Simple and Easy Ways to Write Articles For Your Blog Readers & Google

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Simple and Easy Ways to Write Articles For Your Blog Readers and search engines

Blogs are the most powerful tool in this modern era of science and technology.

It is pretty much evident where people are mostly following the digital space for information than the conventional forms of jacketed books and magazines.

The digital space revolves around the digital contents like blogs or websites and media platforms such as videos or sound.

The technology has taken a leap over the years but the way in which you can intrigue an audience is still the same.

With the craze of digital space and generating revenue and novelty from them getting popular, one must never forget that the true ways a reader will visit your space are the basic constituents of your blog.

Now, if you are a blogger or have started blogging, the article sums up some of the important ways and techniques on how to write articles for your readers.

However, if you are looking for increasing traffic to your blog through internet tools, we are sorry that the article might disappoint you a little bit.

Well, you are still reading though. So, we assume that you are looking for creating a compelling article and get your audience glued to your blogs.

It is not greedy if you want to achieve more audience and traffic to your blog.

But, the root to bring great traffic on a continuous basis is only through your blog content or the articles themselves.

There are other tools as well as free on the internet. But, the tools are always to help you to get noticed on the platform.

Everything else depends on how good you write articles and how well the readers connect to you.

What are the ways to write good articles?

Experience is the greatest teacher. No matter if you are masters in English or not.

The only thing that matters in a blog is the content and the weaving of words.

One should be pretty alert that a blog is not an essay but a communication tool where you need to interact with the audience.

So, having said that (or written that) let us deep dive into the different factors that should cluster in your articles to compel the readers to visit again.

A strong headline sends a strong message:

You can think of a situation where you visited the bookstore near you.

Now, what do you do?

Option 1:

Take a look at every single book on the shelf and find your niche.

Option 2:

Head towards the book whose title intrigues. Obviously, the first option is vague as nobody has enough time to spare and scrutiny each and every book.

Similarly, online readers do not have much time shuffling through the contents of every article.

You need to keep in mind that crafting a strong headline will bring you much audience.

So, there are 4Us associated with writing headline of a blog. These are uniqueness, ultra-specific, urgency, and usefulness.

You must be aware that the headline that you are typing should address the content in a very specific, short, and useful way.

Introduce your readers to the content:

Now that you have the attention of the potential readers, you must take them through a brief trip of what’s in there.

It will be very stupid to assume that the readers already know about the topic and start right away.

Instead, the introduction acts as foreplay.

A simple and nice introduction to the topic helps your readers to understand the premise. This is where you make an impact on the readers.

As you keep rolling into the depth, the readers won’t find it intimidating and get acquainted with your writing style as well.

Now, there are three elements which you must take care of.

These are hooking your readers with introduction, sections or a third person story so that the readers can indirectly relate, and the thesis statement which contains the summary.

Make your post readable:

Do avoid hefty English words.

Make simple sentences which everybody can read. You can use short sentences and introduce sections and sub-sections.

End the story with call-to-action statements:

Any blog will have a share option or comment section.

Now, a blog is considered good if there are some feedbacks from the real readers.

This is the point where you make a relationship with your readers. So, you can end the story with a question about the topic.

These are the points that you need to keep in mind if you want to write good articles for your readers and generate traffic. So, this is it. Isn’t it?

Title Length

The title is the main and very important thing in any blog post. The title will show in the search result and also show people that on what topic the post is.

This is very important to provide a good length of title to rank better in Google and other search engines.

Here we suggest you use 55-60 characters in title length. However, you can use up to 70 characters in the title tag.

Description Length

There is no need to use the meta description tag in your blog posts. But if you provide meta description then this is best for search engines to improve your ranking faster.

If you are using description for a blog post then we suggest you use 150-160 characters maximum. This description length is best for search engines.

Post Length

Post length and quality is the most important factor in SEO these days. Past days are gone that peoples are written 150-200 words article and start ranking in Google.

At past days Google not so smart they rank any site with low-quality content also.

But Google and other search engines do lots of changes in their algorithm.

As you can see Google released many things to detect spam and low-quality sites. This is only because many peoples try to cheat Google algorithm. Google wants to provide high-quality content to its users and protect them from spam or malicious content also.

So, those days are gone when people write 150-200 words blog posts.

If you want to rank your blog nowadays then you will need to make the focus on the length & quality of your content.

Here we suggest you write your blog post at least 500-800 words for better ranking. The more word you write the more chances you get to rank faster in search engines.

Because Google and other search engines want quality content only these days.

Add Some Images to Blog Post

Imagine you have written 800 words blog post.

Now People read the full 800 words article?

The short answer is NO. This is not possible No one will read a complete 800 words article.

But if you add some images related to your blog post then people will read a maximum word of your blog post as they can read.

By adding images to your blog post will also increase your page view time. And if your page view time is more than others then your ranking in Google will automatically improve.

These things can make your blog to a high-quality blog.

Simple and Easy Ways to Write Articles For Your Blog Readers and search engines
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