InMotion Hosting Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 10 Pros 3 Cons

inmotion hosting review

The numerous web hosting providers in the market make it hard for customers to find the best.

You can, however, make the search easy by letting your hosting needs guide you into choosing the right one.

As new hosts launch every day, some of the oldest companies that have been providing web hosting solutions to site owners continue dominating the industry.

One of the big names in the field, you have probably heard of is Inmotion hosting.

It is an established company that can help you grow your online presence and so that you can generate more revenue for your business.

The web hosting provider has managed to remain competitive in the field for more than a decade.

If you are searching for a superior host that always has your back, go through our Inmotion hosting review and learn more about this host.

The History of Inmotion Hosting


This company is regarded as one of the pioneers in the web hosting industry. Since its establishment in 2001, Inmotion hosting has been able to gain more than 300,000 customers.

It has two data centers in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. The company also owns Web Hosting Hub which is ideal for beginners and bloggers.

Its strong reputation and numerous services make this web host provider a force to reckon with. Most web developers regard this company as a giant in the industry.

Inmotion stands out from the rest of the web hosting providers due to its great technology, excellent support team, and cost-efficient plans.


It is also equipped with all the right features that boost the speed and performance of your site. This Inmotion review will show you how you can get peace of mind from choosing the company.

Inmotion Hosting Review By Hosting Experts & Users


Screenshot of some customers Reviews


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10 Pros or Advantages of Inmotion Hosting

As you go through Inmotion hosting reviews, you should not only focus on the features that it provides, but also its merits and demerits.


These can help you determine if it is the right web hosting company you need.

Here are some of the benefits that it has.

1. 99% uptime

Most people consider this company a reliable and consistent one due to its strong uptime performance.

Uptime is the amount of time your server is operational and available.

This is a crucial metric that you should consider when picking a web host.

Inmotion hosting provides 99% uptime so you don’t need to worry about website down.

2. Fast server speed

The web host also ensures that your site loads within two seconds so that you can boost user experience and increase conversions.


The speed of your site also determines your ranking in search results. The average loading time of websites that are hosted by Inmotion Hosting is 808ms.

This is better than what most competitors in the industry provide.

You can, therefore, relax knowing that your site visitors can easily access your pages without delay.

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3. Availability of apps and integrations

Inmotion hosting is one of the few companies that support Open Source projects. The company also provides you with a lot of applications that suit the needs of different web developers.


It supports content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. You can also benefit from shopping carts or e-commerce systems such as Magento and Prestashop.

They improve your e-commerce experience by offering smooth integrations with some of the payment processors. The company also provides its customers with a simple three-step wizard to connect with Google apps.

4. Offers your sites with a high level of security

If you are worried about security when using a CMS such a WordPress, you should choose Inmotion hosting. This works hand in hand with Sucuri to boost the safety of your site.

The WordPress hosting from this company contains Sucuri security plugin which scans websites regularly. They can easily detect security risks and exploits and curb them before they affect your site.

Inmotion hosting also takes an extra measure to boost security by including anti-virus protection, remote backups as well as anti-spam.

Due to the high rate of cyber terrorism, every site owner should be vigilant in knowing the security protocols that their preferred web host provides.

Inmotion hosting works hand in hand with Corero Network security to offer its clients with TDS. This is a system that can detect and prevent your site from DDoS attacks.

More features of Inmotion Hosting


5. Free Data Backups

The features of Inmotion hosting are what distinguishes it from other web hosting companies. For instance, this company offers customer free data backups.

Sometimes, servers go down unexpectedly, and you may be in dire need of a backup. When you are working with other hosts, you have to create data backups manually.

Some even ask you to pay an additional fee to acquire automated backups. Inmotion hosting is different in that it gives you free backups that work automatically.

Choosing any of the plans guarantees you this feature.

6. Free Migration Service

It also facilitates free site transfer for new users. The company can transfer up to 3 sites from different hosts on your behalf without charging you extra costs.


7. Free SSL Certificates

While some of the hosts charge some fees for their SSL certificates, Inmotion hosting gives you free SSL certificates when you choose the shared hosting plan.

This ensures that your site is secure from hackers especially when using a system like WordPress.

8. Free Domain & Much More

They also have a bonus for their customers that comes in the form of a free domain name. Feel free to renew your domain after a while.

Your account also comes with a lot of freebies such as Google apps integration and Google ads. Inmotion hosting also cares about the environment.

They, therefore, make use of green server technology to reduce the amount of electricity consumed.

The company has invested in eco-friendly technology and policies to lower carbon output and minimize cooling costs.

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9. Enjoy Excellent Customer Support

According to most Inmotion hosting reviews, the company excels when it comes to customer support. You get different ways of communicating with support representatives including live chat, phone, email phone, and Skype.

The company offers 24/7 customer support so that you don’t get stranded when you need an issue addressed urgently.


All these options are available for any hosting package you choose. This makes Inmotion hosting different from other companies which offer support to high paying customers.

Apart from that, the company takes an extra step to support their customers. They provide a lot of support tutorials and articles that you can use to learn more about the specific features available.

You can access more than 100 guides and articles that can help you address any problems you may have.

The guides also cover useful topics for business owners such as email marketing, traffic generation as well as the ideal marketing tools to gain more target consumers.

If you are a new customer, you get free minutes to consult the support representatives on how you can start utilizing a particular aspect in your hosting plan.

New customer onboarding encourages people to join the team since they have someone to walk with them through the entire journey.

If you are not satisfied with the hosting plan, the company has a refund policy that applies to all the plans. You can cancel your plan and get a refund within 90 days.


If you choose VPS hosting or reseller hosting and decide to cancel, you can get your refund within a month.

10. Performance

Choosing Inmotion hosting helps your site stay up so that you can boost brand image. With an uptime of 99%, you don’t have to worry about your site going down even when the traffic spikes.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 2020100%615 msExcellent
January 2020100%655 msExcellent
December 201999.99%569 msExcellent
November 201999.97%710 msExcellent
October 2019100%722 msExcellent
September 201999.99%512 msExcellent
August 201999.98%566 msExcellent
July 201999.76%548 msOk
June 2019100%619 msExcellent
May 201999.98%691 msExcellent
April 201999.97%536 msExcellent
March 2019100%587 msExcellent

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3 Drawbacks (Cons or Disadvantages) of Inmotion Hosting

Since a perfect web host does not exist, we will look at how this company is flawed for you to make a sound judgment.

  • Delays during sign up

If you go through most of the Inmotion hosting reviews, you will find users complaining of delays during the set-up.

This is because the company has a verification process that is meant to boost security.

Though it is a good system, you cannot access the account instantly especially if you are not within the US.

In some areas, you may even be asked for a photo of your identification card during the set-up. Such delays sometimes make potential customers look elsewhere.

  • The pricing structure is not friendly to everyone

If you like getting discounts for services, you have to sign up for an annual plan and not on a monthly one. The company only attaches discounts to an annual subscription.

Most of the new website owners also find the price a bit high compared to other web hosts.

The company does not provide a pro-rated refund.

If you are uncertain about how long your project will last, you may find monthly plans from other web hosts cheaper compared to Inmotion hosting.

  • The plans also come with some limitations

Though Inmotion hosting provides you with site restoration and free backups, such services come with some restrictions.

For instance, if you have large sites that exceed 10GB, the company does not back them up. Site restoration also happens once in four months for websites that are not backed up.

You will incur extra fees if you want additional services.

The various hosting plans can also be confusing and overwhelming for a new website developer working with a host for the first time.

We wish the company could offer better support that handles this aspect or a tool that provides recommendations for specific hosting solutions.

That way, a new customer would not have to waste so much time trying to understand everything that the company offers.

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    How the cPanel Operates


    After creating an account and choosing your desired hosting plan, you get access to the control panel. Use this platform to manage your domain settings and SSL certificates.

    Unlike what you may be used to from other hosts, Inmotion hosting has done significant alterations to its Cpanel to boost your digital experience.


    The company ensures that you get a useful dashboard software that can be easily customized.

    The control panel, therefore, contains the Softaculous installer which allows you to install numerous applications easily.


    You can utilize different content management systems such as Joomla, Magento, and WordPress. It also contains Cron Jobs which is a useful tool in creating scripts that can conduct repetitive tasks automatically.

    The control panel also gives you access to PostgreSQL and MySQL.

    The custom error pages available allows you to customize your site’s page so that you can eliminate errors to give customers a seamless experience.

    Not many hosts offer SSN access, but Inmotion hosting does. This allows you to manage your site’s files from a command line.

    The advanced options that you get from this control panel give you full control of your website.

    Hosting Options That Inmotion Hosting Offers

    It provides you with several plans that you can choose from according to your budget. Though the plans may not be cheap, they are competitive compared to others from different hosting companies.


    If you have been in the field for a while, you know that picking the cheapest host is bad for business.

    Such hosts provide poor quality services that may not improve your site. Inmotion hosting offers you different hosting options and discount coupons for their plans.

    Check out some of the hosting options they offer.

    • Shared hosting

    Both individuals and small business owners can benefit from choosing the shared hosting plan. This Inmotion hosting review elaborates more on how the plan can help the specific groups.


    Shared hosting refers to a situation where the company places different websites on a single server. These sites draw from one pool of resources.

    Placing sites on one server saves the customer’s money since the plan comes at a low cost.  Inmotion hosting offers shared hosting in three groups namely:

    • Launch: $ 6.39 per month- This plan supports 2 MySQL databases, 2 websites, 25 subdomains, and 6 parked domains.
    • Power: $ 8.49 per month-It supports up to 6 websites, 100 subdomains, 26 parked domains, and MySQL databases.
    • Pro: $ 14.71 per month-The plan supports unlimited MySQL databases, parked domains, subdomains, and websites.

    The shared plans come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. When you select any of the above, you enjoy unlimited resources as long as your websites do not interfere with the performance of other sites on the server.


    The company is concerned about how customers use their shared accounts so that no other user can affect your sites. As you choose this hosting option, you should, however, be aware that your website speed may not be consistent all through.

    Your site can slow down at certain times during the day. Utilizing numerous resources can also affect how your site loads.

    When you choose this hosting option, you should always monitor the performance of your site to ensure that your visitors don’t get a slow loading experience.

    This can increase the bounce rate since customers hate websites that take more than 2 seconds while loading. If this happens, you should consider upgrading to a better plan.

    Take note that this may come with some additional cost.

    Inmotion hosting provide SSD Storage with shared hosting plan that is great for website performance.


    Despite such weaknesses, the shared hosting plan from Inmotion hosting provides customers with unlimited email. Feel free to use numerous email inboxes as you please since you get unlimited storage.

    Choosing the pro-plan level guarantees you a full month of free services.

    • VPS hosting

    If you have a medium or large website, you should choose the VPS hosting plan from Inmotion hosting. This is a virtual private server which gives you an isolated environment to run your sites from.

    It includes advanced features such as SSDs. These are believed to be faster than conventional HDDs when handling certain operations.

    A lot of Inmotion hosting reviews reveal that the VPS hosting option is quicker and more reliable due to the use of SSDs.

    One of the unique features that Inmotion hosting offers is the MaxSpeed zone technology. This is available in the VPS hosting option.

    The technology allows you to choose the datacenter you want to use manually. The company has 2 data centers located in different regions in the US.


    When a visitor opens your site, it loads from the data center near them. Unfortunately, a person outside the US may experience slow loading site due to the location of the two datacenters.

    VPS hosting ensures that you get control of your site though you still share a physical server with the rest of the publishers.

    The hosting option, however, lets you have a private space within the shared space. Medium enterprises choose this hosting solution because it provides more disk space and a lot of resources.

    It comes with numerous safety features to prevent your site from attacks and facilitates scalability.

    You also get to enjoy free SSL certificates that encrypt your traffic to boost ranking on search results.

    • Managed WordPress hosting

    A website owner who does not want to deal with the technical hosting issues on their WordPress site can choose the managed hosting solution from Inmotion hosting.

    Here, a team of experts handles most of the complex tasks so that you can focus on creating high-quality content for your visitors.

    For instance, they install updates frequently and manage security patches.

    Inmotion hosting gives customers different specialized WordPress plans. Each plan under this supports several websites and visitors per month.

    The costly plans come with extra features that can add a lot of value to your sites. You don’t have to install WordPress to use the managed plans since it comes pre-installed.

    The plans give you access to plugins such as BoldGrid which make it easy for you to build your website.

    This plugin allows you to customize your site as you make proper editions. You can also make use of the Boldgrid themes and designs to create a colorful WordPress site that can draw the attention of visitors.

    It also provides you with a staging environment where you can make the necessary changes before displaying the final results to the public.

    Since a lot of bloggers use WordPress, the CMS is not entirely secure because a lot of hackers target it. Inmotion hosting equips the managed hosting plan with exclusive features that boost its security and speed.

    They include NGINX server which increases the performance of your site. The company also created a caching tool which also speeds up your site.

    • Dedicated server

    You can also choose a dedicated server which provides you with security, privacy as well as dedicated resources.

    This hosting solution prevents you from competing with the rest of the websites for storage space, bandwidth, and even speed.

    • Reseller hosting

    Reseller hosting can be rewarding if you select the right host. This gives you the chance to create packages and distribute them at your desired price.

    It is a perfect opportunity for you to make income streams for your existing business. Inmotion hosting provides you with a lot of space and bandwidth that you need to expand the products that your business offers.

    The company offers you with reseller hosting tools such as data backups, auto-installer, free billing software, domain reseller as well as malware and DDoS protection.

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    • Company Details



    Inmotion hosting is an independent and stable company that gains international recognition.

    Having been in the industry for years, it has managed to host some of the popular websites and helped business grown tremendously.

    It provides website owners with a lot of hosting options that are packed with different plans. The numerous features it provides are geared towards improving the performance of your site.

    Though it is flawed in a few ways, the company gets more positive than negative reviews.

    Our Inmotion hosting review has covered different aspects of the company to give you a clear picture of what you would be signing up for.

    Aspects such as free data backups, SSL certificates, green technology, 99% uptime, fast loading servers, and great customer support make this web host unique.

    It also contains a lot of upgrade options so that you can transition from one hosting solution to the next as your site grows.

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