well-established bloggers use Wix why not you.

    There are also some benefits that enable you to convert and are aligned with the Wix blog.

    One is that you can become an affiliate for the Wix Company; by referring people to the site through the affiliate program, which would, in turn, earn you a commission.

    For new bloggers, Wix is super simple to use considering its drag and drop interface that is used for page building.

    They also have a blank template for those who are well accustomed and can build their own website from scratch and many other beautifully designed templates for those who are still green.

    So you don’t always have to start from scratch.

    New bloggers should be wary of the free blog that Wix offers as it might not really convert due its basic nature.

    The blogging platform also has limitations that might not really be good for business so it’s best if one just went premium.

    Business people

    The whole point of running an online business is to cover a larger demographic and convert the traffic into sales.

    Wix does offer you the ability of not only reaching the local market but also the international.

    All you need is a professional designer who will design a perfect website that converts.

    In the Wix platform, the business people have the advantage of choosing a suitable template for their business given the wide varieties that have been designed for the different industries.

    The web host also offers marketing and advertising templates, law and real estate just to name but a few, but they do cover almost everything.

    Other business features that the Wix company offers include email marketing, subscription forms and appointment bookings making it a one-stop-shop for those who are venturing into online business.

    Wix offers its users an app market that has some of the most amazing add ons.

    Personal websites

    Some people love to showcase their personality through writing informative or inspirational content or just encouraging others to live a healthy life, by eating right and doing proper exercising routines.

    To this end Wix has some very good templates that will completely resonate with your objective.

    There is also an editor that you can customize as much as you want to get your personality across.

    The most comforting thing about Wix that makes running a personal website easy is that you have full rights of your content.

    Their terms of service prohibit the WebHost company from claiming any intellectual rights over the contents of their users.

    As you set up your personal website it might interest you to know that you will not be able to embed files, sites or pages that have been created using the Wix editor to a different host or destination.

    That means all your Wix content can only be hosted on the Wix servers.

    Individual users are at an advantage because Wix offers free and safe hosting with up to 500mb bandwidth and storage.

    You could also connect your domain if you have one or upgrade your site to the paid premium packages.

    Important to note is that they don’t allow users to connect a free site to their own domain name but if you must you can always adopt any Wix’s paid plan.


    The scarcity of white-collar jobs has left a big room for creativity and entrepreneurship; many people have come up with amazing stuff that they can sell to people.

    Well, marketing and selling your own products to a wider demographic is achievable with Wix.

    Wix offers hundreds of eCommerce templates that can be customized to resonate with one’s products, with the help of the Wix Editor or the Wix ADI.

    What’s more is that Wix doesn’t restrict people from selling any amount of products that one wishes to sell.

    The Wix mobile app is eCommerce friendly as it enables one to create promotional codes and discounts; it also enables one to effectively manage their store and their shipping options.

    The app lets you access its store analytics, and evaluate in-house data, a fact that puts one in a better position to compete with other eCommerce platforms.

    Also, for those venturing into eCommerce via the Wix website, it would be good to know that the WebHost offers two plans for online stores, and these are the VIP and eCommerce plans.

    You will, therefore, be required to pay $25 or $17 on a monthly basis. You will get a free domain for one year, and ad vouchers that will help in promoting your site.

    In addition, for the eCommerce site, you will get at least 20GB storage space and two premium add-ons that you won’t have to pay for.

    Since you will be running an eCommerce site you will have to manage inventory, a factor that is quite easy with Wix.

    Wix also enables one to track inventory, you can add a product and include options aligned with a specific product.

    You will also have the advantage of letting your customers know how many units you have left; the WebHost also encourages store promotions and tags.

    Check out all web hosting Reviews & deals.

    Is Wix a user-friendly website?

    Wix is the best place from where you can build a professional website, that your visitors might think it cost you a million dollars, the site has affordable premium features with a monthly option.

    It is a great site for beginners especially the small business operators.

    Another advantage is that users are provided with an SSL Certificate; however, Wix does not provide SSL for domains and subdomains that are connected to other websites apart from Wix.

    Wix Pricing plans and options

    The prices for developing a Wix website varies, for example, for development and web design it could cost you $2500 to $6000+ with regard to functionality and the number of pages among others.

    The Wix premium plan has four categories the VIP, the Unlimited, the Combo, and the Connect Domain, all these plans are priced differently and they each come with some special features.

    The VIP, which is also the most expensive of the four plans, has a lot of features, some of which are priority response and a visitor analytics application.

    The Connect Domain package has the least features and is the least expensive; however, all the packages serve different categories of users.

    For example, the Unlimited is mostly used by Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, whereas the combo is for personal use.

    Pros & Cons


    • Numerous templates
    • Offers Security
    • User-friendly
    • Effective customer support
    • Good for business or personal customization


    • The free version has limited functionality and features
    • Impossible to export data from Wix in case you decide to migrate to another platform


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    Final Word

    The Wix website has great functionality features and offers an excellent support service to its clients.

    Though there are numerous hidden limitations such as paying for the domain separately, it is a good site to begin and advance as a website account holder.

    Lastly, It is a user-friendly site for the tech-savvy, and has amazing pricing plans for different niches. Users are provided with a customizable template to suit their business need.

    The company also offers a greatly advanced SEO tool with the right keywords, it enables one to rank in the Google search engines.

    Wix Review

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