How to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh All Time to Increase Traffic

How to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh All Time to Increase Traffic

To make one’s blog popular is everyone’s dream. And you cannot do it overnight and it’s not that easy to be successful in the business of blog writing if you are not hard working and are not willing to adapt and learn.

You will have to face a tough road if you feel that you are not an entertaining writer. In the current world where there is an overload of information, people don’t actually have time to read through the content which they don’t find it enjoyable.

Every day one will learn something new and that experience or learning should be used to change your style of writing if you feel the writing is not up to the mark. But if you put some effort to learn from your mistakes and take the necessary steps you can be a top blogger.

Thankfully, there are various antidotes which could make an article interesting. Just remember that all the methods are very much simple to implement and will work all the time.

If you are a beginner it’s best if you could start with simple topics. Choose for a blogging solution which could be easily set up is the advice given by the famous blogger Nick Schaferhoff.

Below mentioned are different ways one can change oneself to be a top blogger and make your blog popular.

Ways to adapt

Customize the blog design

The most important part while your blog is the design and it matters a lot. Each and every blog should have one unique design which makes it stand out from the rest.

People do get attracted to something which is interesting and unique.  The design offers the first impression and it determines how much time they will spend on your blog. Honestly, if the blog has a dreadful design, no one will visit it.

Stay away from passive voice

Passive voice will make the blog monotonous and boring. It’s always better to use the active voice.  The blog should be written like the subject is doing the action.

Try to incorporate the active voice as much as you can. It will make it more personal and people feel they can easily connect to it.

Incorporate cartoons in your blog

If you know someone who could draw humorous cartoons, then you could add a few of the cartoon images on your blog. The cartoons could be like a pictorial representation of the subject being talked in the blog.

If you don’t know anyone who could help you in this aspect, then you could check out various online sites which can assist you in putting cartoons and sketches in the blog.

The cartoons are the best way to communicate the instructions that are mentioned in the blog.  Anything which puts a smile on the reader’s faces will definitely become popular.

Advice quick tips

If the blog post contains more than 1000 words, then there’s so much to process. If you could give the reader a short summary or a quick tip throughout the post, it would make it easier to understand.

The user will need a breather or a break from the concentration that is given to process the complicated, larger concept.

Also, it rewards those readers who usually just scan through the article before reading and these quick tips or summaries will help them to understand what the article is all about.

Be a guest writer on popular blogs

These days most of the blogs accept guest posts. They give chance to new bloggers so that they could get noticed through their guest blogging. This is a great opportunity one should not miss out.

However, you should not post whatever you like but it should be with regard to the niche and it can help in proving your worth. If you are able to post something on the popular blogs, then it would help in getting more traffic for your blog.

Posting frequency should be realistic

You need to be sure when can you post the articles, it could be on weekends or for a few people it could be every day.  Announcing the time period a new article will be published in the blog will make your reader come back to read them.

This way you are managing and creating the reader’s expectations on the new content.  Also by this way, you would be more accountable as you know the readers are expecting your blog.

Make the post interactive

The best way one can make the post interactive is by posting one-click quotes or catchy saying which the readers could share when they read. It would work well for both the blogger and the reader.

You would get the exposure and the reader would get good content to share in his/her social media sites. Try to give the reader an interactive adventure.

Always be on the look-out for new content

If you are not looking for new content, you could easily miss out the opportunities for new and fresh content. Whenever you surf through other websites or read a blog, you would be surprised to find topics that are relevant to your own blog site.

Also, make a habit to capture the information as and when you come across.  You could use various tools available in various online sites to bookmark the findings while you surf the internet.

Apart from this, you could get the relevant information delivered to you instead of you going looking for them.

Subscribe to various newsfeed or blog sites wherein the articles related to your niche will get delivered to you. Reading as much as articles possible will make you widen the knowledge and will get many new and fresh ideas for your blog.

Combination of blog design, structure, preparation, interactive sessions, and the above-mentioned guidelines will make your blog entertaining and fresh.

Most importantly one should keep upgrading the blog site. You should add features as time pass by and keep modifying the design to attract people to your blog site. A good blogging site will accommodate fresh and new changes.

How to Keep Your Blog Content Fresh All Time to Increase Traffic

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