Before Making Blogging Full Time as Career Check This Things In Yourself

Before Making Blogging Full Time as Career Check This Things In Yourself

Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Blogging as Career

Before choosing a career, we always have tons of questions that keep bugging us. The stress of choosing a career itself is so great, that it undermines our passion towards finding the perfect job for ourselves.

Lucky are those who can choose their passion over a standard job and have a good return from it. With the constant changes in the market equilibrium and the rise in new start-ups every day, there are plenty of job options one can opt for.

Among the many career options that seekers can choose from, many have been choosing to blog. With social media and its rising popularity, blogging surely has taken a lot of space.

There was a time when a company had to go to lengths and promote their products whereas with a rise in the number of bloggers, promoting has become as easy as pie. All you need is a good audience base to reach out to and you are sorted.

Many find blogging to be demeaning whereas the reality is slightly different. Blogging is not as easy as it looks. People have a pre-conceived notion that blogging means free product in return of some posts.

Whereas, there is a lot more that goes behind it. However, bloggers who have a knack for the profession and is really good at what they do are now successful and has a genuine audience base.

This fact gives many aspirers to take up blogging for they are passionate about it. But, before you go ahead, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. You need to know about the career choice, you should be sure about what you’re going to do.

Hence, you should ask before selecting blogging as a career.

Ask yourself

  • Are you passionate about the money or are you passionate about the topics you blog about?

The reason why we are mentioning this first is that, the blogging industry, if you have a good PR then you will earn big bucks.

However, with a bad PR, you will have a bad time.

Now, blogging for the money has two effects, either you will get degrading topics for good sum or else you will get good topics for a lesser sum of money.

And if you are lucky, you’ll probably get both good money and topics.

This way both parties have a win-win situation. So, ask yourself, you want to create good content or good short-term money.

  • Are you good with words?

Okay, if you thought blogging is all about posting good pictures to promote a product, you are wrong.

Posting good pictures is half of what blogging involves.

You cannot be a good blogger if you don’t possess writing skills.

We do not mean writing an essay type article about your blog. We actually mean penning down good content so that people read and you gain an audience. Without writing skills, you will probably be nowhere close to becoming a blogger.

  • How well do you communicate?

Attention aspirer, before you start your career in blogging, as yourself and others, about your communication skills. Blogging involves going to events, places, parties, for all the necessary promotions you are assigned to.

If you lack good communication skill, you will have a hard time in such situations where communication is very important.

For example, if you are to ask questions at an interview session with many other bloggers and a noted personality, you should know the right thing to ask and the right way to present it to the person.

It should be sublime and to the point, with a hint of humour is required. For, these days, humour sells like peanuts.

  • Are you looking for overnight success?

If you are, then you are selecting the wrong career.

Blogging is not about earning overnight success.

It takes time.

It goes through a process of content writing, creating, etc. If you choose to become a blogger, you will have to go through the phase of creating a fanbase. This is possible only if you have creative skills and can create really good content for the world to see.

Blogging will not get you overnight success. Therefore, if you can be patient and go ahead as said, then only you can make it as a blogger.

For, if you have no audience, then there is no point of blogging. It is as simple as that. In simpler words, blogging requires passion, dedication, patience, and smart moves.

  • Are you disciplined?

Blogging opens a door for people where a person is their own boss. This fact hinders their creativity and also makes one lethargic.

Whether it is a corporate job or a homestay job, if you do not have the discipline for your work, you will go nowhere. It is very important to plan out a schedule and follow it every day without fail.

Fix a routine and follow it, schedule hours for certain activities. This way, you don’t miss out on anything and can manage time well without having to waste it anywhere. Set targets, motivate yourself and thrive hard to become successful.

  • Are you consistent?

If you are a fickle minded person, then you should first get that sorted before choosing any career to be precise. If you are not consistent, you will lose out on your viewership.

For, your viewers who read your blogs and follow your work expect you to give them something periodically. If you miss out on that, it leads to losing confidence over your work.

Hence, it is important you are consistent with your blog and post at intervals as it suits you. It is a good habit to keep your viewers engaged and on the loop with your blog. This way, the words spread and more people join in to give you your best ratings. For, blogging thrives on genuine work.

There are plenty of questions that one can ask. While we highlighted the most important ones, you will figure out the rest with time. If you feel blogging is the right option for you, you should go ahead. For, if you are sure, you will probably have no questions about it. Good luck.

Before Making Blogging Full Time as Career Check This Things In Yourself

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