Is Your Blog Start Ranking In Google? Learn How to Rank Blog For Lifetime

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Is Your Blog Start Ranking In Google Learn How to Rank Blog For Long Time

Blogging has become quite popular nowadays and everyone is doing it on different niches. We all know that growing popularity in your blog is a very tough job and the progress is very slow.

You will need to adopt different things starting from the right keyword to the potential traffic, right marketing, and quality content to grab the attention of the readers and make them follow your blog religiously.

That’s a very tough job, isn’t it? Because there are a lot of bloggers who are writing on a daily basis and their contents are really good which is making them successful in the field.

After putting all your efforts into blogging and getting the right attention it is still not enough for ensuring that you will be holding this success throughout your life.

Your potential readers can definitely unsubscribe you and go to some other good writer. So even if you are getting a lot of success in this sector you should not stop working on your blog.

So here in this article, we will be guiding you and give you some tips which you can definitely implement for staying successful forever in blogging.

New topics:

Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? If we follow a blogger who is writing on different kind of niches then just by viewing a certain blog we are getting wide information.

So let’s say that you write about fashion blogging and you have already gained a lot of popularity and potential readers, so now you should try out something more and add some new section in your blogs like lifestyle blogging, travel blogging and more.

In this way, your blog will have readers who like different genres.

Guest writer:

Like I have mentioned above that you should add more sections in your blog so if you think that you are not well versed in a certain kind of topic, but you really want it to be a part of your blog then you can definitely go for those guest writers.

Guest writers will provide you with the best articles which you can post in your blog. It is very easy to get guest writers nowadays as the blogging industry is flourishing so much. You will definitely get a writer who will be ready to show cast their writing skill in your blog.

Keep promoting:

The more you promote, the more visitors you get. Even after getting a sufficient amount of readers you should continue your marketing or advertising your blog everywhere.

Social media is definitely the right platform to do so or you can also write for other blogs and give a link that will redirect the readers to your blog. So you can also be a guest writer sometimes.


Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want your blog to come in the first few searches. If your blog is inactive for a long time or is not getting the required attention from the traffic then there are many blogs who can easily replace you.

You can either hire a person who is efficient in SEO or you can just learn about it and do it yourself. Never let your website link go to those pages where traffic hardly visits.

Blogger friends:

The best part of the blogging community is most of the people will help you in promoting your blogs and will help you to grow.

So try to meet maximum bloggers and try to create a very good friends with them. In this way, you can learn a lot about blogging and how to optimize a website. They can also guide you with one new topic.

Right traffic:

In order to stay successful forever you will need the potential traffic.  This potential traffic indicates that the readers who will not visit your blog for once, but will also subscribe it for reading anything that you are posting in the future.

Good quality write-ups:

Never let the quality of your blog fall after you get the success. It is the right time to evolute yourself and grasps new skills in order to provide the readers with better write-ups.


Staying consistent is very important because you don’t want your blog to be termed as a dead blog. You will have to post articles frequently. In this way, it will keep the readers engaged in your blog.

If you are not able to write any articles then make sure that when you are getting the time you are writing more and stocking the contents which you can release in future when you have a scarcity of time to write new ones.


Whenever you are posting your content on the blogging platform you will be provided with an option call statistics. Here you can see the type of visitors that your blog is gathering and the geographical location from where it is getting maximum visits.

You will also get to see the time when your blog is visited the most and that is the right time to post all your future articles.

Encourage other bloggers:

Even if you are inactive for a certain period of time you should visit other blogger’s write-ups and give some comments.

In this way, these bloggers will have a very high tendency to visit your blog in return and will follow your blog as a good gesture. You will have to utilize all the opportunities that are coming in your way.

Getting success in blogger is not a hard job if you can work hard and use the right strategy. If you want yourself to stand out from the crowd then you will definitely have to be unique in this field.

You can’t provide readers with the same information and try to bring some new spices in your write-ups. Most of the people compare success with the amount of money that they are gathering from their blog so make sure that you are approaching the right ad companies who will post their ads in your blog.

Is Your Blog Start Ranking In Google Learn How to Rank Blog For Long Time
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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