Site123 Review Dec 2023: (Users & Experts) 9 Pros & 2 Cons

Site123 Review

If you want to create a website quickly without any fuss, you can do this with the help of a website builder.

The techniques used to develop websites keep on evolving.

Gone are the days when people had to learn how to code for them to create websites.

This changed with the introduction of website builders.

We are now at a point where website builders come up with sites by asking you a few questions.

One of the website builders that follow this technique is Site123.

This is a reputable platform that simplifies the process of creating a website. Go through this Site123 review for you to find out if it is the right fit for you.

What is Site123?

Compared to some of the website builders, Site123 may not be the most powerful platform, but it is fast and efficient. It features well-designed templates and easy to integrate apps.

Using this platform does not only help create a website but also gives you a chance to sell your products through the site.

The website builder is famous for its superior support features. It offers new customers all the help they need to prevent anyone from getting stuck.

Unfortunately, the company fails to provide a lot of background details regarding this platform.

Site123 Review By Experts & Users


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9 Site123 Pros or Advantages

1. Social media integration

If you intend to use social media to promote your site, this platform can help. It gives you the chance to link out to different social media platforms.

This functionality is displayed as an icon on your web pages.

Unfortunately, Site123 does not let customers embed live social feeds.

2. Analytics

When running a website, it is important that you try to monitor things so that you can evaluate its performance.  Site123 gives you this ability by providing analytics.

You can use the functionality to look at the number of views you get for your posts or even check a user’s time on your web pages.

Though some of the website builders provide their own analytics, Site123 supplies this feature through Google analytics.

Since this is a reliable software, you can always get accurate and instant results.

3. SEO and marketing

Every website owner looks forward to getting high rankings of their site. You can only outrank your competitors in search results if you are serious about search engine optimization.

SEO is, however, not easy to achieve with some of the website builders due to code limitations. Choosing a platform such as Site123 can help you out since it provides core SEO tools.

This can boost the chance of your site ranking highly on search engines like Google. If you are new to marketing, Site123 has all the guides to help you out.

They can teach you how to add Meta descriptions which can capture the attention of the audience. You can also learn more on customizable URLs and how to customize description Meta tags.

The company comes up with a sitemap for your site so that search engines find it more scannable.

If you had created another website previously and would like to maintain its SEO performance, you can utilize the redirect feature from Site123.

This function should inform search engines of your new location and direct your customers to the new site.

According to Site123 reviews, most of the customers have been able to learn basic SEO from this platform.

Site123 does not guide you on the right keywords you can use or give you access to any SEO related apps. You may therefore not get all the knowledge you require for your marketing needs.

4. Domains

During the first year of subscribing with a plan from Site123, they allow you to connect a domain at no additional costs. You should be ready to pay up to $ 13 in the next year.

The platform also offers more than 100 domain extensions that you can pick from. This allows you to tailor your domain according to your specific industry.

The platform also offers a domain search tool that simplifies the process of finding the perfect domain.

If you have a domain already, feel free to direct it to your site once you have changed the DNS settings and have chosen a premium plan.

With this, you can continue benefiting from your current host and still use Site123.

If you lack the knowledge on changing the DNS settings, let the company help you out with this.

5. Security

The security of your website determines how safe your customers feel. Site123 takes security seriously and uses different techniques to boost it.

For instance, the platform protects your site through SSL encryption protocol. This service does not come at an additional cost.

The lack of charging customers for SSL encryption makes Site123 different from most of the website builders that set a fee for this service.

This form of technology makes your site confidential and prevents issues such as cyber-attacks.

Experts from the company also monitor your site round the clock so that you can focus on other crucial aspects such as growing your business.

6. Restores and backups

The loss of data can be tragic for any website owner. Since crashing of sites sometimes happens, you can always get reassurance while working with this website builder.

It provides backups to prevent you from losing any crucial data.

The auto-save feature also comes in handy in preventing data loss. It is possible to restore all your website’s content to the last auto-save in a few clicks.

This functionality ensures that your website maintains high performance at all times.

It also prevents you from the hassle of conducting manual backups from time to time.

Site123 is one of the website builders that are conscious of cybercriminals and work hard to prevent you from being the next victim.

7. Free hosting

Apart from the free website builder, this company also offers its customers free hosting. This allows you to operate your entire site free of charge.

The platform stores your site in a CDN of secure servers. The use of a content delivery network means that your website can be stored on different servers across the globe.

If you have visitors in different locations, they can easily access your website from the server that is near them.

This means that they can enjoy a fast loading website, leading to increased conversion rates.

8. Plug-in integration

Though Site123 does not offer all the features, it allows you to access third-party plug-ins. Plug-in integration can help you boost the performance of your site and get what you want.

Some of the plug-ins include email marketing tools, live support, and Goggle webmaster.

Beware that the website builder does not allow you to use the plug-ins with the free plan. You have to buy one of the plans for you to utilize this feature.

9. Support

We cannot exhaust this Site123 review without discussing how the website builder treats its customers. An efficient company should offer customer satisfaction and reliable support system.

Site123 tries to guide its customers accordingly and give them support through different options. You can reach out to the agents through options such as email, knowledge base, and live chat facility.

If you want to enjoy round the clock feedback, you need to use the live chat facility. Most of the customers also report that they get excellent feedback from the company’s agents.

You can also make use of the available articles and how-to videos to find more information regarding different aspects of website building.

Learn how to make use of some of the features and tools by navigating through the available guides.

Site123 also has a YouTube channel which they use to post some useful tutorials for their customers. With such a comprehensive guide, you may not get stuck in creating or running your website.

Some customers are, however, disappointed with the fact that Site123 fails to offer phone support.

This is one of the best options that guarantee instant feedback.

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    Who Should Use Site123?


    This is one of the website builders that has features which target specific groups. For instance, it is ideal for bloggers.

    If you intend on creating a blog, you can do this with the help of the platform. It consists of an RSS feed, social bookmarking, and analytics that can help you with your blog.

    Sadly, you may not get all the features you need since Site123 fails to include things like archiving or comment section for the blog.

    The blog templates available are, however, designed for maximum blog functionality.

    You also make use of the free stock images as well as icons to personalize your site and make it unique.


    Your business needs can help you determine if Site123 is the right website builder to use. The platform can help you create a simple business website that can display all the necessary details about your company.

    You also get an app market which contains all the tools you need to manage your site and sell products. Try accessing the app market from the settings menu.

    Some of the features that you will find useful for this purpose include email marketing capabilities and call to actions.

    The use of CTAs can help you compel more site visitors to try your products,

    You also enjoy access to checkout options such as setting taxes for different products and shipping.

    Feel free to display the currencies that you accept for your products and show your customers the payment options they can use while making purchases.

    For instance, this platform allows your customers to make payments via credit card, direct transfer, and PayPal.

    Site123 also includes coupon codes which are distributed through social media platforms. Offering discounts to customers can help you increase sales and earn brand loyalty.

    Apart from this, Site123 also provides other crucial features such as multilingual websites, image galleries, and under construction pages.

    All the premium plans contain e-commerce functionality. If you need advanced features than what the basic plans offer, you should consider paying more for the gold or professional plan.

    Using the available advanced features can help you sell products with ease.

    According to Site123 reviews, the platform lacks some useful e-commerce features. Payment tracking and automatic invoicing are unavailable.

    This can hinder you from selling your products on a large scale.  Site123 is, therefore, suitable for small business owners looking to sell a few products online.


    Having technical skills is not a requirement for you to make use of this website builder. It can, however, help you gain confidence in your technical abilities.

    This platform offers a helping hand to anyone looking for more knowledge on website building. It provides contemporary templates that have different features that can suit your website.

    Most of the templates available are also mobile responsive. This helps you gain more site visitors who prefer accessing sites through their mobile devices.

    Check out all web hosting Reviews & deals.

    Is Site123 Easy To Use?

    Most of the customers that do not have an idea about developing websites don’t like working with complicated website builders.

    This is, therefore, a common question that you will come across as you go through Site123 reviews. A high percentage of customers that have worked with Site123 report that it is an easy platform to use.

    The platform asks you questions such as the type of site you want to come up with and its name. They use this to help you create an ideal website.

    They then choose for you the relevant templates that contain useful features depending on the details you provide. Site123 makes it easy for you for customers to complete most of the tasks.

    You can add images, edit texts, integrate different social media accounts as well as customize the navigation bar.

    Site123 is different from the rest of the website builders that rely on conventional drag and drop functionality. You only need to select a wireframe layout then upload the desired content.

    The company also lets you choose an ideal layout according to your needs. Though they try to make the process easier, using their approach means that you lose some level of control.

    Feel free to choose between a multi-page and a one-page website from the settings menu. Most of the companies choose one-page sites while those that run e-commerce stores pick multi-page sites.

    As you customize your site, the platform allows you to preview the changes you make before publishing it. Use the editor feature for you to customize the color theme, layout, buttons, fonts, and menu style of your site.

    If you want to change things such as your home title, logo, or name of your site, you can do this from the homepage button. This also lets you adjust the homepage template.

    The page buttons handle individual pages. This allows you to remove or add pages accordingly.

    Make use of the design menu for you to adjust specific aspects like styles, headers, and social icons.

    Since every modification you make is global, you will not waste more time making the same adjustments on each page.

    Some website owners, however, prefer having different fonts and styles on various pages. Sadly, you cannot achieve this with Site123.

    You will also find the preview and domain menu quite straightforward. Make use of the preview button for you to see what a visitor should see on different devices.

    Due to customization limitations, this is not a website builder for the tech-savvy. You may not get more control but can enjoy an easy to use platform.

    Pricing and Plan Options

    Now that you know the basics and features available at Site123, it is time to determine which plan you can afford.

    Before choosing a plan, you need to assess your specific goals and determine how long you need to use the services of this website builder. You can subscribe for three months, a year, 2 or 3 years.

    Choosing a longer term can help you save since it translates to a cheaper monthly bill compared to a shorter term. Unlike some of the platforms, this provides a free plan.

    If you don’t want to spend, you can make use of the free plan to build numerous website and publish them. This plan features 1 GB of bandwidth and 500 MB storage.

    Unfortunately, this may not be enough storage for you to add things like videos on your website. The amount of bandwidth is also limiting on your content.

    If you want people to take your site seriously, you have to spend for you to make more money. Consider investing in one of the paid plans.

    Choose a plan according to your specific needs. Every plan comes with more bandwidth and storage space; it implies that the higher plans offer more than the basic plan.

    Some of the features are also locked and are only available to customers you pay for plans.

    If you expect a lot of traffic on your site or intend to sell numerous items every month, you should go for the advanced plans.

    Site123 breaks down its plans in different categories and sets price tags for each. The categories include:

    • Basic- $ 17 per month
    • Advanced- $ 25 per month
    • Professional- $ 33 per month
    • Gold- $ 41 per month

    Once you have tested the free services, you are at liberty of choosing either of the paid plans. For the top three plans, you may receive a discount of up to 40% from Site123.

    The company provides such incentives to new customers. Ensure you keep on checking the available discounts so that you reduce the price of plans even further.

    Apart from storage and bandwidth, the basic plan also allows you to connect your domain and get rid of the float ads. This is an ideal plan for freelancers looking to boost their digital presence.

    It is, however, not the best for agencies and small businesses.

    People in these two categories should choose the advanced upgrade plan. This not only lets you enjoy the merits of the basic plan but also opens you to localization opportunities.

    It also provides access to 50 orders each month, so that you can promote and sell your products. This plan also comes with an added language.

    You can translate the content in another language, especially when promoting a product to an international audience.

    The gold and professional plans have some similar features.  You get additional languages from choosing either of these plans and also credit card giveaways.

    The two plans, however, differ when it comes to things likes the number of orders per month and mailboxes. Choose either of these plans if you have a medium-sized business.

    Though the plans increase the storage allocation, you don’t get unlimited options for any of the plans. The maximum amount you get is 270GB storage for the Gold plan.

    It also comes with 135 GB of bandwidth every month. The lack of unlimited options makes Site123 inferior to some of the website builders that have fewer limitations.

    This platform, however, allows you to test the effectiveness of plans for at least two weeks at no cost.

    Pros & Cons


    • Has mobile-responsive templates
    • It is easy to customize
    • Comes with a clean interface
    • Beautiful design
    • Excellent support
    • It supports different languages and currencies


    • Limited options
    • You cannot change templates after publishing your site


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    Final Thoughts

    What makes this platform stand out from the rest is its simplicity. From the above Site123 review, you can tell how easy to it to get started with this platform.

    It offers not only a straightforward sign-up process but also a design-assisted approach which simplifies building a site.

    The platform also includes e-commerce and blogging functionality.

    Though the experts take care of most of the tasks, this can be limiting to a person who wants to create a complex website with some precise requirements.

    It means that Site123 is ideal for small business owners and those that need personal websites.

    Even though the website builder has some flaws, it has been working hard to improve the quality of its features.

    It also allows you to create your website with minimal investment.

    Site123 Review

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