12 Blogging Mistakes That Can Lose Your Blog Traffic & Reduce Growth

Blogging Mistakes That Can Lose Your Blog Traffic Reduce Growth

Are you making deadly and costly blogging mistakes?

Are you making some of those mistakes now, unknowingly?

The truth is that we all make mistakes. In the rat race towards the top, to be a global information hub attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers or even millions of visitors, there are things we do that pull us back, dragging traffic in the process.

And while we are not immune to mistakes, we can avoid some of these mistakes. They include:

1. Inconsistency

It might not sound like such a big deal, but it is a deal-breaker for your audience. When it comes to writing and publishing new content on the blog, you have to do it regularly.

It doesn’t matter if you are publishing content twice weekly or 5 days a week. Create a schedule and stick to it.

We are creatures of habit. When we have a routine, we are likely to follow it through. If your readers know that your new blog is always live on specific days and times of the week, they will set aside time to read it.

Think of your favorite TV shows and YouTubers – you always know what to expect. This should be the case with your blog.

In the same breath, avoid procrastination. You have great ideas. Why not try it out today? Don’t over analyze the “what ifs.” You will deal with them as you grow. Think about how much traffic you’d have if you started 2 or 10 months ago.

2. Writing bad headlines

A post’s headline determines whether people click on your blog or not. A headline should encourage and increase clicks.

With great headlines, you pull in your readers, and they will click the link as soon as they see them. Your blog thrives on traffic, use headlines as click baits/ magnets.

3. Blogging for the wrong reasons

Blogging requires a great deal of passion. It should be something you do because you want to wake up and do it.

Without passion and the dedication that comes with it, you will not have the effort needed to sustain the blog in the long-run. Making money shouldn’t be your primary reason for blogging.

Blogging for all the wrong reasons affects your traffic because passion can be seen and felt in your writing. People can tell when you are not serious about what you write and they will look for the next best blogger.

4. Failing to use your own domain name

Using hosted blogging platforms is easy, but these platforms take away your control over your domain name. This costs you traffic as your blog grows, as well as a lot of money and time.

5. Not using the subscribe feature

You should implement the use of the subscribe feature on your blog right from day one. Your blog should have email and RSS subscription options. The subscribe feature is an effective tool that notifies your readers when you post a new article.

As your subscriber base grows, the email and RSS alerts ensure that most or all the subscribers click on your website, boosting traffic to your blog.

6. Not being robust in promoting your blog and yourself

You should never assume that someone will find you or that promoting your blog once on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is enough.

When it comes to blogging, promotion is never too much. You should encourage sharing by incorporating and encouraging shares.

Also, automate posting of the new blog posts to social media so that your content goes viral across platforms the moment you hit Publish.

7. Assuming Every Content will go viral

As a content creator, your first instinct after publishing new content is to wait by the computer screen waiting to see the clicks, comments, likes, and shares roll in.

We assume that everything we write will instantly go viral. But, not every article you post will go viral.

You might, however, increase your chances of creating viral-worthy content by using Google Trends for viral topics’ ideas.

8. Poor Writing Style

Your readers connect with you and your content through your writing style. For this to happen, your content must hook readers.

What is that thing that pulls your readers in?

Which writing angle will keep your readers around and attract more readers?

Keep in mind that this also ties to the headline. Will the content get readers hooked from the headline to the conclusion, leaving them asking for more?

9. Not writing high-quality or valuable content

Is your content helping your audience?

Will they get solutions to their problems from the content?

You might also want to provide in-depth and long-format content. Quality and length are ranking factors used by Google. If your content offers value, it will rank higher and attract more traffic. You also need to back up your content, and be actionable – offer solutions.

Lastly, a costly mistake you might be guilty of is giving up too soon. Blogging requires a tenacious spirit.

10. Choose the Wrong Niche for Blogging

Many people start blogging just to earn money online from their blog. They just look at another blog’s income and start blogging in the same niche.

This can make your blog success?


Know Why?

Because you don’t have any interest in that niche & you can’t write a quality article for that niche.

This is the reason that many bloggers fail.

But if you have money to invest in your blog then you can hire writers for your blog.

If you don’t have money to invest then I don’t suggest you start blogging in that niche where you can’t write an article yourself.

Start blogging only on which niche you have interest and knowledge.

If you have interest in any niche then you can write many quality articles on that niche.

Choosing the right niche can only make your blog successful.

So, select the best niche that suits you & have some interest in that niche.

11. Not Adding Any Images

I have seen many blogs that don’t have any images on their blog posts. This Is a bad idea about blogging.

If you see any big blogs then you know that they have added many images as possible in their blog posts.

Because images can improve your readability. People will spend more time on your blog if you add some related images.

This will also help you with search engine rankings.

These are the reason why big bloggers add images in their blog posts.

But many new bloggers do not add any images into their blog posts.

So, don’t do this blogging mistake.

Try to add some images that are related to your blog.

12. Using Free Web Hosting

This is not a blogging mistake but we can count it in blogging mistake.

Many new bloggers start their blog on free web hosting because of lack of money.

But hosting a blog on free web hosting is not a good idea.

Know why?

Because free web hosting providers have many problems on their server. You will see many downtime & server errors on your blog that is hosted on free web hosting.

And sometimes you see their ads on your blog. That will make money to them, not to you.

If your blog has many downtimes then it can’t rank easily in search engines.

So, never think about big success in free web hosting.

In today’s life, web hosting prices are very cheap.

So, if you can spend some money then spend it on buying a web hosting.

Blogging Mistakes That Can Lose Your Blog Traffic Reduce Growth

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