Google Penguin Update Guide: How to Recover After Google Penalty

Google Penguin Update How to Recover After Penalty

Google is the major search engine having strict algorithms for indexing websites.

Google regularly update their algorithms and bring slaughtering of updates one after another, of which the recent one if Google Penguin update which is like a fight against the web spamming.

After the launch of Google Penguin update about 3% of the search engine results have been affected.

A large number of high ranking websites is also affected after the launch of this update.

However, the prime focus of this update is to keep the search results free from spam websites to deliver quality content every time to the readers.

This is one of those updates after Panda which has genuinely created a wrath amongst the webmasters across the world. Websites which are affected after this update have already started working on it to recover quickly.

What Exactly is Google Penguin Update?

Back in the year 2011 Google first launched the Panda update which act as the crucial turning point for Search Engine Optimization and every since it was launched many changes occurred in the field of SEO.

This has made the online world become more social and interactive.

Webmasters are well versed with the recent update of Google which has invaded the private blog network not only by de-indexing the websites, but also by voiding the link value of the blogs.

So, with the launch of Google Penguin update, Google is now focusing on the websites that are falling under the category of web spam which includes: sites that use black hat methods, over SEO optimized sites, sites that use the link schemes for creating the back links and sites with over keyword stuffing.

With the recent Panda update, Google has targeted and affected over 12% of search engine results and Google Penguin update has only affected 3% of it.

Webmasters are having some great issues with the algorithm update by Google.

Webmasters are considering this as the bad SEO update as after the update many high ranking websites have been affected and their ranking has been dropped because they are believed to use spamming content.

Reasons that may affect the websites because Penguin update:

  • Low quality back links
  • Anchor text over optimization
  • Outbound link quality
  • Link relevance
  • Providing replica content taken from sub-domain
  • Link pyramid
  • Websites with spam and virus warnings
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Sending automated queries to Google
  • Hidden links and hidden texts
  • Affiliate websites with very thin content and has no value
  • Using black hat methods
  • SEO over optimization

Process to Recover After Hit by Google Penguin Update!

It is very essential for you to recognize the algorithm that has hit your website and reduce the web traffic.

Make use of the analytic statistic and ensure to check if the drop in traffic is after April 2012 and before 24th April 2012.

If the drop in traffic occurred after April 24th, then chances are your website is hit by Google Penguin and you need to work on Google Penguin Recovery.

Below are some tips on how to recover your website after being hit by Google Penguin update.

1. Enhance Anchor Text Distribution

The micro niche websites which are actually hit by the Google Penguin is because of the anchor text distribution and hence they need to work on this part to recover.

Webmasters are required to make use of the related keywords within the anchor text so as to get quality back links.

You also need to work on enhancing the diversity of the links.

Webmasters are required to capture the links for their websites using a variety of anchor text.

2. Quality of Link

Websites which are using the online services to get thousands of back links for small fees are likely to get penalized after Google Penguin update.

The websites with high number of good quality links mixed with spam links are likely to get penalized.

Another reason for penalty is link variation.

Links that come from non-relevant niches and spam sites are likely to get penalized.

So, you are required to create new link building strategy which can reduce the number of old quality links from your website and gain new high quality links with quality content, interviews and guest posting.

3. Use Your Friend Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is the certified Google tool that allows you to analyze your website’s SEO in more precise manner.

Now Google automatically sends emails to the users of Google Webmaster Tool if any issues or changes are found in the web traffic of the website.

Whenever the website receives several spam links from non-relevant sites, it creates negative SEO and hence you will receive notification for the same.

4. Stop Generating any Non-Production Links

This is the important point to keep in mind both for bloggers that allow guest posting and link builders.

5. Maintain Good Density of Keywords

You must avoid going for keyword stuffing, rather than this you must prefer using the LSI words.

You are required to maintain good quality and effective density of keywords in conjunction with some LSI words.

The WordPress users are required to follow the SEO Presser Plugin for optimal optimization.

WordPress comes with some plugins that enhance the overall search query results right at the end of every post.

This is actually marked as keyword stuffing and the bloggers that are using the hidden text for stuffing will be penalized by the Google Penguin update.

So, if you are having keyword stuffing in your content it becomes necessary to make changes in the content.

6. Avoid Using Inferior Content

You must avoid providing inefficient one-page optimized content or else you may become a victim of Google Penguin.

You are required to provide only superior quality, productive and informative content from SEO perspective.

7. Avoid SEO Automation

The automated ways for optimizing any website can simply get penalized by Google Penguin and hence such methods must be avoided if you don’t want to get prey.

Google Penguin Update How to Recover After Penalty

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