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iPage Review

iPage is a web hosting company that has a large clientele, hosting a significant number of websites.

The site has a good uptime and boasts of a pricing plan that accommodates different users.

The 21st Century is also known as the Common Era and in this first century of the third-millennium technological inventions have overpowered the word common.

Well, as we all can see there is nothing common about this era.


The world has gone completely virtual and only a small fraction of people have little or no access to the internet.

Nowadays businesses are run over internet platforms that have fully integrated various functions that enable the website owners to help create virtual shops for people who want to offer goods and services to their clients around the globe.

IPage is one of the Webhosting companies that helps people create their own virtual online shops. Webhosting and domain registration are some of the terms used when one wants to open a web account.

Below is a detailed review of, the IPage and how you can it can benefit you.

What is IPage?


IPage is a company that will help you create your own Blog, Website or online shop on the internet, what does this mean?

If you identify a need in society and decide to solve the problem by providing the necessary services or products to clients then you have to establish yourself in a place that people can easily locate you.

In this case, you will need to identify an empty space, build your shop or office, and find a suitable name that resonates with the services and products that you offer.

This fact brings us back to IPage, all the above services are provided for by IPage only that now your shop or office will be virtual.

The IPage company will find a suitable name for your business also known as the domain name, it will create or give you the space that you will use to promote your products and services and this is what is known as Webhosting.


For your business to be seen by clients in the virtual world you need to be hosted and IPage will host you and make sure that your online shop is live and visible.

When clients want to find your online shop or website they will use your domain name.

iPage Review By Hosting Experts & Users

iPage Expert Rating:
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Comments Rating 4.36 (64 reviews)

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16 iPage Pros or Advantages

iPage is cheap web hosting service provider that comes with some useful features. Let’ talk in detail about their features that can help you grow online.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After successfully setting up a website, ranking is the most important thing that comes next. In order to make it as a top search result in the Google search engine, it is important to heavily invest in SEO and social media marketing.

IPage users, however, do not have to sweat it because the company has enabled the addition of Metadata and search keywords that would direct the search engines to your website.

The social sharing buttons are also present, a feature that enables your site visitors to share your content directly to their sites and networks.

2. Availability of easy to use Templates

IPage offers customizable templates, which makes it easy for users to edit or change the color scheme and fonts to match the product or service that they offer on their website.

In addition, you can add your own text or images and the default settings options enables a user to change to a different template any time. Important to note is that the templates are mobile-friendly.

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3. Integration of the PayPal service

IPage has integrated the use of PayPal payment service in the making of a website. PayPal enables the transfer of funds online but this can only be achieved if you have created an account with the service provider.

Your customers can then transfer cash to you safely. There is also a drop and drag interface, which enables you to add a shopping cart for your customers.

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4. Availability of the Webalizer analytics suite

As an account holder you need to find out from time to time how your web account is performing. Has it made any significant progress since inception?

Are you getting enough traffic as you desired? All these questions can be answered by reviewing your site performance analytics.

The IPage’s Webalizer analytics suite enables you to know the total number of visitors and how they interact with your site.

One thing though, is that you should constantly review your sites performance analytics and find means of increasing traffic and engaging your visitors.

5. Availability of the Revision History function

You may by mistake delete something from your website that you shouldn’t have and you plan to start all over and redo.

Well, don’t bother yourself because IPage contains professional and business packages that enable one to go back and automatically recover the previously saved version of your website where you will find the information.

6. Multiple Data Center

iPage also provide multiple data center to their customers.


7. Easy to use Cpanel

With iPage you can customize your website or blog easily with their easy to use Cpanel. On their Cpanel too many apps, add-ons & other things are available that you can use with just a click.


8. One Click Installer

With Justhost you can easily install wordpress or any other CMS in just a click. To do this you don’t need any coding knowledge.


9. Money Back Guarantee

IPage is known for implementing the 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the services you received, just let them know and your money will be sent back to you.


However, $15 will be subject to deduction so that it can cater for the cost of the domain name.

However, you will still be able to keep the domain name and can even direct it to another hosting company or move it.

10. Security

Information security has become a painful topic in recent times, and as the mastery of computer usage becomes even more pervasive, everyday people devise means and ways of hacking into other people’s computers, and web accounts.


Important information can be intercepted and used to commit a crime or destroyed.

However the SSL certificate offers protection for the websites online communication. IPage offers its users a free SSL certificate that enables them protect their information.

I know curiosity abounds in this concept, so let me explain. First, an SSL certificate is a form of bit code within your web server.

What happens is that when your website is contacted by a web browser, the SSL certificate authorizes an encrypted connection.

As this process is being initiated you do not need to worry because your website is secure. In simpler terms, “it is just like sending or receiving an envelope that has already been sealed via mail.

11. Performance

iPage not mentioned their uptime guarantee on iPage’s website. We tried their hosting for some time & here is the result about uptime. They provide something like 99.9% uptime.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 202099.97%650 msExcellent
January 202099.98%681 msExcellent
December 2019100%700 msExcellent
November 201999.92%788 msGood
October 201999.98%609 msExcellent
September 201999.97%716 msExcellent
August 201999.97%806 msExcellent
July 201999.99%690 msExcellent
June 2019100%759 msExcellent
May 201999.99%760 msExcellent
April 201999.89%785 msGood
March 2019100%792 msExcellent

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12. Support

Offering support services is a smart way of staying on top of the game; new users always tend to have endless questions, and before they become fully conversant with operating their own websites, they will keep on asking questions.


So by offering support when they are desperately trying to make out the operations of their websites, the company does attract more clients and retains the existing ones.

IPage also offers an excellent customer support service, first they have the option of the phone and chat support, and their agents respond quickly to queries.

They also provide their users with tutorials to refer to when they want to do things on their own.

13. User Friendly

The web host company allows its users to have an unlimited number of domains. Thus users can host as many domain names as they want for a little price, with no extra charge for the domains that one may want to add.


Users are thus at liberty of directing up to three domains to any of their sites or operate different websites for each of the domain names.

Many Site building companies have adopted the Weebly site builder, which is a function that enables a user to hold on elements such as; photos, videos or even texts, drag and drop it in a template of your choice to enhance your website.

IPage has also adopted this feature that is very easy to use especially for new users as it does not demand the use of codes or plugins.

However, as much as the Weebly feature is easy to use, IPage does not use the paid updated version, and that is why users are not charged an extra cost.

Therefore, IPage clients are forced to create dated sites with integrated dated features.

14. Forums

Owning a website requires one to interact with their clients. IPage enables its users to interact with a group of individuals in their websites this function is facilitated by the phpBB software, which contains a database that has been aligned with user-created extensions.

The option enables a user to customize their board as they are provided with a good number of image and style packages.

In the end, the website owner is able to come up with a customized forum.

Still, on forums, IPage provides its users with the Gbook, which in other words is known as the PHP Guestbook.

So what does it do on one’s website?

First of all the Gbook can be installed with just one click, the feature is a guest book that contains applications with tools that are used to fight spam.

15. Storage Space

When running your website it will be inevitable to accumulate a lot of data and lack of enough storage space may limit some of the functions.

IPage, therefore, offers its users an unlimited disk space for data storage in both their emails and website.

This means that website owners can accumulate a large amount of data in their hosting accounts, but if your website grows exponentially you might encounter some limitations.

16. Unlimited SQL

The functions of an SQL (structured Language Query) are pretty simple and having them on your website gives one the power to manipulate data in their database if need be.

IPage through the SQL, enables their clients to create the table and their database; it also enables account holders to drop the table and the database.

The feature has many functions as it also allows Website account holders to set permissions on the tables, the views and the procedures on their sites.

Lastly, the SQL is used in the creation of a stored procedure and a view as a function in a database. The term SQL might sound complex and it might even be confused with a programing language.

However, the SQL is a query language that enables any user who is conversant with the web operations to get the data that they are interested in from the database. SQL might just be a feature in the operations of a website but on a much wider spectrum it is a unit that can be learned.

People with SQL knowledge are good at data mining, data manipulation and can effectively manage large pools of data.

4 iPage Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

iPage is yet another site that ticks most of the boxes for your standard web hosting service.

It is a serviceable site that offers a free website builder with 1000s of different templates to choose from, as well as a free SSL certificate.

However, like every other web hosting site, it comes with a handful of cons that may put you off using it.

1. No cPanel

Once again, iPage is a site that offers no cPanel, instead offering its own dashboard to manage your website with.

This is more of an inconvenience, as it often is, but may present problems down the line when it comes to migrating your website to other hosts.

2. No Free Site Migrations

On the topic of site migrations, iPage does not offer a free service for it. Most website hosts allow you to migrate your sites to them for free, eager for your business.

However, iPage charges you for the service, which may put you off if you’re planning on moving to it from another host.

3. Extra Fees

The foundation of features that you get with iPage is perfectly serviceable, but if you want some additional features, then you’re going to have to pay for them.

This isn’t so much a hidden fee as it is an addon that you can get, but it’s annoying to have features locked behind a paywall even after paying for a plan.

That being said, you get a free domain for a year when you sign up, along with an SSL certificate and an email.

4. Can be Troublesome for Larger Sites

iPage offers several plans that talk about unlimited hosting.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really unlimited, and if your site starts to get too big, you might find yourself restricted as to what you can do.

In that case, you’re better off looking at a different, more large site friendly alternative.

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    Who is iPage for?

    IPage operates with a wide spectrum of users that offer different services to people.

    Religious groups

    Just as the world is going digital, churches and religious teachers including pastors and those who have a passion in spreading the gospel do use Webhosting, and “IPage” offers some of the most amazing features that help advance this cause.

    First their charges are significantly low compared to other Webhosting companies; what’s more is that the company has the tendency of attracting its clients, by discounting the initial starting price thus it is the go-to company for new users.

    For new users IPage gives them a free domain at least for the first year whose value is around $14. They offer a service that enables one to customize their email address with regards to the services that they offer, for example, the religious groups could have an address that reads, Christ Warriors@ (insert the domain name).com.


    Blogging is not an easy job especially as a beginner; therefore, it would be of great advantage if you chose a web hosting company that will offer you the maximum support and service as you learn the ropes.


    For starters, IPage has a superb customer support service that offers phone chats for those who are not comfortable with the chat option.

    Blogs that are up and running under IPage, are able to know the number of visitors that visited their page, this, in turn, helps the bloggers to know If their contents are selling or not.

    They can then find means of making sure that their blogs go viral.

    E-commerce websites

    Both the online stores and the physical stores benefit from IPage, the question is how?


    IPage enables its users who operate the online stores to provide for their client’s different types of shopping carts each with unique features. For example the Agora Cart shopping carts.

    This service is mostly free and has the function of a CSS manager that enables site owners to edit the appearance of their shopping carts when viewed online.

    Also, site owners can easily integrate PayPal payment service, which handles digital cash transaction from clients around the globe.

    Another amazing feature for the online store owners is that IPage has a scalable bandwidth, which means that the store owners have the advantage of getting much better access to their already allocated bandwidth.

    If a site is all of a sudden hit with huge traffic then, the IPage server spreads the load thus implementing the scalable bandwidth concept.


    Libraries of different sizes can benefit from installing a website; your clients are going to want to know the direction of the library, they may want to access the online public catalog, they might also be interested in downloading an e-book from your online library.

    To this end, IPage provides a content management system that enables the site owners to create website content and even edit.

    The service does not require one to know how to write a code, they can, therefore, include in their templates menus, texts, and pictures among others.

    Also, the mobile-optimized site builder available in the IPage package, allows website owners to adjust their content so that mobile users can effectively access the site with all the information conveniently customized to fit in their phones.

    Optimization of content on your website, for example, the library enables information to be accessible on a desktop and in mobiles phones, which is a good experience for your clients.

    iPage’s pricing and plan options

    Most websites do not offer free domain names, one has to pay to get a customized domain suitable for the services that they offer on their website.

    IPage, however, gives its users a free domain name for the first one year after which you will pay $1.99/month.

    The pricing per month is very attractive but here is where you might want to step back a little! For you to be able to use the $1.99/month service, you will be required to pay for it upfront.

    The amount that you will pay has to cover a full three years, failure to which you will have to pay $7.99/month.

    They also have other options where you can pay for a single year the sum of $2.99/month; to renew you will have to pay $9.99/month.

    You could also forego the three-year plan and pay for the two years plan a total of $2.49/month and a renewal fee of $9.99/month.

    There are also some scary facts that accompany the IPage pricing options. It would be a good thing if you knew up front that you are going to spend more on any important additional feature that you may want for your website. For example, the site lock support.

    The service helps to scan for malware on your website and protect it from hackers. For this service, therefore, a user will be required to part with an additional $1.99/month for a period of 36 months.

    They also do offer a more comprehensive plan in which you will have to pay at least $38.75/month; the cumulative bill for three years will thus come to $1,394.97.

    A user will also have to pay for back up services, and on their web account they could back up their information at least once a day or several times in a day.

    The backups are important because they keep records of the past version of your web account when changes are made.

    The backup services will, therefore, cost one $1.14/month, and for the three years you will part with about $40.78.

    These charges are for one website, the database and the daily backups. There are also other options for the unlimited website, databases and five backups that would cost a user $ 2.09/month.

    IPage has one shared hosting plan that it offers its clients and it is priced at $1.99/month for the three years. However, the above is accompanied by unlimited disk space, the MySQL database and unlimited bandwidth.

    The above package is completed with a free domain name for the first year, an email address and an SSL certificate.

    IPage also offers Word Press Hosting, which comes in two packages the WP Starter and WP Essential.

    The WP Starter costs $3.75/month, the amount paid is accompanied with a free domain name, an unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, some pre-installed plugin and themes, and a customized control panel.

    The WP Essential will see you part with at least $6.95/month; this package has the elements of the first starter package and automatic malware removal, a Word Press expert support service and a professional site lock security.

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    Pros & Cons


    • Affordable hosting
    • 30-Day money-back guarantee
    • Efficient customer support service
    • Offers Enhanced security services
    • Have different pricing plans for different user


    • Renewal of the service is costly
    • Expensive domain names

    Final word

    • Company Details


    Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ipage

    For new users who have never used web hosting services before, IPage would be the best option, the reason being most of the services for the first year are free and thus gives one ample time to learn how to operate.

    The option of the free website builder will go a long way with orienting a user on how to manage the outlook of their web account.

    Finding out about IPage’s hosting pricing plans and the price of other advanced services before getting the free domain name is important because at the end it will still be costly when you cannot afford to pay for renewal and yet you will still have to pay for the domain name.

    IPage pricing plans have been stretched across the board for different users, there is the one year plan, the three-year plan and the two-year plan that come with different prices, so one just needs to choose a plan that they are comfortable with.

    iPage Coupon

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    iPage Expert Rating:
    • Features
    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
    Comments Rating 4.36 (64 reviews)
    iPage Review
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