How To Get Lot Of Traffic From Google By Fixing This Things

How To Get Lot Of Traffic From Google By Fixing This Things

Blogging cannot be done merely by writing good content. There are certainly more things needed in order to promote a blog and to make your content reach to a large number of audience.

If you are working hard for your blog and not gaining the required success, then there may be a few things you do in a wrong manner.

Here are a few things you need to fix immediately for a good and popular blog.

Make your blog mobile friendly:

The first thing that you need to do with your blog immediately to fix it is to make it mobile friendly.

It’s not possible for everyone every time to carry a laptop with them. Many might not own a laptop, but the selection of your audience should not be gazette based.

Your blog should be available for everyone. The mobile phone is a gazette that each one of us has. So, make your blog mobile friendly.  The word mobile-friendly means that when one opens your blog in his or her phone, then it should not create any issue.

Sometimes, there comes an issue with the display part. The blog due to its web version does not show the full content on the phone. These are the small issues that irritate the readers. Once they get irritated they won’t come back to your blog again.

The focus should be on content:

For any blog, its presentation matters a lot. But, the blog should be designed in such a manner that the content should not be harmed.

The user should be able to read the content without any problem. One should avoid keeping a lot of ads on their blog. If too many ads will come while reading, then the readers may get irritated.

It is advisory to keep only the required ads and not too many.

After this one should work on the theme of the blog. This is required for making the blog mobile friendly. One can create the theme or can buy it from anywhere.

Anything you are doing for your blog the focus should be on the content part. The reading experience of the users should not hamper at any cost.

A lot of sharing options:

There should be the option of sharing the content of your blog, but too many of it is needed. These shares increase the number of viewers of your blog.

This very much needed for the growth of your blog and for attracting a new audience. But, the already existing audience may get irritated with lots of sharing options on the blog.

One should take some time to analyze the gateway of his or her blog’s audience. According to that, decide the required buttons and remove all the unnecessary ones.

The selection of these sharing options should depend on the objective of your blog and your target audience. Different content can be shared on different platforms.

Link older posts:

Always link your older posts with the new ones. It’s not that if an article was posted a few days back, the readers do not want to read them again.

There may be some people who may have missed the post. Also, there could be some content in the old post that is related to the new post. This is a very important step if you want to fix your blog and maintain its growth.

This process of linking the old post with the new ones will give your older posts a new life. It will also help you in making people understand certain things that are relevant in both the posts,

Titles and description:

If you want to fix your blog and take it to new heights, then you must work on the title and description part. Writing is not the only key for a successful blogging.

There are certainly more things that a blogger needs to do. In order to promote your blog, you need to put suitable titles along with good descriptions. Add Meta description to your posts.

It’s a 160 character long sentence, which will be displayed by various search engines whenever a person will try to search for your blog. This is a very important thing, in terms of knowing the topic of your blog instantly. People really don’t give much time in reading things that are not of their use.

So, with the heading and the Meta description, a reader will come to know the topic of the post. Apart from this, keywords are also very important.

People now a day do not write the full sentence when they are searching for something. Instead of that, they write three to four words in the search engine.

These three-four words are called keywords. Insert as many keywords as you can. This will make sure that whenever someone is searching for a content related to your article, it will show up.

Plagiarism check is a must:

If you are bothered about the stopped growth of your blog, you need to check this as soon as possible. When a blogger copies any other blogger’s content, the content is called to be plagiarized.

Plagiarism is a serious offense. On a moral front too, this is not correct to copy someone’s hard work and giving it our name. It’s not that every time the text is actually copied from some other site.

Sometimes it happens that we are writing about a topic that has already been written by someone and eventually we see that both the texts are similar. This can happen to anyone. So, always do plagiarisms check of your content. Make it a habit.

Maintain the consistency:

In order to fix your blog immediately, check whether you are consistent with your posts or not.

The inconsistent publishing of articles on your blogs can lead to problems on your website. if you are not publishing things on a regular basis, it might lessen your readers.

One should understand this simple thing that why would people like to visit your blog if you are not providing them contents regularly.

So, these were few tips that one should follow if they really want to fix their blog problems.

How To Get Lot Of Traffic From Google By Fixing This Things

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