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Fastcomet Review

Every entrepreneur needs to build an online presence.

This can make it easy for everyone to access your site and increase the chances of growing your business.

You can achieve this by choosing a good website hosting company.

Most web hosts own and maintain servers allowing you to rent space for your website.

You have to pay a web hosting company for them to keep your site running at all times.

Though the number of web hosting providers keeps on increasing, it advisable to work with a highly rated company.

One of the web hosting providers that has been receiving high rates over the past few years is Fastcomet.

Though this company is not as old as some of the web hosts, its versatility and loads of extras attract a lot of website owners to it.

Our Fastcomet Review will give you every detail you should have regarding this web host to help you make an informed decision. Enjoy!

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    What is Fastcomet?


    More and more website owners are slowly learning the importance of web hosting and comparing different providers. If you have been doing some research regarding which web host to choose, then you probably have come across Fastcomet.

    This is a web hosting provider that operates from San Francisco, California. Fastcomet has been running since the late 2000s and is making remarkable developments with time.

    It has managed to hire more than 70 employees and has server locations in most of the major cities, including London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Mumbai, and Tokyo.

    The company tries to keep up with some of the giant web hosts in the industry by offering unique services to its customers. In 2013, Fastcomet embraced public cloud hosting, thus attracting the attention of more website owners.

    Though this is still a developing hosting company, research reveals that it managed to gain around 40,000 customers across more than 80 countries.

    If you focus on the numerous positive Fastcomet reviews online, you can tell that the future of this web host looks bright. When the company launched the public cloud service, it changed its focus a bit.

    Fastcomet started emphasizing more on package solutions instead of only hosting services. The company now accommodates every type of website owner by offering different forms of hosting solutions.

    FastComet Review By Hosting Experts & Users

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    8 Fastcomet Pros or Advantages

    From our Fastcomet review, you can quickly tell that this is a one of a kind web hosting company that has a lot to offer.

    Apart from the hosting solutions and features that we have already mentioned, we will give you valid reasons why this should be your web host of choice. Some of them include the following.


    1. Datacenters

    A good web hosting provider should have numerous datacenters in different regions, and Fastcomet does not disappoint.


    It has datacenters in various continents, thus making it easy for your site visitors to access your site conveniently.

    Unlike most of the web hosts, Fastcomet is keen on providing you with details regarding its datacenters and has nothing to hide. On the official website, the company splits the datacenters according to their specific locations.

    All the datacenters of this web host contain fire suppression, redundant power supplies as well as round the clock security. Fastcomet also gives you the liberty to test speeds and provides IP addresses for every datacenter.

    2. Control panel

    Fastcomet ensures that every customer is comfortable with working with them. To boost this, the web host offers a familiar control panel known as cPanel so that you can easily transition from a different web host you may have been using.


    All the plans, including the cheapest ones, come with the latest version of this control panel. Most people find cPanel easy to use.

    If you choose the dedicated or VPS hosting plan, you also get access to an additional control panel known as WHM. This control panel comes from the same company that offers cPanel, meaning you should expect some similar features.

    WHM enables you to manage some crucial aspects, such as customizing your dashboard or configuring your server.

    3. Backups

    The loss of data is one of the challenges that you should never have to face when running a site. Fastcomet prevents you from this by offering backup tools for most of the hosting plans, including the shared ones.

    You don’t have to incur more money to restore operations. If you choose a dedicated server plan, you should expect backing up of data every day or week. Feel free to request for free snapshot backups.

    4. Free migrations

    If you have been working with an unreliable web host and would like to switch to Fastcomet, you will like the free migration that this company offers.


    They can help you transfer your files to their service without charging you anything.

    The company has an entire team of experts that deal with the migration of sites. You should expect the migration process to take place in less than one hour without you having to purchase a higher plan.

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    5. Payment and billing

    Most of the plans at Fastcomet come at a reasonable price. The company tries to provide room for every website owner, including those working within a specific budget.

    It also enhances convenience by allowing you to pay for your plan through options such as Visa, PayPal, credit card, MasterCard, or Discover. You don’t sign any contract for you to receive the plan.

    If you change your mind after subscription, you can make use of the extended money-back guarantee.

    Unlike most web hosts that offer customers 30 days to make up their minds, Fastcomet gives you at least 45 days. You should, however, be aware of the setup fee that accompanies monthly payments.


    6. Excellent security

    One of the major challenges that every internet user faces is security threats. The web is full of malicious people who engage in identity theft.


    As you run your site, you need to work with a web hosting provider that can make your site secure against any form of attack.

    That is what you get from working with Fastcomet. It incorporates the use of advanced account isolation to prevent an infected site from spreading malware across the entire server.

    Its web application firewall is also optimized for some of the common CMSs, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

    It also uses BitNinja, which adds an extra security layer to handle attacks such as XSS and DDOS. The company can contain hacks within a few minutes and clean it before it does any further damage.

    7. Performance

    One of the first things that you cannot fail to notice on Fastcomet’s website is an awesome graphic. The company positions itself against most of the giant web hosts in the industry to give you a clear picture of where it stands.

    The uptime is quite strong, with numbers as high as 100% or 99.98%. This means that you should expect your site to remain online throughout the year.

    Let’s get into the details.

    Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
    February 202099.98%541 msExcellent
    January 2020100%652 msExcellent
    December 201999.89%685 msGood
    November 201999.99%710 msExcellent
    October 201999.98%508 msExcellent
    September 201999.99%622 msExcellent
    August 2019100%587 msExcellent
    July 201999.97%469 msExcellent
    June 2019100%532 msExcellent
    May 2019100%622 msExcellent
    April 201999.91%549 msGood
    March 201999.99%563 msExcellent

    Any downtime issues can lead to the loss of revenue since your site visitors may have trouble trying to access your site or purchasing your products.

    Though the web host provider fails to offer an uptime guarantee, you should not be worried about your site ever being offline.

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    8. Support system

    One of the reasons that make Fastcomet resonate with a lot of website owners is because it is keen on offering an excellent support system.


    The company provides 24/7 support to its customers regardless of the hosting solution you choose. For you to get assistance from the support team, you can submit a ticket, use the live chat facility, or send an email.

    According to numerous Fastcomet reviews, customers reveal that the company responds fast and provides detailed answers to fulfill every need. Unfortunately, you cannot get assistance through phone support, as this is not one of the options available.

    Despite this flaw, Fastcomet goes the extra mile for its customers. It monitors your site 24/ 7 to detect and solve any issues before they affect normal operations.

    Ensure you go through the technical support policy before signing up with the company since there are a few clauses you should be aware of. For instance, you may not receive all the help you need if you submit a request that can take too much time to resolve.

    Fastcomet does not also offer a knowledge base that can guide you through specific issues. The company expects you to make good use of the free support, which is available 24/7.

    In place of knowledgebase, this web host offers numerous tutorials that can guide you through precise aspects of hosting. Most people reveal that these tutorials are well written and quite comprehensive.

    You can easily find a tutorial for almost anything related to hosting. Though this may not be the quickest way to help you handle a specific issue, it can expand your knowledge regarding hosting.

    3 Fastcomet Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

    Even though Fastcomet tries to give you excellent services, it is not perfect.  Some people raise concerns regarding the following aspects.

    1. Speed

    You expect a good web host to provide excellent speeds on all its plans. High speed translates to more customer satisfaction and better SEO.

    The problem with Fastcomet is that it offers average loading speeds, which can affect the performance of your site. If your website has very high traffic, you may not enjoy such speeds.

    2. Misleading information

    If you go through the website, all the information that is outlined there can be overwhelming. Even though Fastcomet tries to be as transparent as possible, some of the details that it displays is not accurate.

    For instance, the company tries to compare itself against other web hosts and provides data regarding the average speeds of companies such as Godaddy and HostGator.

    The detailed measurements contain some inaccurate information that may mislead people who don’t have a lot of experience working with web hosting companies.

    3. Limited disk space

    Most of the plans from this web host have limited disk space, especially the cheap ones. Though the limits are reasonable, some customers wish they would get more disk space for a plan.

    The smallest plan, for instance, comes with 15GB disk space, which is enough to host one site. 35GB disk space for large plans can, however, be limiting to users who own several websites.

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    Hosting plans from Fastcomet?

    This company offers all of the major forms of hosting, including shared hosting, dedicated, cloud VPS and open source hosting. The plans are discussed as follows.

    Shared hosting

    If you are a new hosting user and have just established your website, you can choose shared hosting from Fastcomet. This is also ideal for people with less technical language but are looking for a web host to manage their sites.

    In shared hosting, you get to share the server with other website owners. If your site is not experiencing a lot of traffic, then this plan should be sufficient.

    Fastcomet offers three forms of shared hosting plans. You can either choose from the following shared hosting plans.

    • SmartSmart
    • Speedup
    • Scaleright

    If you are looking to save on costs, you can begin with the cheapest shared hosting plan, which goes for only $ 2.96 monthly. Though the plans have different prices, they have some similar features.

    For instance, choosing a shared hosting plan from Fastcomet helps you enjoy unlimited bandwidth. This can boost the speed and performance of your site.

    According to Fastcomet reviews, the web host also offers free SSL certificates for its shared hosting plans through lets-encrypt. It, therefore, boost the security of your site and prevents it from hack threats.

    Apart from the basic features, Fastcomet also includes some unique features in its shared hosting plans. For instance, by choosing either of these plans, you can enjoy free domain name forever.

    If you are not new to working with a web host, then you probably know that most companies provide domain name registration for free for only the first year after signing up with them. When this period is over, you have to pay registration annually to continue enjoying the service.

    This is not the same case when you choose Fastcomet since the company does not charge you for domain registration as long as you keep on hosting with it.

    One major problem that most website owners who choose shared hosting report is that other sites using the same server sometimes can slow down your website. You should not have such worries when you decide to work with Fastcomet since it offers guaranteed resources for its shared hosting plans.

    The company provides a particular amount of resources to ensure that your website does not suffer even when the shared server is congested.

    Choosing a shared hosting plan from Fastcomet also lets you enjoy Cloudflare CDN at no additional cost. The web host replicates your website’s files on different servers so that every person that visits your sites can access it with ease regardless of their location.

    The web host provider also gives you the chance to pick from at least eight datacenters that are distributed across three continents. This is an added advantage since, in most cases, you don’t have control over the data center choices.

    Also, the shared hosting plans from Fastcomet also make use of SSDs. These are believed to be more efficient and faster compared to web hosts that stick to using HDDs.

    You should, therefore, expect your site to run faster. When a website does not have issues with loading time, the likelihood of an increase in conversion is high. You also get to reduce the bounce rate since every customer who visits your site will not have to wait for long for it to load.

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    Cloud VPS

    If you want a fully managed plan, then you should consider choosing cloud VPS hosting from Fastcomet. Though you may have to pay more for a cloud VPS plan, you can enjoy an upgrade when it comes to the performance of your site. This is a great hosting solution for a business that has a decent amount of traffic.

    Unlike in shared hosting where you have to share the server resources with other website owners, Cloud VPS hosting gives you a particular space on the server. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about any inconsistencies in resource allocation.

    No other website can affect how your site performs. If you go through most of the Fastcomet reviews, you will realize that most website owners prefer cloud VPS plans to shared hosting plans.

    Fastcomet provides its customers with a variety of choices when it comes to VPS hosting plans. You can pick from at least four plans under this category. The allocation of SSD space, number of CPUs, and RAM goes up with the increase in the price of the plan.

    Apart from receiving the benefits of shared hosting that we have mentioned above, VPS hosting plans come with some additional benefits. For instance, the company takes care of all the management issues, including maintenance.

    Though the company fully manages your site, Fastcomet gives you root access so that you can deal with most of the administrative tasks on your own.

    You also get the liberty to downgrade or upgrade to a different VPS plan depending on the resources you need. Choosing a VPS hosting plan from Fastcomet also lets you enjoy complete control over your server.

    Unlike other web host companies, Fastcomet ensures that your VPS is ready as soon as you make the order. As part of the VPS hosting package, the company offers free backups, rapid scalability, and access to the control panel.

    What makes Fastcomet different from other web hosts is that such features come at no additional costs while some providers charge extra fees for them.


    If you want the best performance from a hosting solution, you should subscribe to dedicated hosting from the company. Even though a dedicated hosting plan may be the most expensive, it offers high-quality services to websites that experience high traffic spikes. You can pick from four different servers.

    While most of the features here are not very different from those found in VPS hosting plans, dedicated hosting offers more resources.

    The dedicated servers are not only managed entirely by the company but also come with both SSD and hybrid HDD storage. You can also enjoy an excellent support system by selecting a plan from this hosting solution.

    For this hosting solution, you get a one-week money-back guarantee to use if you are not sure that it is the best solution to choose from.

    Apart from enjoying nice hardware, you can also take advantage of some free add-ons that often come at extra costs while working with other web host providers.

    Open-source hosting

    Fastcomet understands that every website owner has different needs. That is why, apart from offering the major hosting solutions, it also provides open-source hosting. Some of the plans under this category include:

    • Joomla
    • SocialEngine
    • WordPress
    • OpenCart

    These plans often feature a one-click installer to simplify everything for you, especially if you are not acquainted with web development.


    The company also offers a site builder feature to help you save time when you are dealing with either of these plans.

    These hosting plans also feature a free domain name, solid-state drives as well as cloudflare CDN. If you are a WordPress user, choosing WordPress plan from Fastcomet lets you enjoy support from an expert.



    From the above Fastcomet review, we can see why so many customers are switching to this web hosting provider and ditching other web hosts that have been in business for decades.

    Though Fastcomet is still young, it offers numerous datacenters, excellent support system, and affordable plans that website owners like.


    The features available in all of the plans are also more than enough to help you grow your site. This web hosting company appeals to clients at different levels of business.

    Though we have covered most of the basics, you need to check out the official website before subscribing to a specific plan. All the best!

    FastComet Expert Rating:
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    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
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    Fastcomet Review
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