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Getting started with your own website, whether it be for e-commerce or personal use, can be quite a daunting task.

This is especially so if you haven’t experienced doing it before and if you’re completely unfamiliar with how things work.

Fortunately, however, many webhosts these days do make it easier for both novices and pros to get their websites up and running.

That said, getting your website up is just the first half of the challenge.

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    There are plenty other considerations that must be taken into account in order to make your project a success.


    In this article, we’ll tackle the basics as well as the different methods you can use in order to boost your website’s online presence.

    Among people’s primary concerns would be the overall cost of getting started. Many believe that it wouldn’t be affordable and thus, they settle for mediocre services—just because it’s cheaper.

    However, if you want your website to have a fighting chance against the many competitors it has, you’ll need a reliable web host like DreamHost.


    You’d be glad to know that not only will it provide you powerful tools and features, you can also cut down the costs through the use of DreamHost discounts.

    Dreamhost Features

    DreamHost has some competitive WordPress-specific packages that’s worth looking into. Each one comes with a slew of helpful features that even beginners should be able to adapt to easily.




    Let’s take a closer look at each one.

    1. Powerful, but User-Friendly Panel

    You’ll be given admin access to just about everything you need in order to properly maintain your website.

    There’s no need to go through different channels in order to accomplish different tasks.

    For example, you’ll be able to conveniently add users, forward domains, create new email accounts, encrypt SSL, and install WordPress within seconds.

    The less time you put into trying to figure out how things work, the more time you’ll be able to focus on improving your website and creating attention grabbing content.

    Let’s face it, beginners often waste a lot of time simply trying to get things to connect or work—no one wants that kind of struggle.

    2. 24/7 Tech Support

    Again, nobody enjoys having to wait especially if the issue you’re facing is urgent.


    Every minute or hour that passes with your website not functioning as it should could mean lost revenue.

    This need not be a worry for DreamHost users, however, as they have their own team of U.S. based experts who are always on standby to provide support to their clients 24/7.

    This means that you’ll be able to get the right fix needed for your website regardless of the time or day.

    Think your question might be too complex?

    Or what if you’re not even sure about what’s wrong?

    Talk to their experts and you’re more than likely to get the answer you need.


    In fact, their support team has received recognition for being 2017’s Best Support as awarded by PCMag.com

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    3. Money-Back Guarantee

    As always, there would be instances where you might not fully enjoy the package or find something that you feel better suits your needs.


    In this case, DreamHost offers a 97-day refund for all of their Shared Hosting products and a 30-day refund for DreamPress.

    Know that this still applies even if you used a DreamHost promo code to purchase the package as long as you got the code from a legitimate source.

    4. Automated Updates for WordPress

    The keyword here is convenience.

    If you’re working by yourself when it comes to bringing your website to life, you’d certainly benefit from this particular feature.

    If you purchase a hosting package from them, your WordPress already comes preconfigured and they’ll even handle all the necessary updates for you.

    This gives you more time to focus on creating content.

    For beginners who may not even be aware of this particular need, then you no longer need to worry about it either.

    5. Stability and Reliability

    Uptime is essential for many websites, especially if yours is meant for e-commerce.

    If your page tends to be down a lot, not only will you lose revenue, but you could also lose people’s trust as well.

    With DreamHost, they’re able to guarantee clients with 100% uptimes through their multiple datacenter locations, emergency generators, redundant cooling, and constant monitoring of their serves.

    Needless to say, they are confident in what they can offer.

    6. Solid State Storage

    When it comes to storage, they offer up to 200% better performance when compared to others.

    This is thanks to the fact that client files are stored in high-performance solid-state drives.

    What is an SSD drive?

    To make it simple, these are storage drives that are like a more sophisticated version of your USB stick.

    It has no moving parts and information is stored in microchips.

    SSD’s tend to be bigger in capacity and are also faster than the average.

    Compared to an HDD, it can open files up to 30% faster which means quicker loading time for your pages and its contents.

    7. Security Protection

    You would want your website to be as secure as possible for both your sake and that of your clients.


    DreamHost provides users with a free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate that will boost protection for your site—basically giving you HTTPS.

    Not only will this add an extra layer of security and encrypt traffic, it can also help boost your site’s SEO when it comes to Google.

    8. One Click Installer

    Dreamhost also offer one click CMS installer. With it you can install WordPress or any other CMS within seconds & it’s very easy.


    9. Free Migration Service

    Dreamhost provides free migration service but with some limitations that you can see below.


    10. Domain Privacy

    Most web hosting providers do charge a fee when it comes to masking your personal information, which makes it a bit of a hassle especially if you’re on a budget.

    DreamHost offers this for free, making sure that all of their clientele’s personal information is safeguarded from those with ill intent.

    The Importance of Having Domain Privacy

    How important is this?

    To understand the importance of masking, we must first touch on the subject of WHOIS.

    Basically, this is an organization that manages every single data with regards to domain registration.

    Every registrant’s detail is considered to be public information, aside from the simpler details such as expiry dates etc.

    This means that all a person needs is a registered domain name and they can enter that into a WHOIS search tool and find out public information about who registered it—YOUR INFORMATION.

    However, you can protect yourself from this through privacy protection.

    It will hide your personal name, your email, your business name, your address, and your phone number.

    What would appear in a WHOIS search instead is set of information generated by the registrant, thus giving you more control over what’s publicly available and what isn’t.

    This is something that may not be available in free and cheaper webhosts.

    So instead of putting your information at risk, opt for a webhost that provides you with security—remember, you need not shoulder all the cost if you make use of a DreamHost promo code.

    • Protect Your Personal Data:

    In particular, you can safeguard yourself from identity theft.

    You may not think much of it since the information isn’t readily displayed on your website, but any vulnerability can put you at risk.

    This is why DreamHost is giving you a leg-up when it comes to security— so you need not worry about it later on.

    • Put a Stop to Unwanted Solicitations:

    Identity thieves aside, you might also want to make sure that your contact information isn’t open to sales people, telemarketers, and spammers.

    You might have dealt with these people before, and whilst they’re only doing their jobs, it cannot be denied that some of them can be quite annoying.

    This is especially so when you start getting calls and emails every single day—offers of content optimization, SEO services, virtual assistants, and so on.

    • Prevent Domain Hijacking:

    Whilst it isn’t as big an issue as it was before, it would still be best if you do your best to prevent it.

    Domain transfers are locked by default during acquisition so no one would be able to easily transfer your domain unless they get their hands on the necessary information.

    Up your security against this by hiding your personal info, making it extra challenging for anyone who might want to attempt to gain access to your account.

    Online security is just as important as keeping your bank account and other personal information safe.

    With this feature already provided for by DreamHost and for no cost at all, you have one less thing to worry about.

    The best bit?

    Even if you purchase your WordPress hosting package with a DreamHost coupon, you will still benefit from this feature.

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    Pros and Cons

    We have been tackling using DreamHost for WordPress this whole time, but you might remain unconvinced of why you should choose this platform in the first place.


    To help you decide, here are a few pros and cons for you to take into consideration.

    DreamHost Pros

    • You’ll be able to update your site easily:

    This is one of the main selling points for WordPress.

    After all, it has its roots in being the most accessible blogging platform that even the average person can easily figure out.

    Only later did it morph to what it is now: one of the most convenient website development tools available.

    • There are plenty of useful plugins to choose from:

    Plugins help make the experience of building a website much easier because all you really need to do (more often than not) is drag and drop them into place.

    Want a contact form?

    All you need to do is click a button and type in the details.

    What about social media sharing tools? Just click another button. It’s convenient and most of them are free.

    • Easy website design:

    For beginners, this is pretty much a godsend. Coding a website from scratch isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do—especially if you’re after a professional looking one with all the features of a competitive website.

    There’s many things to consider and it adds another degree of difficulty to getting started.

    Sure, novices can always hire someone to design a website for them—but this would cost money and not everyone has the budget for it.

    So, the templates provided by WordPress are surely enticing.

    The concept is simple, really. All one needs to do is add their own logo, their own photos, their content, and click publish.

    Just like that, they have a professional looking website up and running.

    DreamHost Cons

    • There is still a learning curve that beginners have to overcome:

    This is fairly common, especially if you’re looking to make site changes or personalize things even more than you already have.

    If there’s one issue that most novices point out, it’s that WordPress’ documentation and tutorials tend to be incomplete.

    This can cause plenty of frustration for the new user who wants to figure out things on their own.

    • The catch is that these plugins are also prone to viruses, bugs, and even hacking:

    Beginners must be aware of these instances in order to lower the risk of them encountering the issues.

    As security is of importance, especially in ecommerce websites, you would want to be more wary of which plugins you choose to add onto your website.

    It pays to do some research and learn more about the possible vulnerabilities of each one.

    • Simplicity isn’t always a great thing:

    If you’re only looking for something basic, then the templates should work great for you.

    If you’re running a personal blog, a portfolio, or operating a resource blog then you shouldn’t worry too much about designing a site that can generate sales.

    However, if your website is meant for ecommerce then you might realize that there are limitations to using a template.

    Most people can recognize when a website is using one—this may or may not work in your favor when it comes to developing trust.

    Sure, it looks good, but will potential clients find it trustworthy?

    Further customization to these templates can be very time-consuming and you might end up paying someone else to do it to you after all.

    Getting Started – DreamHost

    This Los Angeles based web hosting provider is owned by New Dream Network, LLC. It was founded back in 1996 by a group of undergraduate students from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.

    It was Josh Jones, Dallas Bethune, Sage Weil, and Michael Rodrigues who first got together and began hosting client sites in 1997.

    From that small core group, the company now has 200 employees who help them cater to nearly 400,000 customers globally.

    Like a lot of webhosts, DreamHost also supports the use of WordPress and through their open source content management, they are constantly providing ways of improving the platform.

    This is done through code community contributions and expert-level support which they clientele regularly benefit from.

    This, in particular, is a plus if you intend on using WordPress as the platform for your website.

    Hosting Plans

    Starter Shared Hosting

    • Starter: $2.59 per month



    • 1 Website
    • Free Domain
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Pre-installed WordPress
    • Fast SSD Storage
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Add Emails for as low as $1.67 per Month
    • Available in 1 – 3 year or Monthly Plans

    *Most recommended for beginners and people who want to give DreamHost’s services a try.


    Unlimited Shared Hosting

    • Unlimited: $7.95 per month


    • Unlimited Websites
    • Free Domain
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Pre-installed WordPress
    • Fast SSD Storage
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Unlimited Email @ Your Own Domain
    • Available in 1 to 3 year or Monthly Plans

    *Also recommended for beginners who are sure they want to stick with DreamHost and want a bit more flexibility when it comes to their account.

    DreamPress Managed Hosting

    • DreamPress: $16.95 per month


    • Designed for Websites With 100k Visitors Monthly
    • 30GB SSD Storage
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Pre-installed SSL Certificate
    • 1-Click Restore and Daily Backups
    • WordPress Support (24/7)
    • Pre-installed Jetpack Free

    DreamPress Plus Managed Hosting

    • DreamPress Plus: $24.95 per month


    • Designed for Websites with 300k Visitors Monthly
    • 60GB SSD Storage
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Pre-installed SSL Certificate
    • 1-Click Restore and Daily Backups
    • WordPress Support (24/7)
    • Jetpack Professional
    • Unlimited CDN

    DreamPress Pro Managed Hosting

    • DreamPress Pro: $71.95 per month


    • Designed for Websites with over 1M or More Visitors Monthly
    • 120GB SSD Storage
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Pre-installed SSL Certificate
    • 1-Click Restore and Daily Backups
    • DreamCare and 24/7 WordPress Support
    • Jetpack Professional
    • Unlimited CDN

    Basic VPS Hosting

    • VPS Basic: $13.75 per month


    • 1GB Ram
    • 30GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • SSL Certificates Included
    • Unlimited Email @ Your Own Domain

    *Also recommended for beginners and smaller websites.

    Businness VPS Hosting

    • Business: $27.50 per month


    • 2GB Ram
    • 60GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • SSL Certificates Included
    • Unlimited Emails @ Your Own Domain

    *Most recommended for small businesses.

    Professional VPS Hosting

    • Professional: $55.00 per month


    • 4GB Ram
    • 120GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • SSL Certificates Included
    • Unlimited Email @ Your Own Domain

    Enterprise VPS Hosting

    • Enterprise: $110.00 per month


    • 8GB RAM
    • 240GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • SSL Certificates Included
    • Unlimited Emails @ Your Own Domain

    The prices for these packages may seem hefty, but do consider the features they are offering—not all of these would be available in cheaper options.

    If you’re establishing a website, especially one meant for ecommerce, it’s best to do it properly.

    You can always make use of a DreamHost coupon to get these hosting packages for less than their regular price, too.

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    Check our all web hosting deals & Reviews.

    Where to Find DreamHost Discounts

    One Google search should show just how many websites are out there offering codes and discounts for different DreamHost packages.

    It might be tempting to simply go for the one that offers the most price cut—but pause before you do that.

    Not all of these offers are actually legitimate.

    It’s important to know how to differentiate a scam from a real deal in order to avoid issues later on.

    For example, if you happen to buy a DreamHost coupon that is not legit or associated with the company then you can either get your account banned or you may not qualify for their money-back guarantee.

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    DreamHost Review

    If you want to know more about DreamHost then check our Dreamhost review. We have written detailed review on DreamHost.


    Is it worth using coupons for DreamHost’s webhosting packages?

    Considering the features they’re offering, it certainly is worth a shot. With the money-back guarantee, you get to try things out for yourself and simply opt out if you’re not fully satisfied.

    Keeping all the considerations we’ve tackled here in mind, write down your needs and preferences for a website then take your pick from DreamHost’s many different WordPress offerings.

    Good luck!

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