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A large business needs reliable web hosting services to help it maintain its online presence.

If you run, such then you should work with a famous web hosting company such as Liquidweb.

This is a trusted brand that has been in existence for years. Though the web host comes with expensive plans, it takes care of most of the details, including security, maintenance, and security.

You can, therefore, focus on building your website and growing your business without worrying about the technicalities of maintaining or optimizing your server. Also see Cloudways Discount, Hostgator Discount, Bluehost Discount & Greengeeks Discount Deals.

This should offer peace of mind and save your time as well as money.

Before we discuss the available Liquidweb coupons, we will look at the company in detail to help you find out what you would be signing up for.

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Liquid Web Dec 2022 Deals & Coupons

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35% Off On All Cloud Hosting Plans

35% Off On All Cloud Hosting Plans

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    50% Off On All Dedicated Hosting Plans

    50% Off On All Dedicated Hosting Plans

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    50% Off On All VPS Hosting Plans

    50% Off On All VPS Hosting Plans

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    Get 40% Discount On Everything at Liquid Web – Huge Discount

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    50% Off On Liquid Web WordPress Hosting

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    Managed WordPress Only at $9.95/month From Liquid Web

    Managed WordPress Only at $9.95/month From Liquid Web

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  • Cloud VPS Only at 11.5/month From Liquid Web

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    Get 75% Off on All Hosting Plans at Liquid Web – Best Deal

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    What is Liquidweb?


    Launched in 1997, this is a superior web hosting company that has more than 30,000 customers and serves more than 100 countries.

    It is famous for working with big brands such as Motorola and Home depot. The reason why most business owners choose Liquidweb over its competitors is the exceptional server speed.

    You will like the quality of the products that Liquidweb offers.

    Liquidweb also stands out when it comes to managed hosting. With this hosting, a business houses its servers at the company’s datacenter. Liquidweb, therefore, serves up files remotely.

    The company deals with all the support tasks and administrative duties. Though the plans are not cheap, you can get a better deal by utilizing Liquidweb coupons.

    Liquidweb Offers the Following Features


    1. Security

    Every website owner knows the importance of security in developing a site.

    Liquidweb can help you enhance the security of your site since it provides a lot of security features such as virtual private network, SSL certificates, and firewalls.

    It also scans for malware from time to time and removes any security threats from your site.

    2. Backup

    Though some of the features come with the specific packages, others have to be bought as add-ons separately.

    The company also offers nightly backups to prevent your website from suffering from massive damage.

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    3. Uptime

    Another crucial aspect of developing a functional website is the uptime. When a site goes offline, you may lose customers since they cannot gain access to the products or services you are offering.

    Since this is every entrepreneur’s nightmare, Liquidweb offers high uptime rates that are dependable. Few web hosts can keep up with the high uptime rates of this web host.

    It guarantees 100% uptime. Liquidweb also promises to compensate you if your website goes offline for long.

    The company also have a Sonor monitoring team which scans and detects any issues on your server before it can cause downtime. If you operate websites that generate a lot of revenue, this form of security can come in handy.

    4. Superb Speed

    It also enhances the speed of your site thanks to the use of solid-state drive storage.

    SSDs are believed to be more reliable and faster compared to hard disk drives.

    5. Free Migration

    Most of the managed plans also come with extra features such as free migrations and plugin updates. Migrating to an unfamiliar host can be challenging.


    That is why Liquidweb works with a capable migration team that can quickly transfer your site to Liquidweb at no extra charges.

    You only need to fill out a migration form in your account then wait for the team to do the rest. The migration process should take a maximum of 1 week.

    6. Updates

    The company also updates WordPress Core for you. Liquidweb is also equipped with numerous site management tools. Besides that, it provides managed email solution.

    They offer to take care of things like email spam, maintenance and set up on your behalf. Liquidweb can also help you deal with software updates.

    The main management tool in this company is a dashboard that is referred to as Sync Pro. This allows you to manage all your websites from one location.

    7. SEO & Developer Friendly

    The company keeps track of SEO status and Google analytics data always. In case of any downtime or uptime, you will also be updated accordingly.

    Liquidweb also offers developer-friendly hosting. It provides developer tools like Git, SSH, and WP-CLI.

    8. Data Center

    Liquidweb contains three datacenters found in Amsterdam, Arizona, and Michigan.


    With years of experience in the industry, Liquidweb helps solve clients’ problems related to web hosting. They work with a team of engineers, administrators, and technicians who are dedicated to helping every customer.

    Experts reveal that when your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, most visitors click back and look at other competitor sites that load fast.

    That is why Liquidweb enhances the speed of your website to reduce a high bounce rate and generate more traffic. The web hosting company also excels when it comes to its support system.

    9. One Click Installer

    Like other WordPress hosts, you get one-click installs, numerous apps, plugins, and automatic updates.


    This hosting environment is specifically meant for installing the content management system and other associated plugins.

    It prevents you from the hassle of installing WordPress since the company pre-installs it.

    10. Customer Service

    Creating a successful website alone without help is next to impossible. You need web hosts representatives to help you solve some issues once in a while.


    Liquidweb has a heroic support team in place to give you instant feedback. It has employed experts who know the ins and outs of web hosting.

    Liquidweb offers phone support and promises to receive your calls in less than a minute. You can also get help through submitting a ticket or reach out to them through the available live chat facility.

    Apart from the standard support options, Liquidweb also offers a robust knowledgebase. You can make use of the available tutorials and learn more about different web hosting topics.

    High-quality technicians staff the company’s data centers.

    In case of any server issues, the problem is addressed in-house without the need for outsourcing assistance from third parties.

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    The Hosting Solutions at Liquidweb

    Most of the traditional web hosting companies in the market offer even basic plans. You may have a different experience from choosing Liquidweb.

    This does not provide shared web hosting. It is, therefore, not ideal for small business owners and individuals. It is also not beginner-friendly.

    For you to benefit from this hosting platform, you need to have basic knowledge of hosting resources and understand how servers function.

    The pro-level hosting solutions that Liquidweb offers are discussed as follows:

    • VPS Web Hosting

    If you are searching for a server with a high amount of power but at a lower price tag, you should choose VPS hosting from Liquidweb.


    This is a higher form of the standard shared hosting. The difference between the two is that here, you deal with powerful system resources.

    This hosting solution is ideal for a fast-growing startup that experiences at least 50,000 visitors per month.

    The cheapest VPS plan from this company costs $ 4.99 per month. You get 30GB SSD storage, 1 GB RAM, unlimited domains, and email.

    You can also choose the high-end VPS option, which costs $ 297 each month.

    Though costly, it includes about 750 GB of storage, 96 GB RAM and allows you to choose between Window-based and Linux servers.


    Setting up VPS on windows based servers should take less time compared to setting up on Linux. Feel free to request for a more powerful server if you choose this VPS option.

    Unlike most of the web hosts, this company only charges you for the total number of days that you make use of the service each month.

    This can help you a lot if you change your mind about your hosting account. If your website goes beyond the set traffic limit, you can continue using it as long as you pay an extra amount.

    Extra usage of the company’s resources leads to additional charges. For VPS hosting plans, you can get 40% off by utilizing Liquidweb coupons.

    • Dedicated Web Hosting

    Do you want to build your site on a strong foundation?

    You need to choose dedicated hosting from Liquidweb. It is also the right hosting solution for a website that experiences heavy traffic.


    This gives your site access to all the resources of a server without having to share them with any other website owner. The dedicated servers from this company come in different configurations.

    You can either choose a server with a single processor or one with dual processors. The first option contains two solid-state drives with 480 GB and a backup drive of 1TB.

    You also get at least 16 GB of RAM and monthly data transfers. The server with dual processors is more equipped and geared towards a large business looking for top-notch website performance.

    If you are also ready to spend a substantial amount for these servers, you can boost the performance of your website.

    The plans under this category also come with some notable features such as free Cloudflare CDN. You cannot incur an extra fee for the setup.

    The service team delivery should set up servers for you within 48 hours.

    The company also offers 40% off for managed dedicated servers for customers who take advantage of the Liquidweb coupons.

    • WordPress Hosting

    If you have been developing websites for a while, you probably understand the problems that come from using WordPress.

    This CMS needs proper maintenance to prevent slow loading pages. The lack of maintaining WordPress can affect your SEO ranking negatively and reduce conversions.

    You need to look for a WordPress host that has optimized technology to boost your site’s performance.

    That is where LiquidWeb comes in. It offers custom-built servers which are built to enhance the speed and overall performance of your site.


    Research reveals that LiquidWeb can boost speed up to 10 times faster than using generic servers.

    The web host can achieve this due to the use of speed technologies such as automatic image compression, PHP7, and HTTP/2.

    The company offers at least three tiers for managed WordPress hosting. The cheapest tier goes for $ 110 each month. Look for Liquidweb coupon for you to get a more affordable cost for this.

    When you choose to host your site on WordPress with the help of this company, you receive features such as ten domains, 100 GB SSD, and monthly data transfers.

    After logging into WordPress, you get the freedom to create any posts, galleries, and pages in the same way you would from a self-hosted site.

    Try applying several themes to your website to capture the attention of the audience and make it look more presentable.

    The WordPress plans that you get from Liquidweb are not designed for a single website. Even the most affordable package can support up to 10 sites.

    Ensure you avail discounts on managed WordPress hosting by using Liquidweb coupons. You can get a discount of 33% off for purchasing packages in this category.

    • Cloud Web Hosting

    Not every web hosting company offers this solution. In this hosting solution, the resources that your website requires to operate are shared on different servers.

    Like the rest of the hosting solutions, this also comes with different tiers. You can either pick between Windows or Linux operating system.

    The lowest tier which goes for $ 4.99 each month includes 1 GB RAM, 1 TB data, and 30 GB of storage.

    Liquidweb gives you a lot of flexibility since you can expand the server resources if you want.

    • Reseller Hosting

    You may also want to get into the business of hosting websites but lack the technical skills of managing servers.

    Liquidweb allows you to achieve this even when you don’t know much about infrastructure and bandwidth. You need to buy a reseller hosting package.

    The cheapest one goes for $ 59 per month. The reseller packages have the same monthly data transfers and RAM as VPS hosting packages.

    This company provides well-rounded plans and 24/7 tech support.

    • Woocommerce Hosting

    If you are interested in establishing an e-commerce store, you can do this with the help of Liquidweb. This web host offers Woocommerce hosting.

    The hosting solution from this company is unique since it is fully hosted. For you to start, you only need to pick a plan without having to worry about configuring or installing Woocommerce.

    The prices for Woocommerce hosting begin at $ 249 per month.

    • Custom Solutions

    Apart from the hosting solutions mentioned above, the company can also build custom solutions.

    If you have specific business needs that the hosting packages above may not be able to meet, the hosting advisers of Liquidweb can create a custom solution for you.

    Such solutions may be a combination of different infrastructure.

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    How to Use Liquidweb

    For you to start using this web host, you have to launch an account. Signing up involves giving out credentials such as your password and email.

    After signing up, ensure you verify your account before you begin using it. You can then choose the hosting package you want to use.

    If you choose one of the managed hosting plans, you get access to the conventional control panel. From here, you can manage SSL certificates and domain settings.

    The control panel also offers full control of your site since it allows you to conduct most of the activities from one location.

    Most of the customers reveal that the control panel is well organized and easy to use. Feel free to manage your website’s files and databases from this platform.

    For every other plan, you can choose to use either WHM or Plesk control panels. WHM comes with additional options to configure servers while Plesk has a clean and tidy interface that simplifies things.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    The Pricing and Plan Options

    This company offers plans in at least four categories. You can choose to work with a standard plan if you run a personal blog.

    This includes unlimited emails, two domain names, and 5 GB disk space. The rest of the plans include webmaster, professional plan, and semi-dedicated.

    Each plan has different features and is designed for specific types of business owners.

    Though most of the plans from this company are costly, the company offers a money-back guarantee. This lets you test the services of the company.

    You can always cancel your subscription within a month if you change your mind. Sadly, Liquidweb does not provide a free trial period.

    Some people wonder why Liquidweb has such costly plans. This is because all of the managed plans they offer are geared towards giving you high performance.

    Choosing from the different plans available can be challenging to some people. When you are new to this web hosting company, you should first buy the standard plan.

    You can upgrade your hosting as your website grows. You can pay for any of the plans via different methods including PayPal, wire transfer, check, credit, or debit card.

    Unlike some of the web hosts, Liquidweb allows you to pay for plans monthly. You, therefore, don’t need to subscribe to an annual plan if you have short term business goals.

    You can get a lot of discounts from using Liquidweb coupons available. Most of the company’s plans display promo codes that are bolded so that you cannot miss them.

    You may end up getting up to 40% off for choosing some of the hosting packages from the company.

    Find out How Use Liquidweb Promotional Offers

    If you have ever tried to gain exclusive deal from any other web hosting company, you should find the process straightforward.

    It, however, differs a bit depending on the hosting type you pick. You have to pick between the different coupon codes available here.

    Once you have chosen one coupon code, click on the link that should direct you to the company’s website.

    Go through the different packages that Liquidweb offers and select an ideal one. This company is quite flexible since it gives you the chance to pick what you require in a plan.

    Ensure you pick the right hosting option as you consider crucial factors such as backup option, bandwidth requirements, and disk space.

    You can then enter the coupon code you chose then click on the “apply” button. You should be able to see the new cost after the discount.

    You can then fill out your account details. Wait for an email and invoice for you to make the necessary payments.

    Ensure you make use of Liquidweb coupons before they expire.

    They can help you get plans at a lower rate.

    Apart from the promo codes and regular deals available, Liquidweb also offers a mega discount during particular periods.

    You can get cheaper plans during cyber Monday sale and black Friday sale. Take note of these periods and grab your chance before it is too late.

    For you to avoid missing out on such deals, you can subscribe to a coupon list so that you receive notifications regarding great deals directly in your inbox.

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    Pros & Cons


    • It offers high-quality plans
    • Makes use of well-trained team members
    • Provides excellent customer support
    • 100% uptime guarantee


    • Expensive plans
    • The knowledgebase is not well organized

    Liquid web Review

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    Though Liquidweb is a great hosting company, it is not suitable for everyone. For you to make the right decision, you should try to assess the level of performance and support you require.

    The company is famous for its high-performance servers, heroic support, and managed servers.

    The hosting services of Liquidweb are optimized for some of the popular apps, including Woocommerce and WordPress.

    Liquidweb works hard to satisfy the needs of every customer. Though Liquidweb fails to provide shared hosting, the excellent VPS and dedicated hosting make it appear in the list of the web hosting elite.

    If you require a managed hosting solution which delivers 100% uptime for your store or WordPress site, then Liquidweb is an ideal fit.

    The plans offered may not come at a cheap price tag, but they are worth it. Do not forget to make use of the promotional offers that the company provides.

    You can utilize Liquidweb coupons available for you to get a more affordable plan.

    LiquidWeb Expert Rating:
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    • Performance
    • Ease Of Use
    • Uptime
    • Price/Value
    • Reliability & Support
    Comments Rating 4.4 (35 reviews)
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