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Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

Have you been using a shared hosting package and are frustrated about the slow speed? You need to consider upgrading to dedicated server hosting. This gives you the chance to access a server that is dedicated to you.

Getting an entire server means that you don’t have to share things like bandwidth, RAM, or CPU time with other website owners. The best dedicated server hosting provider can help your website remain responsive at all times. Different companies offer dedicated servers, and choosing the right one is crucial.

Since this is a significant investment, you don’t want to spend your cash on the wrong platform. We can save you from that by discussing some of the best providers of dedicated server hosting. Before that, here are the basics of this form of hosting.

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server technology keeps on getting better over the years. This form of hosting involves having a server that is dedicated to your site alone. Web hosting providers give you the option of renting your server so that you enjoy excellent services.

Though this form of hosting is more expensive compared to shared and VPS hosting, g it gives you control over scripts and apps you wish to install on the server. You also get to enjoy maximum loading speed even when your website experiences massive traffic.

Most new web developers choose shared hosting plans due to the low prices. Though these packages come with a lot of features, you may not get value for your money due to their poor performance. Shared hosting means that you have to share servers with the rest of the website developers. You may experience downtime or other performance issues if you fail to upgrade.

Why should you choose it?

Choosing dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, helps you run your website more efficiently. You also get control over the configuration of the server.

With dedicated server hosting, you can add or get rid of software as you please, tweak numerous settings, and even install updates without any problems. You, therefore, have the opportunity to optimize the server to fulfill your specific needs.

Purchasing one of the dedicated server hosting plans also lets you enjoy priority support. Working with the best provider even allows you to receive constant monitoring of the server for any issues.

The best dedicated server hosting company can always fix any problems they find from monitoring the server. Now that you understand the basics of dedicated server hosting, we will focus on the highest-ranked companies that offer this form of hosting.

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The best dedicated server hosting providers

List of Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting By Rank Dec 2023

1HostGator★★★★★ 4.9
HostGator Review
Visit HostGator Offer Page
2BlueHost★★★★★ 5.0
Bluehost Review
Visit Bluehost Offer Page
3SiteGround★★★★★ 5.0
SiteGround Review
Visit SiteGround Offer Page
4A2 Hosting★★★★★ 5.0
A2 Hosting Review
Visit A2Hosting Offer Page
5DreamHost★★★★★ 5.0
DreamHost Review
Visit DreamHost Offer Page
6Liquid Web★★★★★ 5.0
Liquid Web Review
Visit Liquid Web Offer Page
7Inmotion Hosting★★★★★ 4.9
InMotion Hosting Review
Visit Inmotion Hosting Offer Page
8GreenGeeks★★★★★ 5.0
GreenGeeks Review
Visit GreenGeeks Offer Page
9FastComet★★★★★ 4.8
FastComet Review
Visit FastComet Offer Page
10iPage★★★★★ 4.9
iPage Review
Visit iPage Offer Page

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1. Hostgator

hostgator dedicated hosting

If you want affordable dedicated server hosting plans, you should consider Hostgator. This is a powerful yet friendly provider that accommodates business owners with different budgets. The company has been in operations since 2002 and runs from Houston, Texas.

This is one of the web hosting providers that has received awards for offering high-quality services. Hostgator has managed to host millions of domains, including some of the well-known companies. Its data centers house thousands of servers, and it utilizes various fiber providers.

You can easily customize and configure the dedicated servers of this company according to your specific needs. Hostgator offers both semi-managed and managed hosting solutions to people with small and large businesses.

What makes Hostgator unique?

This company allows you to adjust the server resources as you wish. It offers instant scalability since it can add the storage amount without the need for data migration.

You get to enjoy high-security levels and don’t have to worry about threats and attacks. This is because Hostgator offers DDoS protection and has a firewall that protects your server

The dedicated server hosting provider offers two types of control panels to help you manage your website effectively. You can use the WHM or cPanel to access most of the company’s features. If you have any configuration issues, there is a team of experts on standby to help you out. Clients like Hostgator since it offers great support and gives you additional assistance.

Though the company offers exceptional uptime, the speeds are average compared to what other dedicated server hosting companies provide.

The problem with Hostgator is that it does not provide automatic backup for your site as Liquid web does. This means that you have to keep on backing up your site manually to prevent the loss of data.


Hostgator offers three dedicated hosting plans starting with the cheapest going for $ 119. This comes with 4 core processors, 8 GB of RAM, 1 HDD, and unmetered bandwidth. These features are quite impressive, considering the price of the plan.

The most expensive plan costs $ 149. These prices only apply if you commit for three years. When the period is over, you can renew the cheapest plan at $ 189 per month.

Even if you choose the lowest dedicated hosting plan from Hostgator, you still get enough features to run a medium-sized site successfully.

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2. Bluehost

bluehost dedicated hosting

Since Bluehost was established in 2003, it has managed to host more than 2 million websites. This is one of the web hosts that has partnered with popular content management systems such as WordPress for more than a decade. From the partnership, Bluehost has optimized its hosting services and been able to attract a lot of website owners.

It now provides room to thousands of WordPress users and offers services such as one-click WordPress installation. The company has its own fiber connection that enables it to provide clients with full in-house services.

Bluehost makes use of world-class technology to boost its services. The dedicated servers from Bluehost are designed for an excellent performance.

What makes Bluehost unique?

This is a reliable company that has been around for quite a while now. It is known to deliver what it promises to its customers. The company makes use of high-quality storage and provides RAID 1 support. This ensures that your site’s data is well protected since the drives are mirrored.

In-house engineers are responsible for custom building the servers. Bluehost makes use of open source technology to enhance the flexibility and speed of your server. Feel free to control any hosting storage in real-time without the help of the admin.

The company also offers multi-server management to clients who need different hosting services. It allows you to manage them from one place.

Since the server is dedicated to you alone, you get the chance to include add-ons as you like. For instance, you can improve the security of your account by adding spam protection, SSL certificates, and SiteLock. If you want to achieve your marketing efforts, Bluehost allows you to add SEO tools without limitations.

The company provides a reliable uptime guarantee so that your site does not suffer from downtime. The speed of the server also remains high so that your site visitors never experience delays while using your site.


Bluehost has three dedicated packages that differ when it comes to storage, bandwidth size, and RAM. The cheapest dedicated hosting plan goes for $ 79.99, while the most expensive plan costs $ 119.99.

The problem with the lower price plan is that you have to sign up for three years upfront. This plan comes with 500 GB of disk space, 4GB of RAM, and 5TB of bandwidth. If you have a small website, these features should be enough.

If your site starts growing fast and you get massive traffic, the company does not set extra charges for this. The enhanced and standard plans come with all the features you would expect from the best dedicated server hosting provider.

You get to enjoy plenty of bandwidth and a fast processor. If you change your mind about Bluehost within the first month, you can get back your refund quickly.

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3. Siteground

Siteground dedicated hosting

Established in 2003, this dedicated server hosting provider has managed to grow and expand its operations in different regions.

It now has offices in Bulgaria, Panama, and the US. Small entrepreneurs, as well as individuals, choose dedicated server hosting plans from this company due to its excellent performance. The company manages more than 350,000 websites across the globe.

Siteground offers different hosting types including Linux-based shared, cloud, reseller as well as dedicated server hosting. Its data centers are located in Singapore, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

Why Siteground is unique

When it comes to dedicated server hosting, Siteground stands out among the rest of the competitors due to its hardware selection. It offers a great range of stable machines.

Choosing a dedicated hosting plan from Siteground means that the company handles setting up the server and updating its software from time to time.

You also get to enjoy VIP support round the clock. Real experts provide you with all the assistance you need through phone support, live chat, or tickets. Your issues will be addressed within a minute, and you receive additional information regarding a particular issue.

Feel free to request a reboot of your server if it is not working correctly. Siteground also offers different dedicated hosting features such as DNS server setup, Postgre SQL, MySQL 5, and Apache.

The company is responsible for maintaining and pre-installing all the software you require in your server. You can also regulate most of the functions from the cPanel and WHM.

The company gives customers who subscribe to the dedicated hosting plans high-quality services. It, therefore, prioritizes speed and incorporates the use of SSDs to boost this. It also offers caching, which makes websites load fast to prevent the bounce rates and increase conversions.

Most people find Siteground different since it does not charge for caching like other providers. In some companies, you may have to pay up to $ 100 for this service. Your website also gets automated backups regularly.


Siteground offers at least three dedicated hosting plans which are priced differently. The costs of these plans range between $ 229 and $ 429 each month. Use SiteGround Coupon to get extra discount.

The cheapest dedicated hosting plan comes with 5TB of bandwidth, 4GB of RAM, and 500 GB HDD. The advanced plan comes with 480 GB of storage, 16 GB of RAM, and a CPU speed of 3.2 GHz.

Though the dedicated hosting plans from Siteground are more expensive than what other companies offer, you get a high-performance level even from choosing the most basic plan.

The good thing about this provider is that it does not have any hidden charges or renewal fees, which keep on increasing each year.

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4. A2 hosting

a2 hosting dedicated hosting

If you are looking for a dedicated server hosting provider that offers the best speeds, you should choose A2 hosting. Though this hosting provider is not as popular as some of them, it is a competitive company that puts up a good fight.

Apart from the lightning-fast speeds, A2 hosting provides your website with decent uptime so that you don’t have to deal with downtime problems.

What makes A2 hosting unique?

The company offers three dedicated server hosting packages, including Mach, Exceed, and Sprint. A2 Hosting is known to provide free transfer services to its clients. You, therefore, don’t have to deal with the complicated steps of migrating your site to the provider’s platform.

It also pays attention to security to protect your website from DDoS and Bruce force attacks. The dedicated plans from A2 hosting also feature free Cloudflare CDN and SSD storage.

If you want instant feedback from the company, try connecting with an agent through the live chat facility. The company not only offers fast support but also gives you accurate information regarding different issues.

Most clients are, however, disappointed with the fact that A2 hosting does not provide a free Cpanel, which can help newbies set up a website. If you want this service, you have to pay $ 39.50 per month. The company also offers some other extra features such as site backups and caching at a cost.


Users find the specifications that come dedicated hosting plans from A2 hosting quite sufficient. The basic plan, in this case, comes with 3.GHz CPU, 10TB of bandwidth, 2 core, and 1TB of disk space. A2 hosting is a bit affordable compared to some of the best dedicated server hosting providers. Use A2 Hosting Coupon to get extra discount.

The cheapest plan costs $ 99.59 per month. You should be aware that the initial cost of a plan may not cover everything. You may need to purchase some extra features separately.

When you want to renew your subscription, you have to pay more since the price increases by 17%. This translates to a total of $ 119.99 for the basic plan each month.

The lowest plan that A2 hosting offered is somehow similar to what you get from Hostgator or Bluehost. The only difference is in the cPanel.  If you are not happy with the pricing terms, you can make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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5. Dreamhost

dreamhost dedicated hosting

Though this web host is known for its cheap shared hosting plans, it also offers dedicated servers for individuals who don’t want to share a server with other website owners. The company hosts over a million websites, including apps for web designers and developers.

The dedicated hosting servers from Dreamhost are fully managed. You, therefore, have more time to focus on the growth of your business rather than handle a lot of technical issues. The affiliate program in this company is quite impressive since customers get cash rewards for referring others to the platform.

What makes Dreamhost unique?

The company claims to offer 100% uptime on the plans. Different tests reveal that it stays true to its word. If your site experiences downtime, the company can compensate you accordingly. It provides a unique control panel that is custom-built. This is meant to provide you with maximum control over the dedicated server.

Feel free to customize the control panel according to your preferences. For instance, you can remove or add servers or even reboot your server. It also allows you to manage your websites and domains on your own.

While some of the hosting services come with generous bandwidth, providers set a monthly cap according to the specific plan you choose.

All the dedicated plans from Dreamhost, however, come with unlimited bandwidth. The company also takes pride in its solid reputation. It is one of the highly ranked experts in the industry that is known to be stable and reliable.

As long as you choose from the dedicated hosting plans in Dreamhost, you are guaranteed of 24/7 support all year round. You can talk to representatives and ask for assistance through social media platforms, email, or live chat facility.

Some of the dedicated server features that you get from Dreamhost include root access and MySQL database. It also offers RAID storage, which prevents the loss of data. This stores your site’s data in different hard drives. If one of them fails, you cannot lose your data.

You also get CPU resources and dedicated RAM. The central processing unit acts as the brains of the server while the RAM is the server’s memory store.

Every dedicated server from this provider comes with its own IP address. Feel free to include a different IP in every domain. Unique IPs, however, come at an additional fee of $ 5.95 per month.

While some of the dedicated servers feature solid-state drives, others include hard disk drives. Dreamhost also gives you the option of re-imaging your server at a particular fee. If you want this service, technical support should come in handy.


The prices of dedicated hosting plans from this company begin at $ 169. It provides three plans under this category, with the most advanced plan going for $ 249.

All the plans come with similar CPU cores, storage, and bandwidth but differ when it comes to RAM size.

If you want to save from your purchase, consider subscribing to an annual plan.

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6. Liquid web

liquid web dedicated hosting

The best dedicated server hosting provider has an excellent reputation, and Liquid web is recognized worldwide. This company has been operating for more than 20 decades and continues dominating the industry. It serves over 100 countries and manages thousands of websites through its global data centers.

Agencies, professionals, and corporations that operate mission-critical websites rely on Liquid Web to give them the best performance.

Though the company offers shared hosting packages, it focuses more on dedicated hosting and VPS plans. These have premium packages consisting of numerous features.

What makes Liquid web unique?

Liquid web offers 100% network uptime for its plans and promises clients a refund if they experience downtime that leads to the loss of revenue. The dedicated servers from Liquid web can help you meet your every hosting need.

If you have a site that experiences high traffic, you should choose the single-processor servers. Dual processor servers are designed for people operating multiple sites.

It also offers different operating systems for the dedicated servers, including CloudLinux, CentOS, Windows, and Ubunto. These come with updated tools and fine-grained controls. Choosing dedicated server hosting from this company enables you to enjoy different features such as DDoS protection, backup drive, IPMI access, SSD storage, and Plesk Onyx.

The availability of Cloudflare CDN means that your site can load fast at all times while advanced security protects it from hacking threats.

You can also utilize the two available control panel to access most of the features. Most clients find the WHM and cPanel from Liquid web quite user-friendly. They also like the support system of this dedicated server hosting provider.

Liquid web has a unique support system that makes clients feel at home. It offers a “59-second support guarantee.” This means that you should not experience delays as you try to reach out to the experts in times of need. Liquid web takes customer service with the seriousness it deserves and promises to give you the best experience.


The company offers at least four dedicated hosting plans for single-processor servers as well as four other plans for dual-processor servers. Even if you choose the cheapest dedicated server hosting plan, you still get to enjoy 5TB of bandwidth, 480 of disk space, and 16GB of RAM.

If you select a hosting package above $ 1000, the company can give you live access to experienced web architects who can deal with any problem in an instant. The most basic plan costs $ 199 per month, while advanced plans go for $ 499.

You should also go through the pricing system to learn more about the extra charges that Liquid web sets so that you can avoid any surprises in the future. For instance, you have to pay an extra $ 20 per month for you to use the cPanel.

If you use more than the bandwidth set, the company charges you extra for overuse. Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer your website can cope with.

Though this may be a disadvantage, Liquid web does not increase the original price upon renewal of your dedicated hosting plan. Liquid web offers a high level of professionalism and gives you value for your hard-earned cash.

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7. Inmotion Hosting

inmotion hosting dedicated hosting

Different publications recognize Inmotion hosting as the best dedicated server hosting company. This gives its clients a lot of confidence since they expect high-quality services from it.

Inmotion hosting offers different hosting solutions and website services to various types of businesses. Most companies acknowledge it for its affordable and fast services.

The overall uptime of Inmotion hosting is 99.89%. It has data centers in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. The use of multiple data centers enables the company to fulfill global infrastructure needs.

What makes Inmotion hosting unique

It offers both dual and single-processor servers that come with LAMP stack. Everything is managed for you so that you can concentrate on creating high-quality content to generate more traffic to your site. All the dedicated servers from Inmotion hosting contain free SSL to boost security.

Unlike in other dedicated server hosting providers, Inmotion hosting offers WHM and cPanel at no additional cost.

Instead of using traditional HHD, the dedicated servers from Inmotion hosting includes free SSD. These boost the speed of your site and offer enhanced uptime.

It, therefore, gives you not only reliability but also flexibility and scalability. The high rate of online attacks should make every website owner take security seriously. Working with Inmotion hosting can help you minimize such risks since it offers a multi-layer defense.

It is one of the dedicated server hosting companies that makes use of smart routing technology. The high uptime you enjoy comes from the incorporation of redundant switching network and BGP multi-honing.

Inmotion hosting also implements Kernelcare technology to boost the security of your operating system and keep it updated. It, therefore, eliminates system reboots, thus saving you from paying extra charges.

Inmotion hosting also works with different bandwidth providers to keep your website online at all times. The server hosting team in this company keeps tabs on your server and handles any issues that come up. It also offers custom configurations to help you fulfill your specific needs.

You also get at least 15 IP addresses free of charge. This gives your company the advantage of Private DNS, FTP, and email services. Most of the clients praise Inmotion hosting for its impressive after-sales support. The company can help your website manage traffic spikes without affecting its performance.


Inmotion hosting offers three dedicated hosting plans with the cheapest going for $ 99.99.The dedicated servers from this provider differ in regards to the specifications. For instance, the most affordable dedicated server plan comes with 8GB of RAM and 500GB SSD.

You can always get a dedicated hosting plan that suits your budget. Check out for seasonal discounts that the company offers to help you save.

If you change your mind about working with this dedicated server hosting provider and decide to cancel your subscription, the company can refund your cash within 30 days after purchase.

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8. Greengeeks

greengeeks dedicated hosting

One of the most significant environmental polluters is the internet. This industry is known to consume a lot of energy amounts. Data centers across the globe hold millions of servers that have to be powered every day. These servers have to consume a lot of energy so that they don’t fail or overheat.

Data centers pull energy from the respective power grids they depend on. Carbon polluting sources are responsible for producing such power grids. This translates to data center pollution, which is a serious problem in our society.

Invest in a dedicated server hosting company that is keen on energy conservation. Greengeeks helps to solve this issue by offsetting dedicated servers by wind energy to reduce carbon footprint.

An American agency even recognized this dedicated server hosting provider as a Green Power Partner in 2009. Apart from that, Greengeeks also offers excellent services through its different hosting packages.

Though Greengeeks is small compared to some of the best dedicated server hosting providers, it makes up for this by giving every user personal attention.

The company was established in 2006 and hosts about 300,000 websites. According to its mission, this provider aims at giving you first-class hosting services regardless of the plan you choose.

What makes Greengeeks unique?

GreenGeeks offers reliable services and excellent customer support. All the dedicated servers from Greengeeks run on Intel processors that enhance the performance of your site.

The data centers here are under restricted access and make use of UPS systems to reduce the risk of power failures. The dedicated servers also come with unlimited SSD, free SSL certificates, and nightly backups at no additional cost.

Choosing a dedicated hosting package from Greengeeks means that you will enjoy live support any time you need it. The company provides free CDN integration and works with hosting experts.

The main control panel available at Greengeeks is cPanel. It allows you to install any third-party apps that you need for your site. Most people also reveal that the free site transfer feature available at this company is fantastic. Though the company claims to offer 99% uptime, there is no mention of a credit refund in case your site goes down.


The entry server goes for $ 169 per month. It comes with 5 IP addresses, 500 GB of disk space, and 10,000 GB transfer.

You can also compare this plan with other plans such as the standard, elite, or pro server, which are more expensive and highly equipped.

If you are not sure about the right plan to choose, you can contact the company’s dedicated server specialists. They can prevent you from making the wrong decision. Greengeeks also offers month money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

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9. Fastcomet

fastcomet dedicated hosting

If you are running a large website, you need to choose dedicated server hosting so that you can give your visitors the best web experience. You can achieve this with the help of Fastcomet.

Though this company was only established in 2013, it has managed to host more than 50,000 websites. People recognize it for its well-versed support and stellar performance. The dedicated server hosting provider operates with at least eight data centers distributed across three continents.

The company has data centers in major regions such as the US, Germany, UK, Japan, and Singapore. This means that every client can always find a hosting solution near them.

What makes Fastcomet unique?

Fastcomet tries to accommodate every website owner by offering a wide range of hosting services. It ensures that all its clients can enjoy high-quality hosting. The company provides different dedicated server plans.

Unlike some of the dedicated server hosting providers that charge clients to use the cPanel, Fastcomet offers this service for free. All the dedicated servers from this company also come with free SSH access, domain, and website transfer.

Choosing a dedicated hosting plan from Fastcomet ensures that you enjoy a fast loading site due to the inclusion of SSDs and free Cloudflare CDN.

The company monitors your server 24/ 7 and offers free backups every week. Fastcomet works with skilled programmers who came up with a reliable monitoring system that can reveal some critical usage statistics and detect any server issues.

Fastcomet also offers hardware redundancy and a reliable firewall to secure your site. Most of the customers that use this provider reveal that they get all the attention they need all through.

If a client shares a negative experience from using Fastcomet, the support system is quick on handling such issues and helps them get solutions to their specific problems.


The lowest dedicated server package you can get from Fastcomet is set at $ 139 per month. It comes with 8GB of storage, 2CPU core server, and 4 GB of RAM. The other plans include DS2, which costs $ 169, DS 3, and DS 4 that goes for $ 349.

Before you disregard the plans as too expensive, try to compare the features here with what other providers offer. Since most of the features are free, you will not incur so much at the end of the day. You can still get a refund since Fastcomet offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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10. iPage

ipage dedicated hosting

iPage is a company that was founded in 1998 to host websites on behalf of both small and big organizations. According to reports, iPage hosts more than a million sites.

It provides expertise to individuals looking to create an online presence. The company works with two data centers that monitor the network and offer high-security levels to websites.

iPage offers different hosting services starting from the most basic solutions. It includes WordPress hosting and VPS hosting. Apart from the independent control you get from working with iPage, it gives you managed support and cloud-based flexibility.

What makes iPage unique?

Some people describe this as one of the best dedicated server hosting companies due to its available features. It offers unlimited FTP user accounts as well as MySQL databases. Unlike most of the companies, iPage offers free credits for search engine marketing. You can install different apps without any restrictions since the company allows you to control your hosting environment.

You also get access to all the dedicated resources you require for excellent uptime, fast speeds, and robust security. iPage also mirrors storage and gives you maximum data protection.

As demands go high, the dedicated server hosting provider offers room for growth and offers seamless migration options. Feel free to come up with unlimited sub-domains and domains. Apart from the included software, the dedicated servers come with pre-installed scripts such as java server pages and PHP5.

Though iPage does not excel in a particular aspect, it offers reasonably good features. Though it includes free backups, the lack of providing free SSL certificates makes it inferior to other providers.

All the plans from this company come with free security scans. You can monitor the performance of your site by using the analytics tools present. Its support system is quite impressive since there are minimal complaints about unresponsiveness.


The prices of the dedicated server plans from iPage are a bit higher compared to what other providers offer. The cheapest plan costs $ 119.99, while the most advanced plan goes for $ 191.99 per month. If you choose the lowest plan, you should get specifications such as 2 core CPU, and 5 TB of bandwidth. Use iPage Coupon to get extra discount.

Ensure you make use of the iPage available coupons to minimize the cost of your plan. If you change your mind regarding working with iPage, make use of the refund policy to get back your funds. The company offers a one-month money-back guarantee on all its plans.

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Final thoughts

As we have seen above, dedicated hosting involves devoting a whole server to the needs of one organization.

If you are tired of sharing resources with others, you should think of investing in a dedicated server. You can quickly scale and customize dedicated servers.

The best dedicated server hosting provider understands the needs of your project and gives you a solution on how to address them.

You should, therefore, choose a company that is well equipped and has knowledgeable staff. Start with the top-ranked companies we have discussed above.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers
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