How To Promote Your Blog on Social Media To Boost Traffic & SEO

How To Promote Your Blog on Social Media To Boost Traffic and SEO

Blogging is something that requires passion, discipline and time of a person.

This is definitely not an easy job, but with the discipline and honesty, one can succeed in this field. Even if a person does this for money he needs to be passionate about it.

While blogging a person covers a particular area and give his readers information about that particular thing.

For the growth of any blog, the area that the blogger is covering should be of his interest or he won’t be able to do justice with the work he is doing.

Apart from all this, one needs to do certain other things for the blog’s growth. Social media handling is one of them. Here, we are giving a few tips that can help a blogger promote his blog on different social media platforms.

Create pages of your blogs on different social media platforms:

The first thing that you need to do for promoting your blog on social media is to make the page of your blog.

Invite as many people as you can. Increasing your followers is totally in your hands.

Keep this thing in mind that your followers on these social media handles will convert in your blog readers later.

Do what you want others to do for you:

You will definitely want others to promote your blog. For that, you promote them first on your social media handle.

This will give them a reason to promote you on their social media handles and they will happily do this. This will make you popular among their audience too.

Invite guests on your social media handles:

Try and invite people who are already doing well in their respective fields. This is not necessary to invite a blogger.

It can be any known personality. You have to look for the person your audience or followers want to see.

Post a video of that person saying good about your blog. This will attract the fans of that person and you will become popular among them also.

Join your blog with your social media platform:

Instead of writing too much about any particular writing of your blog, just provide the direct link of that article on your social media handle.

People will like to read the real article instead of captions about that. So, try to provide the link of that particular writing on your various social media handles.

Hashtags are important:

Whenever you are posting about any blog try to use as many hashtags as you can. The hashtag is basically a sign that you will get on your phone or laptop’s keypad.

To use this, use that sign and then write about the post in minimal words. You can give more information by using multiple hashtags, but do not write much in a single hashtag.

Using these hashtags will help your post in gaining some popularity.

Make your blog user-friendly:

Promotion in a wrong way won’t give you the required success.

Always remember that whatever you are is all because of your readers. So, try to make your blog interactive. Whatever questions come from the audience side, try to answer them all.

This will create a friendly relation of yours with your audience.

Make new followers comfortable:

As mentioned earlier, increased followers on your social media handles will help you in becoming a successful blogger.

This is the audience that will convert in your readers later. So, always welcome new followers with an open heart. Take a note on the increasing number of followers.

Try to interact with them. Give them information about your blog. This can be done by posting small videos from time to time on your wall.

Make sure that the new video is different in style from the earlier videos, because the same style may irritate your old viewers. This can also be done by directly messaging the new followers.

It is you who need their help to promote your blog.

So, you need to initiate the conversation. Just send “hi,” along with the link of your blog in their inbox. They will definitely respond after visiting your blog.

Play the picture game:

Social media handles are all about the appearance. Only writings will not make your page look attractive.

Try to add pictures for every post that you are writing. Good pictures attract good followers.

Try to use good frames and good frames. You are free to edit your pictures; in fact, these posts are all about edited pictures. So, go for it.

This will not only make your page and post look good but will act as a good reference for the post that you are writing. Do not take this responsibility lightly and upload pictures on a daily basis.

Time and discipline is a key to success:

Maintain the consistency of posting things, be it your blogs or your posts on social media handles. Set a proper schedule and share it with your readers and audience.

Once they will know that you post things on a particular day, they will wait for it. Now, it’s your duty not to keep your audience waiting. So, work for it and post the blog on the set time.

This will definitely take time to be that consistent, but if are willing to chase your dreams you will have to do this. You can never upset your readers and in the case of a new blogger, this becomes more compulsory because they need the support of people.

Tune in to different online communities and groups:

You need not search for online communities and groups. It is an easy task now a day.

We all are connected with certain communities and groups on every social media handles. Try and share your content there. In this way, you can share your content to a large number of audiences at one time.

This will take you the time equal to the time that goes in messaging someone. It is true that everybody in the group won’t like your content, but even if a few people go through it, your work is done. Also, after some shares, you will figure out that which group is beneficial for you and your blog content.

So, these were some of the tips for the prevention of a certain blog on social media.

How To Promote Your Blog on Social Media To Boost Traffic and SEO

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