A2 Hosting Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 10 Pros & 4 Cons

a2hosting review

If you have been an internet user for a while, you probably have come across a slow loading site.

This can be frustrating especially when you need to obtain useful information from it.

Put yourself in the shoes of the site owner and imagine the way people feel from visiting your site.

Speed site is a crucial aspect that can affect your SEO rankings, conversion rate as well as customer satisfaction. If your site takes a long duration to load, visitors can easily click back and move to the next website.

To avoid this, you need to choose a web hosting service provider such as a2 hosting.

Whether you are opening a new blog or business site, you will find a2 hosting useful.


The service provider caters to the specific needs of both new site owners as well as professional developers.

Go through this a2 hosting review to learn more on how these developers provide customers with web hosting solution.

The establishment of A2 Hosting

The company has been operating since 2001 under the management of Bryan Muthig. His experience and background in UNIX systems administration inspired him to launch A2 hosting.

The web hosting company was initially called Iniquinet but later rebranded to a2 hosting.

With time, they have managed to hand pick efficient team members who have helped the company grow up to the point of getting international recognition.

The CEO started this business as a side venture with an office of only two rooms. They have moved from hosting sites for family and friends to hosting numerous prominent websites around the globe.

A2 hosting started with offering shared web hosting to a few clients and later expanded their product line with features such as Dedicated Server solutions, Reseller, and VPS.

By 2002, they had more clients than they had anticipated therefore found the need to expand. The company has continued growing and has managed to remain on top of the competition in the industry.

They aim at creating an excellent web hosting company that even their staff can enjoy using.

A2 Hosting Review By Hosting Experts & Users


Screenshot of some customers Reviews


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10 A2Hosting Pros or Advantages

Are you a new business owner trying to create a new website? You can use the features that a2 hosting provides to boost its performance.




The company provides you with SSD drivers that can boost the speed of your site. The Cloudflare ensures that your site can load within seconds to reduce visitors’ delay time.

The use of advanced technology also contributes to the fast loading of your site. You also get data transfer options as well as unlimited storage. The multiple back-ups prevent you from losing any vital information.

1. Security

The security of your website should be a priority. According to hosting reviews, users report that this web hosting service provider improves your site’s security.


2. Multiple Data Center

Here on A2 Hosting the company provide multiple data center. It help website owners to give maximum as much as fast page loading speed to your visitors. It will help you increase your ranking on search engines.

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3. One Click Installer

A2 Hosting Offers easy one click installer for their clients. You can easily install WordPress or any other CMS with just a click by help of one click installer.


4. Free Website Migration

A2 Hosting provide website migration service for free to it’s users. So if you don’t know how to move your exiting website from another hosting to A2 hosting then simply put migration request & their expert team will move your site on A2 hosting server for free of cost.


5. SSL Certificate

It contains a wide range of SSL certificates which adds an extra security layer in your site. Security Socket Layer (SSL) is a form of a digital certificate which verifies the identity of your website and encrypts data that is sent between the server and website.

The company provides you with SSL certificates that can suit the needs of your site. You can choose the basic SSL or advanced SSL certificate which comes with top-level protection.

You can also access different developer tools including all the new versions. Go through the different plans and choose one that has every tool you need to boost the efficiency of your business website.

Their unique features make the company stand out from competitors. They try to balance their services by offering you with both traditional and the latest options.

6. Money Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting provide any time & 30 days money back guarantee. This means if you cancel your hosting within 30 days you will get full money refund & if you cancel after 30 days you will get refund for unused services.


So if you don’t like A2 Hosting services for any reason then simply cancel it any time & receive your money back.

7. Easy to use Cpanel

This hosting comes with free cPanel and HostGuard server management.


Cpanel is a graphical interface which allows you to perform various tasks. It enables you to manage your accounts domains as well as files with ease.

With cPanel you can also change passwords easily, view promotions, and even make use of apps such as Softaculous which allows you to view applications before you install them.

The app also allows you to install different software programs instantly.

8. A2 hosting performance

This company has employed professional staff who handle routine installation and maintenance to boost customer satisfaction.

As you plan to work with this web hosting service provider, you should be aware that they don’t take responsibility for issues to do with ISPs and browser caching.

Such issues often stem from the lack of upgrades and maintenance. They, however, try to deliver what they promise to their customers to ensure that you have no problems with your site.

Though they may not be perfect, the company make up for its flaws with SwiftServer. This is a form of advanced technology which increases hosting performance.

A2 hosting provides you with fast speed for your website. To achieve this, they have spent a lot of time studying different hosting solutions.

This led to the discovery of caching which use any hard disk or ram. It provides you with full speed web experience.

Thanks to the incorporation of the quadruple redundant network, you can remain connected even if the hosting data center links are down.

Sometimes, websites go down due to different reasons. This is bad for business since it can cost you a lot when it comes to revenue and make it hard to gain new clients.

The technical experts in A2 work tirelessly to make sure that your site remains live always.

The company promises its customers a 99% uptime guarantee and uses advanced data centers to ensure that your site keeps up with the latest security patches.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 2020100%318 msExcellent
January 2020100%325 msExcellent
December 201999.99%420 msExcellent
November 201999.99%328 msExcellent
October 2019100%280 msExcellent
September 201999.98%415 msExcellent
August 201999.99%302 msExcellent
July 2019100%409 msExcellent
June 2019100%429 msExcellent
May 201999.92%386 msGood
April 2019100%511 msExcellent
March 201999.99%418 msExcellent

If you don’t find this company helpful, you can get a full refund after 30 days upon cancelation of services.

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9. A2 hosting customer support

If you go through any a2 hosting review, you will find one common feature. Most users applaud the company for excellent customer support.


Unlike other web hosting service providers who don’t offer support at night, a2 hosting works round the clock. It provides users with a personal touch through quick response from customer support representatives.

The professional staff communicates in English to boost communication with users from different parts of the world.

Apart from being highly responsive, they are friendly and useful so that you can find solutions to any of your concerns.

A2 hosting offers 5 customer support options to ensure that your need does not go unattended to. Feel free to call them or use the live chat facility if your request is detailed.

You can also make use of other available options such as contact sales or contact billing.

10. Some Other Benefits

Enjoy discount deals and coupon codes from A2 hosting

Apart from providing fast web hosting, the company rewards its customers with discount deals and coupons.

When you purchase a new hosting package, you get a discount which saves you up to 50% in your billing cycle.

The company also accepts different methods of payments such as Visa, MasterCard PayPal, Union pay and Skrill.

Here some of the achievements of A2 hosting company

Due to the excellent performance of the company, it has managed to gain awards and international recognition.

The reliability of the A2 web hosting team has made the company earn accolades as the top leader in web hosting services.

It has been named as the fast web hosting provider in the industry. Their highly dependable solutions have made them earn different web hosting awards.

Most a2 hosting reviews also testify to the fact that the company provides top-notch support for software solutions such as Drupal and Joomla.

From 2015-2019, the company has received a lot of awards for giving users excellent customer experience. They have also received speed-related awards due to their fast hosting solutions.

This is a clear indicator that choosing a2 web hosting is the wise move for any site owner.

4 A2 Hosting Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

A2 hosting boasts a lot of features that give it a competitive edge in the currently oversaturated website hosting market, but does it live up to the expectations that it sets for itself?

There’s no doubt that it is held by its users in high regard, but are there any notable drawbacks you need to be aware of?

1. Migration Fees

A2 Hosting comes with some migration fees if you decided to move your site from one data center to another.

There are situations where the fee can be waived, but in general, deciding to change data centers is merely going to cost you around $25 dollars.

However, if you choose to move data centers when upgrading your plan to a higher tier, you can do so free of charge.

2. Downgrade Charges

There may come a time where you decide you no longer need the benefits and services from the particular payment plan that you’re on and decide that you want to move down the ladder into a more affordable plan.

Reasonable enough.

However, if you want to do that on A2 Hosting, you’re going to be subject to a $25 dollar downgrade charge, which is annoying.

3. Host Migration Fee

A lot of the time, you’re going to find yourself moving your data from one hosting provider for several reasons, from prices to benefits.

If you wish to migrate to A2 Hosting, your original host needs to have a cPanel.

If it doesn’t, you’re going to be subjected to additional charges depending on the particular situation.

4. Pricing for the Bonus Features

A2 Hosting comes with several features that make it such an attractive option over its competitors, such as a turbo server and optimized site acceleration.

However, to get access to these, you need to opt-in for the higher tier payment plans, which are relatively expensive.

If you’re just going with one of the standard tears, you’re going to be getting features that are more in line with the industry standard.

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    Hosting plans at A2 hosting

    No site visitor enjoys slow loading pages. A2 hosting offers different hosting packages to ensure that your customers can enjoy visiting your site.

    This company stands out in that it is faster compared to other web hosting services in the market. It provides high performing and reliable hosting to bring success to your site. With their packages, you can drive traffic to your blog or increase conversion rates.

    According to a2 reviews, users reveal that this company has load speeds that can be up to 20x faster compared to other hosting solutions.

    Their web hosting services are not only highly powered but also easy to use. The hosting company delivers reliable uptime, as well as reliable developer tools to fulfill the needs of each customer.

    Since site owners love fast loading times, IT gurus from A2 hosting have spent a decade developing the Swiftserver platform.

    The company promises to load your account with excellent versions of popular development software. It provides both Windows and Linux development software.

    Some of the hosting plans available include shared, VPS, reseller and managed dedicated options.

    Each plan includes features such as 24/7 customer support, server rewind backups, WordPress hosting, 25 emails, Cpanel, e-commerce, and quadruple redundant network.

    All of the hosting plans also have Cloudflare, commonly known as CDN. This reduces the loading time of sites by pulling cache files from the closest server.

    Let us focus on each of the hosting plans separately.

    • Shared hosting

    If you are a new website owner, you should purchase this hosting plan. This is ideal for entry-level sites. Choosing this plan ensures that you get the same level of privacy given to dedicated servers at a low cost.

    The shared hosting contains features such as the US and European options for the server locations, 20GB redundant network as well as full network control.

    One of the unique features found in this plan is the Turbo servers from Swiftservers. This is the name they give to their SSDs.

    Turbo servers provide you with better speed compared to some of the traditional hard disk drives.

    Unlike conventional HDDs which make use of a mechanical arm when processing data, SSDs store data in microchips. You can purchase this package with as little as $ 3.92 monthly.

    It is a user-friendly hosting plan that lets you host your site or personal blog.

    • VPS hosting

    Both large and medium sizes websites purchase VPS hosting from A2 hosting service providers. VPS hosting service is a virtual machine which can run its operating system.

    Though it has some similar features found in shared hosting, you get extra such as dedicated Ram of up to 4096 MB, Cloudflare network, and two IP addresses.

    This hosting plan goes for $ 5.00 monthly. It allows you to your management level and facilitates free site transfer.

    • Dedicated hosting

    If you are looking to get your own server, choose this hosting plan, it provides more than what VPS hosting package offers. Large enterprises invest in dedicated servers due to their numerous features.

    The package goes for $ 99.59 per month and caters to the needs of intensive businesses.

    Experienced system developers and administrators can benefit from the flex dedicated server.

    It is possible for you to configure this server and make use of the Linux OS option as well as features such as root access. It also facilitates monitoring of the server as well as hardware maintenance.

    Some site owners also prefer hosting solutions that are already configured. In this case, you should purchase the flex dedicated server.

    • Cloud hosting

    A lot of web hosting companies have issues regarding lacking control over some data as well as security.

    A2 hosting company makes use of advanced technology to help you solve such problems.

    The incorporation of cloud hosting ensures that you can eliminate concerns about your site being unresponsive.

    Due to this hosting package, a lot of a2 hosting reviews state that the company is a reliable one.

    • Green hosting

    A2 hosting focuses on green energy practices.

    It works hand in hand with Carbon fund to minimize the carbon footprint.

    For over a decade now, the company has been working to reduce the impacts of climate change.

    They make use of the geothermal cooling system.

    Software Programs that A2 hosting Provides

    • WordPress hosting solution

    For the bloggers who use WordPress, a2 hosting has a lot in store for you. The host gives you high performance to ensure that your blog is fast.

    The WordPress hosting solution includes free HTTPs, and PHP 7 to boost efficiency.

    As a WordPress hosting provider, A2 offers affordable services to their clients. Due to the inclusion of auto-set-up feature, A2 hosting installs WordPress for you to simplify the process.

    You can also host your website on the available Turbo servers and make use of efficient security settings.

    WordPress hosting can also boost the performance of your account through the use of Litespeed cache. This is a Turbo server that offers extra speed boost for WordPress users.

    The plugin reduces load time so that your visitors can enjoy going through your site without delay. Since LSCache is inbuilt, it reduces overhead and increasing caching efficiency.

    Experts from the company ensure that your WordPress software is pre-installed on your shared hosting account.

    A2 optimization prevents you from making assumptions on your site. It delivers auto-configuration so that you get secure settings.

    Since every complex task is done for you, you can concentrate on making high-quality content for your followers, building your site as well as promoting your blog posts on social media platforms.

    WordPress hosting solution from A2 also prevents load delay due to the use of Swiftserver platform. Choosing A2 hosting as a blogger ensures that you get speed optimized servers and free SSDs.

    According to statics, over 30,000 sites are hacked every day.  A2 hosting takes perpetual security measures to prevent you from being a victim.

    They include Hackscan protection to your account to block your site from hackers. The incorporation of features such as brute force defense, Kernel update, and dual firewall ensure that your site is secure from different forms of attacks.

    You can either choose shared WordPress or managed WordPress. If you are new to WordPress sites, you should choose the Shared hosting solution since it is easy to use and has high speed.

    The managed WordPress option is more powerful and has additional features.

    The WordPress hosting solutions from A2 hosting are meant to be user-friendly to accommodate both newbies and experts. Every developer can find useful features from them.

    For you to start using WordPress, you should sign up with a hosting account with A2 hosting. You don’t have to install any files since WordPress comes pre-installed.

    After signing up for the hosting account, wait for a confirmation email then start writing and publishing your blog posts. The WordPress application comes at no cost.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Apart from the domain cost and hosting costs, you will not incur extra charges setting this account.

    Feel free to customize your WordPress site from the appearance section of the dashboard. Make use of the feature filter for you to browse through different themes and choose the ones you like for your site.

    You can also narrow down your theme search by filtering according to features, subject and form of layout you need for your site.

    • Drupal

    Small growing business owners and bloggers alike can also make use of Drupal from A2 Hosting. This is a free hosting solution which lets you manage and organize your digital content more efficiently.

    You can come up with an impressive site that offers an incredible experience for your target audience.

    Drupal is a CMS platform that you can use without incurring additional charges from A2 Hosting. It is equipped with files standards that contain plugins and themes for easy customization.

    The hosting package provides Drupal which comes pre-installed. Feel free to launch your website using Drupal and enjoy the numerous features available.

    • Joomla

    Another CMS that can transform your business is Joomla. Choosing A2 hosting for your Joomla site ensures that you get a high performing platform.

    The company provides you with fast servers for your Joomla site. The program comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for you to control different functionalities.

    You can set up the site using the Softaculous tool located in the control panel.

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    A2 web hosting company can give you notifications regarding any new versions of Joomla available so that you always update your site to make it more secure and efficient.


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    The pros and cons of A2 hosting

    Before you consider this web hosting service provider, you should weigh the pros against the cons so that you can evaluate if it will be useful for your business.

    Here is a summary of both sides.


    • Excellent customer support working round the clock
    • You can select a server location from different regions including the US, Asia, and Europe
    • The hosting plans include free SSDs.
    • Includes both managed and unmanaged plans which come with numerous options
    • It makes the pages of your site load up to 6 times faster
    • Both expert web developers and startups can benefit from A2 hosting
    • It is also 100% carbon neutral


    • The company does not support HTMLDoc, ColdFusion or PDFLib
    • The use of two data centers limits some users
    • It is also expensive compared to hosting plans from other competitors

    A2 hosting Coupon

    A2 hosting is offering exclusive discount for GadgetsWale readers. You just need to buy hosting from A2 hosting coupon to save money on hosting plans. Visit A2 hosting coupon & get the benefit of our huge discounts & awesome deals.

    A2 Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is A2 Hosting?

    A2 Hosting is web hosting provider.

    1. Why I need A2 Hosting?

    You can use A2 Hosting to host your websites.

    1. Is A2 Hosting best for hosting?

    Yes. A2 Hosting is very good.

    1. Is A2 Hosting Value for Money?

    Yes. A2 Hosting is totally value for money.

    1. What is A2 Hosting Uptime guarantee?

    A2 Hosting provide 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

    1. Is A2 Hosting trusted hosting company?

    Yes. A2 Hosting is trusted hosting company.

    1. Is A2 Hosting easy to use?

    Yes. A2 Hosting is very easy to use.

    1. Is A2 Hosting good for WordPress hosting?

    Yes. A2 Hosting very good for WordPress hosting.

    1. Payment methods that A2 Hosting accept?

    A2 Hosting accept following Payment methods All types of Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank transfer, Check or money order, PayU, Skrill, UnionPay.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer Monthly Payment option?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide monthly payment option.

    1. Do I also need purchase extra services with A2 Hosting?


    1. Can I upgrade A2 Hosting plan later?

    Yes. You can upgrade A2 Hosting plan at any time.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer Money back guarantee?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide Any time Money back guarantee.

    1. How good A2 Hosting customer support is?

    A2 Hosting Support is very good. A2 Hosting provide 24/7 support.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer free domain?

    No. Currently A2 Hosting not provide free domain name.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer migration service?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide migration service.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer free SSL?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide free SSL.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer free cPanel?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide free cPanel.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer daily backups?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide daily backup service.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer SSD Storage?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide SSD Storage.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer CDN?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide CDN.

    1. Does A2 Hosting offer one-click installers?

    Yes. A2 Hosting provide one-click installers.

    1. Does A2 Hosting give deals, discounts & offers?

    Yes. For A2 Hosting offers you can check our Deals page.

    1. Do I need transfer domain to A2 Hosting for hosting with them?


    1. Is A2 Hosting good for you?

    Yes. A2 Hosting is good for you.

    1. Do we recommend A2 Hosting?

    Yes. We highly recommend A2 Hosting to everyone.


    • Company Details


    Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/a2-hosting

    From this A2 hosting review, we learn that this company offers diversity in the hosting plan. Each package has numerous features that different users will like.

    You can use the plans for various purposes. The web hosting company lets you manage your site efficiently to get more visitors interested in your business.

    You can also choose the option of allowing A2 hosting gurus manage your site on your behalf.

    The hosting plans from this company are unique in that they are scalable. It is impossible to outgrow your solution since the plan grows as your site progresses.

    Though you may pay more for some of the hosting plans, they are worth it due to the useful features in them. Get in touch with the team for you to find a hosting package that fits your website.

    Choose A2 hosting today and experience the difference in web hosting solutions.

    a2hosting review

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