How to Boost Your Blog Traffic: Increase Your Blog’s Traffic for Free

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

A blog’s survival mainly relies on its blog visitors. Without the support of loyal (and paying) subscribers, you won’t be able to meet your blog’s income goals and achieve its purpose.

In this case, you want to attract as much people as you can to your blog so you have higher chances of converting their visits into income.

Because the Internet has quickly become an avenue for income-generating endeavors in recent years, many types of businesses have been put up to help Internet entrepreneurs achieve their targets.

If you want to increase blog traffic, you will be able to find a service out there that can help you do just that. While going for paid traffic can boost your stats, there are also ways to increase your website’s organic traffic for free.

Write Engaging Content

This might be an obvious no-brainer, but in their attempt to achieve certain numbers, some bloggers totally forget that their content should be all about their audience.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the search engine ranking game if you’re chasing after keywords instead of your readers’ information needs.

Having great content will encourage your loyal subscriber base to share your posts with their friends via their own blogs or their social media accounts.

This gives you a wider reach among your target audience, and this can easily translate to better income.

Get Into Guest Blogging

When it comes to guest blogging, you should target high traffic websites and communicate with their admin or editors. Follow them on social media and build rapport with them.

Once you’ve built a steady connection with them, you can try pitching the idea of a guest post.

Don’t waste your chance if they agree to it.

If they allow you to write a post for their website, make sure that you give your best shot and that it actually adds value to what they already have. You have a higher chance of getting traffic from this stint if you contribute a compelling post.

Comment on Other Blogs

One of the best ways to increase blog traffic is to build connections with other bloggers through the comments section.

Of course, you shouldn’t post a comment for the sake of linking back to your website. Make sure that your comment is a thoughtful attempt at engaging with their content.

It’s also not a wise idea to post a link on your comment because it will only reveal your selfish motive to generate traffic to your blog.

If you think your link is absolutely relevant to the other blogger’s post, you may choose to include the link — but proceed with caution when doing so. Even if your link is related, it is still best to do it sparingly.

Adjust Your Website’s Design and Layout

Paying attention to your website’s layout and adjusting it from time to time can spell the huge difference between hitting a traffic plateau and boosting it to new heights.

If you can design your website in such a way that makes your visitors stay and look around, it can give you a higher chance of earning a follow from them.

Making effective cross-links can also help Google create a better index of your content. As a result, visitors will find it more convenient to access relevant posts on your website.

Prioritizing the user experience in this manner can generate huge returns in the long run.

Make Sure Your Website is Compatible with Mobile Devices

Many of your readers will be accessing your content through their mobile phones, so see to it that your website has a mobile-friendly layout.

If your blog is on WordPress, mobilizing your blog can be as easy as using a plugin or using a responsive theme.

WordPress has many themes that you can choose from and most of them are already optimized for mobile browsing.

Engage with Your Audience on Social Media

Social media outlets are quickly becoming a reliable source of organic traffic.

If you are not currently making the most out of your social media accounts, now is the right time to start using them to establish a commanding online presence.

Though most social media platforms work quite similarly, you may still need some time to figure out each platform’s unique features.

You may also be catering to different types of audiences per platform.

In any case, social media is a sure way to bring in more free traffic once you finally understand how to use them.

Create and Share a Presentation on SlideShare

SlideShare is a popular website where users can upload PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoints and similar visual aids are a great way to share content with your audience, especially if you are showing data.

Additionally, SlideShare already generates a lot of web traffic so a good presentation can easily encourage people to come to your blog.

Using SlideShare is quite simple. You just have to sign up for a free account and upload a visually appealing and content-rich presentation.

Don’t get discouraged if this technique doesn’t take off right away. It may take a few presentations before your slide views finally turn into free blog traffic.

Ultimately, driving your target audience to your website means meeting them where they are. Notice that all of these tips involve interacting with your potential subscribers in some way.

If you can show them that you have something that they want, they will look further into your blog and come back for more.

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

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