How to Remove Your Google Analytics Account from Google

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How to Remove Your Google Analytics Account

Creating a blog is all fun and frolic unless it ends up on some uncertain terms and leaves a dead account, upon Google analytics.

The traces left behind are quite unsatisfactory as they might not only add up junk to your account but can eventually display a negative image of your blog, features and services online, in the form of a non-useful, dead and blank blog account.

So, don’t you think cleaning up this GA account is essential? If you do so, then read further as here, we are going to bring on some useful measures through which you can easily get rid such accounts.

About Google analytics

Whether you are a website owner, blog manager, or someone who has a great connection with various digital marketing strategies, Google Analytics must be an essential part of your lives.

It is a free statistics analyzer, which is truly recommended to every smart blogger and website operator.

While you post any stuff online, it becomes highly essential for you to understand its performance, and to know where all the traffic is driven from, the conversations, and the interactions that prevail around your platform.

Such analysis enhances your performance and lets you make necessary changes to your blog so as to drive more positive traffic towards it.

However, what if you are no longer using the blog and the GA account still bothers you up all the time? The only solution is to get rid of it, so as to avoid all junk being added up to your profile.

The process is quite easy, however as it is not put upon the social media platforms nicely, people find a huge amount of difficulty in understanding how to get rid of it.

But, with this tutorial that we are bringing forth, you cannot just remove the trace of such unwanted blog account from your Google analytics, but can eventually free up a lot of useful space.

 Steps to delete the unwanted or unused Google Analytics accounts

Under one single account, there are various properties that define some characteristics of your blogs. If you are no longer using such accounts, then it is the best thing to get rid of all the properties that you find on there.

However, make sure that you know- one person can have several accounts online along with numerous properties within these Google Analytics accounts.

So initially, keep away all the confusing factors and make sure you select the right account and its properties that you wish to get rid off!

  1. To begin with, deleting process, you first have to login within the Google Analytics account and then click upon the admin option which is on the top.
  2. As soon as you do so, you will get 3 columns containing a huge amount of details. So, the major head under which they are placed is- account, property, and view. Upon the screen, you will now see various options where your accounts are placed. You can now navigate around all the accounts and all the properties which they have stored within easily.
  3. Within the account head, you will see the last option of “trash can”. This is another beneficial option through which you can easily restore any of your deleted Google Analytics accounts. So, in case you have done so ever by mistake, this is some extra piece of beneficial information for you.
  4. So, now coming back to deletion, select the account that you don’t want anymore and now we will play upon its properties. Select the property settings which are there under the properties that you wish you delete. (Property setting is an extremely essential part of the web analytics as It lets you enable the demographics as well as interest features along with various important settings).
  5. Now, next check on the top right side where you will see an option to delete the accounts. You can do this by clicking upon the “move to trash can” option. After which, through a confirmation box, you can directly delete the account from GA.

However, in the above point where we talked about restoring any deleted account, make sure that you do it within 35 days right from the date of its deletion.

Whether it’s an account or any of the properties, you have to make sure that you are pretty much sure before deleting it.

And even if you have accidentally done so, you are realizing the mistake back before your 35 days count ends up!

So, this was the simple yet informational detail about how you can get rid of an unwanted Google Analytics account and its properties.

It can turn out to be an extremely valuable thing for people who have earlier been using the platform to manage their website or blog analytics, but now has no requirement of the same.

Google Analytics is thus, one of the most prolific and useful features that are available free of cost for the people.

Simple Google Analytics tutorials and posts are added up everywhere, so if you are confused about how much time will it confuse and will it turn out worth it or not, then you must give it a try!

With the assistance of a good account, you cannot just master the art of bringing best features in your blog or website but can be the best competitor for others around.

The incredible features of Google Analytics are far beyond expectations.

They are not just perfect in terms of letting the organizations know their customers’ behavior but are very beneficial in terms of progress, and positive advancements.

So, when you are done using the analytics account, just go on, choose your analytics page, select the admin tab, click upon the account which you wish to delete, select its properties that you don’t want anymore, use profile menu, click upon profile settings, select delete option and then confirm it!

This is how easy it actually is!

With the help of these steps, even the amateurs can easily delete off their Google Analytics account which is taking up all the unnecessary space and creating a clutter of confusions for them.

How to Remove Your Google Analytics Account
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