How to Improve & Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of Your Blog Quickly

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How to Improve and Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of Your Blog Quickly

Your blog’s Alexa traffic rank is the estimate of its popularity compared to all the other websites in the Internet. Alexa determines the ranking by the number of visitors and page views in a website over a three-month period.

Good ranking can help you in getting sponsors, investors, partners, and guest bloggers. This can also help determine the monetary value of your website if you’re thinking of selling it.

So how can you improve your blog’s Alexa rank?

Create High Quality Content

You can generate traffic to your blog through various means of digital marketing. But if your content does not catch the interest of your new visitors, you would have a difficult time growing a regular audience for your site.

In relation to your Alexa traffic rank, your website traffic would only come from your digital marketing efforts. There would be no returning visitors to read your content.

This would also result in your blog having low page views. With low quality content, first-time visitors would not bother to visit other pages as the blog already failed to catch their interest.

This is why creating high quality content should always be your top priority in blogging. If you do so, you can grow an audience regardless of your method of marketing the website. The marketing is just there to speed things along and let people know that your blog exists.

But what exactly counts as high quality content?

High quality content provides value to your intended audience. This value could be in the form of a solution, answer, entertainment, or information.

With high quality content, your audience is more likely to share your post through their social media accounts. You’re getting free marketing to their friends and flowers as a result.

This increases your chances in getting new and regular visitors, which can then increase the site’s Alexa ranking.

Post Regularly

You get more readers that regularly visit your site when you follow a posting schedule. Think of it like watching a scheduled program on TV or on YouTube.

If you know that your show would be on at 8PM every Monday, you would tune in at the stated time because you know there would be a new episode.

On the frequency of your blog posts, it would depend on what works for your niche and for your site. If your competitors are making daily or biweekly posts, you might have to post around the same frequency.

But if your quality suffers with a high-frequency posting schedule, it might be better to have less frequent blog posts. Consistent posting of high quality content is more important than a more frequent posting schedule.

Follow Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Practices

SEO is now easier due to the improvements in search engine algorithms. All you have to do is keep your audience in mind.

You have to provide good quality content with the search engine keywords they are using. You must also write it such that it’s easy for readers to scan and read your content.

Aside from this, your website must provide a good user experience. Remove anything that might slow it down and optimize the pages for fast loading times.

Slow load times can hurt your SERP (search engine results page) ranking and increase the chances of readers abandoning your website.

Encourage Readers to Comment

The content in your comment section improves your SEO by containing more relevant content, keyword variations, and contributions from high-profile authors. And the best thing about this is you’re getting all these for free.

You can ask open-ended questions to your readers to relate their experience or opinion about your post. This will get the ball rolling to get the conversations started.

To make the most of these comments, you can engage in conversation with readers who leave valuable links, start discussions, and ask questions. This also helps in building a community in your site that can help increase regular traffic.

Make sure to regularly monitor and audit for spam and valueless comments. Using plugins like Disqus and Facebook comments can help automate some of the work for you.

Search engines can penalize your website for irrelevant links left by spammers, and valueless comments left by readers.

Get Backlinks From Relevant Quality Sites

When you consistently create original high quality content, you would not have any problem attracting writers to use your content as reference and create outbound links from their websites to yours.

However, depending on other writers is not ideal if you want to have actual control on the quality of links pointing to your web pages.

You can take a more proactive approach in building backlinks by writing guest posts for websites relevant to your niche. The best websites for backlinks are those with relevant themes, inbound links, and outbound links compared to your website.

Of course, the more valuable backlinks are often the most difficult to get. Strict editorial standards manage these websites to ensure their links are relevant to their site’s content. Due to these standards, these sites should be your priority in getting backlinks.

To insert your inbound links, make use of contextual links in the body of the content. These are more effective than a simple link to your homepage with a simple byline.

You are not only linking to content in context of the guest post for better SEO. You are also providing more value to the reader by linking to a topic to the one they are already reading.

Alexa is All About Traffic

Your blog’s Alexa traffic rank is all about measuring visitor traffic and page views. If you follow these strategies, your blog can experience a significant increase in visitors. This will not only improve your site’s ranking but also increase your blog’s reach.

How to Improve and Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of Your Blog Quickly
The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

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