HostGator Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 8 Pros & 4 Cons

hostgator review

Hostgator is a provider of web hosting and similar services worldwide. Brent Oxley founded the company in his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University in late 2002.

From then, it has grown and currently provides Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller web hosting. The headquarters are in Texas with other offices found around the globe. Since its inception, Hostgator has seen exponential growth

The hosting has a broad client base. It is ideal for both those who want to go small or big. One can start a blog, use a content management system, create a portfolio, or open their first online store; whatever you wish to have it can come to pass with Hostgator.


The web hosting services are compatible with PHP, Linux, MySQL, Apache, and other applications and software.

One can start a new WordPress site on Hostgator or transfer their existing blog to the provider. There’s an automatic installer to do just that, while for those shifting they’ll find that the hosting is compatible with WordPress.

If you are leaning on the side of a CMS, there’s the option of Joomla hosting. You can customize this Hostgator service as you wish as well as access a variety of plugins for added functionality. The site is dynamic, and you can make changes as the need arises.

There’s also Drupal hosting, and you have the freedom and control over the way you wish the site to look like and the features it ought to have.

There are numerous themes and plugins as well leaving you to bring your vision to fruition. Hostgator also does have Magento hosting for those who want to sell their merchandise online. eCommerce has become a lot easier with the coming of online stores.

With this hosting, you can easily install Magento and receive a free dedicated IP and also a private SSL to keep transactions with your site secure.

Hostgator Review By Hosting Experts & Users


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8 Hostgator Pros or Advantages

Here are features you’ll expect to enjoy when you make Hostgator your service provider.




1. One Click installation

Installing the software and running updates ought not to be a headache when dealing with a hosting company.


If anything, this process should be seamless, and Hostgator ensures that that’s the experience you get.

Their QuickInstall application will install and run automatic updates for the free software you have on your website. At the moment, Hostgator provides over 75 scripts for their users.

You might think that Wikipedia has all the planet needs, but there is indeed room for more wikis in the industry. They serve as platforms where people can make contributions and updates to page on a given website.

Hostgator supports popular wiki software in the market, including MediaWiki, PmWiki, and TikiWiki.

Those interested in open source phpBB forum software, they can get access to the platform and host their community. Installation takes seconds, and you’re well on your way to giving your community the home.

2. Free website transfer

Hostgator migration

There are three plans available that those wanting to sign up for Hostgator can go for. They have the Hatchling Plan ($2.75/mo.), Baby Plan ($3.95/mo.) and Business Plan ($5.95/mo.)

When you visit the site, you’ll indeed find that the plans are 60 percent off. The prices mentioned are starting prices. Let’s take a deep dive at what to expect to get for each program.

Hatchling Plan: single domain transfer, one-click installs, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL Certificate.

Baby Plan: you can transfer unlimited domains, make installation in one click, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL Certificate

Business Plan: Here, you get everything in the Baby Plan. Additionally, you get a free upgrade to Positive SSL, a free Dedicated IP, and free SEO tools.

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3. Website builder

Website creation has come a long way with drag-and-drop alternatives that even those who are utterly new to the internet can come up with something professional looking. That’s what you get with Hostgator; a Gator Web Builder.

A web builder is a software or a tool that allows individuals to create a business, eCommerce, or personal websites without having to know how to code.

If you’re fast, you’ll have a finished product in less than an hour. During your first term, you get a free hosting domain and a free domain and thus getting your website live in no time.

It’s therefore ideal for those with limited coding knowledge or a person who wants to get their site online in a short time.

Gator Website Builder gives you more than 200 templates that give your site a professional look. They are also all mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to take extra steps to make it mobile-compatible.

You can also make specific edits to your mobile version without it affecting the desktop version for the sake of giving those on their phones an enhanced experience. You might need that feature if you are running campaigns only targeted to mobile users.

There is a library of high-quality stock photos available in the Gator Website Builder preloaded into the interface.

You, therefore, don’t have to scout for your own, though that alternative is available. They are sorted in categories, making it easy for you to get the right one to use.

4. Money-back guarantee

Hostgator moneyback

We live in times where we prefer to take things for a test run before we buy it. Typically, hosting sites give you 30-days to decide, and you can cash in for a refund if they do not meet your needs.

With Hostgator, you get 45-day money-back for all shared hosting plans.

5. Security

Hostgator security

They Provide Awesome security to their clients. So you can trust on them. It’s safe to host website on hostgator as they are very old company & doing this business from long time.

6. Easy to use Cpanel

There is no need of any technical knowledge to operate your website. With Hostgator’s Cpanel you can easily do any needed thing on your website.



7. Performance

For the other programs, you’ll have to take them for their word but you ought to expect the same 99.9 percent uptime they guarantee for shared hosting.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 2020100%422 msExcellent
January 2020100%512 msExcellent
December 201999.99%560 msExcellent
November 201999.98%422 msExcellent
October 201999.99%480 msExcellent
September 2019100%426 msExcellent
August 201999.89%595 msGood
July 2019100%581 msExcellent
June 201999.98%418 msExcellent
May 2019100%486 msExcellent
April 2019100%501 msExcellent
March 201999.97%491 msExcellent

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8. Technical support

Hostgator support

According to Hostgator reviews spanning the decade, it is mostly accepted that Hostgator is one of the 10 top largest hosting companies in the industry.

What dictates this honor?

The number of domains they host; currently the figure stands at 8,000,000. The size of the company (over 850 employees) reflects its commitment to have round the clock customer support for all their clients.

The demographics of the persons and organizations they host are vast, and there’s room for you too, no matter what kind of site you wish to start.

If you feel lost, there are over 500 video tutorials and 700 articles that you can search to get the help you need before reaching out to the expert team.

4 Hostgator Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

Hostgator has a lot more going one, including services not mentioned in this Hosting review. When you compare to other hosting services, you find that they are cheaper than other plans in the industry.

With that, however, comes with a few things that the users ought to know.

  • Renewal

The introductory plans last for three years and then it gets to the regular price. There are also other features deemed available but when you click on them you find that you have to pay for them. The renewal plans jump dramatically that if you have not looked at the terms and conditions, you will get the short end of the stick.

  • Additional Charges

The statement “starting from” does mean that. You can get to the end of the billing process and find out that there are additional charges. It is therefore essential to watch the pricing of the features that you add to your plan as the result might be more expensive than you anticipated.

Though there are a lot of free offers when coming with HostGator hosting services, there are a lot of extra fees that one has to pay to get the best available services. Though the charge is low, to get things such as gmail, backups, or malware protection, you have to pay additional cash.

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    Types of hosting

    Web hosting

    Those that have an existing website get free transfers for the site, domain, MySQL, and script. There are also 52 free scripts that with just a few clicks you can install in your account.

    Hostgator also offers plugins from different vendors, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

    If you wish to remain in the loop about who’s visiting your site, there’s Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, AWStats and other websites that relay web statistics for you.

    A hitch in your website or a specific page doesn’t have to be boring; you can customize the error pages. You’re assured that your account is secured with password protection directories.

    WordPress Cloud Hosting

    Hostgator flaunt their cloud hosting services as having 2.5 times more speed of other platforms. The reason behind the higher rates is the cloud architecture, CDN, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers.

    The content on each side gets effectively managed whereby content requests get processed at a lightning-fast speed.

    They also offer advanced security features and free migrations. You can purchase the Starter Plan, Standard Plan, and Business Plan. The plans have an offer for 40, 50, and 57 percent off respectively for the initial period.

    The Starter plan is actualiy ideal for those who have one site but high traffic of about 100,000 visits monthly. It also comes with 1GB space for backups.

    The starting price is $5.95 per month for a limited period. For the Standard Plan, you’re allowed to manage two sites and have traffic of 200k visits monthly.

    You have an additional GB compared to the previous plan. The starting price is $7.95 monthly. For the last program hosts three sites with 500k visitor per month. The space for backups is 3GB. All plans come with free SSL Certificate.

    In this Hostgator cloud hosting package, the control panel is easy to use thanks to the clean interface. There’s also the WordPress Cloud Interface that’s all about making it as simplified as can be.

    Hostgator backups up sites automatically but you can revert to a previous version in one click.

    This feature is welcomed, especially in cases of hacking, something WordPress sites tend to have a somewhat harder time dealing with. You can also change the setting to back up certain parts of your website and not others.

    With this hosting service, you also have access to all your email accounts. If you’re starting your site with Hostgator, you get free email hosting as with all hosting plans.

    You can create as many addresses as you wish. There’s also a G suite if you use Google apps and can select another hosting plan at any time.

    Should there be a spike in traffic, say when you are running an offer on products, there’s a one-click stability feature that enables you to handle the increased capacity. For support, there’s an expert team waiting to assist you round the clock.

    If you want to grow your business or blog, consider getting this plan. Start with the basic plan and as you scale upgrade your plans.

    VPS Hosting

    The VPS hosting packages have quite interesting names. There is the Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000.

    The starting price for the first plan is $29.95 for a limited period, which is 75 percent of the original pricing. There’s 2GB RAM available and disk space of 120GB.

    There are also 2 Cores CPU at your disposal. The bandwidth to run your site is 1.5 TB. For Snappy 4000, there is a similar offer, but the starting price is $39.95 per month for a limited period.

    You get two more GB in RAM but the same number of core CPU. The disk space is higher at 165GB, and the bandwidth is 2TB.

    For the last plan, it’s 73 percent off with a starting price of $49.95 for a month. The RAM is 8GB, and the plan comes with 4 Core CPU, a disk space of 240 GB and 3TB bandwidth.

    You get control of the private server hosting environment, including customizing installations and configurations. That means that the virtual server allocated to your site is autonomous.

    You mostly get the benefits of a dedicated server without paying the industry cost. Additionally, these servers are housed in a data center with redundant power and HVAC units. It is also safe to give the multiple layers of networks security. Scaling is quite easy as well. The support team will be there to help you.

    For all the plans mentioned, there are website development tools available and thousands of free website templates to choose from and other tools. Users get weekly off-site backups that ensure data remains safe.

    The demography that the Virtual Private Server (VPS) server targets are those who wish to have more control and flexibility over their site and run it as they want to.

    There is more of this control the higher you go in this price plan. If you’re to make the most of this plan, you do require some knowledge in file transfer and application management to run the administrative tools smoothly.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    As with other hosting alternatives, this hosting has three plans to choose from. There’s the Value server. Currently, it goes for 37 percent of and now wasting at $118.99 monthly.

    With it comes 4 Core/ 8 Thread, Intel Xeon-D CPU, 8 GB RAM and1 TB HDD. The Value plan has unmetered bandwidth and compatible with Linux or Windows OS.

    The next plan is the Power Server. It is currently 44 percent off and has a starting value of $138.99 per month. It has 8 Core / 16 Thread and Intel Xeon-D CPU.

    The RAM stands at 16GB and also provides 2 TB HDD or 512 GB SSD. As with the previous plan, it has unmetered bandwidth and compatible with Linux or Windows OS.

    The most expensive plan is Enterprise Server, and at 48 percent off for a specified period, it goes for a starting price of $148.98. The Core and Thread are the same as the previous plan and also has Intel Xeon-D CPU.

    The RAM is, however, at 30GB, which is a massive increase of the prior plan. The SSD storage is 1TB. Equally, it offers unmetered bandwidth and compatible with Linux or Windows OS.

    Overall, for Dedicate server hosting, you get maximum performance and a system full of resources at your disposal.

    You have both HDD and SSD hard drive options at your disposal and can make server configurations easily to match your ideal site.

    These plans also come with DDOS protection and even an -based firewall that keeps your server performing at optimum and running safely.

    For this option, there are managed and semi-managed options at different price points.

    Like VPS, dedicated web hosting is for your website. One can equate it to paying rent to have a physical space on Hostgator’s servers.

    Why people opt for this play is that it is much faster than shared hosting as you’re not sharing resources. Those who want improved control and security can opt for this hosting.

    The upside is they give visitors a fantastic experience as there are no limitations or issues. Those in the gaming industry benefit most from this hosting.


    You can get your domains registered with Hostgator. The various extensions have different price points with familiar extensions such as .com, .co and .org fetching a price of$12.95.

    Users get domain registration for free and feature to get them started as well for a specified period.

    Hostgator offers a service known as domain locking where you can prevent unauthorized transfer for the domain makes you make. If you’re shifting to another domain, there is also the option of unlocking.

    Otherwise, to avoid your domain getting a different owner, there’s domain renewal that takes place automatically. Human error is not uncommon, but you’re protected from it with this service offering.

    The domain control panel is otherwise designed for easy use so you can comfortably manage all aspect of your domain.

    HostGator Domain Privacy Protection ensures that all your contact information is available online via public WHOIS. That way, your site is protected from spam and identity theft.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Reseller Hosting

    The Reseller plans available are there for the intention of users making easy cash. There are three plans available as always: Aluminum, Copper, and Silver, which is what Hostgator recommends.

    For Aluminum, you get 33 percent off for a limited time for $19.95 per month. The disk space is at 60GB, and the plan comes with a 600GB bandwidth.

    With it, you can have unlimited domains and of course the ever-present SSL Certificate for free.

    The Copper plan comes at 41 percent with 90BG disk space and 900GB bandwidth. Users get unlimited domains and a free SSL certificate. This is all for $24.95 per month.

    For the Silver Plan, here is where you get the highest discount for all; 58 percent off. 140 GB space is part of the plan along with 1400 GB bandwidth. You also get unlimited domains and the free SSL Certificate.

    When you apply for any of these plans, you’re able to make money on the side or even run a hosting company with Hostgator as your service providers.

    You can share your pricing with clients so that your customers can get the specified services they need.

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    HostGator Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is HostGator?

    HostGator is web hosting provider.

    1. Why I need HostGator?

    You can use HostGator to host your websites.

    1. Is HostGator best for hosting?

    Yes. HostGator is very good.

    1. Is HostGator Value for Money?

    Yes. HostGator is totally value for money.

    1. What is HostGator Uptime guarantee?

    HostGator provide 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

    1. Is HostGator trusted hosting company?

    Yes. HostGator is trusted hosting company.

    1. Is HostGator easy to use?

    Yes. HostGator is very easy to use.

    1. Is HostGator good for WordPress hosting?

    Yes. HostGator very good for WordPress hosting.

    1. Payment methods that HostGator accept?

    HostGator accept following Payment methods All types of credit cards & Debit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and bank wires.

    1. Does HostGator offer Monthly Payment option?

    Yes. HostGator provide monthly payment option.

    1. Do I also need purchase extra services with HostGator?


    1. Can I upgrade HostGator plan later?

    Yes. You can upgrade HostGator plan at any time.

    1. Does HostGator offer Money back guarantee?

    Yes. HostGator provide 45 days Money back guarantee.

    1. How good HostGator customer support is?

    HostGator Support is very good. HostGator provide 24/7 support.

    1. Does HostGator offer free domain?

    Yes. HostGator provide free domain with any hosting plan.

    1. Does HostGator offer migration service?

    Yes. HostGator provide migration service.

    1. Does HostGator offer free SSL?

    Yes. HostGator provide free SSL.

    1. Does HostGator offer free cPanel?

    Yes. HostGator provide free cPanel.

    1. Does HostGator offer daily backups?

    Yes. HostGator provide daily backup service.

    1. Does HostGator offer SSD Storage?

    Yes. HostGator provide SSD Storage.

    1. Does HostGator offer CDN?

    Yes. HostGator provide CDN.

    1. Does HostGator offer one-click installers?

    Yes. HostGator provide one-click installers.

    1. Does HostGator give deals, discounts & offers?

    Yes. For HostGator offers you can check our Deals page.

    1. Do I need transfer domain to HostGator for hosting with them?


    1. Is HostGator good for you?

    Yes. HostGator is good for you.

    1. Do we recommend HostGator?

    Yes. We highly recommend HostGator to everyone.


    • Company Details



    Even with the pricing, they are the case because Hostgator is betting on the idea that you’ll not host after a few years. You do need to want out for additional costing, but it is essential in paying for what you need and entirely leaving out what you don’t need.

    Users site inconsistent speeds when it comes to loading speeds. Reports in this area vary, and you as the site owner will notice that some sites load faster than others.

    Once you settle on the service, you can pay via PayPal or Credit Card. If you are making long-term purchases, you can go for inventory pricing.

    The renewal rates are double, but by the time you make the renewal, you’ll have decided if Hostgator is for you.

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