The Ultimate Guide of Guest Post for Backlink Building Strategy

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The Guide of Guest Post for Backlink Building Strategy

Guest posting has been of prime importance ever since the change of norms by the search engine for featuring of the blogs in the top searched results.

Search Engine Optimization or most commonly known by its abbreviated form i.e. SEO is extremely important for any blog to ensure that it achieves the success that it desires.

However, since the new norms have done away with the unimportant backlinks, guest posts are the only way to generate the important ones.

Advantages of guest post

Guest blogging is primarily done for two purposes.

Firstly, the blogger can find an easy access to their niche readers.

Writing on blogs pertaining to your own topic can put you in the spotlight and get readers attracted to your viewpoint.

As a result, they will try and come onto your blog to look for what else you have to say.

Posting on blogs that have already achieved fame will get you more subscribers on your blog.

Secondly, you get strong backlinks. Backlinks are extremely important and it is a given.

Generating backlinks through blogs that already rank high via SEO can help your blog uplift its ranking on the search engines thereby, elevating the quality as well as the power of your blog.

How to generate backlinks?

Before you get to generating backlinks, the first thing you need to do is find appropriate blogs where you can go and express your idea.

This is a fairly easy process as all you would need to do is enter your main keyword on any of the search engines.

The topmost blogs will automatically pop up.

Also, make sure that the blog allows guest blogging.

The search engine will provide you with numerous results but you need to be smart in determining what the best quality content is.

Read the blogs, analyze the content and then decide upon which blogs are the quality ones. Be careful with fraudulent blogs that work on the basis of plagiarism.

This will not be good for your backlinks as the search engines have been designed to remove such content from their list.

The next step after sorting out the appropriate list is that of writing.

Each blog comes with its own set of regulations and needs to be adhered for your post to go online.

Try and include the maximum allowed limit of backlinks within the post as that is an essential step.

This is the part where it gets tricky.

You need to first pitch your blog for the bloggers to accept it.

If you submit them directly, there might be a possibility that you would not receive the response and you are restricted with your blog as it cannot be submitted anywhere else.

Do not even try to do that as it will fall under the category of duplicity.

Once submitted, keep visiting the website to see if your article is up and running.

There is a high chance that you might never get notified about your guest blog being posted on the website.

Make sure you are replying to people who have taken out time to read and eventually comment on the blog.

Once the blog is up, that does not mean that you are done with it. You might move on to other guest blogs but keep an eye on the previous blogs.

Make sure you are paying a visit to them regularly and reverting back to the people who have commented on them.

Also, this will ensure that you know that the blog is up on the website continuously.

There are times when they do get deleted.

The silver lining of the process is that it also gets deleted from the history of the search engines and you could re-use it for some other website.

This means that you should also keep a file of your writing separately.

Never ever forget about any of your guest posts. The backlinks inserted in the blog can always be used again with equal effectiveness.

Therefore, as seen guest posting can generate some strong backdrop for creating backlinks.

This is only valid if you know what to do and more importantly, how to do it.

Thus, first know and then, perform.

The forms of guest blogs that can give you quality backlinks

Guest blogging to earn backlinks may not be easy, but it is possible. For you to establish your brand in your field and generate leads, you need to use guest blogging and link building strategy.

Here as some of the blog types that can help you generate links easily.

  • 8-word titles

When preparing a blog post for another site, you need to come up with captivating headlines that can entice the audience.

What most guest bloggers don’t know is that the number of words in your title can determine how fast you can earn backlinks.

According to researchers, guest blog titles that contain only eight words can get more links compared to the rest.

8-worded titles quickly captivate the readers since they are not too long nor too short.

Google is also known to display the first 50 characters of title tags.

Every time you come up with a title for a blog post, ensure you don’t go beyond 8 words.

Remember to include the keyword in the title so that you can answer a reader’s question easily and compel them to open the post.

  • How-to guide

Most internet users search for specific answers on the web. Since how-to guides get the most attention, this is what you should be using in your guest blog posts.

You can incorporate the how-to style in your content to make it more valuable.

Phrase the title in a way that entices the reader.

Using a how-to style guide in your blog post increases the chances of earning backlinks.

It also gives you an opportunity to inform or educate the audience.

You can include images when using this style to give them a clear picture of what you may be discussing.

  • Talk about current issues

People like remaining updated on issues. As you think about participating in another person’s blog, consider giving readers fresh content.

Timeliness is a crucial factor in guest blogging.

Avoid writing about future happenings if you don’t have enough factual evidence or writing on past events since this can quickly turn off readers.

Aim at creating evergreen content when guest blogging to achieve backlinks as well as social shares.

As you choose site owners, ensure that you get one that also blogs about current issues so that you can follow their lead.

  • Use thought leadership styles

You can also gain quality backlinks if the audience recognizes you as an authority in your field.

Use thought leadership styles as you aim at offering unique answers to people’s questions so that they can distinguish you from other guest bloggers and start following your site.

Come up with useful content that can position you as a thought leader.

Let the readers see issues from a new angle so that your guest blog posts can always stand out.

While writing the content, have facts at your fingertips and support your views well.

Is guest blogging for backlinks wrong?

If you have been in the industry for a while now, you have probably come across an article that denotes that guest blogging to attain backlinks is wrong.

Some people argue that the only reason why bloggers should participate in other people’s blogs is to add value to the readers.

In as much as this is true, wanting people to visit your site is not wrong.

People guest blog for different reasons.

You could be looking for more traffic, exposure or even try to build a relationship with another blogger.

As you aim to achieve your objective, you should not compromise on value.

When guest blogging to achieve backlinks, your reasons may go beyond helping a broader audience, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You should always come up with good quality content to help you achieve your objectives.


Different factors influence what search engines deem to be a great article. Some of the factors include the level of engagement, quality of your content, social shares, and even comments. This means that search engines deem your guest blog post more valuable if it has a high level of engagement. No one will take the time to comment on a poorly written post. Guest blogging for backlinks, when done right, is therefore not immoral.

The Guide of Guest Post for Backlink Building Strategy
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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