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iPage Coupon

Developing a site takes a lot of time and effort. Since there is a lot of work you have to do, web hosting companies make the process easier.

The problem with the web hosting industry is that it is full of competition with every web host trying to entice customers.

If you have been focusing on getting a cheap web host, then you must have come across iPage.

This is one of the cheapest known web hosting providers in the market. Also check Greengeeks Coupon, Bluehost Coupon, Hostgator Coupon & Cloudways Coupon Offers.

Apart from affordable plans, the company also has iPage coupons, which lower the original price of plans even further.

Before you get excited about this, read on to learn more about the web host.

iPage Dec 2023 Deals & Coupons

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25% Off On iPage VPS Hosting Plan

25% Off On iPage VPS Hosting Plan

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    80% Off On iPage Web Hosting Plan

    80% Off On iPage Web Hosting Plan

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    75% Off On Everything at iPage

    75% Off On Everything at iPage

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    60% Off On iPage WordPress Hosting Plan

    60% Off On iPage WordPress Hosting Plan

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    25% Off On iPage Dedicated Hosting Plan

    25% Off On iPage Dedicated Hosting Plan

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    Get Hosting at $0.99/mo From iPage – Lowest Price Ever!

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  • Get Started With iPage at $0.99/month Only

    Get Started With iPage at $0.99/month Only

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    Introduction To iPage


    The company has been operating since 1998. It is considered among the oldest web hosting companies today. Over the years, it has risen above the hosting ladder due to its excellent reputation.

    iPage has managed to host more than a million websites around the world. It works with two data centers located in MA and Boston.


    Unfortunately, the company does not give users the liberty to select which datacenter they want to host a site.

    iPage focuses mainly on small business owners who cannot afford expensive plans.

    The main aim of the company is to simplify things so that e-commerce entrepreneurs and hobbyist alike can establish an online presence without much struggle.

    The company also forms part of the famous Endurance International Group. This refers to a family of brands which is known to offer web hosting solutions to startups.

    Joining this company not only makes you part of an esteemed group but also teaches you so much about web hosting.


    Ensure you find iPage coupons so that you can save more from this web host. This company also excels when it comes to the uptime rates.

    It offers a 99.97% uptime guarantee to prevent your site from going offline. If anything happens, the technical team rectifies it so that you don’t lose revenue from downtime problems.

    What Features Does iPage Offer?

    Though most of the web hosts may look slightly similar, it is the features that distinguish them. Every web host has some unique features that you should know about.

    1. Domain Name Service

    When it comes to iPage, we find out that one of the unique features present is domain name service.

    This company allows you to buy a domain name from them regardless of whether you use its hosting or not. If you own a domain name, the company enables you to transfer it with ease.

    iPage also provides users with free domain registration regardless of the plan you choose. Take note that this feature comes at no cost for a limited duration.

    It only applies during the first hosting term. This means that after one year, you start paying for the feature at regular rates.

    The company is also known to provide more than 300 domain extensions.

    2. Website Builder

    This is among the few web hosting providers that offer more than one website builder.


    If you don’t know website coding or don’t intend to use content management systems, a website builder can come in handy.

    Purchasing a hosting plan gives you access to at least three website builders.

    The company has its own proprietary website builder and also works with both Weebly and Ecwid. Using the exclusive website builder allows you to pick from hundreds of templates.

    This free builder enables you to come up with a 6-page website. The Weebly website builder is also a common feature in most web hosts.

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    3. SSL certificates

    When running an online store, you need SSL certificates. This is a form of encryption technology which protects any data that a customer enters into your website forms.

    Some of the plans in iPage come with SSL certificates to boost the security of your site.

    Having SSL certificates on your website is also crucial since it makes customers find you credible. It can also help you achieve high SEO rankings.

    4. Add-ons

    As you pay for your hosting package, you should also consider purchasing add-ons such as SiteLock. This can also protect your website against cyber-attacks.

    You should also consider purchasing domain privacy. This is a crucial add-on that can conceal your contact information from any prying eyes.

    With this add-on, you will not have to deal with spammers or marketers trying to contact you. The company substitutes your contact details with its phone or email address.

    This prevents your private information from showing up in the public database. You can purchase this add-on at around $ 9.99 per year.

    5. Migration

    The migration policy here is a bit different from what most web hosts offer. If you are used to free migration of websites, you may not like iPage since you have to pay for the company to transfer your site.

    They charge around $ 150 for this. This feature can, however, help you move your domain from any other registrar to iPage.

    6. Backup

    You should also think about adding site backup, which comes with an extra monthly charge. Though you have to pay for this feature, it enables you to perform daily backups to avoid the loss of crucial data.

    If you are a digital marketer, iPage can help you promote your services on search engines quickly. It offers free marketing credits of up to $ 200.

    7. Own Control Panel

    Though most of the web hosting providers make use of the regular control panel, iPage came up with its own custom version known as vDeck control panel.

    If you have ever used the standard control panel, you will find some similar functions with this version.

    It is not very different since this is where you also conduct most of the administrative duties.

    You can view your site statistics, manage email addresses, and even deal with backups from here.

    This control panel seems to be adequate enough, but it is a bit complicated to learn compared to the standard one.

    8. Customer Support

    iPage understands the importance of good customer support. It, therefore, offers different options for you to get into contact with agents.


    If you have pre-sales questions, make use of the live chat facility available. Most of the support agents are not only quick in responding to customers but also knowledgeable and courteous.

    Feel free to call them any time since they operate 24/7. You can also make use of the online submission form when you need assistance.

    The support team can address different issues with your hosting services and domain name. They can also answer questions in line with your online presence.

    The problem with most of the web hosts is that though they offer knowledgebase, it is not well organized, making it confusing for some customers.

    iPage, however, has a nicely organized knowledgebase with different sections regarding professional services, domains, account, and email.


    Every section contains videos and articles that can give you further guidance on hosting. Whether you want to create an email account or design a website, the available video tutorials can come in handy.

    Despite the many options, some people complain that iPage fails to update some information. You may not get accurate details on how to conduct specific tasks.

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    9. Some More Features


    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Hosting Solutions

    The reason why many beginners choose iPage over other companies is that it offers even the most basic plans.

    You, therefore, cannot feel like you are left out since there is always a hosting solution that can fit your business goals. Some of them are discussed as follows:

    • Shared web hosting

    A new website requires this hosting solution. The plan under this category is known as the essential plan and costs $ 1.99 per month. Sadly, you cannot pay for this plan monthly.

    You, however, get to enjoy features such as unlimited bandwidth, disc space, and MySQL databases. With unlimited bandwidth and space, you get the freedom to create and even host numerous websites on iPage.

    Since the company offers scalable bandwidth, you will not incur extra charges if you go over the limits or experience any performance issues.

    The company’s architecture scales your bandwidth accordingly if your site requires more resources.

    Though you get unlimited disk space for shared web hosting, the company expects that you remain within the normal website usage.

    You should try to avoid using this host for file storage since it is not acceptable.

    During the first year, the company also offers an SSL certificate at no additional costs. By choosing this plan, you also get access to drag and drop builder and some marketing tools.

    The drag and drop system can enable you to come up with unique web pages. iPage also rewards its customers with $ 500 worth of extras for signing up for the essential plan.

    Apart from the general features, you can also add for other paid services such as site backups.

    Though iPage does not have specific e-commerce hosting plans, the essential plan contains useful e-commerce capabilities.

    It includes PayPal integration and different shopping carts to pick from. For the shared hosting plan, you can get a discount of up to 75% by utilizing the iPage coupon.

    • WordPress hosting

    If you are a blogger, WordPress can help you gain a lot of readers and followers within a limited time. iPage offers WordPress hosting for such needs.

    It allows you to install this application in one click. Here, you get the chance to choose between two plans, namely WP starter and WP essential.


    WP starter goes for $ 3.75 per month. It consists of pre-installed plugins and themes which can help you customize your site to capture your viewers’ attention.

    When you choose this plan, you also get a panel which allows you to control the entire website.

    Alternatively, you can choose WP essential, which costs $ 6.95. It may contain everything found in the starter option but also includes more features such as malware removal, SiteLock security, and WordPress expert support.

    Running WordPress site comes with its share of problems. Sometimes, you may experience speed issues when traffic spikes.


    To prevent this, the company places such sites on low-density servers. This leads to fast load times so that you don’t experience a high bounce rate.

    iPage also facilitates the smooth operation of your website by incorporating a content delivery network (CDN) and several caching layers.

    These ensure that your site loads faster even if you add images.

    Another problem with blogging using WordPress is that such blogs face security threats. You can prevent your blog from being a target of content spam by choosing a WordPress hosting plan from iPage.


    This implements a reliable firewall to secure your site and avoid such issues. If you experience any problems while using WordPress websites, you can get assistance from a third-party service known as WP live.

    The company avails this control panel, which is designed explicitly for WordPress users.

    Though you have to pay for the service at a specific rate, iPage allows you to cancel at any time. This makes it a cost-effective and convenient service to use.

    Since such services, in combination with your WordPress hosting plan can be costly, you need to utilize iPage coupons so that you can reduce the overall costs. Making use of this can help you get up to 76% off the WordPress hosting plans.

    • VPS hosting

    As long as your business is growing, there is a high likelihood of outgrowing shared hosting plans. That is where VPS hosting comes in.

    This gives you excellent website performance, more customization options, and enhanced speed. If you want greater control than what shared hosting can deliver, you should consider VPS hosting from iPage.

    The use of virtual servers implies that you can always get scalable resources if your site demands more. The VPS hosting plans from iPage also allow you to host unlimited domains.

    Each plan has its own amount of bandwidth and disk space.

    The different features included in each plan is what makes the prices vary. Since VPS resources are dedicated to your websites alone, you get to enjoy high performance.

    VPS plans from iPage are targeted towards advanced website users. They contain features such as MySQL databases and root access.

    When you create a dynamic website, you require a database which can hold all the content you come up with. MySQL database is famous since it is open source and free.

    It can also manage large datasets, making it ideal for enterprise-level companies.

    • Dedicated hosting

    If you require hosting for an enterprise business, you need to choose dedicated hosting. This is also ideal for a site that receives heavy traffic.

    You can get the highest control level by picking a dedicated server from iPage.

    This also enhances the security and speed of your site. In this case, you get an entire server that is dedicated to you alone.

    Dedicated hosting from iPage gives you the liberty to install any application you want. You get features such as 16 GB of RAM and 15TB bandwidth.

    The company also allows you to choose between the regular cPanel and vDeck control panel. The lowest plan in this category goes for $ 150.

    Though it may seem costly, you can get a cheaper rate by focusing on iPage coupons offered regularly.

    Learn More on The Pricing

    The company lets you purchase either of the plans through different payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

    If you don’t want to keep on remembering due dates or dealing with invoices, you can set up automatic payments for an extended-term.

    Some of the customers prefer paying for their plans with a money order or check. In this case, the company recommends that you mail your payment at least one month in advance.

    If you are looking for unbeatable prices, this web host offers iPage coupons which help you get a discount on most of the plans.

    All beginner users have the opportunity to enjoy up to 83% off as a discount on plans.

    This means that instead of paying $ 11.95 for a plan, you can acquire web hosting services at around $ 1.99 per month.

    Though the company gives customers a discounted introductory rate, you should expect the price of your plan to go up during renewal. You can avoid any surprises by checking the regular rates before making your purchase.

    • Money Back Guarantee

    It also has a favorable refund policy that you can use if you are not satisfied with a plan. The company can refund your money within 30 days after purchase.


    You will not be charged any cancellation fee if you change your mind about a plan. The company promises to refund all your hosting fees.

    If you, however, got free domain registration, expect this deduction from your refund. After this, iPage lets you continue retaining ownership of the domain. iPage sets the domain fee at around $ 15.

    You should also be aware of the other conditions of the refund policy. For instance, refunds are only available to first-time customers.

    It does not apply to those that make purchases using other payment methods apart from credit cards or PayPal. Go through the terms of this policy on the website before purchasing your plan to avoid disappointments.

    Though iPage advertises its plans per month, you cannot subscribe for a month. The minimum billing cycle is set at one year. People with short term needs consider it a drawback.

    If you intend to use web hosting services for long, you can even pay for 2-3 years upfront. This can help you get a considerable discount for you to save some funds.

    It is advisable to sign up for at least one year so that you can assess if the web host is ideal for your online business.  Sadly, the company does not offer a free trial period.

    Hurry! Get 86% OFF On iPage Hosting Now

    How Can You use iPage Coupon?

    For you to use this, you need to open the official website using the available links. If you don’t want to use a specific coupon code, clicking on the link simplifies the process of acquiring a discount.

    You need to click on the “sign up” button found on the landing pages of the main website.

    Verify that the price will be discounted before you proceed. Choose the plan you would like to use and an ideal term length.

    Your business needs should help you determine how long you need to buy hosting for.  After that, enter the domain name you wish to register then proceed to the “check availability” button.

    If you lack a domain name, you can get one for free from this company for one year after signing up.

    Once you have selected your domain name, feel free to buy the add-ons you would like for your site. The company offers numerous add-ons related to site performance and security.

    Though the add-ons are optional, you should assess your specific business needs to choose the most suitable ones. You can then submit your billing information.

    Click on the checkout button then complete the purchase. Log in to the control panel for you to build your blog or website.

    Pros & Cons


    • Has affordable plans
    • Offers free website builders
    • High uptime rates
    • Provides a comprehensive knowledgebase
    • Delivers managed WordPress hosting


    • The company only has one shared hosting option
    • You have to pay most features such as migration and backups

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    Though web hosting providers are many, not all of them accommodate beginners. Those that do tend to offer high prices for their plans.

    iPage is different in that it has some of the cheapest plans for both intermediate web developers and beginners.

    It gives you all the right tools to build your online presence.

    It also contains iPage coupons that make plans even more affordable.

    Choosing a plan from this web host allows you to enjoy freebies such as free domain registration, SSL certificates, advertising credits, and free website builders.

    iPage has a good reputation and a unique control panel.

    Though you have to pay for some of the features, they can help you boost the performance, speed, and security of your site.

    iPage Coupon

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