How To Get Traffic For Your Blog Fast: Traffic Generation Tips

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How To Get Traffic For Your Blog Fast Traffic Generation Tips

Creating reliable content is a must if you wish to increase your website traffic. Unfortunately, even the best posts will remain unseen if you are not employing effective long-term SEO strategies.

It might be easy to get caught up in the numbers game if you are currently using tactics that give you quick results. However, your website hits and traffic will be of low quality if you keep on focusing on these short-term gains.

Instead, you should focus on the following tips to guarantee that you will get the website traffic that you deserve –– and maintain it.

Get Other Bloggers Involved

One of the best ways to boost your blog’s traffic is by getting influencers and other bloggers involved. You can do this by inviting them to write a guest post or conducting an interview about a particular topic of interest.

Know which blogging forums focus on your niche. Typing “(niche) forum” (e.g. “self-help forum”) on Google will give you good enough results.

If you manage to land an interview, share your post on the forums and on your social media outlets. Ask the other blogger to share your post on his or her website as well. Creating connections with like-minded people is a sure way of boosting your blog traffic.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Increasing your blog traffic can be as simple as increasing your content shares on social media. This is because your social media shares can actually affect your rankings on search engines.

For example, Google prioritizes pages that have higher social shares. To encourage people to share your posts on their social accounts, make sure that your great content is accompanied by great titles and headlines.

Rehash Your Most Popular Posts… in Another Format

While good content is key to driving traffic to your website, you don’t really need to produce new content frequently. You can actually use your old posts to your advantage.

Look at your blog stats and study your most popular posts. You can then do a fresh take on them by creating e-books, videos, or podcasts. In this manner, you will be able to reach more people through e-book directories, YouTube, and iTunes.

Comment on Other Blogs

As mentioned earlier, building connections with other bloggers and influencers is a great way to boost traffic. Aside from interviews and guest posts, this can also be done by consistently leaving relevant comments.

To ensure that you will get a fruitful interaction with others, it helps to have a gravatar linked to your real name when writing comments. Somehow, this puts a personal touch to your words.

Before you post a comment, make sure that it is thoughtful enough to encourage conversation. Questions are a good way to grab attention because they are a perfect set-up for a response.

Examine Your Blog Statistics

Being aware of your blog’s current statistics can help you grow your website traffic. You can use a plug-in or Google Analytics to view these numbers. Then, take a look at the 10 most viewed posts on your blog.

You can try working on these posts by rehashing them or adding more valuable details. Republishing these posts will also increase your visibility on search engines. Your pages will go up the search results if the search engine crawlers find your newer content more valuable than the previous ones.

Use email marketing

Apart from social media, you can also generate traffic to your blog by building an email list. Bloggers use different marketing tactics to come up with an email list.

The most basic way is adding a subscribing box to your blog articles. This gives readers a chance to leave their email addresses for more details on your blog so that you can contact them personally.

You can also include an offer in the form of a strong incentive and encourage your readers to subscribe to the email list for them to get the offer.

Feel free to include some pop-overs in your blog posts. They could appear a few seconds after a reader visits your site.

Try to make them not annoying. The pop-over can include a call to action where you persuade your readers to subscribe. Make sure that you build long-lasting relationships with the existing subscribers.

When you send a blog post through email, include only the first paragraph so that you can tempt your subscribers to click on the link for them to access the rest of the article.

You can also use platforms that customize landing pages and capture emails.

Strike partnerships

If you are using your blog to develop your business, you need to work with a partner to help you generate traffic to your blog.

The world is full of people that you can work with, without them being your direct competitors. For instance, you can get a partner who provides WordPress themes to help you improve your blog.

Together, you can work on creating market-friendly themes for your blogs from a design perspective. This can help you generate traffic over time.

To get a partner whom you share a common interest, start by emailing people in your niche that are interested in working with you.

Evaluate their work and see if both of you can work together to boost traffic in your blog and expand your business.

Get a partner who has a lot of experience in the field so that they can share useful insights to help you take your blog to the next level.

Consider content marketing

You can also drive traffic through content marketing. This lets you attract traffic without the need for chasing it.

It can boost SEO for the blog and generate organic traffic when your blog is easy to find in search results.

If you have very good content, you can also get referral traffic since your readers can hyperlink back to your posts. To achieve this, you must create headlines that can drive clicks.

Use visible social sharing buttons at strategic positions on your blog posts like the front part for every reader to easily find them.

Make sure that your content is lengthy ranging from 1000-1500 words since Google rewards long-form content.

The content you come up with should be evergreen so that you can continue posting and tweeting it over time to get more traffic.

Feel free to convert one piece of content into different formats. For instance, you can convert a written blog post to a slide share presentation, podcast, infographic or video.

Increasing your blog’s traffic may not be easy but you can definitely do it if you follow the tips above –– and stay patient while you’re at it.

If you prioritize your readers and the quality of your posts –– while giving these tips enough time to work –– you will eventually see a boost in website traffic.

How To Get Traffic For Your Blog Fast Traffic Generation Tips
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