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Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Have you established a company?

In this century, you can only make it successful by building an online presence. This can help you gain more customers and build brand awareness fast.

As you set up a website, you will require a cloud hosting service. The best cloud hosting can help you grow your audience and fulfill your business needs.

Finding the right one can, however, be challenging and time-consuming. Since there are numerous cloud hosting providers in the market, the full range of options to pick from can be confusing for any website owner.

We can, however, help you out by discussing the top 10 ranked cloud hosting providers that you should consider. Before we get into that, we will discuss the importance of cloud hosting and help you choose the best provider for these services.

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What is cloud hosting?

This refers to the way websites are maintained from different servers. Storing website in multiple servers makes it easy for your online visitors to access every crucial information they need regarding your business instantly.

Whether you run a small or medium-sized business, you need cloud hosting services. Each of the sites that you have ever visited is hosted somewhere. This means that your website also needs hosting.

Instead of tieing your website on one server, cloud hosting services pulls its resources from different sources, thus creating a virtual server.

Learn the importance of cloud hosting

Most website owners find cloud hosting quite scalable and reliable. If you are expecting massive traffic on your site, you need to use this hosting.

It is ideal for website owners looking for flexibility. When you are organizing a big marketing campaign, the best cloud hosting provider can help you achieve your marketing need with ease.

List of Top 10 Cloud Hosting By Rank

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2HostGator★★★★★ 4.9
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3SiteGround★★★★★ 5.0
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4A2 Hosting★★★★★ 5.0
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5Liquid Web★★★★★ 5.0
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6BlueHost★★★★★ 5.0
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7FastCometVisit FastComet Offer Page
8Inmotion Hosting★★★★★ 4.9
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9HostWinds★★★★★ 4.9
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10DreamHost★★★★★ 5.0
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Find out the top-ranked cloud hosting companies in the industry

1. Cloudways

Cloudways Hosting

Millions of website owners trust this cloud hosting provider with their sites. The company offers a remarkable balance between functionality and affordability. It delivers excellent performance and lets you enjoy your day to day usage. You get fully managed hosting so that you don’t have to deal with a lot of technical aspects.

This cloud hosting provider enables your site visitors to enjoy fast loading pages. You can, therefore, increase conversions to your site, generate more traffic, and reduce the bounce rate.

Cloudways also measures the requirements of your website and scales alongside it. It also recommends the different updates that your site needs according to its performance metrics. The infrastructure is also optimized for security.

Key features

Through the numerous features that Cloudways offers, website owners get to enjoy simplicity and speed. If you are yet to set up a website, you can contact Cloudways to help you out. It eliminates most of the complexities of developing a site and enables it to go live in a couple of minutes.

Cloudways features CDN, which enhances the speed of your site. It is an ideal feature that can change the performance of any online store.

Websites crash all the time, and this can lead to the collapse of a business if not handled appropriately. Working with Cloudways prevents such incidences since it provides an auto-healing feature. This takes care of any problems in real-time to minimize site crashes.

If you are working with WordPress, you may be a target to hackers. The cloud hosting provider ensures that you enjoy ultimate protection from hacking through the use of different security systems.

For instance, it uses two-factor authentication, which adds an extra security layer to prevent your site from being hacked. It also has a built-in SSL that makes your customers feel secure as they visit your site and make online transactions.

Feel free to migrate your website to the company’s platform. It offers free migration services so that you do it with ease without the help of a developer. It is user-friendly but at the same time, a powerful cloud host.

The company has at least 60 data centers located in different parts of the world. This means that your customers can always load your site with ease regardless of where they are.

The company also provides quick installation of different apps in one click. You can install and manage apps such as Prestashop and OpenCart with the help of Cloudways.

Most new website owners rely on the specific cloud hosting company they choose to work with to help them with different issues. Choosing Cloudways allows you to enjoy excellent customer support round the clock.


The plans that Cloudways offers are quite affordable. You can purchase the basic cloud host plan for $ 10.00 per month. This comes with some basic features such as 25 GB storage, IGB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth.

If you have never used cloud hosting services before, make use of the available free trial for you to test the services of Cloudways. For this option, you don’t have to give out your credit card details.

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2. Hostgator

Hostgator cloud

Do you have a large website that contains a lot of web pages? You will find the unmetered storage available at Hostgator quite useful.

Though uptime performance was an issue when this cloud hosting company first came into the limelight, it has made major modifications over the years. Beginners who have worked with Hostgator often report that they like the intuitive options that the company offers.

It provides up to 99% uptime to clients. If you experience a drop in this, the company offers credits as an uptime guarantee for one month.

Beginner bloggers and webmasters alike find Hostgator quite friendly to use. You will find some useful walkthroughs and tutorials on the official website that make navigation a breeze.

Key features

Hostgator boosts the security of your website through the SiteLock function. This monitors your site every day and can detect any site breaches.

If the feature finds any hack threats, you should expect to receive notifications instantly. You should, however, know that this feature comes at an additional cost.

In Hostgator, some plans come with Spam assassin. If you have been using another platform, the company can transfer your site’s files, scripts, and databases on your behalf. All the plans include site migration.

If you are yet to establish a website, Hostgator has an efficient website builder that can help you build and design it without getting extra help from others. This cloud hosting company has features such as domain name and templates that you can customize. Hostgator also offers free SSL certificate as well as site analytics to protect your customer’s crucial information.

The support system available at Hostgator forms the backbone of the company. This cloud hosting provider offers a live chat facility, email, phone support, and knowledgebase.

According to most customers, the company’s representatives take a few seconds to respond, thus eliminating delays. If you want to install some of the popular apps or CMSs, you should make use of the Quickinstall feature.


The cheapest cloud hosting plan from Hostgator goes for $ 12.95 per month. This plan includes 99% uptime, unmetered storage space and bandwidth, and 6 GB of storage.

One of the aspects that makes Hostgator different from other cloud hosts is the extended money-back guarantee. It offers refunds up to 45 days after subscribing to a plan.

You can, therefore, utilize a plan for an entire month. Do not hesitate to claim your original purchase price in case some serious issues you are not comfortable with pop up.

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3. Siteground

Siteground Cloud

Whether you are new to developing websites or not, choosing Siteground as your cloud host company can help you enjoy a smooth experience.

According to numerous tests conducted, this is one of the best cloud hosting companies that offer 99.9% uptime.

You can, therefore, be confident knowing that your website will not experience downtime, which can lead to the loss of revenue.

The company also has at least 5 data centers that are distributed across different nations, including Asia, Europe, and US.

Siteground takes pride in its strong reputation as it continues attracting new customers from all over the world. It offers WordPress hosting solutions to boost the security and speed of your site.

If you are looking to create a successful blog, you need to choose Siteground since it specializes in this CMS. Some of the hosting plans you should expect from this company include dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting.

Key features

Siteground stands out among some of the cloud hosting companies because it pays attention to the safety of websites and keeps up with the latest hosting technology to give customers high-quality services.

Some of the features that you should expect while using this cloud host include CDN, automatic upgrades as well as one-click staging. Siteground features WordPress and Joomla superCachers that ensure your site stays at the highest speed.

It has some of the fastest servers that are optimized for speed. It also ensures that your site is never slow through the incorporation of the latest hardware, such as SSD drives. The company gives you an instant setup of free SSL certificates to boost the security of your site.

You can install WordPress in one click or transfer your website with ease. Siteground also offers you daily backups preventing the loss of crucial data.

You also get to enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee to prevent your website from going down. If you ever experience downtime while using Siteground, the company promises to compensate you accordingly. A lot of customers praise this cloud hosting provider for its excellent customer support.

The company is keen on attending to the needs of its customers. It, therefore, offers a robust support system through options such as 24/7 live chat facility, phone support, and ticket system.

If you still want more assistance from this cloud host, you can utilize the incredible help center. Geek users also like the GIT support that they get from Siteground.


Siteground offers flexible cloud hosting plans to provide room to people with different budgets.

The cheapest plan goes for $ 80 per month and comes with storage space of 120GB, 5TB bandwidth, and 10GB of RAM.

Though it may seem costlier than in other companies, choosing this plan from Siteground helps you get value for your money.

Aside from the standard prices displayed on the website, you can get up to a 70% discount for the plans. Be on the lookout for the special discounts that the company advertises from time to time.

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4. A2 hosting

a2 hosting cloud

If you are searching for a cloud host with powerful features and fast servers, you need to consider working with A2 hosting.

Though A2 hosting was initially designed to serve minimal clients, it has grown to be an international cloud host in less than 20 years. This offers you so much at a low price. The company prioritizes on giving website owners reliable services.

Unlike most of the cloud hosts, this makes use of SSDs known as Turbo servers. According to the company, the servers can load website pages 20 times faster compared to using non-SSD servers. It is a cloud host that has received numerous awards for its quality services. A2 hosting offers 99.9% uptime on each server.

The company is also keen on the conservation of energy. It, therefore, works closely with Carbonfund to minimize its carbon footprint.

Key features

One of the reasons why A2 hosting continues receiving so much attention is its key features. All the plans come with solid-state-drives at no additional cost. It also offers free site migration and unlimited storage of data on some advanced plans.

A2 hosting is known to boost the performance of different websites tremendously. It makes use of Cloudflare CDN, which is known to enhance the loading time of your site.

You also get multiple backups so that you never have to worry about losing any crucial data. The company backs up your site from time to time, depending on the specific plan you choose.

The security of your website is also a priority for A2 hosting. That is why this cloud host has a wide range of security features, including SSL certificates, to prevent you from issues cyber-attacks.

It makes use of advanced technology that can help you generate more traffic to your site and simplify the process of running a website. This also allows you to solve any cloud hosting issue that comes up without spending more on hiring experts.

A2 hosting is also unique among the best cloud hosting companies since it features RAID storage. The storage configuration stores your site’s data in different hard drives. It prevents the loss of data even if one hard drive fails to work as expected. You can easily control everything from the user-friendly cPanel that A2 hosting provides.


The cheapest cloud hosting plan in A2 hosting goes for $ 5 per month. It contains some of the basic features such as data 250 GB storage, 9TB bandwidth, and 32 GB RAM.

If you are not satisfied with plans from A2hosting, you can get your refund within 30 days after purchase. Apart from the basic plans, this cloud hosting provider also has some exciting freebies such as $ 50 Yahoo ad credits and a free web magazine subscription.

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5. Liquidweb

liquid web cloud

If your priority is on finding a cloud host that offers stability and speed, you should check out Liquidweb. This is one of the few cloud hosting companies that provide 100% uptime. Liquidweb serves thousands of website developers from different parts of the nation.

The company offers different forms of hosting, including cloud VPS hosting. It also manages WordPress sites on behalf of clients and uses advanced technology to optimize your website for performance and speed.

Key features

The modern technology that this cloud host uses to boost website speed includes automatic compression of images and SSD drives. Solid-state drives are known to be faster than the use of hard disk drives. Liquidweb can also host different sites.

You can easily migrate your site from another provider to Liquidweb since it facilitates free migration. Your website also enjoys plugin updates from time to time.

The company can update the WordPress core on your behalf. The daily backups that it offers ensure that you never lose any critical information. It provides security protocols that are specifically designed for WordPress.

All the plans from Liquidweb contain free SSL certificates, which ensure that you protect your customers’ data. You can manage your site with ease as you utilize the different tools available. Developers also like the full server access that Liquidweb provides along with WI-CLI and Git tools.

Unlike other cloud hosts that use the cPanel, choosing Liquidweb gives you access to a control panel known as Sync Pro. The dashboard is ideal when it comes to managing multiple sites. Most customers reveal that it is a user-friendly panel.

Liquidweb is also known for its reliable support system. It offers you different methods of keeping in touch with the company’s agents. For instance, you can use the live chat feature or send them a direct email if you don’t have an emergency.

For quick feedback, feel free to call them via the numbers available on the website. The company claims to offer its customers heroic support.


The company offers different cloud hosting plans ranging from $ 59- $189 per month. Apart from the price differences, the RAM amount also distinguishes the plans. The most basic cloud hosting plan comes with 1TB bandwidth, auto-scaling, 50 GB of storage, and Cloudflare CDN.

Most people find plans from Liquidweb more expensive compared to some of the cloud hosting companies.

The specifications of each of the cloud hosting plans, however, continue impressing a lot of advanced website developers. It is, therefore, worth the cost.

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6. Bluehost

bluehost cloud

The best cloud hosting company offers excellent uptime. That is what you get from choosing to work with Bluehost. This company not only guarantees that your site will be online for longer but also gives it high speed to prevent slow loading pages.

Key features

Set up your website with ease with the help of the website builder available at Bluehost. Once you achieve this, you can manage everything from the conventional cPanel that the company provides. Feel free to check out the in-built admin panel for more functionality.

Bluehost also gives you unmetered bandwidth and storage ranging from 50 GB to unlimited based on the specific cloud hosting plan you choose.

All the plans also come with SSL certificates to boost the confidence of your website visitors. If you want the cloud host to transfer your site to its hosting environment, you have to pay $ 149. Most people find this unfair because most of the cloud hosting companies offer free transfer services.

The plans from Bluehost feature a free domain name for the first year. You will have to pay for this upon the renewal of your plan. They also include regular backups as well as a staging environment. This feature can help you test your website before you publish it.

This cloud hosting platform is also equipped with e-commerce features that simplify the process of setting up an online store. It provides various shopping carts such as Cube, Zen, and Agora. You also get access to the one-click installer for apps like Drupal and Joomla.

When it comes to security, Bluehost understands the effects of breaches and tries to minimize this by offering different features.

For instance, it provides anti-spam protection and Cloudflare to prevent DDOs attacks.


The plans appear to be quite cheap, but you have to dig deeper to find out what the total cost of your plan will be. The basic cloud hosting plan costs $ 9.99, while advanced plans go for$ 20.95.

While the starter plan comes with 100GB of storage, the Business Pro plan contains unlimited storage space. Once you renew your plan after a year, you can get a lower price.

Bluehost is also known to offer up to $ 200 bonuses as marketing credits. Ensure you use this offer to promote your brand on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Bing.

You can use the one-month money-back guarantee if you have second thoughts on Bluehost.

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7. Fastcomet

fastcomet cloud

Though this cloud host is yet to be famous as some of the companies, it offers excellent services to website owners. Fastcomet has at least 8 data centers located in three continents.

From the website, you will notice the information page that includes how this cloud hosting company works and how it can benefit developers.

You, therefore, get to understand its services easily so that you can decide if it is right for you or not. Fastcomet manages different websites for private clients, corporates as well as small business owners.

Key features

Cloud hosting ensures that your customers can access your websites anytime and from anywhere. Fastcomet ensures that your site does not suffer from downtime, so that you can always have people checking out your brand and engaging more. The company is also incredible when it comes to website speeds.

It offers regular automatic backups that you can access through the cPanel. Choosing Fastcomet also lets you enjoy free domain transfer.

Initially, the company used to offer free domain registration for the entire cloud hosting period, but this feature was recently discontinued. Though you can now enjoy the free domain for one year, the renewal fees that Fastcomet sets are quite affordable.

Fastcomet also excels when it comes to security. It implements advanced account isolation, which prevents the spread of malware.

The company is also optimized for different content management systems such as Magento and Joomla. Things like XSS and DDoS attacks should not worry you when you choose Fastcomet. It makes use of BitNinja, which offers another layer of protection.

There is always a security team on board that monitors websites live to clean any accounts that may be affected to contain the situation.

Whether you are a new or experienced developer, you will like the functionality of Fastcomet. It offers both basic features and advanced developer tools such as Symphony, Genesis, and WP-CLI for different website owners.


The plans in Fastcomet accommodate all and sundry. It contains affordable plans that include an SEO suite, free SSL, and a free chat client.

The cloud hosting plans are divided into fast cloud, fast cloud extra, and fast cloud plus. The basic cloud host plan known as Fastcloud comes with 15 GB and is not that costly.

You can also get $ 75 for free for your advertising needs. While most of the cloud hosts offer a one-month money-back guarantee, the refund policy in Fastcomet is extended up to 45 days. This gives you more days of probing and experimentation.

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8. Inmotion hosting

inmotion hosting cloud

This cloud host is known for its great reputation. It continues to be a top leader in the industry due to its fast data transfers and reliable uptime.

Inmotion hosting has managed to grow more than 300,000 domains. It has its data centers in Virginia Beach and LA.

Key features

According to tests conducted over the last 16 months, Inmotion hosting has managed to offer an average of 99.98% uptime. Such numbers impress a lot of the website owners.

It also provides fast loading time to help your site rank highly on Google. This also ensures that you can generate more traffic to your site.

The cloud hosting provider claims to be a leader when it comes to supporting different projects. The company has an entire portfolio of applications, including shopping carts and content management systems.

It also offers excellent e-commerce support since it has partnered with some of the leading ecommerce services such as Prestashop. You can, therefore, enjoy your ecommerce experience. Inmotion hosting offers smooth integrations with different payment processors so that your customers can enjoy making transactions more conveniently.

Inmotion hosting also scans sites from time to time and checks for security risks. It features the Sucuri security plugin and offers anti-virus protection. Other security features included in Inmotion hosting are anti-spam protection and remote backups.

If you have been using another host and would like to switch to Inmotion hosting, the company can help you out. It offers free site transfer within a limited duration. It does not, however, guarantee zero downtime during the process of migrating your site.

While some of the cloud hosts are known to charge for backups, this company does not. It creates regular backups for your account and gives you the chance to even backup your website manually. You also get a wizard to connect with Google apps.

Due to the high rise of cyberterrorism across the globe, cloud hosts are taking the necessary precautions, and Inmotion hosting is no exception. It guarantees the privacy of your information by offering a unique security measure known as Smartwall TDS. The threat defense system can mitigate DDoS and brute force attacks.


The plans that this company offers are quite equipped. You can buy the basic cloud hosting plan for $ 4.99 per month and the pro plan at $ 13.99.

What makes Inmotion, one of the best cloud hosting providers, is its generous refund policy. The company offers a money-back guarantee for up to 90 days.

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9. Hostwinds

hostwinds cloud

Are you on a strict budget but are still looking for the best cloud hosting provider?

You should consider working with Hostwinds. This is a customer-oriented web host that supports Windows and Linux users.

Choosing a hosting plan from Hostwinds can help you maximize your savings. It is not only cost-effective but also has additional offers such as discounts.

Having existed for more than ten years, Hostwinds has managed to build a great name for itself. It offers stable services to small business owners who don’t know much about developing a website.

Key Features

Most of the plans from Hostwinds consists of a free domain name, unlimited subdomains as well as FTP accounts. If you wish to install some useful apps, you should use the Softaculous tool for this purpose.

The cPanel that Hostwinds provides is quite intuitive and gives you a chance to control most of the company’s aspects from one dashboard.

Apart from the cPanel, Hostwinds also offers another dashboard known as WHM. This is included in each plan and does not come at an extra cost. Most clients also find it quite friendly since it does not require any prior experience to use.

The company also offers the Weebly website builder for new clients and a dedicated IP address. You get SSL certificates on your website.

Hostwinds gives you access to your own dedicated resources so that you can run your website at a consistent speed. If your website has too much traffic, you don’t have to worry about slow loading pages. The cloud host features SSDs to keep it high performing.

Hostwinds also guarantees 99.99% uptime and monitors your site round the clock to prevent any security issues from being a threat.

The company’s robust infrastructure is one of the factors that have contributed to its immense growth. It has at least 4 data centers in different parts and uses N + 1 cooling systems. The web hosts also provide nightly backups and manages databases fully.


In Hostwinds, the cost of cloud hosting plans begins at $ 4.49 per month. Each plan is priced according to the specific features it includes.

Even the most basic plans can help you run a website successfully since it is well equipped. The basic cloud hosting plan comes with 1GB of RAM, 1TB bandwidth, and 30 GB storage. If you want a cloud hosting plan with enhanced features, you have to spend at least $ 100.

The company also offers flexible payment options, thus providing room for international clients. It has a 60-day refund policy.

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10. Dreamhost

dreamhost cloud

One of the things that web hosts should do is try to reduce carbon print. If you want to work with a cloud host that is keen on conserving the environment, you should focus on Dreamhost.

It is not only carbon neutral but also has all the features that web developers need. Dreamhost takes pride in its thousands of customers around the world.

It hosts more than a million websites, making it a significant player in the cloud hosting industry.

Key features

Dreamhost gives you access to most of the popular apps and has different website builder options such as Weebly, Remixer, and Wix. The plans here come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This eliminates worries regarding the disk storage as your site gains popularity.

According to reports, Dreamhost offers average uptime rates and speed. You may, therefore, experience some minimal issues in line with this from time to time. The plans available also include SSL certificates and daily backups. You also get an unlimited content delivery network to boost the speed of your website.

Unlike most of the cloud hosting companies that utilize the cPanel, Dreamhost has created its own panel. Some advanced users find this panel a bit limiting since it does not have every functionality available at the regular control panel. During the first year, Dreamhost gives you a free domain.

Do not expect to get free site migrations with Dreamhost. The company charges you a one-time fee to transfer your site to the platform. Some people also feel that the support system of Dreamhost is a bit limited.

They fail to offer some of the support options that developers need, such as phone support. You also have to pay extra fees to you to get priority support.


With prices as low as $ 4.50 per month, people consider Dreamhost as one of the most affordable cloud hosting companies in the market. It is also lenient when it comes to its money-back guarantee.

You get the chance to test its services for at least 97 days. By giving you three months to test the platform, it prevents you from subscribing to a plan without being certain.

Dreamhost does not have any concealed terms that can affect your refund if you change your mind.

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Finding the right cloud hosting provider

For you to choose the right cloud hosting company, you have to consider particular factors. Some of them include the following:

  • Budget

For most people, the price of plans is what makes them choose one cloud host over another. In as much as a company may be providing good features, the ability to afford its plans is what matters.

You should, therefore, set a budget before you start comparing different cloud hosting companies. Assess how much you are ready to spend on hosting and see the companies that offer plans within your budget.

  • Customer support

If you are not experienced in cloud hosting, you have to choose the best cloud hosting company that offers excellent customer support. This can help you learn more about how the form of hosting works as you get assistance on some of the hosting issues you may encounter.

Sometimes, you may choose a cloud host then discover that it is not the right one for you. To avoid losing money in such an instance, you should always check that the company you want to work with offers a money-back guarantee.

This can prevent you from getting trapped in an extended contract that only wastes your funds without fulfilling your business needs.

  • Uptime

This is also another crucial factor that every website developer should consider while choosing a cloud hosting company.

If a site goes offline, your customers may not be able to purchase your product. You can avoid this by choosing a cloud host that offers the highest uptime percentage.

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Final thoughts

Cloud-based hosting is known to be better than other hosting methods since different servers store your site’s data and files.

Choosing the best cloud hosting company can help you get the most out of this hosting type. We have discussed the top ten cloud hosting companies to help you understand how they differ from one another.

Choose the right one now and grow your website like an expert.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers
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