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Wix Coupon

Do you want to create a website and make money out of it?

You can do this with the help of a website builder known as Wix. Unlike in the past, where only tech-savvy people used to design websites, anyone can create a website using different ways.

You no longer need any coding language for you to achieve this. Wix has simplified things for different types of professionals. Also check Bluehost coupon, Hostgator coupon, Cloudways coupon & Greengeeks coupon Offers.

The website builder also contains affordable plans that you can pick from. It gives value for your hard-earned cash and allows you to use Wix coupons in different ways.

If you are new to building websites, go through this to find out everything you should know regarding Wix.

Wix Dec 2023 Deals & Coupons

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Limited Time Offer – Get Free Web Hosting From Wix (Claim Fast Before It’s Gone)

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    Introduction to Wix

    More than 100 million people distributed across 190 countries have been using Wix since its arrival. This is an affordable website builder that allows you to come up with your site within a few minutes.

    Since the platform was introduced in 2006, it has managed to be a top leader in the website building niche.

    It has also managed to hire more than 1800 employees and has branches in Germany, London, Brazil, India UK, and the US.

    Due to its large size, customers are assured of long term security. It minimizes the chances of losing your website.

    Working with such a large website builder also helps you enjoy frequent feature updates. The excellent image of this platform is what makes it grow each day.

    It is a scalable and beginner-friendly website builder that is also ideal for personal online portfolios.

    Many people like the fact that Wix offers full creative control, making it easy for one to achieve their specific needs. The websites that are created by Wix look not only elegant but also professional.

    Though other website builders have similar features as Wix, this platform stands out due to different reasons. Wix is a safe to use company that is not only well established but also legal.

    It abides by the set standards and maintains a high reputation. Unlike most of the website builders, this is publicly traded and is 100% independent.

    Find out More About Website Building

    Before we proceed, we have to give a brief explanation regarding website builders. This is an online platform that facilitates the creation of a site without any coding knowledge.

    Whether you want to come up with a website for your business or a simple personal site, how you create it can have different consequences.

    It can affect the functionality and versatility of your brand.  Choosing the right technique should, therefore, be your priority, and Wix can help you out.

    Website builders fall in different categories such as the artificial intelligence platform and classic template based type.

    When you choose a classic website builder, you get the chance to select from numerous pre-designed templates. This allows you to customize the templates you pick as you add your original content. You can continue including some of the useful features as you develop the website.

    An Artificial Intelligence website builder, on the other hand, asks you a particular question. You have to specify the type of website you want and give your design preferences.

    After this, the platform can then create a website on your behalf. Though you can make some changes on the site, the platform limits your control.

    The Artificial design intelligence handles most of the manual work of creating your website using an algorithm.

    It makes creating a website fast and takes care of aspects such as responsiveness and accessibility. This is crucial for DIY website owners who lack the knowledge to test and edit website designs.

    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Wix falls under both categories of website builders. It gives you the chance to pick from numerous templates as you use the drag and drop editor.

    Tech-savvy clients can also build websites via corvid by Wix. This option lets you create database collections.

    The process involves creating a spreadsheet then coming up with numerous web pages as you use a template which contains data from the spreadsheet.

    The option also allows you to add custom page behaviors or JavaScript.

    Wix lets you build a website on their software as you utilize their provided tools. Since your site lives on the servers of the company, you can only access it via the admin panel.

    In the website building niche, it competes with other platforms such as GoDaddy, Squarespace, and GoCentral.

    You can use the website you create from Wix for different purposes such as blogging, appointment booking, selling digital products, or even hosting a forum online.

    The goal depends on the nature of your job. Take note that you will have to pay for you to gain access to some of the platform’s features.

    The Features Available

    Everything you require to create a successful website is at your disposal. The overall design of this platform is quite impressive.

    Wix has tried to clean up most of the edges while at the same time retaining numerous functions on one screen.

    If you are new to website building, the available guides can teach you everything you should know regarding designing a site.

    It makes all the significant elements of website building, such as navigation and pages straightforward.

    The platform has a robust onboarding. Once you choose a plan, you have to go through an email training sequence so that you can learn more about the design choices.

    It also offers a reliable mobile experience so that you can start your design on a mobile phone. Since the layouts are optimized for mobile use, your customers should find your website convenient to use.

    Over the years, Wix has been working towards upgrading its theme selection and designs. It now contains more than 500 templates and modern themes that you can use to develop your website.

    The number of templates available is more compared to other website builders such as Squarespace which offers only 100 templates.

    Another added advantage of choosing this website builder over the rest is that you get access to free templates, which is not the case with platforms such as Bigcommerce or Shopify.

    For you to make use of this platform, you can either choose Wix ADI or Wix Editor. The second option contains a drag-and-drop function that allows you to place different elements on web pages smoothly.

    This feature has enabled many people to come up with small successful websites. Feel free to reposition any element on your site by clicking on it and moving it to the desired position.

    The Wix ADI editor can create a personal website on your behalf within a few minutes.

    Wix also offers other attractive features such as domain name registration. If you already have an existing domain, you should connect it to Wix.

    If this is not a valid option for you, register through the platform. The company gives you a free voucher for this purpose that is valid for one year.

    The company also offers free hosting and 99% uptime. This prevents your site from going offline and losing revenue.

    Wix also allows you to purchase email accounts at $ 6 per month. If you choose to pay annually, you can get a discount for this.

    Try finding the regular Wix coupons available for you to find cheaper rates. This feature comes with cloud storage space.

    You can also enjoy a whole library of stunning images at no additional cost. The Wix Editor gives you access to Shutterstock.

    If you are in the entertainment field, you will appreciate the ability to use animations during website creation. Wix allows you to add different functions, including animations, parallax scrolling, as well as a video background.

    If you are starting an e-commerce store, you can benefit from the available e-commerce features. Wix allows you to sell numerous products in different ways.

    You also get the chance to manage your store via your phone with the help of a mobile app. If a customer leaves your site before purchasing a product, the available abandoned cart server tool can help.

    Use it to offer an incentive for them to continue with the purchase. You can quickly build your website and start selling your products without any delay.

    Unlike most of the competitors, Wix provides an email marketing tool.

    You can make use of the ‘shout out’ functionality for you to send some regular newsletters to your subscribers.

    The company offers at least three free shoutouts each month to help you market your products.

    Who Can Benefit From Wix?

    One of the reasons why Wix has so many customers is that it is specific when it comes to its target markets. It builds its templates with a particular group of customers in mind.

    You will, therefore, find impressive layouts that are designed for different professionals.

    The templates that Wix offers are not only visually appealing but also look entirely professional.

    They are more effective when used alongside high-quality photos.

    Small business owners, people with online stores as well as restaurant owners can benefit from the platform. Wix also helps real estate agents and restaurant owners manage their portfolio with ease.

    During the sign-up process, you have to specify your needs so that the company can guide you to the right templates.

    After choosing from the different available categories, Wix presets your settings together with the featured templates. This makes the sign-up process less complicated for most customers.

    Security and Speed

    When creating a website, you want your visitors to feel secure and access the web pages fast. These two aspects can determine how soon you generate traffic to your site.

    Wix helps you boost the speed and security of your website by hosting it on its servers. This means that the company experts are in charge of ensuring your site is in top-notch condition.

    According to most of the Wix customers, the sites that Wix creates stay secure for long and rarely go down.

    Your website should also respond quickly though some customers report that it takes time for web pages to load fully.

    The Plans and Pricing Options

    Now that you know most of the aspects of the website builder, it is time to assess if you can afford its plans. What makes Wix attract most people is its reasonably priced plans.

    You can even use the services from this platform for free as long as you like.

    This plan is only available for customers using a Wix subdomain. The problem with this option is that it has limited functionality.

    You should only use the free plan if you have a temporary or short term project. This option gives you access to most of the company’s templates. You also get to enjoy free hosting.

    Feel free to utilize the clip arts, images, and icons that Wix offers for this plan. It also comes with 1GB bandwidth and 500MB of storage, which is enough for creating a new site.

    If you are not comfortable with submitting your credit card details, then the free plan would be ideal.

    Though the free plan option lets you test this website builder, it does not contain most of the useful elements.

    If you require professional features such as e-commerce or your domain name, you should think of purchasing a premium plan from Wix.

    The plans available from here are discussed as follows.

    • Combo plan

    Start with checking out the most affordable ad-free plan which goes for $ 13 per month. This is the best fit for small professional sites.

    Wix also advocates this plan for personal use. This plan lets you connect a domain to your site. When you choose this plan, you can even get free domain registration during the first year.

    The combo plan comes with 2GB bandwidth and 3GB storage.

    It is unique in that it features ’30 video minutes.’ This allows you to upload 30 minutes of video to the cloud-based platform.

    • Unlimited plan

    If you require a lot of web space, you should choose the unlimited plan option. By paying $ 17 for this plan, you can get up to 10 GB space and unlimited bandwidth.

    Though choosing this plan gives you similar functionality as the combo plan, it comes with some extras such as $ 300 worth of Ad vouchers.

    You can make use of such free perks if you want to pay for Bing ads or Google AdWords.

    With this plan, you can also access the site booster app. This is a third-party app which can submit your site to search engines, making it easy for you to grow your online presence.

    It also sends the website to an analytics app that enables you to gauge site traffic.

    This plan also differs from the combo option in that here; you can upload a video to Wix for at least 1 hour.

    • Pro Plan

    Some people with specific needs prefer the Pro plan. Though this may be more expensive compared to the ones we have earlier discussed, it gives you more functionality.

    You have to pay $ 22 for you to get more storage as well as video hours.

    Apart from the basic features, this plan comes with a logo making tool that helps new business owners promote brand awareness.

    You also get the chance to customize different social icons from purchasing this plan. Feel free to make use of the calendar tool available from the plan.

    If the original amount feels on the upper side, look for Wix coupons so that you can get a lower price for the plan.

    One of the plans in the list seems to be somehow identical to the Pro plan.

    If you want extra attention from the support team, you should consider the VIP plan.

    The two have similar features but only differ in regards to the level of support you get. The VIP plan comes with high priority customer support.

    • Business basic

    If you are ready to open an online store, you need to choose the basic business plan which goes for $ 23. Some users refer this to as the e-commerce plan.

    Though it has some similar features as the unlimited plan, this differs in that you get more storage of about 20 GB. You can also enjoy more video hours than the previous plans.

    Since this plan can integrate with Google analytics, it can help you fulfill your business needs.

    If you use our Wix discount offer, you can get up to 50% off for the business plan.

    • Enterprise plan

    This represents the most expensive and top tier plan available at Wix. At $ 500 per month, you get enhanced functionality to build your website.

    With this plan, you get the liberty to consult the company’s experts on any issues regarding code and design. It also features frequent security audits and dedicated support line.

    Here is More on The Pricing

    Regardless of the plan you pick, the website builder gives you different methods to make your payment. You can buy a plan via Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

    If you are looking to save on your plan, the company also offers Wix coupons which can lower the original price.

    Though Wix has reasonable tiers, the discounts can save you a lot, especially when subscribing for a longer-term.

    Once you pick the desired plan, Wix will show you the original price as well as the discounted price that you can get.

    Since safety is a great concern for a lot of website owners, Wix guarantees the protection of your personal information as you make payments.

    It makes use of SSL encryption to prevent hackers from gaining sensitive financial details. You also get about two weeks for you to determine the effectiveness of the plan that you choose.

    If you are not satisfied, feel free to use the money-back guarantee option to get a refund from Wix.

    Wix plans are designed to get your website up and running without any technical hitches.

    Apart from getting discounts for the plan that you purchase, Wix also gives you the chance to offer your customers discount coupons with ease.

    This can help you increase sales and boost brand loyalty. The company offers different types of Wix coupons that are geared towards your customers.

    For instance, you can offer them a fixed discount or even offer a specific discount percentage. Since customers like free things, consider offering free shipping once you have created your site.

    Follow the instructions on the website for you to learn how to send coupons to your clients.

    Customer Support

    Most of the DIY website owners need assistance from the company they choose. If you want to correct something, the customer support agents that represent Wix can guide you accordingly.

    Wix offers customer support through different options, such as tickets and phone. Most of the customers reveal that they get solutions to problems fast since Wix runs a proprietary platform.

    They also provide a knowledge base for further detailed guidance.

    Sadly, the platform fails to offer email support. Customers who pay for high tier plans get priority customer support.

    Pros & Cons


    • Wix contains well-organized templates
    • A free plan is available
    • Phone support
    • It offers numerous professional photos that you can use on your website
    • Wix is user-friendly
    • Has reasonably priced plans


    • You may not be able to change templates easily
    • It fails to support AMP format
    • The platform offers a basic email marketing function


    Whether you have some coding knowledge or not, you can create an interactive website with the help of Wix.

    This platform gives you access to a lot of functionality at a low cost.

    It is not only easy to use but also contains well-designed templates and themes.Though Wix may not be perfect, it gives you all the guides you need to grow your business.

    The pricing of Wix is not very transparent. Though each plan has a headline price, you may need to buy some features which translate to high costs.

    You can, however, maintain low overall costs by making use of Wix coupons.

    If you are a business person with a low budget, you will be impressed by the functionality of this platform.

    Wix Coupon

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