Website Speed: How It Affects SEO & Ways To Reduce Page Load Time

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Website Speed How It Affects SEO

The loading speed of website does matter a lot. Nobody would like to be a guest visitor of a website which takes hours to be loaded properly.

The increased traffic on one’s website makes a lot of difference in terms of SEO traffic or the increased SEO of one’s website.

This also accounts for the reason that new websites should definitely be very quick in loading so as to make sure the SEO of the page does not gets dropped.

It is very essential for both new as well experienced blogger to reduce the loading time of website as much as low. This helps in keeping SEO of the page high.

There is no doubt; everybody wants to get the performance of the web page to the most appropriate way, this would help to make the web page appealing and thus helping to get most of the visitors and thus creating more of the contacts which in turn gains the more of the contracts!

Few facts that mentions why one should know why the website should load quickly:

  • 46 percentile readers want their website to be quick in getting loaded.
  • 7 % of the reduction in traffic could happen if the delay persists in the loading of website.

Since it is very necessary to take control of the website’s loading speed, below are the few tools and the ways to help one finding the speed of website loading:

Website Speed Checker Tools:

  • Pingdom: Offering a free DNS health checkup, which tells whether the site is running healthy or the site needs some sort of maintenance checking. It is one of the great site to check the loading speed of the website.
  • Google developers: Being an online page’s speed test site, this also provides help in making people aware of what could be done to help them bring large traffic to their page. The site provides a score meter that ranges from 0-100. It shows page is doing well, when the meter rates page above 90! This does not tell the problem only but also gives some tips, how one can improve the SEO of page by improving the loading problem.
  • GTMetrix: This page helps by letting person know through Page Speed and YSlow facts and figures providing them grades. This also helps by telling them why the pages response is bad.

Ways to Increase Website Speed:

Find some of the ways are mentioned below to be undertaken to know which way one can help maintain the page’s loading speed:
Some of the few helpful things are cited below which can help one to improvise their sites, which can be helpful in making the site good to be loaded easily.

1. With Coading:

One should start applying the caching mechanism along with implementing other working techniques that are working towards making the loading speed of website page enhanced. This should be done by the advanced and skilled person who knows how to handle the caching system well.

2. Take care of the Content Delivery Network:

There is a network of servers with high performance that work towards replicating the static asset of the website. This also makes sure that the websites are served to the visitors from the closest POP. CDN’s proxy servers are located throughout the world. This helps by filtering the site as per the location search filter. The place is been located from which the visitor is visiting the website and then the search results are filtered as per the interest of the visitor making results more reliable by the people.

3. Make sure the scripts are written at the bottom:

This tip would not be good for those, who are not savvy with the scripts. When the scripts are loaded at the bottom of the page, the great thing happen, the scripts are loaded after the content is already loaded. This will help by making the page loaded first and the blank page won’t appear to the visitors.

4. CSS Sprites:

This intentionally and drastically reduces the HTTP requests that the browser has to create. The efficient way of compiling 4 different images and brining only one image on the page, saves time for loading of the page as the page’s image requests will be reduced. This will enhance the page’s loading speed.

5. Try utilizing the browser Caching system:

The idea of setting the expiry date or the maximum age limit, will help to make the HTTP resources work efficiently. The enabled caching makes the browser load data from the previously downloaded static resources. Script available on various sites, could be taken for help to know the various types file’s expirations. Host- Tracker should be used to track the web hosting system of loading the web page.

6. Try to optimize things as much as possible:

Try loading the desired web page in various situations and conditions, this makes one to be sure of about the loading speed of the page. One can also check by removing the various adds and sponsorships from the webpage. The page’s loading speed can be enhanced by asking the manager to upgrade server and even the network can be switched to a new one.


No doubt the content plays a major role along with the keywords and the right kind of anchor text, this helps in making webpage appear great.

It also brings most of the visitors to the page. There are various techniques using which the webpage can be enhanced.

Apart from using the help of some technician person, the instinct of one can also be very helpful in making sure the things get done well. Also we should make sure the needed support is taken from the right kind of people.

Videos, images, catchy taglines and the good anchor text would be helpful to get the traffic that is being intended to be targeted.

One greater way to make one’s website come out really impressive is to include the articles on the topics which are very trending and would be searched by the people across the world.

Website Speed How It Affects SEO
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