Niche Blog Is Much Better Than A Nicheless Blog For High Traffic

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Niche Blog Is Much Better Than A Nicheless Blog For High Traffic

Blogging is an art of writing about the things one is passionate about. Blogs can be of different types. The most common difference between two blogs can be of the topics.

There are lots of topics on which a person can create blogs. Apart from writing, a blogger needs to focus on various other things too, for the growth of his or her blog.

It is said that the clear objectives for your blog help you in doing well. But, there are various bloggers who write anything on their blog. If you are one such blogger, then this article is for you.  A blog with the clear motifs is always better.

Here we are giving reasons why a nicheless blog can’t compete with a niche blog.

Affect the SEO campaigning:

The first reason why a niche or single niche blog is better is that it’s easy to do an effective SEO campaigning on such blogs. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a process that controls the appearance of a particular web page in the searches done online. This is an unpaid process.

This is considered as earned results. Various kinds of searches come under SEO. It can be anything including images, articles, songs, etc. when you create just one blog for multiple topics, your search engine optimization campaigning gets affected.

It is easy for the search engine to show the blogs that are single topic oriented. This can be understood through this example. Suppose, a person is writing a blog about photography ideas and another person is writing about photography ideas, travelling and some more topics.

If someone searches for photography ideas then definitely the search engines will show the former blog. This is a clear advantage of having a niche blog.

Affect the selection of audience:

As mentioned earlier, a niche blog has clear objectives. This clear objective thing will help the bloggers in creating their target audience more comfortably.

If you have a clear purpose of writing your blogs then you will attract a definite audience. The blog with multiple topics will face problem in this. Before starting a multipurpose blog, just ask a simple question to yourself.

Suppose, you like reading stuff on relationships.

Will you visit a website that offers your article on relationships or you will go for a website that has articles on relationships, plantation, and travelling?

Well, the first will be more appropriate for some serious study. The case will be the same with your audience. If you will keep on providing blogs on the same topics a definite audience will keep visiting your blog.

A blog with too many different topics can never gain the trust of a set audience even if the quality of your content is good.

Money making is easy for a niche blog:

The money that you make from your blog depends on the kind of viewership you are getting on your blog.

Now, with the above mentioned points, it is clear that the viewership or the readership of your blog depends on the SEO campaigning.

You must have understood this also, that a niche blog makes the search engine optimization campaign easy. So the best the SEO, the more money you will make. It’s a very simple point.

If you are getting more readers, you will be able to put more ads on your website. the meaning of adding more ads is making more money. So, in this regard also, a niche blog is more appropriate.

It is way easier to work on:

When you are writing for just one objective, you need to work in one field only. This is very easy and lessens your workload.

Makes you an expert:

When you are working in a particular field you will have to do a proper research. Researching in any particular field will definitely turn you in an expert of that field. This can help you in many ways.

The first thing that you will get is the self-knowledge. The blog you are writing is definitely going to be on a topic you love. So, its beneficiary to learn more about the things you love.

The second advantage that you will get is regarding the increase in the quality of your content and then towards the growth of your readership.

When you will get to know more about the topics of your blog, you will be able to write in a better way. With the gained experience, you can explain well.

On the other hand, if you have a nicheless blog or a blog with different niches, you won’t be able to focus on topics much. This may mislead you. So, in this context also it’s better to have a niche blog.

Niche blogs keep us on track:

If you are a blogger with a niche blog you don’t have to look for topics. There is a confined topic already. You can easily differentiate between a topic you want to write and a topic you don’t want to write about.

Same is not the case with a nicheless blog. Such bloggers will have to spend time finding topics for themselves every now and then. This affects the readership too.

The audience of a niche blog keeps, their mind prepared for the coming content whereas the nicheless blog’s audience does not really have any idea about what is coming next. So, the audience may not stick to a blog with multiple niches.

However, a niche blog has certain disadvantages too. If you are having a niche blog you need to be the expert in the field you have opted.

You need to make your blog open for questions and your readers might get disappointed if you are not able to answer a question. But, these disadvantages can certainly be ruled out by doing some extra work.

So, these were some of the points that prove that a niche blog is always better than a nicheless blog.

Niche Blog Is Much Better Than A Nicheless Blog For High Traffic
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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