Dofollow or Nofollow Which One is Better For Blog SEO

Dofollow or Nofollow Which One is Better For Blog SEO

Blogging is the new age technology to share content online publicly. It is an interesting platform to express your talent for writing on the web.

Any content with the diverse topic can be considered in a blog. The kind of blogging hits a cord with the different audience which has an interest in blogs of a particular topic.

The blogging world is familiar with all the terms and strategies involved in it. One of the very frequent terms used in blogging is the link Dofollow and nofollow.

These two terms are used in the comments section of blogs.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice by which a certain amount of attention is given to the websites and blogs.

It can also be described as a set of parameters which are followed to turn the audience or traffic towards websites via search engines.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

The process of improving the visibility of websites and blogs by making it more exposed to the visitors and thereby these visitors get converted to customers.

It targets various searches and converges it to the websites which are most visited or viewed. The DoFollow and NoFollow links are common words which are encountered whenever SEO is talked about.

What is dofollow and nofollow?

Dofollow is an HTML or Hypertext Markup Language which pushes and boosts the SEO page rank of the linked to various sites which in turn helps them to boost their visibility.

Similarly, nofollow is the HTML which does not count as a point and therefore does not boost the visibility to the audience and does not helps in increasing the popularity of the webpage, websites or blogs.

Dofollow can be a measure of votes of quality for various websites. It passes through the SEO community and is referred to as link juice.

These links are the votes for quality. This gives the websites a rank in the search results.

Nofollow is a link of codes which leads the search engine not to count them thereby the links is not considered the votes of quality in the case of nofollow.

The dofollow is a descriptor and does not have a code format like nofollow. Therefore any links without nofollow codes are counted as dofollow links.

How does it look in HTML?

This is how a nofollow link is created in the HTML tag which looks like the following:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

As mentioned earlier any link without the nofollow tag becomes dofollow.

The use of these links is pretty clear and applications of dofollow and nofollow make a blog more exposed to the public.

If a link is received from a website of higher authority, then it appears to be a source which is more credible thereby boosting your credible efforts.

Dofollow or Nofollow?

Initially, nofollow link was created to combat the comment spam on the websites. The benefit of dofollow links seems infinite and it makes it preferable.

Everyone wants their content or blog to be more popularized and dofollow links are the best way to boost your credibility on the search engines. It makes the websites or the blogs to reach out to more audience.

The nofollow link, on the other hand, does not provide many advantages when compared to dofollow. But it comes in handy when another website is linked to your blog or website that you do not necessarily want to endorse.

The credit which can be given to other websites mentioned in the links gets blocked from the search engines because of nofollow attribute.

When comments are allowed on the websites, people drop links of their websites to receive link juice. To prevent this nofollow link can be used. They reduce search engine spams.

They cannot pass the link juice so does not boost the credibility. Credit passing to other sites can be prevented using nofollows. The comments and for other blog content, we tend to use nofollow attribute.

It drives off the traffic from immensely popular websites. The way people interact with your link can also be managed by using nofollow link.

Use of Nofollow links

  • Use nofollow tags with sponsored ads.
  • With affiliated links
  • Use it with websites which are not of your niche
  • Use it with websites of low-quality content
  • Always use it with websites for adults, gambling and hacking.

Dofollow is a vote of confidence for the bloggers and makes your blog or website user-friendly. Dofollow links only allow us to follow them.

How strong a link is in the content and its reputation on the sites had can be measured by dofollow links. It makes you appear higher in the search results.

To get dofollow links, the owner of the website has to be contacted. If you agree to create content for their blogs and websites they can provide the dofollow links.

This leads to an increase in appreciation from the target audience. It can be in the form of videos, guest posts, infographics and more. A proper agreement should be done before sending the content to the website.

Use of Dofollow links

  • Use it with high-quality websites
  • Link it to the high authorities in your niche
  • It can be added to the authenticated content and also of high quality

How to differentiate dofollow and nofollow?

In the browsers like Mozilla and chrome, whatever link you want to check, just right click on it and select ‘Inspect Element’.

Upon selection, a window pops up which shows a highlighted link with HTML code. The nofollow tag can be seen there if it is used else it is a dofollow. Also, extensions are available which can show the nofollow tags.

In Firefox browser and extension named NoDoFollow Firefox add-on extension is available which check the links for any nofollow or dofollow tags. It shows the dofollow in the colour blue and nofollow in the colour red.

The preferred ratio of dofollow and nofollow should be 70:30 which makes your website even more genuine and admissible.

Dofollow or Nofollow Which One is Better For Blog SEO

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