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wpx hosting coupon

When it comes to establishing an online presence, whether it be for personal or commercial use, a website is certainly one of the best platforms anyone can use.

Now, there are many services out there that’s designed to help people through the process of starting a website.

There are premade templates and tools that enable users to piece together websites by dragging and dropping apps into place. Also check Cloudways Discount, Bluehost Discount, Hostgator Discount & Greengeeks Discount Offers.

Needless to say, just about anyone can publish a website within a few minutes. Webhosts, such as WPX hosting, can also help you with this.

Providing you with all the basics you need in order to start publishing content online.

The best bit?

With the use of a WPX hosting promo code, you can minimize the costs of getting started.

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    The Benefits of Using WPX Hosting


    Truth be told, using free web hosts isn’t such a bad thing. Platforms such as Wix, Tumblr, and Blogger are all recognized names in the industry and many websites found their start here.

    How many personal blogs were once hosted on these platforms before moving to paid web hosts after they hit it big?

    You can make money even if you use these platforms, but—there is a limit to it. The market is also so saturated these days that people are always on the lookout for the best and most professional websites available.

    Whilst recognizable, these free platforms are also often seen as juvenile.

    After all, it is on these platforms that many spam sites are hosted and if you want to establish a good reputation online, you wouldn’t want to be categorized in the same group as these nefarious sites.

    Aside from that, choosing a paid web host gives you full ownership of your website. You get to use your own domain and have all the resources you need for yourself.

    If you’re ready to take a leap and give paid web hosts a shot, here’s what WPX has to offer:

    Features Business $20.83/mo Professional $41.58/mo Elite $83.25/mo
    Website 5 15 35
    Storage 10GB 20GB 40GB
    Bandwidth 100GB 200GB Unlimited
    WPX Cloud CDN Yes Yes Yes

    All of their hosting plans include a number of different features that will certainly benefit your goals of monetizing a website, along with establishing yourself as an authority within your chosen niche.

    These are also available to you even if you make use of a WPX hosting coupon in purchasing a plan.

    • High-speed, customized CDN
    • Unlimited site migrations
    • Unlimited SSLs
    • 24/7 tech support
    • Email
    • Staging area
    • Manual backups
    • Malware scanning
    • DDoS protection
    • PHP 7.X
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • HTTPS/2
    • 95% uptime guarantee
    • 28 day automatic backups
    • 1-click WordPress installations
    • USA and UK hosting locations

    What is WPX Cloud?

    We’ve talked about the importance of speed and efficiency when it comes to websites, and that both could become crucial factors towards the success of your website.


    This is where WPX Cloud becomes beneficial. Basically, it’s a custom built CDN or content delivery network.

    Using a CDN is akin to having your own mini server close to your actual location, which would then boost the running and loading speeds of your website.

    It doesn’t matter where you are—the effects remain the same even if you’re on the other side of the world.

    How does it work?

    Instead of pulling resources from a single server, the CDN would grab your content and forwards it to the servers nearest to your blog visitors.

    So even if your audience is based in Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, or Italy, they would be able to open and browse your website at local server speeds.

    This is great if your website is going to be quite image-heavy. For example, if you’re offering photography services or stock photos for sale then you’ll need resources to display your content in the highest quality possible.

    The same goes if you’ll be uploading videos and audio as you want your audience to be able to stream these things smoothly.

    What sets the WPX Cloud from other cloud servers?

    The above description may seem familiar to some as it is something that cloud servers are capable of offering as well. In fact, it’s one of its biggest draws.

    However, WPX’s cloud is different for it was custom-built by the team itself—from the ground up.

    They designed it with the goal of delivering high quality performance for WordPress hosting.

    Aside from that, the WPX cloud is constantly evolving. In fact, more features would be added to it. The company is constantly testing and tweaking their cloud in order to boost its performance.

    This is something that not all CDN companies do—in fact, they typically offer one type of CDN and leaves it at that.

    Benefits of WPX Cloud

    1. The service can provide a boost of about 50% to over 320%, depending on your website configuration and available resource.
    2. The WPX cloud is actually available free of charge for WPX’s current and new clients.
    3. High-traffic capability. Websites on the WPX Cloud can handle up to 3 times more concurrent users—something that even beginners would benefit from. This means you won’t need to immediately upgrade should your traffic suddenly experience a surge.
    4. 20+ world locations. The cloud covers 6 continents and over 20 different locations, ensuring load balancing even during traffic surges.
    5. Extra layer of security. Aside from the included Incapsula Enterprise level security that’s already included in plans, the WPX CDN can add an extra layer of protection against malicious online threats.
    6. Fact is: Faster website loading speeds, especially for mobile, also means higher traffic.
    7. Easy implementation.
    8. WPX Cloud 2.0. Perhaps one of the best features included in this service—the assurance that the current version will eventually be improved and developed, thus boost your website’s efficiency as well.

    With all those features and more, would you rather settle for a free web host? In terms of investment, this is certainly worth considering.

    Especially so if you are fully intent on monetizing the website you’re planning on building. Besides, you need not shoulder the full cost of the project.

    With the use of a WPX hosting promo code, you should be able to lower the overall price of their hosting plans without losing any of the great benefits.

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    The Importance of Speed

    In monetizing a website, speed and efficiency when delivering your content to your readers is vital.

    It is important to your overall success, no matter the purpose of your website is—whether it be for simple blogging or selling products online, quick loading times is beneficial.

    Improving your website speed can help get you more visitors and it also increases your visibility in the different search engines.

    It has been noted that faster websites also have better conversion rates, resulting in more sales, more people joining email lists, and clicking on important links.

    This is a need that WPX Hosting was designed to cater to. They can provide clients with the different tools and upgraded features that can help make your website more efficient.

    Given that they are specific to the popular WordPress platform, users would also have no problem with trying to familiarize themselves with it.

    Whether you’re starting up a new website or if you already have an existing one, WPX Hosting is definitely an option worth looking into.

    Let’s breakdown the facts:

    According to different studies, if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load then it is likely that 57% of its visitors would click away.

    80% of those visitors are unlikely to return and more than half of them will eventually pass on the word about their negative experience.

    This immediately puts your website at a disadvantage—after all, if you have numerous competition who can deliver their content better and faster than you do, they can easily get a larger share of the market.

    To further attest to this fact, let’s look at Walmart’s website. When their loading time moved up from 1 second to 4 seconds, they experienced a rapid decline in conversions.

    That said, for every second that their loading time improved, they saw up to a 2% increase in their conversion rate. The same goes for Firefox.

    When the website reduced their load time by 2.2 seconds, downloads for their software increased by 15.4% an impressive number given that one of their competitors in the industry includes Google.

    Needless to say, if it’s speed that you want then WPX Hosting can certainly deliver especially through the use of their cloud servers.

    A feature you can take advantage of using a wpx hosting promo code.

    More Features

    Fact is, there are many different webhosts out there that can provide you with decent speed and loading time for your website.

    However, not every webhost can provide you with efficiency and security behind the scenes.


    When it comes to choosing a webhost, there are other things you must consider aside from the speed it can provide you with.

    • Daily Backup.

    WPX hosting provides daily WordPress website backups as part of their hosting plans.

    For website owners, this is essential as it can guarantee that you’ll never lose any of your updates and files.

    Having your webhost do it for you and automatically, without any need for prior scheduling, also means that you can focus on other things instead.

    The backup files will be stored on a separate server and are kept for 14 days so you’ll have plenty of time to access them and make a copy for yourself.

    There is also no extra charges for backup retrieval should something go amiss with your website. Aside from this service, webmasters can also choose to use their own backup solutions.

    This includes backup plugins such as BackWPup or BackupBuddy and store the files themselves.

    • Migration Service.

    This one’s for people who already have existing WordPress websites, but have been eager about making the switching to a new web host.

    You might have been told or have heard about different difficulties that you can face when migrating your website from one host to another.

    There’s a number of issues that can arise, aside from the fact that some web hosts actually charge an extra fee for migrating your website.

    Sure, there are a number of tools and plugins that can help you with migrating a WordPress website but the process isn’t always that easy to understand.

    That said, WPX hosting actually offers their clients with a FREE migration service. One of the best things about this service is how quickly they can get it done.

    Keep in mind that every hour that your website is down, you might be losing money or readers.

    With WPX Hosting’s team at the helm, your website migration could be completed in 24 hours!

    That’s faster than the average and you’ll even have an entire team of experts helping you out.

    Note that the email associated with your website will be migrated, too.

    • Money Back Guarantee

    WPX Hosting offer 30 day money back guarantee on their all plans.


    • Email Service.

    Speaking of email, did you know that all WPX Hosting plans come with this particular service?

    It might seem like a small detail to some people, but if you’re looking to establish yourself and your website as being professional then this is essential to making that happen.

    Sure, third-party emails such as those provided by Gmail work well. However, you would certainly appear more legitimate when sending emails if you’re using an email address that bears your website domain name.

    This is especially great for when you’re sending email marketing messages as it’ll look less like spam.

    You’ll be able to easily establish your presence in prospect’s inbox as well, since your message would stand out from everyone else using free email services.

    First impressions do last when it comes to email marketing, so having an eye-catching and professional email address plays into that.

    Keynotes: When setting up your email, you can opt to have it forwarded to another address, such as your Yahoomail or Gmail account.

    You can also access your messes through webmail via a client such as Outlook or through your smartphone— an important feature for businesspeople who are always on the go.

    This service is also included in your package even if you purchase a hosting plan using a WPX Hosting coupon.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Management Dashboard

    Is it Beginner Friendly?

    In this part, we’ll take a closer look at how to install WordPress and just how easy it is to set-up your website.

    All of these things, along with a number of other functions, can be done using your WPX Hosting dashboard.

    This is where you’ll be able to view your account’s details and follow up on any support tickets you may have opened.

    The dashboard also serves as your main hub for monitoring disk space and bandwidth usage.

    It is also where you can manage your email and different websites if you’re hosting more than one.

    FTP AND SFTP Access

    Despite the fact that WordPress is installed through your client area dashboard, you would be able to access your server space through FTP and SFTP.

    This feature enables you to securely upload plugin files and upload themes via different FTP clients such as FileZilla.

    FTP can also be used for both uploading and downloading essential files to your server space.

    Anytime Easy Access Support

    It might seem like such a bold claim, but WPX Hosting offers their clients with a 24/7/365 live support service.


    This means that anytime you encounter an issue with your website or with the server itself, someone will be available to help you out.

    Aside from the live text chat service, they also provide a help desk ticketing system for concerns that aren’t so urgent.

    Their support team is quick to respond and knowledgeable, too. They were able to help me quickly resolve issues I had with my website.

    The same goes for asking simple questions, which a beginner like myself had quite a lot of.

    That said, if you’re willing to learn and have a bit of spare time on your hands, WPX also has an online knowledge base where you can find answers to common questions and issues.

    Aside from the aforementioned list of features, other notable WPX Hosting offerings include:

    • No list of disallowed plugins
    • Browser file manager server access
    • WordPress multisite support
    • 3rd party CDN support, including KeyCDN and MaxCDN.
    • DDOS protection
    • Free SSL certificates
    • phpMyAdmin database access
    • Datacenter located in Chicago, USA
    • Free domain privacy
    • SSD Storage

    WPX Hosting Sign-Up

    For beginners like me, signing up for a webhost can feel like a daunting task. However, WPX Hosting does make the process more straightforward than others.

    All it really takes is choosing a plan that suits your needs and then choosing between monthly or annual billing. The latter does provide more savings, but do choose according to your available budget.

    If you have access to a WPX Hosting promo code, do make sure you use it as well.

    When it comes to registering a new domain name for your website or using an already existing one, the process is just as simple.

    Of course, you can opt to independently register domains on a different host, but follow your gut on this one. Both approaches do have pros and cons so it all depends on what would work best for you.

    After completing your order, you are promptly given access to your dashboard. If you’re new to this whole thing, like I was, take this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with how things work.

    Figure out what features are available and how you can access them. Take notes, if possible. This should allow you to memorize the important bits better.

    Hurry! Get Free 3 Months Hosting On WPXHosting

    Installing or Migrating a WordPress Website

    Time for the more complicated aspects of getting started with a new web host. If you plan on moving an already existing website to your WPX hosting account, what you need to do is submit a free migration request.


    This lets the support team know and act on your request as soon as possible. If you’re starting anew, however, begin by installing WordPress to your server space.

    Installing WordPress is as easy as clicking a button. On your dashboard, you should find an “INSTALLY WP BUTTON” followed by an “INSTALL WP LINK”.


    Enter your email address then click install. Within seconds, WordPress should be ready for use on your dashboard. If you’ve built a website using WordPress before, the rest of this should be familiar to you.

    You will be asked to enter details about your website, including the site title, and the username and password you’ll be using to login.

    The ease of doing this is a standout for me as well as for other beginners.

    A lot of other websites do make the process a bit more complicated—some might even require you to install other plugins and software before you can get started.

    With WPX Hosting, even choosing the right theme for your website is made easy. This makes things simpler to follow and also reduces the clutter on your WordPress dashboard.

    Adding More Domains and Subdomains

    What if you wanted to add more domains to your current account?

    Well, you’d be glad to know that even the entry level WPX Hosting plan provides its users with the ability to host more than one WordPress website on a single account.

    You should be able to manage any additional domains and WP installations through your dashboard—making it easy to control.

    Hurry! Get Free 3 Months Hosting On WPXHosting


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    Is WPX Hosting worth the price?

    The answer would be YES. This is especially for beginners who may not be too familiar with how webhosting works.

    In such cases, you would want something that’s straightforward but also doesn’t skimp on important features.

    With WPX Hosting, there are very little learning curves to overcome. Within a few days to a week of use, you should become very familiar with the basics.

    Then, you can move on to taking advantage of the different tools that you can use to improve your website even further.

    wpx hosting coupon

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