How to Get More Blog Readers Fast to Your Blog: Increase Traffic

How to Get More Blog Readers Fast to Your Blog Increase Traffic

Imagine you’ve spent the whole weekend making a blog post.

This one’s quite good. It’s funny and relatable; it’s highly informative and equally creative.

You’ve proofread once and twice again to be sure, and you’ve spent a great deal of time in research and fact-checking. You post it to your blog, and wait for the comments to pour in.

Days and weeks pass, but your blog post sits and waits unread. What’s happening?

Low readership is actually a common problem among blog owners. Some blogs even take years to reach blog readership in the thousands per month.

If you want your blog to generate some income, you need to get readers and get them fast. But how?

Make Your Post SEO-Friendly

To put it simply, people can’t read your blog if they can’t find it. SEO or search engine optimization is simply the process of making your blog content search engine friendly.

Think about it this way: You’d want to be the first result that pops up when people search for something related on the Web.

Making your blog SEO-friendly is basically telling Google’s search algorithm that your blog is filled with everything there is to know about a user’s search query. So how do you do this?

Add keywords

Adding the right keywords in the right frequency is the first rule of SEO.

So, if you’re writing about increasing website traffic, you might want to sprinkle some keywords like “get more traffic” or “promote your site” in your blog post.

You might also want to consider having alternative texts for your images since web crawlers also look at these values.

Create a meta-description

A meta-description is a short, 130-character description of your blog post.

Search engines use this description alongside the name of your blog or the title of your post.

This description should be able to capture the interest of potential readers.

Link back

If you already have more than one blog post on a topic, make sure that you link back to some of those posts when you create a new one.

Not only does this make you look like an expert, it also gives your readers more chances to read related posts on your blog.

Promote Through Social Media

It’s not smart to undermine the effect social media has on increasing blog traffic.

Whenever you make a new blog post, make sure that you prep them for social networking sites.

Utilize social media groups

The great part about promoting through social media is that, most of the time, much of the work has already been done for you.

For example, if you’re trying to promote a wedding blog, you should join groups of wedding suppliers or grooms- or brides-to-be.

You can promote to public social media groups and they’d be easy to convert because you already know that they’re interested in the topic or the service you’re promoting.

Sharing is caring

When promoting your blog through social media, always offer valuable content.

When people share your content to people they care about, then you know you’ve done a good job.

Bank on intrigue, controversy, and shock

Be careful though as you wouldn’t want to make clickbaits. Clickbait articles are those that have intriguing titles that make the readers want to read the article.

The titles are mostly exaggerated in clickbaits though. They may not be related to the content at all or, if they are, would only be related in the slightest.

When you make an intriguing title, be sure to back it up with a similarly intriguing article.

Ask the right questions

The right questions should create meaningful conversations.

The topic and the question don’t always have to be controversial.

Conversation starters are a great way to subtly let your followers know that you’re an expert on the field. Answering comments is also a great way to interact with your readers.

Post at the right date and time

Make sure you’re posting at the right time of the day, so that your post reaches the most number of readers.

Be sensitive about your followers’ reading habits.

If you post weekly, learn which day your followers are most active. Also, make sure you’re not posting about Christmas in February, or Halloween during June.

Make your post easy to share

If your post is easy to share, it will definitely get shared.

When people can’t find the share button in an instant, they might get discouraged and they’d have time to rethink if it’s even worth sharing.

Your blog post needs to be shareable in a maximum of 3 clicks of a mouse or 3 taps on a screen.

Collaborate with other bloggers

Other bloggers can offer new perspectives that could freshen up your blog.

Be friends with other bloggers and you may earn yourself some cross promotion. Aside from your blog, let your readers know about other bloggers that offer similar content — but from a different point of view.

Invite guest bloggers to post content on your blog, and guest write content on their blogs too.

And lastly…

Your readers will be able to tell if your blog is a half-baked one. On the other hand, a blogger who enjoys blogging will produce more enjoyable, more shareable content.

Any blog owner knows that the best way to increase blog traffic is to actually enjoy what you’re doing.

Your genuine interest about the things you’re blogging about will be what ultimately makes your blog relatable and successful.

How to Get More Blog Readers Fast to Your Blog Increase Traffic

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