DreamHost Review 2019: Best Hosting & Value For Money? Pros & Cons

dreamhost review

Are you wondering which web hosting provider you should use?

You have to do your research and get your facts right before choosing the first host on the internet.

We simplify the process by giving you an in-depth Dreamhost review so that you can learn everything you should know regarding this company and decide if it suits your hosting needs. Find out more!

About Dreamhost

This is a web hosting provider that provides room for small and large websites. The company has managed to host more than a million sites for over 400,000 users.

A lot of internet users utilize WordPress to market their products and services.

This CMS endorses only 4 web hosting companies, one of them being Dreamhost. Since the company was launched, it has managed to win a lot of awards every year.

Before we proceed with our Dreamhost review, it is good to give you a brief background of the company.

Dreamhost was among the first web hosts to launch. In 1997, a couple of friends from a certain college in California launched Dreamhost.

Their passion for open-source software inspired them to start hosting websites for clients. The friends were enthusiastic about helping online users boost their experience and grow their websites.

Due to their commitment to helping their clients, the buddies built this company on open-source technology.

Dreamhost continued growing over the years and became a big name in the industry. It is now managed by Simon Anderson who is the current CEO of the company.

This web host has offices in Oregon, Portland, Brea, and Los Angeles. It has gained a lot of members across the globe because of its excellent qualities.

Due to its commitment towards clients, PC magazine voted Dreamhost as the best hosting company. Our Dreamhost review will help you see why the company is considered a top leader in the industry.


What features does Dreamhost provide?

Whether you have a small site with minimal traffic or a big one that generates a lot of traffic, you can gain a lot from the features that this company provides.

If you are an entrepreneur, going offline for long can affect the performance of your site. Dreamhost prevents this from happening by providing website owners with 100% uptime guarantee.

The company makes use of data centers on the west and east coasts of the US. It has staff members working close to the machines always to avoid relying on a third party.

You will also love the sleek interface that this web host offers. It gives you full control over different aspects such as billing, infrastructure as well as support needs.

Most of the plans that this company provides come with Solid State Drives. While hard disk drives are better when it comes to capacity and affordability, SSDs are more modern and durable.

Dreamhost deploys SSDs to its infrastructure and configures them to boost the reliability and speed of your site. It ensures that your visitors do not experience slow pages which can affect your traffic generation efforts.

Reliability also builds confidence in your visitors since it assures them that they can always access your site from anywhere, anytime without limitations.

The company chooses SSDs since they are 20 times faster compared to traditional hardware configurations.

Dreamhost also allows you to pick unlimited domain names from different extensions. They ensure you receive unlimited bandwidth and data storage.

With this, you can work with as many websites as you please if you have diverse ideas. Each additional site comes with a monthly charge.

You also get unlimited email addresses for you to make use of multiple email inboxes. Try customizing your email accounts such that they match a domain name for smooth operation.

The company also provides you with cloud storage to secure your data so that you never have to worry about losing critical information.

Cloud storage also makes it easy for you to access any data you need securely. Your data is stored to a remote database which you can access through internet connection through any compatible device.

Dreamhost is also famous for its one-click installations. This means that you can easily access popular apps such as Joomla and WordPress without any hindrances.

If you go through most Dreamhost reviews, you will find users praising their proprietary control panel. It is easy to use making the web host ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Unlike web hosts that make use of Plesk and cPanel, Dreamhost came up with their own control panel. This does not have confusing options like cPanel.

It offers a streamlined version so that you can control some of the technical aspects without any help. A lot of users like the custom panel that Dreamhost provides.

The company does not, however, let you import data directly from any other panel. For you to transfer data from a cPanel host, you must migrate your files manually.

The manual process can be cumbersome since it involves a lot of work at the command line. It should however not be a deal breaker.

Hosting Plans that Dreamhost offers

This company has something for everyone. It provides a wide selection of hosting solutions that you can tailor for small business, WordPress as well as e-commerce.

The web host claims to be faster than most of the companies and can manage traffic spikes. We will discuss each hosting solution in detail to help you find an ideal one for your objectives.

  • Shared hosting plans

If you have a small business and have a tight budget, you can start with this hosting solution. It is an affordable solution for a business that does not have a lot of traffic.

Shared hosting implies that your site will be stored on a common server along with other users’ websites.

The plans that shared hosting solution offers are ideal for database driven sites, businesses, personal sites as well as blogs.

Choosing shared hosting plans from Dreamhost gives you access to unlimited domain names, storage, and bandwidth.

When the company launched, they only offered shared hosting as their only solution. The plans in this category were not that cheap until the company made some adjustments.

You can now choose a basic plan known as the Shared Starter which goes for $ 2.59 per month.

If you are new in the field, it is advisable that you start with this hosting solution so that you can save some cash. You can later upgrade to the advanced plans as soon as your site grows.

  • VPS hosting plans

Designers and large business owners should consider VPS hosting plans from Dreamhost. Here, you get to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server without paying a high amount.

They place your database on their server to boost the loading speed of your site. VPS hosting plans from Dreamhost start from $ 13.75 per month. This gives users 30GB storage, IGB RAM and unlimited hosting domains.

You can also choose other plans such as Business, Enterprise, and Professional under their VPS hosting. These plans start from $ 27.50 to $ 110.00 per month.

Each of the plans come with a customized control panel, unlimited bandwidth, and varying storage and RAM.

  • Dedicated server plan

If you get a lot of traffic on your website, you should invest in a dedicated server plan. The company manages everything on your behalf so that you can focus on growing your business without worrying about technical issues.

The hosting solution is designed for agencies, as well as apps that receive high traffic.

The dedicated plans from Dreamhost start at $ 169 per month. This plan comes with DDoS protection, 100% uptime guarantee, and root and shell access.

The dedicated servers also feature 2TB storage, new SSDs, up to 64 GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth. When you choose this hosting solution, the company ensures that you get easy sign-up and free domain.

It does not come with any hidden clauses or fees that can inconvenience you. You may, however, experience some delays during the account activation process.

  • Managed WordPress hosting

Dreamhost is one of the few web hosting providers that have a special relationship with WordPress.

If you use this CMS to build your small business, you should choose this hosting solution from Dreamhost. The company can optimize your site for WordPress.

From this solution, the company offers managed services such as adding automatic WordPress updates, performance optimization, and security protections.

They ensure that your site has recent versions of PHP and operating system. This allows you to spend more time focusing on producing high-quality services for your clients as the company takes care of maintaining infrastructure.

They also handle program language and monitor the software to boost the performance of your site.

The specific plan you get from this hosting solution includes 30 GB SSD storage, WordPress plugins, and themes as well as automatic installation of the CMS. You pay $ 16.95 per month to open your site to about 30,000 visitors per month.

You can also choose the second plan under this category which goes for $ 24.95 per month. It features 60GB SSD storage and allows up to 100,000 visits per month.

The plan also includes a staging environment which allows you to test the performance of your site.

The last plan in this category goes for $ 71.95 per month. It comes with 120GB SSD storage and unlimited monthly visits.

  • Cloud hosting

The company refers to its cloud hosting system as Dreamcloud. This consists of DreamCompute and DreamObjects.

Dream Compute allows you to customize and deploy your cloud servers while DreamObjects gives you a scalable storage service for your data.

The storage service also manages static files and backups so that you can access data any time.

  • E-commerce hosting

Are you thinking about running an e-commerce store?

You should choose Dreamhost as you ideal web host. The company has a lot of features that can ensure that your store is secure and fast.

With Dreamhost, you can gain a lot of visitors to your site and take your small business to great heights. The company gives you a straightforward installation of apps like Magento.

You also get affordable SSL certificates that can boost the security of your store. You don’t have to be concerned about Malware attacks since the E-commerce hosting solution features WAF security and automatic updates.

Dreamhost ensures that you maintain a high speed of your site by incorporating the use of server level caching.

You also get good customer support to handle any technical issues, and a user-friendly site building tool referred to as Remixer.

With this, you don’t need to have a lot of experience with coding for you to build your site. This remixer feature can help you run your website within no time.


What makes Dreamhost Different?

One of our objectives in offering this Dreamhost review is to show you why you should choose this company as opposed to the rest of the web hosts in the market.

We can achieve this by highlighting what makes this company different from the rest. Dreamhost is a carbon neutral company that is keen on energy conservation.

Any web host utilizes a lot of resources and uses a lot of electricity to run servers. Since 2007, Dreamhost had been carbon neutral as they try to conserve the environment.

They have been achieving this by purchasing carbon offsets. In only ten years, this company has managed to neutralize a lot of greenhouse gases making it energy efficient.

They run their offices using appliances that conserve energy. Their datacenters also include cooling infrastructure and power-efficient processors.

We, therefore, recommend this web host because it not only cares about making profits but also helping clients and conserving the environment.

Customer support

Various web hosting companies provide support differently, and Dreamhost is no exception to this. For you to get great customer support from this web host, you have to pay a fee.

Though they offer 24/7 support, it comes with some charges. If you go through most of the Dreamhost reviews, you will realize that this is a disadvantage since some of the web hosts provide support with no additional costs.

The company supports its clients through options such as a live chat facility and email. You have to pay a call back fee for you to receive support services.

They also have an active forum where people share ideas regarding different aspects of the company. You can also reach them via platforms such as Twitter.

Unlike web hosts that outsource support, Dreamhost has employed WordPress experts who have a lot of knowledge to share with new users.

You will, therefore, receive useful information that can help you solve different issues such as OpenStack problems.

You can also use the control panel to raise a ticket or fill out the form on their website. It is unfortunate that they don’t offer phone support.

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What extras does Dreamhost provide?

Dreamhost has been recognized as the best hosting company more than once. This is because apart from standard features, it offers its customers some bonuses which attract a lot of business owners. You can obtain a discount of up to 30% from ordering some of the plans.

If you are not contented about the plan you are using, you can cancel and get your refund. Dreamhost provides money back guarantee for 97 days after your subscription.

This is a generous offer compared to other web hosts that only offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You get adequate time to test the control panel without any commitments.

Take note that this guarantee applies to particular hosting solutions such as shared hosting. For you to get the refund, you must have used a credit card in purchasing the solution.

This means that the company does not provide automatic refunds for some payment methods such as money orders, PayPal and electronic or written checks.

Dreamhost also provides users with a billing option starting from $ 10.9. It is a great option for a user who is not sure about how long they will need the site.

It allows you to cancel any time you wish without any extra fees. Though the monthly billing option comes at a high cost, it gives you flexibility.

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Additional services that the company provides

Apart from the standard hosting plans, Dreamhost also provides other services that can help certain groups. For instance, it includes a domain registrar which is equipped with more than 400 domains.

The company offers a domain management service and private domain registrations that come at no extra cost.

You can also purchase an email hosting plan starting from $ 1.67 per month. This plan includes IMAP support, 25 GB mailbox and some advanced security features such as phishing and virus protection.

The company also offers Woocommerce hosting which features SSL certificates, backups and 1-click installation, and migration services.



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Dreamhost review: Merits

  • Speed

One of the things that you should be looking for as you choose a web host is the speed of its servers. Customers look for a fast loading website.

Dreamhost ensures that your sites can load within seconds.

It comes with GZIP compression and caching to boost the loading speed of your websites.

  • Availability of a website builder

Building your website from scratch can be challenging. Dreamhost makes it easy for you by providing Remixer website builder which prevents you from complex coding.

This can help you build a site fast so that you increase the conversion rate and generate traffic easily.

Remixer also comes with features such as no page limits, SEO optimization, mobile-friendly themes as well as access to stock photography.

  • 100% uptime

Finding a web hosting company with 100% uptime is rare. Dreamhost is a unique one since it ensures that your site remains online always.

It makes use of different datacenter locations to manage the load and deal with issues such as redundant cooling and downtime threats.

They monitor servers regularly to ensure that your site does not experience downtime. If it does, the company is ready to take responsibility and compensate you accordingly.

You can check the history of server issues from their website. A lot of customers appreciate such great transparency.


  • The lack of reseller package

The company does not include a reseller package. If you intend to operate a full reseller hosting business, you should look elsewhere. It does not also offer white label services.

  • It does not have Cpanel

While this may be a blessing to some users, it is a curse to others. Some people use Cpanel to access things such as FTP information, account management, and email accounts.

You have to take some time to get familiar with the custom panel that Dreamhost provides.

This control panel makes it hard to find some of the things and the dashboard can be limiting.

  • You don’t get phone support

Most web host customers find phone support better than other options since it provides instant feedback.

Though the company allows you to request a callback, some people find it inconveniencing since you have to pay extra for the service.



Dreamhost is a unique company that takes an innovative approach to web hosting. The incorporation of cloud hosting has made it easy for the company to diversify its portfolio.

Despite the advancement of other control panels, Dreamhost sticks to an easy to use custom panel which web developers have grown to love.

From our Dreamhost review, we have covered some of the relevant details including the different hosting solutions and plans available.

We have also highlighted the various features and services that the company provides to help you make your decision based on them.

Things such as money back guarantee, WordPress endorsement, carbon neutral and affordable plans make Dreamhost worth your consideration.

Though the company does not offer a reseller package or cPanel, it has numerous features that you can use to improve your site. Go through their website to find out more about the company before signing up.

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DreamHost Summary:
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Ease Of Use
  • Uptime
  • Price/Value
  • Reliability & Support


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