How to Promote Old Blog Posts & Increase Traffic [Method]

How to Promote Old Blog Posts &andIncrease Traffic

Blogging is the new way of communicating. Do you have something that you would like to shout out to the world? Create a blog post about it.

Do you have a story to tell, an opinion to share, an information to float on the internet, create blog posts? Blogs could be used as channels to convey any type of information. There are several blog sites available and several ways to promote your blog.

But if you have some old blogs that you would like to resurface, how would you do that? We will be talking about giving a new life to your old blogs.

The creator of the famous Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams said, “Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn”.

Blogging has been identified as a wonderful source of second income or even the primary source of income for people around the world. If you have a knack for writing, if you have the power to make your audience dance to the notes created by your words, then blogging is a resourceful tool.

Open Diary was the trendsetter that led to the concept of blogging. As a platform that allowed people to chronicle important notes this trend caught up and today we have endless options in blogging sites. You can create a blog for free.

In her book titled “Blogging”, Jill Walker Rettberg writes, “Following a blog is like getting to know someone, or like watching a television series.”

She proceeds to talk about how each post on a blog creates a unique chain and how it helps build the theme and the character of a blog. Blogs are different from posts on social media platforms.

If you look at the posts on social media sites, especially on the personal profiles, there could be little to no link between one post and the other. But on blogs writers create a rhythm and try their best to maintain it.

So if you really wish for your blog to be noticed and get popular you should be creating posts that somehow connect with the other posts in your blog.

This would, in a way, prevent your old blogs from losing their momentum. Use interlinking to connect your current blogs and old blogs. But there are many other ways in which you can give a new life to your old blog posts and make sure that they are being read again.

The content in the blog might be outdated by every piece of text you post on your blog talks about the nature of your blog and influences the readers in some way or the other.

Use a blogging analytics tool

To begin with, you should understand the traffic pattern on your website. This includes information about the demographics of the viewers visiting your blog, the frequent visitors and new visitors.

This would also help you understand the audience group to target. When you know about the places from which your blog lands traffic you would be able to devise better plans to boost the traffic.

Once you have done this you would also be able to gather information about the most popular posts on your blog and the least popular ones.

For every blog post make sure that you promptly respond to every comment on the post. This is one way in which you can strike a smooth rapport with your audience and encourage them to visit your blog regularly. Also, you can use these replies to link your old blogs as references in relevant places.

Finally, you can even gather information about the viewers’ interests when you read and respond to comments. Regularly updating your blog and timing your posts to play a crucial role in maintaining a consistency in traffic.

Social media to your rescue

In blogs, your posts are going to be listed mostly based on the chronological order. On the social media platform, you have the option to share any information at any time.

So bump the old blog posts by creating a post about it in your social media profiles. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles to create links to your old blog posts. Once you have created a strong viewer’s pool who regularly check out your social media updates providing links to old posts would significantly increase the traffic.

If you have a YouTube channel you can also find ways to add links to your old posts by creating a video that is somehow relevant to the old post that you would like to bring back.

Quick and timely updates

There are many bloggers who have the smart way of having periodic update posts. These are posts that could be timed weekly or monthly.

In these posts, you could talk about the most important posts or the most popular posts, ones with the most views and shares from the previous week or month. Categorizing your posts the right way is another useful way to ensure that all your posts are visible.

This would also allow you to show the related blogs while the user reads any other blog in the same category.

Email subscriptions

There are auto-response emails designed to be sent to the users who subscribe to your blog. This email is often a strong channel to showcase your old posts.

You can include direct links to your old posts, the ones you wish to resurface to encourage users to check out all the old content in your blog.

Keywords and internal links

Make sure that you check the old posts for their keyword targeting. Strong SEO rankings are still relevant metrics to boost the traffic. You can always revisit and revise the content so as to boost the ranking.

Also, add links to those old posts in your new posts with the internal links is known as the most straightforward way to take people to your old blog posts. This is one method that always works.

Keeping all your posts alive and periodically evaluating their traffic performance is a good way to balance your blog and sustain in the competition.

How to Promote Old Blog Posts &andIncrease Traffic

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