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A2hosting Coupon

A2 is a reliable web hosting company that offers discounts to its users via coupons upon purchase of the differently priced hosting plans.

They also boast of a responsive 24/7 call support service.

Finding an affordable Webhosting company that guarantees conversion is not easy. The A2 Hosting Coupon, therefore, is a service that helps users purchase their domains and accounts at discounted prices.

Once you get an account with A2 hosting you can access the features aligned with the hosting coupon, which will save you a ton of money.

A2 Hosting Dec 2022 Deals & Coupons

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A2 Hosting Startup Plan Offer for March 2022 Live Now – Click to Activate

A2 Hosting Startup Plan Offer for March 2022 Live Now – Click to Activate

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    A2 Hosting Drive Plan Offer for March 2022 Live Now – Click to Activate

    A2 Hosting Drive Plan Offer for March 2022 Live Now – Click to Activate

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    A2 Hosting Turbo Boost & Max Plan Offer for March 2022 Live Now

    A2 Hosting Turbo Boost & Max Plan Offer for March 2022 Live Now

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    70% OFF on WordPress Hosting Plan

    70% OFF on WordPress Hosting Plan

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    70% OFF on All Web Hosting Plans – Big Savings

    70% OFF on All Web Hosting Plans – Big Savings

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    41% OFF On Dedicated & VPS Hosting Plan

    41% OFF On Dedicated & VPS Hosting Plan

    Get 41% discount On Dedicated & VPS Hosting Plan only at A2hosting.
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    A2 Hosting is web hosting service provider where you can host your blog or website & also able to register new domain.


    Want save money with them?

    I know the most obvious question is how are the coupons used?

    The first thing that users need to understand is that A2 provides a number of hosting plans suitable for different niches.

    So while registering your account at the A2 website in the homepage section, you will see a coupon, click on it to get a discount on your first invoice.

    What is an A2 Hosting Coupon?

    A2 has about five hosting coupons for 2019 and the first one is the shared A2 hosting coupon, once you are able to access the coupons you will discover that they come with a code.

    For example, the SHARED Hosting Discount, well, what does this mean?

    It means that you will be able to save about 51% on your first billing cycle for the new hosting package that you will have purchased.

    The second one is the MANAGED WORDPRESS Hosting Discount, and just like the first one, you get the advantage of saving up to 51% on the first billing cycle that you pay for the hosting package. The coupon code details are entered when checking out after signing up for your new web account.

    The third coupon offered by A2 for 2019 is the RESELLER Hosting Discount, which offers a 34% discount, and just like the other coupons; the details will be entered when you reach the check-out page.

    However, you need to understand that the discounted hosting plans are not applicable to the already existing accounts, renewals, and domain registration or other add on services.

    Users should also be informed that the coupon discounts are subject to change by A2. The fourth coupon is the MANAGED VPS Hosting Discount.

    It offers a 34% discount for your new hosting package, and lastly we have the DEDICATED SERVER Hosting Discount, the package comes attached with a 17% discount.

    You will notice that the above coupons each have different names and codes, the percentages are also different except for the first two. The difference is because they each perform different unique functions.

    For example, the Managed WordPress contains the WordPress toolkit that has important options like the check security, manage themes, sync a site, manage plugins and clone a site among others.

    Another example is the Dedicated Server that offers only a 17% discount. After purchasing the package from A2 hosting website, a user is entitled to all the resources that have been listed under the server plan.

    Some of the advantages are that you can’t share resources with other users, an example of the resources are, data transfers, RAM and bandwidth.

    Dedicated hosting also turns out to be the most expensive of all A2 plans, and the reason is that you will get an independent server.

    On the other hand, the Reseller hosting account that offers a 34% discount simplifies the hosting of your clients and will thus be hosted on high-powered servers that are also ultra-reliable.

    The shared hosting packages are available at A2’s website, and while at the site you will select the package that interests you and then proceed to register your new domain if you don’t have one.

    For those who already have a domain name, they can simply click on the option that enables one to transfer their domain from their previous registrar.

    You can also use your existing domain and update your nameservers, there is also a free subdomain provided by A2, this is provided for the users who are still skeptical and don’t want to rush into purchasing a domain name before they are fully conversant with the services and features offered.

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    As you proceed with acquiring your web account, you will be prompted to select a billing cycle that you can easily manage, then you can customize by adding the features that you want for your accounts such as the SSL certificate or a dedicated IP.

    One Click Install

    You might also want to install different applications to your web hosting account.


    Applications are good for your account because they will help with functionality with regard to the type of entity that you are running.

    There is an AutoInstall Application option in which you will get a list of the different applications that you can choose from.

    At this point, most of the important information has been collected and you can head to the review and check out page where you will fill your coupon code and then proceed to checkout.

    From then on you will be required to fill in a payment method that suits you.

    Click, agree on the terms and conditions page and complete your order after which A2 will send you an email with the setup instructions.

    Who are the users of A2 Hosting Coupon?

    Personal websites

    “Our Speed, Your success,” is A2’s web hosting company principle and they are not kidding. Running a personal website with A2 could really be a wise decision.

    If you purchased the Lite shared hosting package you will have unmetered storage and you will also get an SSL certificate, so you don’t have to worry about security issues on your website.


    Operating a personal web account means that you will have visitors at your site, and the only way to ensure that you remain visible to your clients when the search crawlers are initiated is by having a solid uptime.

    A2 just like its principle enhances SEO with its speed. Also, faster load times are guaranteed by the SSD hard drive storage that is 10x faster than the normal hard drives.

    In addition, with the Lite Plan, you don’t have to worry about the number of visitors that visit your site as the package accommodates an unlimited number of visitors.

    Most importantly, is that you will have to manage the lite account yourself because it is a shared hosting account. You can also integrate email addresses.

    The customer panel will also make it easy for you as the web host account owner to manage your profile and billing functions among others.

    You will, however, not have access to backup services as they are not included in the package. Not to worry though as you could always outsource from third-party software that will help manage your backups thus protecting your data.

    On the other hand, after you have made the big break and your site starts earning you money, it is obvious that you will have grown bigger and will thus have to migrate to a package that can better accommodate the volume of your site.

    For example, with A2 hosting you could migrate to VPS and the dedicated server, the service is, however, done for free by A2 management.

    The shared hosting coupon is perfect for bloggers and those running personal sites.

    The advantage is that you will have access to Word press, a Turbo server that is up to 20x faster, it also has a free and easy site migration option.



    Selling products online can be quite a challenge if your site experiences numerous downtimes. Every time users search for products online and your site is experiencing downtime, you will not be able to make any profits.

    So to ensure that you convert your massive traffic into profits, you might want to adopt an A2 web hosting paid plan.

    The Web Host Company besides performing at high powered speed they have an intuitive website that you can easily customize with regard to the service that you intend to offer.

    A2 hosting ensures that your site is always live and that anytime visitors search for products and services that you offer you can be sure that your site will rank among the top ones.

    Running an e-commerce site can be stressful if you can’t protect it, to this end you will need an SSL, which is a certificate that ensures the security of your site visitors and your data.

    Many people would ask how the SSL certificate works.

    The certificate works by creating a safe link between a visitor’s browser and your website; it also ensures that the data shared between the user and the website account holders are protected.

    Therefore, for good relations between you and your customers, you would want to ensure that important information like credit card numbers, your customer’s addresses, and names are not reachable by hackers.

    Furthermore, your clients will be able to trust you more once they find out that you have an SSL certificate, as it symbolizes a legitimate business.

    An e-commerce site will best be hosted by the Reseller hosting coupon, which we determined earlier that it offers a 34% discount and is the best for customer hosting.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Pricing and plan options

    Shared Hosting

    The first and the least priced hosting is Shared Hosting, it starts from $3.92/m, and is the best for hosting personal sites or blogs.


    Shared Hosting means that a single server is used by several websites at the same time.

    The package is affordable mainly because a user shares a server with other websites; you, therefore, do not enjoy dedicated space.

    There are also other hosting packages like the Turbo, Swift, and Lite. Your visitors wouldn’t like a slow website, which will also fail to attract revenue and even worse is that slow is boring and tends to kill morale.

    So if your site loads slowly, you will most likely lose traffic, however, A2 has an ultra-reliable, high performance hosting feature that will ensure your website succeeds.

    The features are bundled up in premium packages, and you will have to select the best package that will best suit your niche.

    First, there is the Lite package with a starting price of $3.92/m. The package comes complete with unlimited storage space and unlimited transfer. A free SSL certificate and SSD are also provided, but you will not be able to get Turbo.

    Swift, a very popular package comes with a price of $4.90/m. The package has unlimited websites, unlimited databases and storage space, a free SSL certificate and easy site migration.

    On the other hand, the Turbo package offers the fastest service and would be a good option for newcomers in the internet business, as it will guarantee you a perfect uptime and ranking

    Turbo is up to 20x faster, has an A2 site Accelerator, it offers unlimited databases, storage space, websites, and transfer.

    The A2 Website account holder will thus be able to use the cPanel Control Panel but if the services do not meet a user’s expectations, they can always request for a refund.


    Important to note is that other Websites tend to attract users by offering free packages but with A2, speed is their principle.

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    Dedicated hosting

    There are four A2 hosting coupons, which come with different discounted prices, an analysis of the Dedicated hosting coupon reveals that it is the most expensive coupon at $99.59 starting/m, however, the hosting is best suited for people who run businesses or E-commerce sites.

    The hosting coupon also allows a user to customize the resources on their server given that they have a whole server for themselves.

    A user also has the advantage of choosing a management level that comes with different prices, for example, the unmanaged package costs $5.00, and comes with a managed server configuration.

    The Core has a starting price of $25.00/m and is fully managed by A2’s IT administration.

    With the Core package, you will have access to the Root and a comprehensive support crew will be standby to cater to you. Server configuration will also be managed.

    Then there is the Managed, which is the last one and comes at a price of $25.00, it doesn’t have Root Access but its hardware, security and core server software are fully managed.

    Basically, what the above means is that the Managed VPS are under the care of A2’s IT administration.

    They will support most of the services offered in your sites like network, security, Core server software and security configuration.

    The Core VPS Management will ensure that the IT administration supports you in terms of the configuration of their management plans and root access.

    The Unmanaged hosting will see the IT administrator configure your A2 website server, to how you exactly want them and will allow you to choose an operating system.

    Reseller hosting

    The third coupon is the Reseller hosting that comes at a starting price of $9.80/m.

    The package is good for people who will be dealing with customers as it provides an A2 website account holder with a free billing system. It also allows the setting up of personal hosting accounts.

    A user is also at liberty of selecting the best Reseller Hosting solution from five different options. One is the Bronze, and to get it you will have to part with at least $9.80.

    You will then get a free SSL certificate and free SSD that will ensure faster load speed. 30 GB storage space will also be provided and if the features do not appeal to you, the money you had invested will be refunded.

    The silver package under Reseller has more storage capacity as it is 75GB, under this package you will get a free eNom Reseller Account and 600 GB transfer.

    The package offers features like the free SSL certificate and faster load speed via the SSD

    The second last of the five options is Gold, which is also the most popular.

    Gold has the most attractive features, no wonder it is popular, to begin with, a user will get 1000GB transfer, free WHMCS and 150 GB storage among other options that have already been featured in the preceding packages like the free SSL and SSD.

    Don’t forget, however, that the fine-tuned hosting solutions under reseller have their own unique codes, for example, the Reseller Hosting code is available here.

    The last package in this category is the Platinum plan and just like Gold, it contains some pretty amazing options. Such as 200GB storage space, and a 2000GB transfer, which is the highest of the four packages.

    A2 Webhosting Company has its user’s interests at heart, by providing the Turbo Servers option that features up to 20x high-speed page-load; A2 ensures that users sites performance and uptime is at peak levels.

    As your hosting provider, the company is totally reliable because it ensures that you don’t lose revenue through frequent downtimes experienced by other websites.

    VPS hosting

    The VPS hosting does not have a special access code except for the Core VPS. This type of hosting will have you choosing between three packages.

    The first one is Unmanaged VPS and is fairly affordable at $5.00/m. The package is best suited for experienced developers as it comes with 2TB transfer and 20GB storage space. In addition, it has about 512 Mb RAM.

    You will, however, not get an SSL certificate but the SSD is available, you can also choose whether or not to use the cPanel Addon.

    The latter is a web hosting control panel that enables website owners to manage their websites via a web-based interface.

    Lastly, you will be able to choose your Linux Operating System which is responsible for the major activities like interacting with hardware.

    Next is the managed VPS, the package comes with a price tag of $25.00/m, and does not provide root access, however, it offers complete HostGuard Management, 2TB transfer, and a free SSL certificate.

    The storage space is 75GB and is accompanied by the 4 vCPUs. A vCPU is a virtual central processing unit and is usually assigned to virtual machines within the cloud environment.

    The Core VPS comes at only $25.00/m and will grant you a myriad of conclusive options from the free SSL certificates to the 75GB of storage space, root access, a free cPanel Control Panel, 4 GB RAM and 4vCPUs.

    There is also the Unmanaged VPS, which can be a perfect solution for system administrators and developers who want a bare-metal installation that is fully customizable.

    Hurry! Get 70% OFF On A2 Hosting Now


    A2 Webhosting Company offers friendly Global support, their support crew will cater to all your questions from the existing services, to the ordering of new services and live chatting.


    They have a Guru crew that deals with technical questions such as matters concerning the cPanel, and Domain configuration among others and that is if the FAQ knowledgebase does not provide conclusive answers. Customer support is also 24/7.

    Pros & Cons


    • A2 Hosting Coupon Code and Discount Code help save money
    • Affordable pricing plans
    • Offers 24/7 toll-free number for support
    • Provides 20x faster page load


    • Only Swift and Turbo offer the best features
    • Backups require Swift and Turbo hosting plans

    A2 Hosting Review

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    Final Word

    For optimized WordPress solutions and a fast web hosting account, you might want to consider A2. Not only does it offer affordable plans it also has hosting coupons that come with discounted prices.


    The web hosting company offer’s money-back guarantee after 30 days but the uptime and speed of loading will have you thinking twice about canceling.

    In the cancellation process, a user has two options, one is “Immediate” and the second is “End of the billing cycle.”

    The ticket request is simple and the second option in the process is to give a user the option of changing their mind.

    The process of site cancellation also doesn’t take a lot of time, and when successful, a user will receive an email confirming that they have successfully terminated their services.

    A2Hosting Expert Rating:
    • Features
    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
    Comments Rating 4.67 (55 reviews)
    A2hosting Coupon
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