Hostpapa Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 15 Pros & 3 Cons

Hostpapa Review

Hostpapa is a Webhosting company that offers its user’s high-value services at a fair cost.

They also have a well-established support team that offers a one-on-one video training session.

Before people decide to buy something they window shop to compare prices and quality, and then settle with the best.

Now, when shopping for a good Webhosting company, we also do a little vetting given that there are many hosting companies that offer great solutions for running different types of web accounts.

The most prominent features that people look for are uptime, customer support and the features available in the different paid plans and that is where Hostpapa comes in.

The Hosting Company will hold your hand as you set up your website. They have a specially dedicated team “the Hostpapa experts,” that will walk with you step by step as you set up and offer continuous support as you grow.

In addition, when you purchase a plan with Hostpapa, you will be provided with an account manager, and your dedicated manager can make recommendations that when implemented will enhance the success of your site.

For example, they could recommend that you get a new email platform to help grow your online presence.

What is Hostpapa?

Hostpapa is a privately owned hosting company that hosts business and personal websites. One of its most outstanding attributes is that it commands a 100% green renewable energy data center, and since its inception in 1995.


Hostpapa has scaled the heights in offering host services and has managed to remain relevant with its motto “Let Papa take care of you.”

The signup process with Hostpapa is pretty simple, just log in into their website create an account, you will then receive two emails, one is to inform you that they have gotten your request and the second one is your invoice PDF file.

Mind you, every order that goes to Hostpapa undergoes a fraud check, and in case of suspicions, their representative will contact you by phone.

You will then receive a welcome email that contains your login information after a successful payment process and you can now begin your journey with the new hosting account.

The most satisfying feeling you can experience with Hostpapa is that their support crew will walk with you as you begin your journey to the unknown and important links will also be attached to help in the process.

Hostpapa Review By Hosting Experts & Users


Screenshot of some customers Reviews


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15 Hostpapa Pros or Advantages

Hostpapa provides amazing Webhosting features, and users must also realize that some of the most significant features are unlimited.


Furthermore, the Business and Business Pro plans allow users to run any number of websites that they desire, including domains and email accounts.


The feature greatly favors business people because of the complexity of their operations, such as marketing and running so many operations under one website requires some good amount of disk space and bandwidth.

The Webhosting Company has thus provided the two paid plan users with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Other interesting features include the Cloud Flare and a Content Delivery Network.


What Cloudflare does is that it helps with the pages load speed, and reduces the bandwidth usage. What’s more, is that it also reduces CPU usage on its server.

1. Security features

Owning a website is one thing and protecting it is another, therefore, your website needs protection from viruses and hacking. Hotspapa offers its users one of the most advanced security feature known as “SiteLock.”


The latter is a cloud-based security apparatus that checks your site for vulnerabilities and malware; it will protect your website by detecting threats, and it also fixes the security risks on your webspace.

Apart from SiteLock, users hosted under Hostpapa enjoy automated backups but that’s totally upon you if you want the service.

Well, why do you need to back up your site?

Your site has stored data and if by bad luck the system crashes, you wouldn’t be able to recover your data unless you had backed it up. Therefore, Hotspapa backs up your data automatically, so you don’t have to protect it manually.

Another additional security feature offered by Hostpapa is the SSL certificate; the bit of code offers security to a user’s online communication.

When a visitor contacts your site from a web browser, the SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection so that only the recipient and the sender can access the contents of the communication process.

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2. Storage

Managing your website with limited bandwidth and disk space will negatively affect your site’s performance but with Hostpapa you can access unlimited solid-state drive (SSD) storage.

The SSD is one of the latest developments in data storage technology and it enables faster and reliable hosting for your site.

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3. Free Website Migration

The benefit of website migration is when you want to upgrade your business website, but there is always a chance that you will end up losing the traffic that you worked hard to generate in your previous website.


Therefore, the Papa squad offers its users free migration without sacrificing their traffic; your visitors also continue to get the benefits that you previously provided while upgrading.

4. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


A high bounce rate could be as a result of numerous downtimes. Google crawlers will rarely locate your website and you won’t feature in the top rankings but all this can be avoided with Hostpapa.

The percentage that you will experience downtime is very low, so you can be sure that your site visitors won’t click the first page and leave and if SEO is taken care off then your business will remain relevant.

Let’s get into the details.

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
February 2020100%522 msExcellent
January 202099.99%574 msExcellent
December 201999.99%622 msExcellent
November 2019100%498 msExcellent
October 2019100%566 msExcellent
September 201999.91%602 msGood
August 201999.99%512 msExcellent
July 2019100%480 msExcellent
June 201999.97%510 msExcellent
May 201999.98%522 msExcellent
April 2019100%615 msExcellent
March 2019100%486 msExcellent

Other Amazing Features

5. Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP Address means that your website has its unique address thus gives you the option of either using the domain name of your website or the IP address.

Dedicated IP addresses are best with business hosting accounts and that’s why Hostpapa provides its users with the feature so that they can gain complete control over the operations of their web accounts.

6. Unlimited Email Addresses

Hostpapa enables its users to create unlimited email accounts; it also enables them to create email redirects using the cPanel.

The Business and the Business Pro plans offer user’s unlimited email addresses and aliases, which could be personalized to your domain name.

7. Webmail Interface

The webmail interface is a great feature but the only disadvantage is that you have to be connected to the internet to use it.

Hostpapa provides the webmail interface to its users so that they can send and receive their email messages from anywhere as long as they are in a web browser. The software that performs the tasks effectively and is used by Hostpapa is the Roundcube, Horde and the Squirrelmail.

There are also other advanced email options available with Hostpapa and users being hosted with Hostpapa and are running non-profit organizations or businesses can upgrade to the Enterprise-grade solution such as the G Suite by Google or the Microsoft Office 365.

The service grants users a free full email admin support and you won’t even need an IT specialist.

Hostpapa users also have the advantage of checking and managing their email with the software on their MAC or PC.

They can also use POP or IMAP to retrieve their emails from different email clients or use their friendly webmail to check their mails securely from any device that connects with the internet. In addition, users can enable the SpamAssassin at a fee in their control panel for spam protection.

The beneficial features with Hostpapa are numerous and quite significant, the hosting site has not left anything to chance and has even enabled its users to keep their emails in sync with their other devices just by enabling IMAP.

The latter will ensure that your laptop, desktop and mobile phone get your latest files, emails, and documents.

As a web account owner you have to always be in the know of your customer’s insight, your page quality, and find out where you are losing your customers, to this end you have to find out your Website Statistics and Analytics.

Hostpapa, therefore, offers its users a websites stats and analytics tool to help them determine the behavior of their visitors. The site is also compatible with Google Analytics.

8. Data Center

Hostpapa provides industry leading data center.


9. One Click Install

Just like other hosting providers Hostpapa also offers one click installer to their customers. With their easy one click installer you can easily install any CMS like wordpress in just a click.


10. Money Back Guarantee

Hostpapa also offer 30 days refund policy. This means you will get refund if you cancel Hostpapa hosting within 30 days.

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11. Easy Cpanel

Hostpapa’s Users are able to freely manage their sites because the Webhosting Company has given them access to the cPanel.


12. The Expand and Edit Feature

Under this feature, people running e-commerce sites have been well taken care of.


Well, Hostpapa offers the Enterprise package that enables users to reach their customers via their own online stores.

E-commerce web account holders are able to track their inventory and real-time shipping quotes, as a user you can also sell via social media platforms such as Facebook.

The big question that comes after marketing your products is how your customers will make their payments before you deliver the goods.

Well, Hostpapa has simplified the process and provided its users with over 30 trusted payment gateways. The most prominent one being PayPal, the service has been widely adopted across the Globe and many feel safe using it, another prominent service is the Stripe.

On the other hand, the outlook of your website is of great importance because it is what attracts visitors; therefore, you might want to be precise about the placement of images by using the Crop and Edit images online provided by Hostpapa.

The power to professionally customize your site is in your hands especially with the advanced features, as they can incorporate HTML, sitewide CSS, and JavaScript.

Since you will be advertising on social media platforms, Hostpapa enables you to add to your site the linked icons such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. In addition, you can also add the “contact us” icon to ensure that your visitors or customers can reach you easily.

That’s not all though, Hostpapa also enables your customers to locate you by allowing you to add the Google map to your site. So if you have a physical store you can simply send them your Google Pin.

13. Review and publish option

After successfully creating your website, you might be skeptical about publishing and not sure if everything is on point.

Under Hostpapa you don’t need to worry because the hosting company allows users to first preview how their site looks like, and make modifications and then publish to the web with just one click, wasn’t that easy.

Now after publishing you need to ensure that the Google crawlers find your site with ease, and this can only be achieved via SEO.


In this case, being hosted by Hostpapa will see you have access to SEO-friendly pages, this means that search engines can easily pick your website up, a strategy that will enhance your conversion rate and increase traffic to your site.

Now that your site is growing, you might want to engage your visitors and customers and the most probable place is on Facebook, as you sell to your friends.

Hostpapa will enable you via the paid plans to easily publish your site on your Facebook business page. Also, the advantage of using Facebook is that you can use your family and friends to grow your fan base and increase traffic to your site.

14. Easy to Use


Hostpapa has three detailed customizable features that any user can implement without the help of an expert or any coding knowledge.

The do it yourself features in Hostpapa are, Designing and building your website, Expanding and editing and lastly, reviewing and publishing.

Under Design and Build, a user can very easily create their own business website. The templates provided can be customized professionally by the addition of images and you could also change the colors to reflect your brand.

Hostpapa provides its users with very many professionally designed templates that you can tweak a little to suit your entity.

Many people these days spend a few hours glued to their desktops or laptops. However, the mobile phone is always handy and since almost all services have been made to fit in mobile devices, your website should too. Hostpapa creates mobile-responsive templates that will appear just as great in your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

What’s more exciting is that you don’t have to publish then go check it out; you could preview your websites across the spectrum of gadgets and see how they will appear before publishing. If you are not satisfied or want to adjust a few features, you are permitted after which you can publish.

The word user-friendly means that you can do that which you want to something with very basic knowledge and succeed.

Therefore, with Hostpapa you don’t have to be a technician or have any design experience to create your own beautiful professional website.

Hostpapa provides users with a drag and drop interface that can be used by anyone. You can even upload images to your site to enhance its outlook.

15. Hostpapa Support service

Apart from the one-on-one video training that Hostpapa offers its users they do offer in their website video tutorials for new users, they also have a knowledge base for simple queries.


In addition, they do offer an open live support chat with one expert of their papa squad.

Users can also reach the support crew via email or phone, downloadable manuals and knowledgebase articles are also available in their information center.

Users with web accounts under Hostpapa can change their services or access their billing account via their dashboards.

Furthermore, the network status bar informs a user of the current network status and shows if there are any scheduled downtimes for maintenance or to update the already existing services.

3 Hostpapa Drawbacks, Cons or Disadvantages

Hostpapa is a hosting service that works with over 500,000 different websites, all of which are hosted on the data centers that the company owns in the US and Canada.

It is a relatively new hosting service, so that number is quite impressive, but does it deserve that amount of recognition?

1. Poor Customer Support

Despite it seemingly being industry standard to offer a comprehensive, and pleasant customer support system, Hostpapa seems to lack this.

It’s on a case by case basis, but the consensus from its users seems to indicate a general sentiment of negativity towards the customer service team.

2. Money-Back Guarantee is Shady

A lot, if not all, website hosting services offer one of two basic beginner packages. Either it provides a free 30-day trial or 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hostpapa follows this model and provides a 30-day free trial window.

However, the business practice here is hard to stomach, as if you do decide to cancel in that time frame, you get charged a setup fee of $29.95 dollars, which is ludicrous.

3. Hidden Charges

Unfortunately, it seems that the free trial scam is just one of many additional fees that Hostpapa loads its service with.

Combine this with the fact that its prices are, at face value, very low makes for a reprehensible business model that puts much more of a focus on suckering you out of money than actually providing a quality service.

That is the biggest reason that you should be avoiding Hostpapa like the plague.

The competitively low prices are simply loaded, and you’re going to end up getting stung with them down the road one way or another.

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    Who are the users of Hostpapa?

    Hostpapa has prepared paid package plans with regard to the type of service that they are best suited for. For example, the Starter plan is best suited for bloggers or a personal website.


    The features aligned with the package cannot be effective for hosting a complex service because the plan only offers 100GB SSD storage, which might not be enough for business agencies.

    Besides, the business people are the most catered for with Hostpapa as it has provided for them with two paid plans, one for small and growing businesses and the other for professionals in the market who run a myriad of complex activities.

    Some of the features that make the Business paid package great for big businesses are the performance and security enhancement features.

    Propagation of domain names might take a while, most likely two or three days, and in case you want to transfer your domain name to Hostpapa, you might have to wait for five or even seven days for the process to be completed. However, if you modify your DNS entries before you begin the transfer it will boost your sites activation on the internet.

    Hostpapa is a hosting company that is interested in the success of your business and to this end; it offers its users an opportunity to gain their visitor’s trust and confidence.


    Through the Protection Power Trust Seal, with Hostpapa you could add the protection seal to your website such that when your visitors see it they gain confidence and in the end, your site will attract high sales and conversion rate.

    The seal also gives your website identity; therefore, in your Hostpapa web account if you want to have the Protection Power Trust Seal displayed on your site, you will use a code.

    On your dashboard, just click on my services, and under the website, protection finds the protection power. You will then click on the service link and then click the launch button.

    The new window opened indicates that you have logged into your protection power account. You will then click on your domain name on the navigation bar located in your left-hand side; a menu will open where you will select the TRUST SEAL.

    From there you can choose the design of your seal and copy the code to the body tag of your website in the position that you want.

    However, you need to keep in mind that in this process you will have to use a website builder or a text or HTML editor.

    Pricing and Plan options


    Hostpapa offers its uses three pricing plans and the first one is the Starter plan and is mostly used by bloggers.

    The plan comes at a price of $3.95/m and the user will be able to access features such as 100GB of SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration, and at least two websites.

    The second plan is the “Business,” it is mostly adopted by small business owners and comes at a price of $3.95/m. Its features are almost the same as those of the Starter plan only that with the Business package you will have access to unlimited websites and SSD storage.

    The third plan is the “Business Pro,” and at a price of $12.95 a user’s website will perform at very high speeds because of the Rocket Fast Servers and they will also have access to additional security enhancement features.

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    Pros & Cons


    • Comprehensive support system
    • Enhanced security features
    • 99% uptime
    • Eco-Friendly Website


    • Offers users a Longer money-back guarantee period
    • No automated backups for the Starter and Business paid plans

    Final word

    • Company Details



    Hostpapa is without a doubt a unique web hosting company that apart from providing its users with the best services it seeks to conserve the environment with the Eco-Friendly “Green Web Hosting.”

    The paid plans packages have been well balanced offering the most essential services for free, especially for the small and growing business.

    Their 99.9% uptime is what most websites need to encourage conversion, what is even more interesting about Hostpapa is that its support service is in four languages so users from Germany, France, Spain, and the English speaking countries are well catered for.

    The live chat and phone support is not an easy service to run; Hostpapa has thus set the bar high enough for other hosting companies.

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    Hostpapa Review

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