Why Your Blog is Not Getting Traffic From Google? How To Get Traffic

Why Your Blog is Not Getting Traffic From Google How To Get Traffic

Blogging is not just a leisure activity anymore; it is a profession. You see a number of bloggers coming up using the platform to earn their bread and butter and there are a number of aspirants as well.

The number of articles has gone up remarkably with people giving attention to what is being put up. However, not every blogger get successful as there is a cut-throat competition in the field.

The determinant of the success on the internet is viewership and the more the people visit a site or a page, the higher the chances that the blog is popular.

Thus, there are various reasons to why a blog might not have a lot of subscribers or the blogger, despite being talented, is not getting the results as per their expectations.

Why are people not coming in?

Following are the reasons why traffic is choosing to stay away from your blog.


Blog is all about how you express and what you are talking about. It is not about what you write but how you are presenting it to your readers.

You must be focused on delivering a content that is extremely rich in information and can hold the reader intact for them to read through the end.

The content must also have suitable formatting as well as sentence formation alongside an intrigue factor the forces the reader to go on and on.

Therefore, you might not be researching effectively before delivering your content and therefore, people might not be interested in reading what you want to say.

You must remember that there are other bloggers in your niche as well who might be writing on similar topics and for you to stay above them, you have to be an exception with your provision.

You can even use diagrams such as pie charts or graphs to add solidarity to your material. You have to be unique as well as creative for the potential visitors to actually visit your page and identify your talent.

Also, a lot of bloggers feel that overstuffing keywords can help them to generate a higher viewership which is incorrect as it only deteriorates the quality of your content and the search engine bots can easily get to know what you have done.


If you know a bit about blogging, you know the importance of authentic backlinks. For you to be able to sustain on the top search results you need to have such backlinks and for that, the most important bit is the content.

You must make sure that when you are linking, the link actually holds a meaning as the bots are smart enough to identify any fishy activity.

The backlink should also pertain to some high-quality content within your circle or a webpage that actually has some connection to what you have written.

Without a backlink, you cannot expect a user to find you easily and visit your page. Thus, you might be left wondering about where you went wrong in terms of blogging.

Guest blogging

Many people dream of making it big but with an impractical time gap. This is a field that demands patience as you need to slowly and steadily build your audience.

In a bid to rise fast and easy, you might have forgotten that the best place to get people is another famous blog of your field.

The other bloggers understand the importance of a good backlink and therefore, allows you to guest post on their own.

You must never miss out on an opportunity like this and ensure that you are undertaking this task.

Within the post, you can have a link that directs the viewer to your blog where, someone who liked what you wrote, people can go and read more of what you have conveyed.

Something that you should also look for is the content on other blogs and how they shaped up for you to understand the guidelines of that blog.

This will help you in getting good fame as well as people would want to link their content to yours which is beneficial for both of you.

Social media share

Every person is on social media and this is the easiest way to access the entire world. You must have accounts on each of those platforms and share your page as much as possible.

This will also help in generating a good word of mouth as someone who visited your site and enjoyed the experience is bound to appreciate on their own social media ID.

You can even have pages on those networking sites where you regularly share the articles that you have put up for people to access them easily.

Not every person might be willing to go through the trouble of actually searching the material and you can give them an easy route that can make them a part of your traffic.

Regular posting

If you want your subscribers to stay intact, you need to ensure that you are coming up with a post every now and then.

You might lose out on search engine traffic if people start to unsubscribe your field due to inactivity. It is not just about building an audience but also ensuring that they stay.

Continuing on the word of mouth point, these are the people who will act as validation to the quality of your deliverance.

Therefore, to ensure that anyone searching for the appropriate keyword online that is available on your blog and for them to continue to be a part of regular traffic and ask others to be the same, you have to keep posting at regular intervals.

At Last

Therefore, the profession of blogging is not as easy as it sounds. It is not just about the content or talent but many other things that will diver a person from a search engine to your blog.

Make sure that you are adhering to the pathways in order to have a successful career as a blogger.

Why Your Blog is Not Getting Traffic From Google How To Get Traffic

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