Drive High Traffic With Controversial marketing In Your Blog

Drive High Traffic With Controversial marketing In Your Blog

Basically, controversial marketing is one of the other ways of writing blogs, the only difference between this and other types is this involves emotional touch in it.

Generally, people differ regarding their opinion over any matter, so when this human tendency is utilized for increasing traffic on the blog then it is called as controversial marketing.

Many bloggers adopt this way of writing because they fail to get an audience even after producing sound and real content, after writing about one single side of the matter people just analyze your thought and start flooding your blog with their comments.

How does this strategy work?

As mentioned above there are people with different opinions, so they might agree with you or they might disagree as well.

If we go through psychological point of view we must ask one question to ourselves “which things do I remember the most?” and the obvious answer would be either the best ones or the worst ones because these are the only things which stand out everywhere in our mind, so this function is frequently used over here just to make their blog worth remembering.

Have you ever wondered why do people only discuss about the toppers or the floppers?

There is an obvious answer to this because our human mind just has interest in highs and lows no one is interested to discuss the moderate outcomes hence people differ so much in their opinions.

Here you just have to put up your side of thought regarding the matter, don’t ever superimpose your statement as the truth because no one is perfect in this world and no one can know everything, hence always have an ear over every point.

You just have to provide a platform for others to discuss, always end up your content raising question which would urge people to come up with their thoughts as far as your topic is concerned.

There are several examples which promote controversial marketing because people will be raising their opinion on your blog which means they got connected to your content in every way possible, due to this traffic will be increasing for sure and hence this pops up as a best option.

Human beings respond only when they get emotionally sensed and in this way itself bloggers try to connect with their audience by writing controversial content just to become a point of discussion, but while adopting or getting committed to this way you should just make sure that you are producing quality matter otherwise this will also leave you with zero output.

As we discussed about its advantages it has also has its fair share of consequences as well.

Many bloggers start enjoying this game of marketing and start using it every single time while writing but as we all know, too much is too bad and this is applicable in this case.

What happens is you start raising questions and people respond but such heavy debate might lead towards heated argument between the fellow readers which might affect your blog and people might start disliking your matter because there are huge number of instances where controversial marketing affected in opposite manner and due to this many quality writers have also got shocking and horrible results.

How you can create a controversial marketing campaign that can help you drive high traffic for your blog

As you think of using this strategy to increase traffic and get more followers for your blog, you need to think about the level and subject of controversy.

You have to consider how the controversy is connected to your brand and its implications. Controversial marketing can only work in your favour if you provoke conversations without offending the public.

You can do this by choosing the right form of controversy.

Controversial topics differ in intensity, and they come in different forms.

You can choose to undertake a shock campaign, debatable campaign or a taboo campaign.

The best form that any blogger should use to generate more traffic is a debatable controversial marketing campaign. Taboo and shock controversial campaigns can only lead to negative feedback, and you may even lose your existing followers.

Opting for a controversial marketing campaign that is debatable gives people the chance to raise their opinions on the content you share.

It lets you start a debate as you give the audience the opportunity to take a stand.

This may not cause damage to your brand but only stir people to generate response according to what they believe in.

If you choose this form, no one may get offended by your controversial marketing strategy, and you may even achieve brand awareness and drive traffic to your blog.

Apart from that, you need to link the controversy to your brand so that you can raise awareness about your blog.

As you use controversial marketing, think about how this strategy can lead to measurable outcomes in the form of tweets, comments, shares or even likes.

Come up with a controversial topic that talks directly to the audience for them to give their views. This approach can help you drive high traffic to your site.

You should also be open to the possibility of things going south. Though you are using a controversial marketing campaign for a good course, it is still controversial.

Therefore before you share to with the public, have a crisis management plan that can manage any backlash. This will prevent you from the shock if people don’t receive it as per your expectations.

In the crisis management plan, you should have a thoughtful response to your audience in case of a social media storm.

Do some research regarding the outcome of controversial marketing and get an example of a blogger who has used this strategy before.

This will prepare you for the outcome beforehand. Think about the ramification of your blog post and determine if it will help you generate traffic or otherwise.

As you prepare your response to the audience, use an empathetic and confident tone.

Since some of them may raise negative feedback, emphasize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Show grace and sensitivity when responding to the audience. Listen to their feedback across different platforms as you evaluate the success or failure of your controversial marketing campaign.

Do not forget to remain objective and avoid offending anyone. It’s the only way you can succeed to drive high traffic using controversial marketing in your blog.

Final verdict:

Using controversial marketing is good and might help you get a great name and fame as well, hence you can’t say it is a failure.

Generally, bloggers make a huge mistake of exploiting it due to which their success rate starts falling with rapid speed.

Biologically our human body can’t handle a heavy dose of any kind of drug or to just sum up we can’t respond to high doses of anything positive and hence we should not try to give a high dosage of controversial content.

People might get fed up with you at some point if you keep on overdoing it. Medium and moderate usage of anything is always perfect and this practice will totally give you desirable returns.

Preserve your trump cards for big occasions or use them at the time of emergency, have some patience just don’t flow with the moment because this overnight success might land you in viscous trouble.

So I would say controversial marketing is not a failure if used in a proper manner, what is your thought?

Drive High Traffic With Controversial marketing In Your Blog

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