5 Valuable Blogging Lessons For Every New Bloggers to Follow

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Valuable Blogging Lessons For Every New Bloggers to Follow

When it comes to blogging, it can be hard to overcome the steep learning curve.

It can be rather frustrating to produce consistent, quality content at a steady pace.

People, especially bloggers who are new to the field, end up with either content that is not up to the standard or creativity blocks which are a creator’s biggest hurdle when creating content.

Having either of these can negatively affect your blog(s) and all the future content coming from you.

Luckily, blogging is just like any other skill – the more you practice it, the better you become!

With blogging, it’s best to constantly try new ideas to improve your skill in some ways.

Here we will be discussing just that – a few valuable lessons allowing you to keep the multitude of parameters in check such as the speed, quality and accuracy of your blog posts.

5 Valuable Lessons

You can employ them instantly in any order to achieve at least some improvement in your blogs. They work because they simply make sense.

It’s just that simple!

The best thing is that they work on any level, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a blogger.

1. 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is simply “80% of your success is a result of 20% of your activities.” What this translates to is that you should post more on other blogs to promote your content among new readers.

Hence, 20% of time spent promoting your content can result in 80% of your blog’s success.

Posting on other blogs allows for cross advertisement exposure, which means both you and the other blog benefit from mutual contribution.

You provide content to the other blog, and the other blog gets you unique potential readers.

It’s smart to promote your content rather than continue making new content.

It’s also a lot less exhausting, and it allows you to spend more time on your content’s quality instead of just quantity.

As a new blogger, it might help to collaborate with other newbie bloggers.

2. Have an Email List

One of the greatest subconscious footprints that blog readers take away from blogs is the “community.”

This feeling of a community helps readers not feel alone and retains them.

One of the most popular and best ways to do this is to have an email list.

This list will allow your readers to be more interactive with your blog.

Just having an email list will make your blog seem more content-rich and favorable.

The people you get on the email list are also extremely valuable because they are already interested in your content, which makes them more likely to respond to offers, memberships and other promotional content.

3. Have Clear Blogging Goals

New bloggers who jump right in without having a clue about what they want to achieve lose direction real fast and even quit. The easiest way to get lost is to not know what you want to achieve.

Maybe you picked up blogging just to explore it or perhaps you wanted to make money.

Or it’s just that you were so passionate about the topic of your blog that you started doing it just for the sake of it.

It all comes down to clearly defining your goal.

It’s best to do have a clear goal early on so that it is easier for you later when you need to make some tough decisions (e.g. “Should I turn this hobby into my career?”).

Generally, it is best to start with at least one objective. It should be as clear, concise and specific as possible.

Later, you can add other objectives.

It should also be noted that it’s best to have one primary objective. (e.g. “I want to know more about the topic of this blog” or “I want to earn money”).

That way, you can have various sub-objectives you can achieve to work your way up to your primary objective.

For instance, if your primary objective is to earn money as a new blogger, you might want to host ads and look at various other revenue generation options.

You can improve the overall success rate of your blog by having an actionable plan to work on from the get-go.

4. Pick a Niche

The internet is filled with all kinds of topics.

There are blogs completely dedicated to even the most specific niches.

The safest and most fool-proof strategy is to NOT be general and pick a niche.

Spreading your area of coverage on your blog might seem to “take the heat off” and make it easier to create new, unique content, but in the long run, it will make your competitive circle larger.

As a result, it can make it difficult for you to keep up and might even result in being outdone by the competition.

Promoting a niche is also easier because it aids in precision marketing and advertising, which is more effective and easier compared to broad vision marketing.

5. Always Keep Some Blog Posts Ready

Sometimes, you might be busy and cannot keep the content coming for your readers. For these times, it’s best to have some ready-to-post content.

These posts can be about general topics that are timeless (which can be found in almost any niche if looked for carefully). They will keep your reader engaged until you can post again.

Consistency is very important.

People who are avid readers or followers usually keep track of the posting pattern.

Breaking that pattern may make you appear inconsistent and irresponsible.

Not to mention, consistency is a great professional quality in blogging.


As a novice, blogging can seem difficult, but sticking with the practice (whether it’s just a hobby or a career) and keeping these lessons in mind can help you progress much more smoothly.

Valuable Blogging Lessons For Every New Bloggers to Follow
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