Liquid Web Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 7 Pros & 3 Cons

Liquid Web Review

The Liquid web hosting company boasts of state of the art technology and apart from helping users build their site.

The company offers new tips for users to use in their SEO strategy to attract traffic

Each Webhosting company offers its users unique features to gain a competitive advantage, and many of them put a lot of hard work in obliterating downtimes and offering maximum support service.

But none of them makes a killing by dedicating their time to supporting a specific target market.

Liquid web, therefore, guides their users from inception and engages them via their social networking platforms.

Users are thus kept abreast of the newly available services and features and are given discounts on various additional services.

For example, in one of their social networking sites, users were given free information on how to ensure they rank top in search engines.

The hosting company understands that new users have a hard time generating traffic; they, therefore, encouraged them to generate backlinks.

The idea involves cooperating with prominent websites, whereby, after you have developed good content and need to get it out, the backlink from a reputable site will inform visitors that your site has good information, and the traffic will be redirected to your site.

What is Liquid Web?


Liquid Web is a hosting company that helps online entrepreneurs grow their businesses, they do recognize that one size does not fit all and have an extensive customizable portfolio of services for their user’s to choose from.

The hosting company is on toes with new technological developments and users can access the latest product innovations and hardware refreshes that will give them a competitive edge in online business.

In addition, the hosting company offers its users advanced services, such as teaching them how to build their sites reporting suite. The latter helps to communicate compiled information that has been gathered from research and data analysis.

Liquid Web Review By Hosting Experts & Users


Screenshot of some customers Reviews


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7 Liquid Web Pros or Advantages

Liquid Web can make your website much better and faster by providing their awesome features. Let’s start below finding out their good & bad things.

1. SSL Certificate

Liquid web provides SSL certificates to its users, which enables visitors to trust your site. What happens when the certificate is installed on your website is that you will notice a change in the URL from HTTP to HTTPS.

After which a padlock, which is also the mark of security will be visible in your address bar assuring your site visitors and customers of security.

2. Free Migration

The Web hosting company offers its users free migration services but you will have to request a migration from support to ensure that information transfer is smooth. The migration is not only internal as in from a liquid web server only but also from other external hosts.


When requesting for a migration a user will be required to fill out a form via their liquid web account. Inside a user’s account, there is a migration center link and by clicking on it a user will be directed to the center’s homepage. They will then select the option of creating a migration request and fill the form.

On the request form, an account owner will be required to name their migration and add their source account, they will then click on the option of adding a source account to provide information about the hosting account that they want to migrate from.

After which they will click on the add source button to indicate server access information for their source account.

Users will then select their destination and if they want their software to be updated with regards to the migration. However, if they don’t need any updates they won’t have to provide any information.

They will then choose the domains that they want to be tested and indicate how they want their DNS handled.

Before submission, a user has to review the information that they have given and click the submit button, to which a ticket will be released to the Heroic Migration team.

However, to conduct the process according to Liquid Web a user has to familiarize themselves with some technical terms, one is the Hosts File, Initial Sync, Final Sync, and DNS update.

Liquid web also offers its users a service known as “Load balancing,” the load balancer main function is to distribute traffic to multiple servers thus enabling millions of page views within an hour.

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3. Free Automatic and Premium backups

Data loss and downtimes are detrimental to online businesses and way too costly; therefore, you need to choose a hosting plan that offers a backup feature.

Liquid web offers free automatic backups for all their hosting plans but there are other advanced features that you might want to purchase for your site, such as the Block Storage.

The feature enables the creation of an unusual amount of storage, especially for critical data.

Block storage will allow you to access instant storage volumes, which are available from 5GB to 15TB. The feature, therefore, allows volumes of data to be moved between servers, which in the long run enable quick file recovery from a server failure.

4. One Click Installer

Softaculous is a tool by Liquid web that enables you to easily install Server Software.


5. Easy to use Cpanel

The company provide Cpanel that you can use to manage your website.


6. Performance

On official Liquidweb’s website they mentioned 100% uptime guarantee. Also their uptime is really good compared to other hosting providers.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 202099.99%516 msExcellent
January 2020100%466 msExcellent
December 201999.99%475 msExcellent
November 201999.99%397 msExcellent
October 201999.96%285 msExcellent
September 2019100%569 msExcellent
August 2019100%428 msExcellent
July 201999.98%667 msExcellent
June 201999.99%382 msExcellent
May 2019100%694 msExcellent
April 2019100%572 msExcellent
March 201999.98%409 msExcellent

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7. Support

The Liquid Website builder might not be easy to use but the support team is tremendous.


Apart from the phone, chat and email support, the hosting company boasts of well-trained technicians that will hold your hand as you set up your site.

They even help users come up with a customized hosting solution, which meets their specific needs.

Liquid Web support response is 24/7; their teams are always ready to help you pick the right plan, offer solutions to technical issues in your account and answer your queries with regards to billing.

Therefore, you can never get stuck when being hosted by Liquid web.

3 Liquid Web Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

Liquid Web has a phenomenal reputation when it comes to the website hosting market.

It boasts some of the most excellent services out there and tech support that tends to go unrivaled.

All of this comes at a cost, though, and there are things that Liquid Web doesn’t do quite so well, despite its excellent reputation.

1. Expensive

Liquid Web offers great web hosting services, as we mentioned, but that does come at a price and a hefty price at that.

It’s a market leader, and the price reflects that.

Unfortunately, that means that most small scale businesses and bloggers aren’t going to be able to take advantage of the excellent offerings of Liquid Web.

2. No Shared Hosting

It’s not just the exceptional level of the services on offer that drives up the prices, though. Another major factor is that you can only get dedicated servers with Liquid Web, not shared servers.

This plays into the fact that it is such a high-quality platform but means that you need some extra server management knowledge, as well as the cash to pay for it.

3. No Bonus Offers

Once again, playing into the premium and high-end image that Liquid Web has established for itself, it does not offer any additional free bonuses with its plans.

Things like SSL certificates or domain registration are all going to cost you some additional cash, further adding to the already high financial barrier for entry.

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    Who are the users of Liquid Web?


    When looking for a hosting company many beginners sample the most popular Webhosting companies.

    Therefore, a company that has not built a good reputation among netizens will rarely attract users, however, that’s not the case for Liquid web because it hosts many reputable companies such as the National Geographic, FedEx, Ducati and Motorola among others.


    A new Liquid web user is not just another number in their growing list of customers but a partner.

    Therefore, if you want to run your e-commerce business successfully with the hosting company you will be provided with different advanced features and hosting solutions.

    • Managed Servers

    Now that you have to worry about products and services in your e-commerce site, Liquid web will help you manage your server that means you have one less thing to worry about.


    Managing a server involves handling technical details, a thing that many users are not well versed with.

    Therefore, the hosting company will manage your server and ensure that your site is up and running, obliterating incidences of technical glitches that may crash your site.

    Your sites software and hardware will constantly be updated and you, therefore, don’t need to worry about downtimes.

    A spike in your site’s traffic should not be a bother because Liquid web keeps a keen eye and will ensure that your website can comfortably handle the increased traffic without crashing.

    Another advantage of a fully managed server is that your files are secured and backed up such that if a crash occurs, you will still be able to recover your data.

    • Off-Site backup

    E-commerce site owners under Liquid web hosting do not have to worry about the security of their data because the hosting company provides off-site back up, especially for users using the dedicated servers.

    Offsite backup regularly backs up email archives, databases and other important information in a facility or storage media that is located away from the organization’s key infrastructure.

    • PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)

    Running an e-commerce site means that your customers and visitors might use credit cards, you will, therefore, need to ensure their security.

    Liquid Web offers its online merchants a PCI compliance scan, which manages external security vulnerability.

    • SSL Certificates

    An SSL certificate increases the confidence of your site visitors and customers you, therefore, don’t have to worry about your communication processes being accessed by third parties.

    Hacking is a common thing in the internet industry and the hackers get better by the day, but with the encrypted SSL certificate, the security of your business is ensured.

    Liquid web also recommends to its e-commerce site owners, customizable hosting plans that will match their business needs.

    They, therefore, have four options to which their users can choose from; one which is the VPS hosting that allows a user to set up their website within a safe container complete with disk space, CPU cores, and memory.

    The second plan is a dedicated server for e-commerce site owners; the plan allows a user to customize the server to their needs for disk space, RAM, CPU, and software. Users with this plan will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of customization and enhanced security that is not available in other hosting solutions.


    Lastly, there are the Cloud sites and the Woo Commerce managed hosting, the latter just like WordPress is free and open-source, and allows a user to easily set up their e-commerce store.

    The Cloud sites, which is also a virtual server runs in a cloud computing environment and users can access the service remotely besides it being built, hosted and delivered through a cloud platform.


    Before you start your blog with Liquid web they will prepare you for what to expect and how to maneuver around small obstacles successfully. All the blogging gurus out there had a starting point which wasn’t so pretty but with persistence and continuous practice, they became better.


    The hosting site, therefore, encourages its users to build their marketing list during inception; many new users tend to heavily rely on social media platforms to build their email list for marketing, a concept that is not welcomed by Liquid web.

    They thus encourage users to use the email opt-in feature in their new blogs complete with a call to action, so that visitors can subscribe to their newsletters.

    SEO is a must for bloggers and to get the most out of it, Liquid web advice users to add a unique but descriptive keyword-optimized HTML title. The Meta description is also another important feature that will help your blog and web content attract visitors, not to forget links and images.

    Many Webhosting companies offer free options for beginners including bloggers, some give free hosting for one year with few paid services, while others just give a few days for free.

    The point here is that you will have to invest some money if you want your blog to stand out and convert. There are products and services that will enhance your site’s performance such as buying a premium plugin.


    According to Liquid Web blogging for money is a misconception because, in the long run, you will have a hard time coming up with content. However, when you are passionate about a topic it becomes easy for you to dedicate time to coming up with new content consistently.

    Consequently, your marketing skills will improve as you make your content go viral and writing and publishing will be often.

    It is a no brainer that bloggers need to be passionate about what they are blogging about, failure to which their site will be abandoned.

    Google Analytics helps users evaluate the traffic flow in their sites, but many people always install it later after their blogs have gathered some following. For liquid web, however, Google analytics is to be installed from the time you start your blog.

    Therefore, when you start publishing it will be easier for you to know what your visitors are interested in, and even though it might seem hard at first, with time you will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge on how your site is being used and how it can be improved.

    Choosing a wrong blogging platform for your blog will leave you with fewer opportunities for controlling various aspects of your blog.

    On the other hand, waking up to a hacked website or getting a message that your site is down can affect your conversion rate.

    Therefore, you need to make sure that you choose a hosting plan or provider that will back up your site constantly off-site because failure to back up means that you have to start from scratch as you will have lost all of your data and content.

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    Is Liquid Web user-friendly?

    Creating a new website is easy and should take you a few minutes. However, Liquid web is not your usual drag and drop builder kind of site as it offers different services when it comes to hosting.

    For example, users who want to create internet marketing sites will have to use their reliable CMS, access vital security features and VPS servers.

    Individuals interested in migrating their sites do not have to worry as Liquid web support is quite handy with that and it will only take them a couple of minutes.


    For the new site owners, the process seems simple and straight forward but let us find out. For starters, you will register your domain name with Liquid web or you can purchase a new one.

    You will then create a WebSpace, where you will store your site contents, and if you feel like creating a new account with cPanel or Plesk is a challenge then you can open a ticket to contact support with your managed login information.

    This is the second most important step in setting up your site as it will provide you with a completely new domain that has been purchased online and one that is SEO optimized. You will then be required to just add content.

    However, you can still customize your site by installing a content management system and get your content online. According to Liquid Web, it is not a must for users to submit their new domain names to search engines because of the availability of spiders that view online information and creates records of the data.

    Search engines will then be able to find results for search queries from the collected and indexed records. This, therefore, means that the search engines spiders will easily locate your new site and index the available content.

    Therefore, as a site owner, you will have to work really hard to come up with great content for your site after you have registered your domain.

    You will then point the new domains DNS (Domain Name Server), the latter is an internet phonebook whose purpose is to translate domain names to the IP addresses and enable browsers to load the internet resources.

    The importance of the above procedure is because machines only access websites with regards to their IP addresses and the domain names are easy for people to remember and use.

    The next step will be changing the Nameserver, which will be done at the registrar where you initially purchased your new domain name. You will, therefore, need to find the link/page button, which will enable you to change the Nameservers for the domain.

    Lastly, you are free to access optimization tools for your website from Google, to increase your site’s chances of being indexed by search engines. Setting up your site with Liquid web might require a lot of tech support as it doesn’t look easy as the hosting provider makes it seem.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Pricing and Plan options

    • Dedicated Server

    Liquid web offers its users six different hosting solutions and each of them has unique features. The first one is the Dedicated Server that comes at a price of $199/m, and of all the other hosting plans this option has a built-in backup drive, whereas, others are integrated.


    Users under this plan will have their sites protected by the Proactive Sonar Monitoring that helps check for emerging threats 24/7.

    The Dedicated server is also aligned with a Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network). Website account holders will, therefore, have their site content cached, a process that helps enhance a pages load speed, reduces bandwidth usage and minimizes CPU usage in the server.

    Another distinct feature is that setting up an account takes more time when compared to other plans that take 5 to 10minutes.

    • Cloud sites

    The second plan is available from $150/m known as the Cloud sites. This plan is the simplest to set up and users get access to unlimited site visitors.

    What’s more is that the Built-in Autoscaling feature allows the account holders to scale the cloud services with regard to the defined situation. Under this plan Liquid Web guarantees its users a 100% uptime all day 365 days.

    The Cloud Dedicated hosting plan goes for $159/m and has quite some significant features, for example, the Standard DDoS Protection, which differentiates between malicious traffic and a legitimate one on a user’s site. The application works by interacting with the clients and blocks malicious traffic.

    The reason as to why a user’s site needs the Standard DDoS protection is because; a DDoS attack on a website can attempt to exhaust an application’s resources. It will, therefore, end up making the application unavailable for legitimate users.

    Other features are a dedicated IP address, CloudFlare CDN, and Server Secure advanced security among others. The Managed Woo Commerce Hosting is available from $39/m and can be set up for you in less than 10minutes.

    WooCommerce is one of the most popular shopping cart systems around the Globe, and users who are able to access the feature can turn their WordPress website into an e-commerce store.

    • VPS Hosting

    Lastly, there is the VPS hosting, though each of them comes with its own unique features their prices begin from $29/m.


    As a Liquid Web User, you don’t necessarily have to purchase one of their hosting plans if they don’t meet your needs.

    You can simply request for a multi-server platform at an extra cost of course and their architects will help you build your customized multi-server hosting solution.


    • Managed WordPress hosting

    Liquid web thus encourages users to use WordPress, because it allows you control of all the aspects of your blog and you can customize it however you want to suit your service.

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    Pros & Cons


    • 100% uptime
    • Friendly and Helpful Customer support
    • Has some of the most Sophisticated infrastructures in different hosting plans
    • Users enjoy server security and daily scans against external attacks


    • Expensive hosting services compared to other web hosting companies
    • Lack of shared hosting

    Final Word

    • Company Details



    Liquid Web does not seem to accommodate shared hosting, which is always fair priced therefore small businesses and personal site owners might have to find hosting solutions elsewhere.

    However, the Webhosting Company prides itself with the ability to handle the administrative responsibilities of their user’s sites, regardless of their complex nature.

    Though their services are expensive they are worth every coin because they come attached with some significantly advanced features and that is why they play host to some of the most renowned companies around the world.

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    Liquid Web Review

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