Top 5 Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Web Hosting & Domain Name

godaddy alternatives

There was a time when GoDaddy was the epitome of web hosting, domain name registration, and email management, but that is no longer the case.

Mention GoDaddy to the pros and the puzzling or agitated look on their faces will tell you that there is something wrong with GoDaddy.

And who can blame them?

GoDaddy now has one of the highest service renewal costs, its servers are often overloaded and slow, their support is less than inviting, and their hosting services very unreliable. Also we have some offers for Greengeeks & Cloudways.

So, despite being a household name serving tens of millions of users worldwide, and having a brand that’s responsible for most of their sales, this web host might not be overall best.

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Taking all these GoDaddy limitations and your business needs into account, we’ve come up with the best alternatives to GoDaddy for hosting, email and domain services.

Competition and the need to meet the variant needs of users globally has led to these alternate web hosts.

Besides your obvious dissatisfaction, your search for a GoDaddy alternative might have been fueled by reports by the Better Business Bureau, BBB which shows almost 1000 complaints lodged against GoDaddy.

The biggest of the complaints is customers noting that they don’t get the best/ satisfactory services.

Without going much into the details of what GoDaddy is doing wrong, here are some of its best alternatives:

GoDaddy Alternatives

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1. Hostgator



Hostgator represents the other elegant alternative to GoDaddy thanks to its excellent support the high-end technological features, and their fast/ reliable web hosting plans.

Hostgator has its data centers strategically located on three continents: US, Asia-Pacific, and Europe & many more to ensuring the fastest possible delivery speeds for its content.

And unlike GoDaddy which has server locations in even more locations that Hostgator. Hostgator’s web hosting services are more reliable, without many complaints.

This web host also uses SSD drives for hosting, and it’s developed several self-technologies which promise excellence in customer delivery.

Some of its top features include the NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP 7, and Free CDN.

To ensure the fastest content delivery and to reduce downtime on its servers, its SuperCacher caches Hostgator’s contents in three layers.

These layers include the layer of static contents which is followed by Memcached, then the Dynamic contents cache layer in the end.

These features bundle GoDaddy from any chance of being the best with GoDaddy’s hosting unsupported in the latest version of PHP.

GoDaddy also lacks NGINX server speeds or SSDs.

Regarding problem resolution, Hostgator employs the most proactive measures to monitor and prevent errors in their servers. Doing this ensures that problems are resolved before they happen, preventing catastrophes.

Hostgator also boasts an Account Isolation Mechanism which protects most of the Hostgator servers in that when one account is infected by malware or a virus; it doesn’t affect the other accounts in the cascade.

This isolation mechanism is one of a kind and keeps you fully secured. Also on security is its free backup on all the Hostgator hosting plans.

You have to pay for data backup services, and with the recent infrastructure upgrades, Hostgator claims that is it up to 7 times faster than it was before.

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2. BlueHost


Owned by the renowned EIG Group, BlueHost is well known for meeting the needs of its customers effectively.

BlueHost bashes GoDaddy with its excellent support services and the high level of hosting performance for WordPress users, especially for persons or businesses on

Even though BlueHost and WordPress offer somewhat similar features, the quality of the services offered differs significantly with BlueHost performing better than its competition in terms of its speeds and the uptime tests.

BlueHost also boasts a proactive, knowledgeable, and quick support team, not to mention its huge resource center with a great stock of tutorials, videos, articles, and FAQs.

There is also the fact that BlueHost works on effectively protecting the resources of each of its users, something that is missing from GoDaddy and several other hosts.

With BlueHost, an account that consumes more than its allocated share of resources will be shifted, albeit temporarily to another server.

BlueHost is also friendly to persons looking to set up e-commerce sites in that it provides free advertising credit for people to about what you are selling.

The highest plan for BlueHost offers more than you would ever get from GoDaddy with domains/ subdomains, email accounts, up to $200 in marketing credit, along with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and unlimited websites’ hosting on one account.

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3. A2Hosting


If you are looking for High-speed hosting services, look no further than A2Hosting.

This web host is yet another great GoDaddy alternative thanks to its impressive performance and support services.

A2Hosting gives a 99.9 percent guarantee to support and help you at all times, regardless of the hosting plan you are on.

So, whether you are on the basis or the cheapest plan, you will get 24/7 access to great security services, expert technical help, and reliable power backups.

With the in-house A2 Optimized Site Accelerator, A2Hosting boosts the performance of your CMS.

If, on the other hand, you experience a sudden surge in traffic to your site, you might like A2Hosting’s Performance Plus tools which will prevent site crashes from traffic spikes.

The performance plus tool goes for $1.45, it promises to double the hosting resources on your account like RAM and CPU, and is not present in GoDaddy.

You might like this web host more if your website is running on WordPress thanks to the tools designed to meet the specific needs of WordPress users.

One of the exclusive tools is the A2 Optimized plugin that will automatically configure your website’s performance and security. These features are absent in GoDaddy.

Some of the defenses built by A2Hosting include KernelCare, Brute Force Defense, Double Firewall layers, as well as constant scanning and monitoring of the systems to keep your site safe at all times.

Other features include free backup, ID Protection, latest PHP, free SSL certificates, 1-Click installations, SSD hosting, and PayPal integration.

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4. DreamHost


If you are an online retailer, you might want to consider DreamHost for web hosting instead of GoDaddy.

First, it comes highly recommended by WordPress, and it offers one of the best WordPress hosting platforms, hence its suitability for use by e-commerce retailers and online businesses.

So, if you need the next best web hosting alternative to GoDaddy, one running on WordPress, then you should consider DreamHost.

Some of its top features include its CDNs, its free and pre-installed Jetpack with online security measures, and at least 200 premium themes.

Even though DreamHost does not provide any antimalware services, it comes with the best antispam solution for your emails.

You also get free SSL certificates to protect your e-commerce site, and if you are a developer, you might like the Subversion tool which enhances the management of source code files.

The subversion tool also helps you set up your own repository,

When it comes to e-commerce and e-marketing, DreamHost gives its users a free ZenCart which is accessible online from its One-Click Install menu.

Being an open-source cart for online shopping, ZenCart allows for fast checking out. DreamHost also supports WooCommerce.

For marketing, DreamHost will give you $100 of Free Google AdWords credit, and you could use DreamHost’s Chartbeat tool to track traffic to your site.

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5. InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting features a user-friendly and customized panel for serving customers.

Whether you are starting a blog or require a robust web hosting service for your business website, InMotion web hosting provides hosting services to all with its individual and business-level hosting plans.

Its hosting plans include shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting; all powered by SSD (solid state drives) hosting.

The use of SSD for storage is an elegant feature thanks to the high reading and the writing speeds. This feature is largely missing from the hosting

InMotion Hosting is also touted as one of the best web hosting providers thanks to its Max Speed Zones which ensures fast service delivery.

The web host further boasts a seamless Google Apps Integration feature, as well as one-click installer that works for at least 310 web applications.

You might also like InMotion’s spam controller, its premium security feature, and the fact that it comes in several coding languages.

The other reason why InMotion is a great alternative to GoDaddy is that of its free and reliable backup facility which is also available in its basic plans.

Data is automatically saved, and you can restore the data whenever you wish to, and at no cost. GoDaddy charges for data backup.

Wondering if there are more features that make InMotion Hosting better than GoDaddy?

Well, there is the 90-day money back guarantee by InMotion against GoDaddy’s 30-day guarantee, which, unfortunately, requires that you request for a refund.

And you might also like InMotion Hosting’s domain name booking feature. Once you buy your hosting plan, you can choose to choose and use a free domain name at a later date.

GoDaddy requires you to choose your domain name when purchasing your hosting plans.

Lastly, there’s InMotion with reliable, quick, and knowledgeable customer support team that is available 24/7 against GoDaddy’s unreliable customer support team.

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While GoDaddy remains a popular web hosting, domain, and email management solution, the web hosts above offer better services than GoDaddy, hence the best GoDaddy alternatives.

godaddy alternatives

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