How to Write Blog Posts To Rank High In Google Search First Page

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How to Write Blog Posts To Rank High In Google Search First Page

Trends like digital marketing and eagerness to enhance customer relations have compelled various companies, businesses, and even freelancer to engage in the practice of content designing, termed s blogging!

However, it’s not actually as easy as people think it is. Internet and websites are not pages of your rough book, which you can scribble on and later tear off!

Once you have put any content on your blog, it decides the future of your whole business. You might even struggle with blogs for months, but don’t get any desired results. While others may just try their hands on blogging for once, and the single shot hits victory!

The game is all about skills, and proper marketing.

Blogs are actually written in a typical manner.

There are no fixed formats; however, there are certain techniques and strategies of writing, which can make your blog a truly immersive and interactive platform.

So, if you are someone, who is extremely passionate about his/her writing skills and want to go along with this, turning it into a profession, then understanding how to write a blog is really essential. Here are some of the tips, which can assist you in, hitting the bull’s eye, right in one shot!

Start your blog post by selecting a niche, topic, designing its outline, conducting effective research and finally checking upon the facts

The overall procedure for writing a blog would never take more than a few hours, however, the most critical task is to do the planning.

Know what niche you are interested in, and have the most knowledge about.

Then go on, research thoroughly about the same. See other professionals’ as well as amateurs’ blogs.

This will help you in analyzing the mistakes that weak ones do, while the creative strategies that the successful ones undertake.

As soon as you are done with the theme or niche, create a structure, or an outline on which the whole blog would depend.

How long will it be?

How many subheads?

What all bullet points?

And details about other relative things must be included here.

If you include facts within your blog, ensure that they are right. All the numbers and such facts cater the readers’ minds a lot. Thus, you cannot make any mistake with the facts, thus, thorough research and planning are truly essential.

Now design an attractive headline which can attract the readers’ attention while also being completely informative and related to the topic

A lot of people have uncountable reviews and sayings about headlines.

Some explain that the writer must stay as specific as he could, so that you can avoid the chances of misleading readers while managing all their expectations, on the other hand, a lot of people consider that taking an abstract approach would work.

However, it’s you who has to make the choice. Vague and abstractly bounded words could go best with those who are the god of writing, but for beginners, it is better to be as specific as they can.

Two major approaches are generally considered as the best way to weave a headline.

One can either pen it down right in the beginning; however, others plan to write the headline after they are done with their whole write-up.

You can choose any of these as per your compatibility and writing style. There are no rigid details that you have to follow in order to come up with a great headline.

It’s just that you make it very informative and attractive to make the readers follow up the whole content.

Complete your blog, and make the use of images to shape your blog, enhance it, improve the flow, adding in humor and polish up the whole write-up

As you are done with the title framing part, now comes the major task of writing and compiling your whole content.

It must be well structured and should contain introd8ction, subheads, bullets, and conclusion.

You can write the article as per your pace. Draft the whole of it within one day, or take parts of it, research and continue writing each day.

Add up highlights to your blog with the help of images. Writing for internet is extremely different from writings for the print. People generally create their long blogs without adding enough highlights to it.

Visual appeal is extremely essential to keep the monotony away, add colors and make your blog look lively. So make sure that you add enough images that relate to every paragraph of the blog and depict something essential.

Finally, edit the blog properly, make sure you don’t create any mess and repetition, read the post loud and check the overall flow. Take feedbacks before publishing and make sure everything is right on point.

After completion of your final draft, with pictures and everything, plan on how you will edit the font. See the justification of text, or you want it aligned to either side.

Know what font size and style will go with your niche and images. Neither keep it too boring or too fancy. Do all necessary checking, make grammar and spelling errors sorted while also getting a feedback from others.

Read it again and again as you can easily identify if there are any mistakes.

Read the content aloud and ask someone to listen to it. it’s better if you get in touch with some of your professional writer friend or relative, as they can help you a little better.

After you are done with all of these things, publish the blog.

The work doesn’t end here! After publishing takes proper marketing measures, share it on your social media, ask your blogger friends to share it on their channels as well, you can even get the help from some influencers if you are on a good budget.

So, these were some of the steps, which you can undertake to start your blogging career. Even the professionals to follow the same way and draft out some incredible write-ups that you have never read before.

Mix and add up all the ingredients, and you will definitely have a tasty result which people would love to read and share!

How to Write Blog Posts To Rank High In Google Search First Page
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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