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Hostwinds Coupon

Are you in search of a dependable web hosting company that offers affordable plans?

You should consider working with Hostwinds.

As an entrepreneur, you have to make a lot of decisions that can have a high impact on your business.

One of them is choosing the right web hosting provider. Though the number of web hosts in the industry continues increasing each day, Hostwinds tries to stand out from the rest.

You can even get a plan at a lower cost by using Hostwinds coupons. Also check Bluehost Discount, Hostgator Discount, Greengeeks Discount & Cloudways Discount Offers.

Before we get into the details of such great deals, we have to give you information about this company. If you have never used a web hosting company before, this is for you.

We will teach you everything about what Hostwinds offers and show you why you should pick it over its competitors. Enjoy!

Hostwinds January 2022 Deals & Coupons

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Hostwinds Basic Plan at Big Discounted Price – Best Deal

Hostwinds Basic Plan at Big Discounted Price – Best Deal

Get Basic plan of Hostwinds at Biggest Discount Ever.
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    Hostwinds Advanced Plan at Big Discounted Price – Best Deal

    Hostwinds Advanced Plan at Big Discounted Price – Best Deal

    Get Basic plan of Hostwinds at Biggest Discount Ever.
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    Hostwinds Ultimate Plan at Big Discounted Price – Best Deal

    Hostwinds Ultimate Plan at Big Discounted Price – Best Deal

    Get Basic plan of Hostwinds at Biggest Discount Ever.
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    53% Off On Hostwinds Web Hosting Plan

    53% Off On Hostwinds Web Hosting Plan

    Save 53% On Web Hosting Plan at Hostwinds.
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    50% Off On Everything at Hostwinds – Huge Discount

    50% Off On Everything at Hostwinds – Huge Discount

    Huge Discount Offer. Save 50% On Everything at Hostwinds.
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    60% Off On Hostwinds VPS Hosting Plan

    60% Off On Hostwinds VPS Hosting Plan

    Save 60% On VPS Hosting Plan at Hostwinds.
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    25% Off On Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Plan

    25% Off On Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Plan

    Save 25% On Dedicated Hosting Plan at Hostwinds.
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    25% Off On Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Plan

    25% Off On Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Plan

    Save 25% On Cloud Hosting Plan at Hostwinds.
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    75% Off On Shared, Business, Reseller & White Label Services

    75% Off On Shared, Business, Reseller & White Label Services

    Get 75% Instant Off On Shared hosting, Business hosting, Reseller hosting & White Label Services at very low price.
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  • 79% Off on Everything at Hostwinds – Huge Discount

    79% Off on Everything at Hostwinds – Huge Discount

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  • Advanced & Ultimate Business Hosting at Just $3.49/mo

    Advanced & Ultimate Business Hosting at Just $3.49/mo

    Pay just $3.49/month for Advanced & Ultimate Business Hosting.
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  • Basic Business Hosting at $2.49/month Only

    Basic Business Hosting at $2.49/month Only

    Now get Basic Business Hosting at $2.49/month Only.
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  • Shared Hosting Plans at $1.90/month Only

    Shared Hosting Plans at $1.90/month Only

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    Web Hosting at Just $1.59/mo With HostWinds Exclusive Offer!!

    Web Hosting at Just $1.59/mo With HostWinds Exclusive Offer!!

    Web hosting from hostwinds at just $1.59/mo. Claim Offer Now.
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    Introduction to Hostwinds


    This company has been existed since October 2010. Peter Holden came up with Hostwinds to provide small business owners with reasonably priced hosting solutions.

    With time, the company has managed to gain thousands of customers from all over the world.

    The main offices of Hostwinds are found in Oklahoma and Tulsa while its data centers are located in Texas, Washington, Dallas, and Seattle. Hostwinds is famous for its uptime guarantee and superior customer support.


    Hostwinds Offers The Following Features

    1. Domain Name

    If you are interested in a new domain name, you can benefit from domain registration services from the company. Even the basic hosting plans feature a free domain name.

    Apart from registering a new domain, the company can help you renew an already existing domain name. Hostwinds also provides Enterprise Email Accounts.

    If your business requires email accounts, you can choose from a variety of plans offered.

    2. Self-hosted Tool

    The web hosting provider also offers a self-hosted tool which can help you optimize marketing.

    This is the only web host that is CPV lab-approved. WordPress users can also benefit from Hostwinds since it has a page specifically for this content management system.

    The company also monitors network and systems constantly to avoid any issues.

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    3. Website Builder

    For those that don’t have an already designed website, Hostwinds has got your back. It features a website builder that contains all the templates you need to start your website.

    The company has been partnering with Weebly to give its users’ site-building tools. Make use of the drag and drop feature to move elements to the desired location.

    4. One Click Install

    You can also enjoy one-click installations thanks to the incorporation of Softaculous auto-installer.


    This tool gives you the chance to install numerous apps such as Joomla, Prestashop, and WordPress with ease.

    For you to set up a CMS such as WordPress, you only need to fill in a form.

    The software also enables you to view apps before you can install them. Go to the search bar of the company’s control panel for you to see more available apps that you can install.

    5. Security

    Hostwinds also focuses on the security of websites.

    That is why it takes the necessary security measures by offering SSL certificates and preventing them from different forms of attack.

    SSL certificates also help your site to rank well when it comes to search engines.

    Since engineers deal with constant monitoring, you don’t have to worry about viruses or spam affecting your site.

    You can also buy VPN services from the company to protect yourself from spies. The loss of data is a common problem that some website owners face.

    You can avoid this by working with Hostwinds, which provides sufficient backups.

    The reliability of a web host depends on more than one factor. Since you want to avoid the risk of your website being offline, Hostwinds offers both high uptime and robust infrastructure.

    6. Multiple Datacenters

    Apart from having datacenters in different locations within the US, the company has N + I cooling systems. Hostwinds is also among the few companies that offer Shoutcast.


    This is a form of application which enables you to host an audio stream. All the plans from this company include SSDs, which can enhance the speed of your site.

    A fast loading site is likely to increase more sales compared to a slow one.

    7. Migration Service

    They can also help you transfer your site to Hostwinds at no additional cost. The migration process can be challenging for beginners.


    Hostwinds, however, tries to simplify the process for its customers.

    You only need to create a ticket with the technical team and let the technicians get access to your files and handle the migration smoothly.

    8. Customer Service

    The success of any web hosting company lies in how it serves and treats its customers.


    Though people have been complaining about poor customer service from most of the web hosts, Hostwinds defies this.

    It offers 24/7 support through different options. You can make use of the live chat facility which has a response time of at least 30 seconds.

    If you want direct contact with an agent, give them a call via the provided numbers. Some customers also prefer using the support ticket system.


    Hostwinds also offers general support in the form of knowledge base to help customers in need of more information.

    The company has hundreds of articles talking about diverse hosting topics. If you have specific issues, these articles can come in handy in giving you more details.

    Every article is broken down into steps and has clear images for further guidance.

    Make use of the search feature for you to get some of the useful guides within no time. Most customers also applaud the company for its excellent customer support.

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    The Hosting Services From Hostwinds

    You can select from the numerous hosting options that this company offers.

    Hostwinds tries to accommodate both beginners and experienced website owners by providing plans that are ideal for each category.

    Here are some of the hosting solutions available.

    • Shared hosting

    Get your site up and running smoothly with the help of Hostwinds. This is ideal for websites that require minimal resources.

    When you choose this solution, you have to share the company’s server with the rest of the web developers.

    Though you may not enjoy the best performance, your plan should include all the relevant features you need to build your website.

    The company offers at least three shared hosting plans which you can pick from.

    Regardless of the plan you choose, you should get features such as unmetered bandwidth, free domain name, unlimited email accounts, and MySQL databases.

    All the plans in this category also come with a 99% uptime guarantee.

    For you to choose the right shared hosting package, assess the number of domains you want your account to support.

    The plans under this category start at $ 3.29 per month. You can choose between basic, advanced, or ultimate plan.

    • Business hosting

    You may be on a budget but in need of high-level hosting performance. In this case, business hosting is the right solution to choose from.


    It is also ideal for web developers looking to start an e-commerce platform. The opportunity allows you to host numerous and independent sites.

    This hosting solution enhances the loading speed of your site so that you can generate more traffic and increase the conversion rate.

    The company claims to boost the speed of your website by 500%.

    It can achieve this through the use of SSDs, which are known to be more effective than HDDs.

    Hostwinds hosts websites on Litespeed web servers and makes use of MySQL databases which are performance-optimized.

    This hosting solution also makes use of more PHP memory, which helps your site load reliably.

    Business hosting also consists of different plans that you can pick from.

    Before you get a new hosting package, check out Hostwinds coupons so that you can benefit from the available discounts.


    If your Business hosting plan is no longer covering the specific needs of your website, upgrading to a better hosting option is the next logical step to take.

    • VPS hosting

    For a highly trafficked website, one needs to work with virtual private server hosting. This gives you flexibility due to the different options available.

    For instance, you can choose between Windows and Linux servers. While some of the VPS hosting plans are managed, others are unmanaged.


    Your level of IT expertise should help you make the right decision.

    If you don’t want to deal with IT-related activities, you can choose a managed VPS plan. With this, the company’s expert deal with setting up your account on your behalf and performing nightly backups.

    Be assured of protection against DDoS attacks. Hostwinds offers four managed VPS hosting packages.

    While some of the VPS plans support OpenVZ virtualization, others offer KVM virtualization, thus boosting server performance.

    If you are not satisfied with what the packages have, you can always get add-ons. Managed plans allow you to concentrate on building your business instead of the performance of the server.

    A tech-savvy website owner can go for unmanaged VPS hosting. Here, you get complete control over the hosting environment and enjoy cheaper packages.

    You have to handle most of the tasks, including setting up your hosting account, managing it, and maintaining your hosting environment.

    Unmanaged VPS plans from Hostwinds come with a cloud management panel. You can use this to conduct some of the administration tasks.

    If you would like better prices for VPN plans, look for Hostwinds coupons online.

    The company sometimes reduces the VPS premium plans to as low as $ 13.50 per month.

    • Dedicated hosting

    Give your site the best performance by choosing a dedicated server from Hostwinds.


    This allows you to enjoy 100% resources on the server which are dedicated specifically to your site.

    The problem with some of the business owners is that they find dedicated servers expensive.

    Despite the high cost, you get full control over things, including the operating system used and software installed. The dedicated servers from this company also come with high uptime rates.

    Since they are fully managed, you don’t have to worry about upkeep.

    The dedicated servers go for $ 79.50 each month.

    These plans are not equal in that they have different disk space and amounts of RAM. Despite such differences, the dedicated servers have some similar features such as full database management and nightly backups.

    You also get to choose the data center location depending on where most of your customers are located.

    Feel free to select a base plan as well as your preferred outbound bandwidth.

    • Cloud hosting

    If you are looking for a customized environment, you can choose cloud hosting instead.


    Here, you get to pay for what you utilize only.

    It, therefore, makes this option a bit more cost-effective than selecting a dedicated server.

    This option offers a distributed network and provides easy scalability. You can choose from three cloud hosting packages.

    Like VPS hosting, selecting a package from this category gives you your own resources. This ensures you run the website at form consistent speed.

    The cloud hosting plans also have SSDs available. Since they can be scaled down and up, a spike in traffic cannot affect the performance of your site negatively.

    Unlike the rest of the hosting plans where you pay for them monthly, the plans, in this case, are paid hourly. The network options are simplified and secure.

    It includes firewalls and DDoS protection that give you added security.

    You can also use a cloud-based VPS plan to host an automated trading platform or even a TeamSpeak server.

    • Reseller hosting

    Do you want to start a hosting company?

    You can do this with the help of a reseller plan from Hostwinds.

    The reseller plans available vary based on the disk space and number of Cpanel accounts.

    Regardless of the one you choose, you get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

    The reseller hosting comes with incredibly low prices.

    The problem with most of the web hosts is that they offer cheap hosting plans at first but cost you more money in the end.

    You should not experience such issues if you choose plans from Hostwinds.

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    How To Use Hostwinds

    If you are not familiar with this web hosting provider, we will teach you how you can get started. You have to be prepared before you begin comparing the hosting solutions available.

    Start by determining your specific goal. Since a site can accomplish different tasks, most business owners choose this web host to establish a digital presence.

    The next step is choosing a hosting option, which is ideal for your resource requirements. You can pick from any other of the ones we have discussed above.

    You can now proceed with the pricing structure. Sign up with the company and create an account. Since the company can handle some of the IT-related tasks, you don’t have to deal with a lot.

    It offers a popular control panel known as cPanel, which further simplifies website management.

    Hostwinds has a straightforward interface that allows you to manage your SSH keys and deal with firewall systems.

    The control panel will enable you to customize your website as you please. Its graphical interface also gives you control over the different aspects of your site.

    If you choose advanced plans which need server management, you should use WHM to control your account.

    Since this is similar to the conventional control panel, most people find it easy to use. You don’t need any prior web hosting experience for you to utilize this dashboard.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Further Details On Pricing


    Having discussed the cost of most of the plans, we now have to share other useful information regarding pricing.

    As a customer, you should know that the company offers a two- month money-back guarantee.

    This is to save customers from losing their funds if the web host cannot meet their specific needs. It also offers enough time for you to test the plans.

    • Money Back Guarantee

    Though the money-back guarantee is quite generous, it comes with some strict conditions. For instance, it only applies to specific hosting packages such as business, shared, and reseller hosting.

    You cannot get back funds if you choose VPS hosting. The payment option you select also determines if you can benefit from the refund policy or not.

    Hostwinds does not issue refunds via Skrill or bitcoin. The other payment options at your disposal include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal.

    • Save Money

    The pricing policy is also straightforward and does not come with hidden costs. You also get to choose the contract term you are most comfortable with.

    Hostwinds offers monthly to triennial plans.

    If you want to save more, you should consider a longer-term for your plan. Paying for an annual plan helps you get a substantial discount.

    You can also lower the cost of a plan by making use of Hostwinds coupons.

    The company claims to give up to 99% discount to customers who buy plans for the first time.

    When you take advantage of such deals, you can end up saving big by the end of your first year of web hosting.

    Apart from offers, Hostwinds also has an affiliate program which you can use to gain commissions.

    This is an excellent avenue to make some extra cash from the web host.

    The program comes at no additional costs and does not need any technical knowledge.

    Signing up with this affiliate program is also easy.

    With this program, you can generate more traffic for the company and get paid a commission.

    How To Use Hostwinds Coupon Codes

    Once you have assessed that this is the ideal web hosts for your business, you should try to maximize the benefits of the company.

    Hostwinds tries as much as possible to attract and retain its customers by giving frequent offers to new and already existing customers. It offers regular discounts on most of the plans.

    Whether you are interested in establishing a blog or e-commerce store, you can get a lower price for your plan.

    For you to make use of the special offers available, you have to start with choosing a coupon code. Click on the desired code and pick the right package.

    Try to go through the different elements of each package so that you can make an informed decision.

    Every package should display both the original price and discount rates. Once you have decided, you need to proceed with the checkout process.

    Enter your payment details and the coupon code that you chose. You can then complete your transaction and wait for Hostwinds to respond.

    You should get a confirmation email with a few minutes. Once this happens, you can now navigate through the control panel and create your website.

    Since the discount rates keep on changing, you have to try and stay updated so that you don’t miss out.

    You can even subscribe with a good site that advertises such offers so that you keep abreast with the changes.

    Pros & Cons


    • Delivers high uptime for the stability of your site
    • Offers a generous guarantee
    • Round the clock support


    • There are conditions on the refund
    • The company has limited data server options
    • SSL certificates come at an additional cost.

    Hostwinds Review

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    Final thoughts

    Most web hosting beginners choose Hostwinds due to its friendly and fast services. It offers a diverse hosting solution at affordable prices.

    If you are in search of a customer-centered web host, then you will enjoy working with Hostwinds.

    Thanks to the helpful refund policy, you can lose very little as you try out the services of this company.

    It not only has affordable plans but also gives you value for your cash.

    The Hostwinds coupons offered also make things more interesting.

    This is a solid web host that has numerous features and tools to help you run a successful website. If you feel as if you are outgrowing your current plan, you can always upgrade to a premium option.

    It offers both managed and unmanaged plans. Hostwinds tries to accommodate different types of website owners with varying needs.

    It gives one the capabilities of developing a website from scratch and growing it with time. Get ready to generate high traffic to your site and gain more revenue as you use plans from Hostwinds. All the best!

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    • Reliability & Support
    Comments Rating 4.17 (30 reviews)
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