On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques: Complete Guide To Rank

On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques

The successful Search Engine Optimization is the one that uses both on-page and off-site SEO strategies.

It is the amalgam between these two SEO strategies that can provide long term and sustainable results and also enhances the ranking of the website on SERPs.

All webmasters and blog owners today usually make a mistake of using only of these two techniques.

The bloggers primarily focus on on-page SEO method and ignore the significance of off-site SEO method or vice versa.

But in the real world application, it is necessary that webmaster and bloggers make use of both these methods to rank higher on search results.

This becomes really essential when you are competing in international or national levels where there is cutting throat competition and the online content is available in plentiful.

So, for your assistance below is the guide on both on-page and off-site SEO methods for blogs which can help you get better ranking on SERPs and drive in more organic traffic to the blogs.

Using of LSI Keywords

It is extremely necessary that you make use of right keywords for your blogs which can do wonder for your blog and even rank it higher in SERPs.

So, it is necessary that you make use of keyword generating tools online to find the good set of keywords which you can use for your blogs. The keywords must be popular and it should be trending too.

You need to ensure that the keywords are selection carefully which are trending and people are using it often to search information online.

For instance, if you are blogger that provide information on wedding events, then ensure to choose keywords which are related to this niche and people use in search engines to search for information.

Try to create variations in the phrases and keywords.

You can make use of keyword tools online to know the volume of searches done on the selected keywords.

You must ensure using the LSI keywords which are considered to be good keywords for blogs when it comes to drive in organic SEO traffic to the blogs.

There are online tools available from where you can get good set of LSI keywords for your blogs.

Placement and Density of Keywords

The LSI keywords which you have selected to use must also appear in the tags, titles and headlines H1, images, descriptions and also in the content itself.

It is necessary that you place the keywords optimally while doing SEO for your blogs.

The keyword density in the content must be within the range which is between 1 and 2 percent for the total content word count.

You must not exceed the range of 2% for each keyword in the content which is best for SEO purpose of your blog.

You are required to place the keywords optimally and ensure to add it to the perma-links or URL of the blog.

Usually the blog list the URL with sets of numbers and hence you can tailor the list so that it will comprise the secondary as well as the primary keywords.

When it comes to make use of images for your blog, you need to ensure using the ALT tags so as to insert the LSI keywords optimally and perfectly and this will help bloggers to rank their blogs in the image searches in major search engines.

Crafting Attractive Title or Meta Description

Google and other search engines usually display the results based on the preferences of users and whether the users want to click on the listing of yours or someone else.

So, this is the morsel of opportunity for bloggers to say “come click my blog instead of others”.

If you are capable then ensure optimizing this from the keyword perspective using the phrases and words that your traffic want and from the relevancy.

URL Length

Another great on-page SEO method is the length of the URL. Search engines usually determine the blogs based on the length of the title and URL.

So, in order to achieve the higher ranking on search results you are required to focus more on the keywords placed on the URLs.

You need to keep the URL as short as possible and it needs to be attractive at the same time.

Unless you are maintaining a event based blog, you must avoid using the year in your URL because search engines usually consider such blogs outdated because of the date mentioned on it.

This reduces the overall ranking of the blog in search results.

Off-Site SEO Method for Blogs

After you are done with the on-page SEO method it is the time for off-site SEO methods.

The off-site SEO method involves building inbound links and getting the other blogs to link your blog.

But, you need to ensure that the blog where you want to put your links must be high in ranking and relevant to your niche and ensure to link using the chosen LSI keywords.

Creating Quality Content

It is suggested that you must create quality and useful content as it is the natural way to encourage other sites to link back to your blog.

The blogs with informative and useful content are always appreciated and webmasters prefer pointing to such blogs without asking for permission for linking because the blog is authoritative in nature and provides useful information always.

At Last:

If this is not the case with your blog, then you may consider swapping the links with other webmasters or bloggers with their blogs which are related to your niche.

You may also make use of a variety of link building strategies like forum posting and blog commenting to get your blogs pointed by other blogs for back links.

Creation of several inbound links is also helpful for your blogs and this can be done by adding content to article directories.

Guest posting can be done on other blogs or you can list the blogs in several web directories to gain importance and popular for getting back links.

On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques

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