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Today, more and more people are becoming aware of the impact they have on the environment.

All sorts of sustainability projects are being started and even in our everyday lives, many have been making small changes in order to lessen their carbon footprint.

We use less plastic, less water—but is it possible to go green when it comes to our online activities as well?

To better understand how we can become more ecofriendly online, let’s first talk about how the internet actually works.

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    GreenGeeks Review(4.5 Star by 60+ Users)

    More often than not, we overlook the beast behind what makes our daily internet activities possible.


    As such, not everyone is aware of how much carbon this massive system actually emits.

    Think about it; each and every website online is housed in a server within a datacenter.

    Currently, there are over 70 million servers globally and each one requires electricity in order to keep it functioning and even more so to help keep it cool.

    And what do we use for electricity?

    Fossil fuels.

    The amount of carbon it produces is equal to what’s being produced by the countries of Hong Kong, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia combined.

    It is also equal to the amount produced by all 31 million cars in the United Kingdom, driving around the world. Enough to power a Boeing 747 flying from Earth to the moon 5,674 times.

    Quite a scary thought, isn’t it?

    Luckily, however, there’s also been a green shift when it comes to website hosting.

    You may or may not be familiar with it but environmentally friendly hosts such as GreenGeeks have been innovating ways to make this a possibility.

    You, too, can take benefit from this through the use of a GreenGeeks coupon which will allow you to make the switch without needing to shoulder the full cost of doing so!

    GreenGeeks Features – What You Need to Know

    The company has over 4 decades of experience in the industry, consistently providing clients with affordable yet high quality hosting.

    If we’re talking services, they provide users with the best server hardware and has proven themselves to be among the most dependable network providers available.

    Aside from this, they also keep their software programs up to date—ensuring reliability and efficiency when it comes to their products.

    However, one of the things that truly make them standout is the fact that every GreenGeeks account, even those purchased through a GreenGeeks coupon code, leaves a positive energy footprint on the environment.

    This is because the company replaces every energy your website uses, thrice over, with wind power credits.

    But green doesn’t necessarily mean, you’re getting only the basics from your web hosting plan.

    GreenGeeks offers full feature plans, everything that you need to establish and power your website— the best bit?

    Their plans start at $2.95 month, which is great for beginners who might be working with a smaller budget.

    Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

    1. The Essentials:

    • Unlimited SSD Web Space.

    The company does not impose any restrictions when it comes to the amount of disk space your website takes up.

    • Unlimited Data Transfer.

    They also do not impose any limits on the amount of bandwidth you use.

    • Host Unlimited Domains.

    You will be able to host as many websites as you need on a single account. Given their privacy features, your visitors will not be informed of such.

    • Pre-installed Drag n Drop Builder.

    Are you new to building websites?

    Through this tool, you’ll be able to easily put together and setup your pages.

    All you need to do is drag and drop apps and components into place.

    For pros, this should help you save time and effort— a more efficient alternative to building websites from scratch, especially if you’re in a bit of a time crunch.

    • Free Website Transfer.

    The company’s expert team of migration specialist would help move your existing websites from your previous host— at no extra cost to you.


    • Free Email Accounts.

    You will be able to create an unlimited number of email accounts, using customized addresses.

    • Unlimited MySQL Databases.

    Hosting plans on Greengeeks comes with Unlimited MySQL database.

    • One click installer.

    Greengeeks offer one click CMS installer to their customers. This means CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc can be installed easily in just click.


    • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

    There are no lockdown contracts—if you’re unsatisfied with the services they offer, you can always get your money back.


    • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy.

    2. Security and Reliability:


    • Container-based Technology.

    This allows for maximum scalability, as well as security, for every account.

    • Hardware and Power Redundancy.

    There’s no need to worry about downtimes and any instability when it comes to accessing your website.

    • Pro-active Server Monitoring.

    Their server and network engineers are always monitoring the company’s network in order to ensure max performance.

    • Hosting Account Isolation.

    Your hosting account will be completely isolated from others, this also adds to its speed and efficiency since you’re not sharing resources with someone else.

    • Real-time Security Scanning.

    This adds another layer of protection for your website, keeping it secure against virus and malware threats.

    • Automatic App Updates.

    With this feature, you’ll be able to focus more on creating great content for your website without having to worry about missing key updates for apps such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla among others.

    • Enhanced SPAM Protection.

    One of the most problematic things that many website owners encounter is the presence of spam.

    GreenGeeks’ hosting plans come with built-in spam protection so you need not deal with this on your own.

    • Nightly Data Backup.

    This protects you from losing your data should there be accidental malfunctions or hardware failure.

    These two things, though rare, can happen when you least expect it.

    So when choosing any type of hosting plan, always make sure that they have this key feature.

    It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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    3. Performance:

    • Scalability of Computing Resources.

    With this feature, you’ll be able to add or remove memory or ram to your account.

    • SSD-based RAID-10 Storage Arrays.

    Using the latest SSD (Solid State Drive) tech, they are able to provide clients with maximum performance and redundancy.

    • Multiple Data Centers.

    This increases page loading speeds if you choose a host that’s closer to your physical location and that of your audience’s.


    • Free CDN Integration.

    Another means of speeding up the loading time for your pages—this enables 1-click integration to a free content delivery network.

    • Optimized LiteSpeed and MariaDB.

    Using their optimized MySQL/MariaDB database servers and LiteSpeed webserver, you’ll be able to further improve speed loading times.

    • HTTP/2 & PHP 7.

    They are always offering the latest versions of PHP and HTTP.

    Note that all these great features will still be available to you even if you make use of a GreenGeeks promo code when purchasing a hosting plan.

    So, instead of settling for a more affordable package that only contains the basics and does not offset with renewable energy, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth and be at peace with the fact that you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

    What is Green Web Hosting?

    This refers to web hosts that are actively applying ecofriendly initiatives to how they function and to their products, thus helping minimize the effect they have on the environment.

    One of the primary means through which they give back is by using renewable energy or carbon offsets.

    There are many different renewable energy sources that these web hosts can take advantage of.

    Some, you may already be familiar with or even using for yourself.

    We have solar, water, and wind resources that can be tapped into to help make web hosting greener.

    These are replenished naturally and their conversion into fuel or electricity will not produce harmful emissions, thus resulting in cleaner and more efficient energy.

    But not every data center can immediately make the shift and some simply opt out of using them as it means investing money into the technology needed for it.

    There is no excuse to not doing anything about it, however, as they do have alternatives available to them. Among those are REC’s or Renewable Energy Credits.

    To define these simply, REC’s are provided by companies which specialize in creating renewable energy. In purchasing these, a web hosting company helps in generating a certain amount of clean energy.

    The REC Company would then use the profit earned from selling these certificates and invest them towards green energy initiatives.

    Through this, though they may not have made the switch themselves, the web host company is making a pledge towards helping progress the green energy movement.

    Other than renewable energy credits, web hosting companies can also take advantage of Carbon offsetting, also known as VERs.

    This is a program that functions in a similar manner as REC’s, except in purchasing them, it means that they have helped in reducing greenhouse gases in a particular location.

    The amount of which would be equal to the stated number in the certificate provided.

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    Ecofriendly WordPress Hosting

    WordPress is among the leading platforms where people building and develop their websites.


    This is unsurprising given the convenience and simplicity of using it—even beginners need not master the art of web design in order to set up their site through the platform.

    That said, GreenGeeks offers their clients further convenience with its WordPress ready web hosting services.

    The best bit?

    Their most affordable plan, the EcoSite Starter, is priced at only $2.95 a month and it already comes with the basics and more.


    • Why Use WordPress?

    The platform is used by 1 out of 3 websites globally, attesting to its popularity among novices and pros in the industry.

    Its community is made up of a diverse set of websites; from business sites, to personal blogs, to even small ecommerce websites.

    With its undeniable popularity as a website content management system, you’re afforded a degree of confidence that you’re putting your trust in a company that can help turn your simple idea into something successful.

    This is an important first step when establishing any form of online presence, after all.

    • What is WordPress Ready Web Hosting?

    This is a hosting platform offered by GreenGeeks and optimized specifically for use in WordPress websites.



    It includes a variety of features such as automatic updates and 1-click WordPress installation. Aside from these, the platform also support different advanced WordPress development tools such as WP-CLI, Git, and WP Staging.

    If you think that this would cost you extra, don’t fret.

    The company provides this at no additional cost; the benefits you’ll find in their WordPress Ready Web Hosting plans can also be seen in their shared web hosting plans.

    They also make things easy for novices who don’t have any experiences when setting up websites using WordPress.

    Through this hosting plan, all it really takes is answering a set of questions and clicking a button.

    There’s no need to set up a complex database, configure any confusing connections, or download any files.

    You can set up a website within minutes—meaning, you’ll be able to focus more on the things that really count and would make your website work: the content.

    • Already Have a WordPress Website?

    Through the help of their site migration specialists, this process is much easier and secure.

    In fact, they will provide you with a temporary URL which can be used for testing things out prior to making a move.

    Again, this comes at no extra cost.

    If you’re using a GreenGeeks hosting coupon, you’ll still be able to benefit from this.

    You’ll also get the latest version of WordPress through their 1-click install process.

    Updates are also done automatically each time a new version becomes available.

    However, if you prefer older versions of the platform, you can always choose that option as they do make it available for users.

    Available Hosting Plans

    Features EcoSite Starter $2.95 per month EcoSite Pro $6.95 per month EcoSite Premium $16.95 per month
    SSD Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Domains Hosted Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Free Domains Included 1 1 1
    Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Yes Yes Yes
    Premium Wildcard SSL Yes, with add-on Yes, with add-on Yes, with add-on
    Free Site Builder Yes Yes Yes
    Free Website Builder Yes Yes Yes
    Free Website Transfer Yes Yes Yes
    cPanel and Softaculous Yes Yes Yes
    Nightly Backups Yes Yes Yes
    MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Cloudflare CDN Yes Yes Yes
    Performance Standard 2x 4x
    PowerCacher Tech None Yes Yes
    Emails Per Hour 100 300 500
    PCI Compliance Yes, with add-ons Yes, with add-ons Yes

    The Benefits of Choosing a Green Web Host

    1. Energy-efficient server hardware.

    The major contributor to carbon emissions when it comes to web hosting is attributed to the power used by physical computers.

    With that in mind, ecofriendly hosting is turning to the use of more energy-efficient machines to reduce its negative impact.

    This is why most green web hosts make use of solid state drives as opposed to their more traditional, spinning disk counterparts.

    With fewer moving parts to power, the less energy is needed.

    The output and quality of service is not compromised in the process as well.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    2. Efficient Server Software

    As they use more computing power, the hotter a server becomes.

    This is why individual cooling is required in order to avoid the possibility of it overheating and causing issues.

    To do this, there’s an additional cost to keep them at the proper temperatures—this too, needs power to function.

    This is why bloated or inefficient software, whether it be at the utility, OS, or application layer, tends to have larger negative impact on the environment when compare to an efficient code.

    When choosing a green web host to work with, opt for ones that focus on improving their overall energy usage.

    They must also invest in more efficient and resource optimized web servers, and operating systems.

    Remember, regardless of whether you choose a green web host or not, optimizing your code along with your content deliverability will generate a positive on your carbon footprint.

    3. Space Efficient Account Usage

    Now, while running a server at half its capacity requires much less energy, it must also be noted that two half-loaded machines use more power than one running at max.

    The solution here is that running more things on a lesser number of machines is better for the environment.

    A study showed that a good number of data centers would run their equipment below its capacity, thus consuming more energy than what’s required.

    This is where intelligent load balancing becomes beneficial.

    It is done across a network of servers, thus allowing data centers to minimize the amount of physical machines working at any given time—but without needing to compromise the output they produce.

    4. Natural Cooling

    Reducing the power needed to keep the servers going is only half of the problem when it comes to going green.

    There’s still the issue of cooling the machines down and how that can be minimized and made more energy-efficient.

    For this, many green hosting providers turn to the use of natural cooling.

    This could involve choosing a location that’s near a river where the water can act as a natural coolant.

    It could also be resolved through sinking geothermal heat exchange looks.

    Then there are those who move their servers to locations where the temperatures are naturally, thus requiring little to no additional cooling for the machines.

    5. Environmentally Friendly Disposal

    Aside from helping minimize and offset energy consumption, green web hosting also puts emphasis in proper disposal practices as well.

    Fact is, computer hardware and machines will often contain substances and materials that are harmful to the environment.

    This is why simply dumping them isn’t a viable or sustainable option.

    These substances can easily leak into the soil and affect groundwater—eventually making its way to the water we drink.

    Green web hosts follow a strict protocol when it comes to disposing of their machines.

    Often, they are also recycled for parts, thus elongating its lifespan in the process.

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    Be Wary of Green-Washed Hosting

    Last, but certainly not the least, do be aware of Greenwashing when it comes to web host providers.

    As more and more people realize the important of choosing ecofriendly options, more companies have been using this as a way of marketing their products and making them more appealing to the environment conscious.

    Green Washing refers to companies that only make it seem as if they’re going the green route—but actually continue with the same harmful processes behind the scenes.

    To avoid this:

    1. Always look for green energy certificates that have received validation from third-part providers such as the EPA.
    2. Be wary of vague claims. Always make sure that their renewable energy policy is clearly stated.
    3. Check if they make use of Energy Star-rated servers as these provide max efficiency.
    4. Always ask where there energy comes from. Do they purchase it from sustainable sources? Do they purchase renewable energy credits in order to replace what they use from the grid?
    5. Are they constantly looking for ways to further lessen their impact on the environment? Usually green web hosts also apply these same principles to their physical offices so do look into that as well.


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    GreenGeeks Review

    If you want to know more about GreenGeeks then check our Greengeeks review. We have written detailed review on GreenGeeks.

    Do Green Energy Credits Really Help?

    Green web hosting providers such as GreenGeeks make use of renewable energy credits to help reduce their impact on the environment.

    But do these really change anything?

    Truth is, it does. In purchasing renewable energy credits, whether that be for solar, window, or water power, they are contributing to the betterment of the environment.

    Some companies go even further and actually fund initiatives such as tree planning in order to help with carbon dioxide recycling.

    With GreenGeeks, they triple the amount every website uses in terms of energy and purchases that amount in renewable energy credits.

    In doing this, they are able to offset their energy consumption effectively.

    You contribute to this as well by opting for green web hosting—even if you purchase a plan through the use of a GreenGeeks coupon, the positive impact it has does not lessen.

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